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Periscope (November 4, 2018)

  • French far-right overtakes Macron in EU parliament election poll

    Democracy fails for two reasons: first, the bell curve: most people are not cognitively able to understand the issues, and second, the committee effect: people vote for what they think the group will approve of, not what they know they should make a stand for. Social pressures cuck people. Peer pressure is real. And so, the French went off to the polls and just like the Germans, they approved of a compromise candidate who was unthreatening. No far-Right extremism there! However, nature loves her evil surprises… instead they got far-Left activism disguised as centrism. At this point, they are realizing that anyone who works within the system is corrupted. As Control (John Hurt) says in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, “Trust no one, Jim. Especially not in the mainstream.”

  • GOP suburban problem gets real

    “Bourgeois” is a nasty word because it means careerist, or someone who cares only about his own economic, social, and political power and assumes that the system will take care of itself. These people enshrine oblivion as a virtue and ignore everything that goes wrong around them, including the results of their own voting, because to them life is simple: go to job, earn money, pay taxes, and everything else is someone else’s responsibility. These last men / bug men believe in nothing and care about nothing except their own feelings of well-being, which come as much from social approval as they do from doing anything in particular, and so they go through the ritual of life — job, kids, consumerism, even politics — from a sense of doing what they must in order to gain goodwill from others. The bourgeois mentality opposes any system-wide reforms or even any goals other than having all of us be good obedient tools going to education, jobs, and buying stuff, and then only later figuring out that our lives were wasted but that we were so hollow and soulless that it did not matter after all.

  • U.K.’s Healthcare Horror Stories Ought To Curb Dems’ Enthusiasm for Single-Payer

    Socialism removes competition. Socialized medicine does the same. This creates one-way control: the authority does something, and it is oblivious to feedback. In the same way, including everyone removes the internal competition that ascertains what is better and worse. When good and evil, or simply good and bad, are “equal,” then stagnation results because no decisions are being made. This is why compromises and cults are a similar failing, and why human herd behavior always leads to idiotic decisions.

  • ‘A time bomb’: how social tensions are rising in a corner of northern England

    Roma and Pakistani communities (both are Arab-ized Indians) have problems. Clearly, diversity does not work anywhere, in a huge part because third world people do not do well in first world institutions. Wonder how long the voters will deny this one. They really like to feel in command of the world, so they rarely stir from their view that everything will turn out just fine if we all do X, with X representing social values like tolerance, going to work, following laws, paying taxes, etc. Few understand that civilization is an overlay on top of the order of nature, not its replacement.

  • UK admits only 20 unaccompanied child refugees in two years

    The power game in Europe: admit as few refugees as possible while encouraging your competition to take as many as possible. That way, they collapse before you. That’s democracy, folks. The most expensive entertainment money can buy, but lotsa laughs if you know where to look!

  • Trump declares his first national monument, honoring African-American troops

    Politically he makes a smart move, but in actuality, integrating American forces never did anything but produce conflict and lessen our effectiveness. This peaked in Vietnam, after which we adopted a very tolerant view, which ensures that most African-Americans fight from the rear echelons and collect huge benefits and pensions. Among the African-American middle class, government jobs provide the majority of the income.

  • Most White Evangelicals Say Immigration, Increasing Racial Diversity Harms America

    People have little imagination and very few of them understand policy, history, or logic at any depth. As a result, they have to see something in action in order to know what it means; this is what nutty Nancy Pelosi meant when she said that “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Now that people see what diversity means in application, they realize that it is just racial warfare against them in order to build up a permanent population of alienated people because those naturally support free stuff plus strong power, which is what Leftism needs.

  • The UN Wants to be Our World Government By 2030

    Human rights/civil rights are the same thing: government forces equality so that everyone gets along and, as such, that mass of people can be used as a tool for implementing the will of its leaders. People pathologically adore this vision because it eliminates ambiguity and makes them feel good about the future, when in reality what it does is confine us with our problems and force us to subsidize them.

