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Periscope (November 14, 2018)

  • Facebook Morale Takes a Tumble Along With Stock Price

    When everything was going swimmingly, Facebook employees had confidence in what they were doing, but now that the trend has busted they find themselves in a world of doubt. Look for this to expand to the rest of social media: this entire segment of the IT industry never had a plan except “people like it,” but once they had to monetize crowd activity, they found themselves becoming evil manipulators who were going to go bankrupt because you cannot advertise products — that is, argue for their distinction relative to others — to a rabble with no discernment. The mob rule model is failing in the internet industry just as it is in politics. When will humanity kick its addiction to making people feel good for being part of a herd, cult, trend, gang, or corporation?

  • 20 Studies That Show How Women Do Not Support Other Women

    Hillary(ous) Clinton wants to base her 2020 campaign on guilt: she advanced the idea that women should support other women, and therefore, all those single women out there living between box wine and the cat box need to get out and vote for Hillary so that she can finally be America’s first woman president, or in other words, the female Obama (as opposed to Michelle Obama, who is widely rumored to be the more masculine version of Barack). To reveal what she is actually about, witness these studies about how women are prone to sabotage each other, which suggests that what Hillary is actually doing is manipulating her fellow women into doing something destructive for them. That way she gets to have her cake and eat it too: elected by fools, betraying them, and having them not know, which will just fuel her false-elitist superiority complex further.

  • Boxes Found in Rental Car at Ft. Lauderdale Airport Contained Blank Ballots

    Plausible deniability is the primary weapon of the Left. If there are thousands of blank ballots just floating around Florida, no one can say that Democrats alone are the source of the fake votes, or that it was intentional. People just kept filling out those empty ballots and it is no one’s fault. In the meantime, it seems clear that Democrats in several states have obfuscated the process so that someone could easily be filling out thousands of extra ballots to “fix” the election, much like Leftists once fixed the World Series in order to make quite a bit of profit. For them, integrity and civility are appearances used to manipulate others, and all that matters is having power so that they as individuals can profit from the decline of our civilization.

  • Baraboo School District weighing legal action after students purportedly photographed doing Nazi salute

    When you are punishing people for symbols, you know that your civilization has become so weak and febrile that it is ready to fall at the slightest push.

  • The faces of eight National Action neo-Nazis who ‘planned race war’

    Since government has banned it as a means of hiding the utter failure of government programs like diversity, neo-Nazism has experienced a boost in membership, although most of the smart minds are heading toward populism again. When mainstream conservatism can talk about the demographic question, as it can in the days after Farage and Trump broke the Overton Window permanently, we no longer need neo-Nazis, Hollywood Nazis, white nationalists, and white supremacists. Nationalism has regained its rightful place in the conservative canon and we realize that we are in the endgame where we either save ourselves from diversity or will be utterly defeated and live under a Leftist regime which will then fail and leave behind a shattered, mixed-race, and third-world country.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith Says Blonde White Women ‘Trigger’ Her

    Not surprisingly, every ethnic group prefers its own people. Black people want to live around, work with, and interact with other black people. Seeing white people around simply reminds them that their position in a diverse society is untenable. I see no harm or foul here, so long as we extend the same right to other ethnic groups, which will show us that diversity is a dead man walking because we all hate it, regardless of which race or ethnic group from which we come.

  • Ireland announces women-only professorships to close academia’s gender gap

    “Equality of opportunity” always becomes demands for “equality of outcome” because otherwise it debunks itself; if you claim that you have a meritocracy but women occupy only ten percent of your professorships, it makes you look bad to the crowd, and you have sworn allegiance to them by adopting equality in any form, so you have to “fix” equality of opportunity by applying subsidies. These inevitably take from the thriving and give to the flailing, which as the saying goes — what you tolerate, you get more of — then makes your whole society follow the model of the unthriving. This counter-Darwinian approach goes against science, common sense, and logic but is eternally popular because that way, everyone feels as if they have a place which they cannot lose by failing. Our fear makes us worship failure.

  • Now Washington Post questions SPLC’s credibility

    People have trouble with the concept of self-interest. We know that corporations act in order to maximize their profit for their shareholders, but do we see the same as being true of media, non-profits, and government itself? Non-profits cannot pay partnership dividends to their members, but otherwise they benefit just like any other company from bringing in money. They can get more famous, do more, make their employees more famous, and open opportunities for them. They can also pay their employees higher salaries or pay them for consulting, so everyone gets rich. The SPLC makes its money by finding as many Nazis and Klansmen as possible and making them look like an epidemic, because that way the aging hippies and Jewish grandmothers mail in fatter checks and the SPLC gets more powerful. Finally the rest of society seems to be catching on, however, that SPLC has been inflating Blogspot sites into hate groups and classifying everyone that it can as the nu-Hitler in order to make itself more profit, and the resulting cynicism will end this otherwise storied organization. Following the Clinton model, legalized corruption is the best kind, but since it exists in plain sight, once it is debunked, it collapses.

