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Periscope (November 10, 2018)

  • GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuits accusing Dem Florida election officials of trying to ‘steal the election’

    This is the biggest story of the decade: we actually catch Leftists stealing elections as they most assuredly have been doing since at least 2000. Civil war, breakup, or balkanization: at least one is inevitable at this point. Leftists are pathological and the Right is gaining people who realize this and want to get away from the insanity of the Left.

  • Soy baby formula linked to severe menstrual cramps later in life

    When we look back on modernity, it will stand revealed as a time of corner-cutting, because any product that you can make cheaper is more friendly to the crowd and will soon, by the weight of their greater numbers, push everything else out of the market and then you can charge the same amount for it as you did the original. Slowly, painfully, blindly, numbly, we are realizing that all of these corner-cutting products are in fact bad for us.

  • Events canceled, editor expelled: Hong Kong’s losing freedom

    Those old, grey stodgy ancient conservatives told them. “Don’t give Hong Kong over to the Chinese,” the said. “They haven’t changed since the Cold War era, heck, they haven’t changed since the Mongol era. They want to conquer it, assimilate it, and in doing so they will destroy the process that generates the wealth that they are trying to seize.” The Leftists made round mouths and wide eyes and shook their heads vigorously, appalled that anyone could assume that other nations acted any differently that we would, at least for whatever values of “we” fit into the context of a world quest for Leftism and consumer goods. We now know who was 100% right and who was 100% wrong.

  • Finland and Norway are telling airline pilots to be ready to fly without GPS, and some think Russia is up to something

    Russia is in a bad way. A large landmass ruled by Europeans who commanded its Eurasian peasantry, who had mixed Chinese, Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, Mongol, and other elements in their bloodlines, Russia never could quite make itself stable. The peasants were not interested in making a Western European style society, but preferred the Asiatic peasant life where everyone did what they needed and not much more. Unfortunately, the reforms of the kings made it so that more peasants survived, and at that point, they began to starve because there were too many of them. Stupid, stupid peasants. At that point, they revolted and took over, but their new Communist state could not generate enough potatoes and beets, either. They quit that, and then went to capitalism, but the problem remains. To unify his people, former (?) KGB Colonel Vladimir “Steal Your Girl” Putin embarked on a Stalinization of consumerist Russia, basing his policies on how weak angry halfrican Barack Obama was in foreign policy. However, he got rebuked with sanctions and then expanded US oil production, which savaged his one functional area of economic production. Now he has no choice but to keep baiting the West in order to make the peasants cheer for mighty Russia reborn, while trying desperately to patch together a semblance of an economy in the background.

  • EU clamps down on Isle of Man tax loophole for private jets and yachts

    Now we see the purpose of the EU: unify Europe so that they can tax the heck out of everybody, spend the money on a third world underclass, then tax that money based on demand for it in the international currency market, and by doing so, “grow” their economies. They learned this circular Ponzi scheme from the Americans.

  • Canadian Forces suspend soldiers behind white supremacist web store

    More ideological purges. “White supremacy” seems to mean any recognition that Western Civilization did something right that no one else could do and that it has a right to exist, since “everyone else” feels butthurt and sad because of their own feelings of inferiority caused by one civilization rising above the pack. This explains why they never achieved anything great in the first place.

  • An Austrian colonel is being investigated on suspicion of spying for Russia

    Cold War days again. It’s all back to blood: Eurasian Russians will not be comfortable unless they conquer either Europe or Asia, since their loyalty is divided between their two bloodlines.

  • CE blames Middlesex County Jail for releasing illegal immigrant charged with three Missouri murders

    Crazy Leftist local government finds out that there are real-world costs for social status signaling. In the meantime, people seem shocked that third world people bring third world crime rates with them. They must have slept through any mention of natural selection and heritability of traits in science class, but no doubt they all swear they love science. Put them all on boats to Venezuela, where they will be happy in the socialist paradise whose population has just fled elsewhere.

  • Chile’s ex-army chief Juan Emilio Cheyre convicted for Pinochet-era murders

    Chile is as successful as it is — a standout in otherwise impoverished third world shithole South America — because it filtered out the weak under its Right-wing dictatorship and kept a market-oriented economy in the years since. Persecuting this man is mere theater and shows that, having become wealthy, Chile is now hosting too many crazy Leftists. If anything, they should give him a medal. Every time you kill a Leftist, an angel gets its wings.