  • Neo-Nazi Group Targets Oprah, GA Gov. Candidate Stacey Abrams in Racist Robocalls

    How dare someone resist grifter Abrams, who wants to tax white people to pay for benefits and pensions for the third-world underclass, when we are told that “diversity is our strength”? At this point, people are tired of dancing around the issue: if third world groups can advocate for themselves, so can we, and if people call that ¡NAZI! then we simply do not care. The group involved in making these calls seems to want to escape the current moribund political order.

  • What if women went on a sex strike before the midterms?

    Neurotics overestimate their own power (Liv Heide obliterates the notion of “service sex” here). Their entirely ideology is based on forcing people to agree, where conservatives simply force people to obey and leave their minds alone. Is the Left simply a form of peer pressure?

  • Tired and angry, migrant caravan splinters in Mexican state

    Leftists use a powerful method: passive-aggressive bullying with reliance on high time preference. They do something outrageous, then react as if attacked when others dissent, and count on the “heckler’s veto” as most people approve whatever the Left wants in order to “just make the problem go away.” Middle class voters, especially women, waved ahead the Left’s most outrageous demands just to avoid scandal and disruption of business, and the Left has learned to use this tactic time and again. Trump wins because he stalls them, then introduces real costs, and then by not acting to “just make the problem go away,” forces us to see what is actually there instead of what the Left, media, academia, etc. tell us is the case.

  • Tuesday’s elections feature one of the most diverse groups of candidates ever

    Either diversity brings new ideas or there is no benefit to diversity. If these candidates are offering up the same old stuff, then we are not experiencing these new ideas. Most of them seem to be bleating out 1968 rhetoric.

  • Why America desperately needs another baby boom

    People are not breeding because they are existentially miserable. They perceive that life has no meaning and that death is absolute. They are ruled by doubt. They also realize that quality is punished so that quantity can win, and this means that all of their time will be wasted on nonsense just to keep their heads above water. In addition, feminism has savaged the family, both through casual sex and defense-of-underdog egalitarian divorce laws that always favor women, and so men have no expectation of a happy marriage if a marriage at all. This is what two centuries of democracy does to a formerly-thriving civilization.

  • Dozens of US spies killed after Iran and China uncovered CIA messaging service using Google

    A “multibungle” consists of one error followed up by others. Bureaucracies specialize in these because they micromanage and therefore are oblivious to anything they have not specifically managed; micromanagement does this because it is one-way control, without those who are boots on the ground reporting back up to the head of the organization in some office somewhere. Future historians will record how bureaucracy itself is a fatal step, since it creates these type of oblivious structures, where nature offers feedback at every level and so it fails gracefully instead of catastrophically like this.

  • Video Shows Mob of Teens Trampling Cars, Wreaking Havoc in Hyde Park on Halloween

    We are told that diversity is our strength. We repeat this as a slogan to gain access to friends, jobs, and anything else that requires goodwill from our fellow citizens, as is the case in capitalist economies where freedom of transaction exists to a degree. We need this goodwill, so we bleat the dogma, and yet, every day we see how it is not true. This makes us realize that any system that makes us vomit up this false mantra is itself false, and that our society is dying, and that our only salvation lies in reclaiming it and throwing out the idiots and placing actually intelligent people in power yet again.

  • Liverpool makes a stand and runs far-right marchers out of town

    Leftists celebrating censorship by intimidation. All of these people are crazy, and probably genetic defects, and there will be no choice but to physically remove them in the future. They have legitimized that by actions like the above. If a Leftist protest is a “wonderful” thing but the far-Right is a contagion that must be treated like a crime, then it is clear that the Left is intolerant of the Right, and so the Right is 100% morally justified in killing, exiling, or enslaving them. I favor shipping them all to Venezuela and burning their passports so that they can never go back. Future studies will reveal how they are bearers of deleterious mutations and therefore not just politically wrong, but biologically wrong, and we must remove these toxins from our gene pool.