  • I would indict Hillary Clinton

    From some time ago, Matthew Whitaker’s opinion that Hillary Clinton has broken the law and can be prosecuted for her deliberate evasion of security regulations that led to a compromise of controlled information. Short, mechanical, and to the point, as the best legal opinions seem to be.

  • Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?

    Sheer economics. We made sex easy, or “cheap,” and so it became the equivalent of driving a Hyundai or living in a trailer. Low-rent people had lots of sweaty prole sex, where high-rent people got married young and relatively chaste, and went on to have happy families where the kids are invested with a lot of social capital, which is the equivalent of owning a mansion and driving a Rolls-Royce. In this life, you either breed like flies or nurture your young like eagles, and people want the latter. In addition, they have come to associate casual sex with its consequences, namely permanent alienation from love, cynicism, and lack of self-respect.

  • Angry Goy 2′ Neo-Nazi Video Game Lets Users Kill LGBT People and Minorities to Save Donald Trump

    Somehow, the people complaining about this video game never complained about video games where you could kill Nazis or dispatch ordinary people as in the Grand Theft Auto franchise (which is resoundingly hilarious for its lack of respect for life, as if signaling that democracy has made people such NPCs that no one cares when they die). This game is a 2D shooter where you can blow away antifa, homosexuals, latte leftists, and minorities while laughing about it. The whole thing is a brilliant troll since it outrages the Left but everyone else, having killed billions of pixels already, sees how little this convinces anyone to do anything other than play a goofy video game. You might as well go download yourself a copy of Angry Goy II and check out the drama.

  • How to Stop the Corporate Virtue-Signaling Before It’s Too Late

    Corporate social status signaling leans Left because it flatters the elites of our society, who make their money by conning other people into buying stuff at higher prices than it is worth. That is what advertising, politics, public relations, and even academia do: they dress up the mundane as the exotic and make it valuable. We can break this chain by pointing out that all of this stuff is insincere and manipulative, which allows us to mock it just like the rest of the Leftist propaganda emitting from the neo-Communist regime that unsteadily rules us.

  • Democrats Are Emerging As Party of the Rich

    Democrats like to style themselves as the party of the common man, forgetting that ordinary people are harmed by equality because it punishes them for striving and therefore reduces their lives to a process of rote conformity to minimums. Ever notice how bored people are in the modern West? Elites, on the other hand, benefit from equality because it creates a vast mass that they can manipulate, and when four hundred million people buy or vote for something, great profits are to be had. Trump’s party is emerging as an alliance between the working classes and upper half of the middle class, while Democrats form an allegiance between the underclass and the super-wealthy who profit from its buying habits, especially in the entertainment sector. We should simply identify the Left as what they are, since this pattern appears time and again wherever Leftists assume power.

  • The Chinese Problem: Invasion Of The West

    The Mongols invaded us once, and they want to do it again, but this time they have learned from the Japanese: to fight the West, they must out-produce us and then buy up our properties and invest in our politicians, at which point they can gain control through passive methods. This new Mongol invasion shows not just intense focus but breadth as it hits multiple Western nations at once almost invisibly since it occurs through real estate, lobbying, espionage, education, immigration, and investment instead of having an identifiable party or entity behind it.

  • Nearly 400 join vigilante mob after losing trust in local police

    Political correctness has rendered the police useless, since they refuse to patrol “no-go areas” and will not enforce the law on people from protected minority groups. Local people find a solution: stop the crimes in progress instead of waiting for the law to skip out on punishment. Taking back the streets, as the Guardian Angels once did in New York City, drives back the criminal element who fear observation more than punishment, and saves ordinary people by preserving the value of their homes and discouraging everyday crime that eats away their health, wealth, safety, and sanity.

  • US military advantage has eroded, study says

    American democracy treated American strength as a blank check: no matter what the politicians did, they could always count on a steady stream of good guy Western European people to serve in the armies, work in government, keep business stable, and maintain cultural institutions. Diversity has driven these people underground, and they are now homesteading and evading taxes instead of working within the system, which always hires minorities anyway. Not surprisingly, everything works worse, mainly because when you hire people for their status as being part of a protected group instead of their competence alone, you get a great deal of incompetents, slackers, grifters, and blockheads. Even more, you no longer have that stream of good white people to balance them. After fifty years of diversity, American military and economic power has declined at the same time that challenges from new groups are meeting its previous levels of technology and prowess. Superpowers destroy themselves by assuming that nothing will change despite policy changes, and American democracy has stumbled into re-learning this painful historical lesson yet again.

  • Remarkable tale of Hitler’s young Jewish friend

    Apparently, Hitler viewed the removal of Jews and Jewish materialism as policy, not a fanatical struggle to eliminate every last Jew and demonize them. Modern day Hitler fans would do well to learn from this example.

  • US ‘war on terror’ has killed over half a million people

    Repeat after me: no one cares. We have seven billion people, and most of them are screwing up most of the time, so when a half-billion citizens of religious fanatic regimes get snuffed, we all shrug and reach for another donut.

  • A handgun for Christmas: Wisconsin company decides to buy firearms for every employee this holiday season

    Ordinary people know that their government has failed and that they will be subject to harassment by diversity in uniform in addition to the constant racial resentment of the diversity around them. Their plan is simple: be armed, shoot back, and then neighbors can join hands to hide the evidence, so that when diversity police officers disappear, we will all shrug just as profoundly as people in Harlem did when asked the same question.

  • Smartphones raising a mentally fragile generation

    These people are blaming smartphones for the consequences of diversity. In diverse societies, people stay home and interact remotely as much as possible. As a result, they are uninterested in anything outside their narrow worlds, which represent a retreat from society more than any attempt to assert an identity. Just as white people effectively abandoned theaters, most parks, zoos, and other public spaces, they are now staying at home or work and interacting with the world entirely virtually. At some point, they will become remote workers in gated communities and simply shut out the failing society completely, getting their food and supplies delivered and entertaining themselves with gadgets. This process has been going on for some time, but the internet made it comically easy to drop out of a dying civilization.

  • A man flew Nazi and Confederate flags outside his home and dozens of protesters showed up

    Signs of a divided nation: a man displayed forbidden symbols, and the usual Regime supporters showed up to tell him how he was off-narrative and therefore bad, but also free speech defenders showed up to tell the Regime supporters that a dying regime deserves no respect. This country has split down the middle between the useful idiots supporting the neo-Communist decentralized Regime, and those who would like to not follow Communism, fascism, and now liberal democracy into the dumpster of history’s failures.

  • FBI report shows spike in hate crimes for 3rd year in a row

    When your society dives into the toilet, no one can tell the truth about anything. Our diversity hate each other, so hate crimes are spiking, but at the same time, members of the majority have become tired of diversity which protects minority groups and gives them the privilege of abusing the majority with impunity. Anyone sensible would scrap all hate crimes law, but those exist to allow government to further enforce its agenda of ideological egalitarianism, since that makes government necessary and therefore incites minorities to support it to radical extremes. Like the blockhead bureaucrats they are, our leaders will instead crack down further on hate crimes, which means that people will learn to conceal their motivations, and so this trend will vanish in a spike in general crimes instead. As diversity further reveals its actual nature to us, expect more resentment and violence. It always goes this way, but our leaders seem unable to figure out how predictable that was.

  • How the EPA and the Pentagon downplayed a growing toxic threat

    We are (slowly) realizing two things: we live in a toxic world, and the “science” and media that we relied on to protect us failed because they are composed of people, and people do favors for those who help them out. As a result, we sleepwalked into pollution, toxic chemicals in our everyday lives, and health problems which are now going to explode all over us, all because our fellow citizens took the equivalent of bribes to gaslight us into thinking that these actual problems were not actually problems. At what point do we realize that “people power” leads to corruption on every level, and bring back hierarchy so that we can exclude the morally bad from positions of authority?

  • Suspected White Nationalist Who FBI Says Connected With Tree of Life Shooting Suspect Faces Gun Charges in DC

    White nationalism has jumped the shark because (1) mainstream conservatives now talk about demographic displacement and nationalism and (2) white nationalists seem obsessed with violent race warfare when the real goal is to seize control and displace the Left before they can exterminate us. No one wants another Tree of Life shooting or Dylann Roof gunning down praying black people; we favor an Anders Breivik style taking of the fight to the Leftists, or even a Farage/Trump use of popular politics to break Leftist plans for further ethnic domination. We should all cheer the obsolescence of white nationalism, and move on toward using populism to recapture our countries instead.

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