  • 1,600 international scientists, including nine Nobel laureates, sign letter opposing Trump’s plan to narrow gender definition

    Science has destroyed itself by allowing itself to become politicized. Within it there exists a deep state as well of those who get money to study Leftist fascinations, and gain fame for reporting what the herd wants to hear. These are then activated by calls from the political side, which inform the deep state that its members will be rewarded for stepping into line. They do it, for any Leftist cause, whether climate change, transgenderism, “race is a biological construct,” or even arguing that the far-Right is a mental disease. We will have to remove these people as well.

  • In France, spate of homophobic attacks on record is just ‘the tip of the iceberg’

    Throughout all of history, sane people have advocated tolerance in exchange for invisibility on the question of homosexuality. Heterosexuals do not like it and they do not want their children exposed to it. They do not want it legitimized. To us, it is biological failure and a doorway to all sorts of weird perversity. However, we tolerate it because we see it as a personality quirk more than a demonic possession. The two other options are worse: first, you can try to make homosexuality illegal, at which point homosexuals pretend to be straight and cause deleterious mutations in children, ruined marriages, and STDs spread to the heterosexual population; second, you can publicly approve it, at which point your population learns to hate homosexuals because they are a protected special interest group being used for political purposes. Go back to DADT and “the closet.” It’s the best it gets if you are unfortunate enough to be born or made gay.

  • Italy’s League grows in popularity as 5Star support falls

    Voters are shifting further to the Right as “let’s play nice with the Left” becomes more and more obviously impossible. The first step of populism is wanting freedom of association; the next is realizing that Leftism is totally incoherent, dysfunctional, and toxic and removing it from the government entirely. After that comes physical removal, which is as much eugenics as politics. The type of unhappy, narcissistic, and externalized person who becomes a committed Leftist — not just those following along for the social goodwill, jobs, and benefits — shows a deranged state of mind which most likely arises from a deleterious mutation. When such people get sent away or killed, natural selection is working.

  • Citing Iran, military officials are alarmed by shrinking U.S. footprint in Middle East

    Leftists want us to fight the war on terror forever, forgetting that Israel has this one in the bag, and that China and Russia are our actual likely foes, much as they have been in the past. This is why Leftists blamed Russia for election interference: if you accuse them of something trivial, everyone can pretend that the larger threat does not exist, which is that Russia is allied with China which wants a repeat of the Mongol wars.

  • As World’s Air Gets Worse, India Struggles to Breathe

    Eight billion people cannot exist on Earth. When we go over that, things will get worse. Nearly all the wild land is gone, as are the great forests which absorbed our pollution and produced oxygen. Even if everyone lives in mud huts with wood fires and subsistence farming, they will use up too much land for natural ecosystems to exist. This means that life will get worse day by day, with the air more and more toxic, sort of like a process of aging. Eventually, everyone but the super-rich lives in constant disease and early death. Whelp, that’s what equality gets you! Hope you’re happy with your choice, voters.

  • Japan immigration TV shows criticized as prime-time prejudice

    How dare anyone make fun of something sacred to Leftists? It is only permissible to notice when non-Leftist things are absurd, citizen.

  • Catalan politicians charged a year after independence vote

    A nation is an ethnic group; a nation-state is multiple ethnic groups united by a political and economic system. Nation-states, as it turns out, create norms and enforce them on people. These then fail because people are not equal or anything like it; in fact, they are highly varied, not just by ethnicity but by class and region. Europe’s nation-states know that their time is ending and they fear it. We should fear it, too, because nation-states began as military alliances against invading Muslims and Mongols. We need to find a new order, like having an aristocracy that unites all the different tribes toward one goal.

  • South Sudanese-Australians report racial abuse intensified after ‘African gangs’ claims

    Everywhere, diversity is failing everyone.

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