  • German minister says childless people should pay more tax

    All these “breed moar of teh huwhities” plans seem idiotic to me. You want quality, not quantity. The way you do that is by making intelligent people happier, which will not happen in a world of jobs and consumerism. You need to make your societies sane and comfortable again. No one feels at home in this modern Hell. Then, you want to cut taxes and cut costs, so that the intelligent will have more money to breed. The others will waste any money they get, which is why you need a hierarchy, so that only the intelligent and good end up successful. You cannot just dump money on people and say “here breed like third world rabbits” because then you will find the dumbest outbreeding the smart, making the problem worse.

  • DNA of 10,000-Year-Old Spirit Cave Mummy Reveals Secrets of Native American History

    South American Amerinds are part Australasian (Australian Aborigines/Indian Dravidians) which is why they are distinct from North American Amerinds. Send them all back.

  • They drink, they smoke, so why are the Spanish living so long?

    They spend less time on the stuff that is killing the West like jobs, stress, keeping up with the Joneses, paperwork, red tape, etc.

  • U.S. presses China to halt militarization of South China Sea

    Trump doctrine: behave like you respect us, or we stomp you into the ground with our economy and then our military. If anyone was thinking a thousand years ahead, they would be looking to bomb the Chinese back to the stone age and relocate them to Australia.

  • Rep. Linda Sanchez’s husband indicted for corruption

    An Irishman married to a Mexican gets involved in corruption, and it looks like she factors in too. The future of America. Diversity is our strength, for all values of strength that involve weakness.

  • Britain struggles with rise in knife attacks

    The problem is not guns; it is social instability brought on by diversity. America had few if any mass shootings before 1965 when we changed our immigration policy to favor the third world. Now, we have no culture to hold people together, and so these fatherless PTSD cases are shooting up the society that failed to make them feel accepted, safe, happy, or even just neutral. We have made a psychologically toxic modern world out of equality, diversity, and narcissism.

  • GOP Candidate: No Peace in Israel Until Jews Convert to Christianity

    The strength of Christianity is that it is accessible to everyone. The weakness of Christianity is that it is accessible to everyone. It helps unify groups, but also dumbs them down, not because of its content, but because of its medium. Any religion which can be read by anyone will quickly be turned into the cult of human insanity like anything else accessible to anyone. Do you want your religion to be a military unit with hierarchy, or a football stadium with a cheering mob? The cheering mob always picks candidates who tell it things that validate its insanity as profound wisdom instead of, you know, insanity. This guy wants to force other people out of their religion so he can make them into American suburbanites, who are too busy paying taxes and buying garbage to harm anyone. We should send him to Israel and let him preach to the Palestinians, who will promptly sodomize him, tear out his eyes with demitasse spoons, and eat his liver.

  • Why the generation after millennials will vote Republican

    They will vote Republican for the same reason Eastern Europe was the first to go far-Right: once you have experienced Leftism, you never want it anywhere near you again, because you realize that under the pretty words and pleasant concepts, it is simply human insanity hyped into false profundity. The new generation realizes that physical removal will be necessary, and that every time you kill a Leftist, an angel gets its wings.

  • Official: Shooter debated sanity online during bar massacre

    It turns out that the latest shooter posted his “screw your optics, I’m going in” on Instagram, not Gab. Where is the censorship? Oh, right, Instagram is hostile to Right-wingers, so the media and government are just fine with it not getting censored. If you wondered who rules you, the answer is Leftists and the solution is to kill them all, deport them all, or do anything similar to that, but not to leave them here. Physical removal is required. I argue for boats to Venezuela, which is the gentlest version, but if we have to kill them, it’s not like humanity will lose anything it needs.

  • Man crashes truck, stabs 3 in Australian ‘terror’ attack

    Dumbass Europeanism: “Well at least he didn’t have guns or he could have done more damage.” Intelligent Americanism: “If you had legal guns, he would have been shot before his first victim, and you can’t stop tons of heroin from getting into your country, so there’s no way you can stop weapons smuggling. Just wait until the 3D metal printers are here.”

  • Corbyn: “We can’t stop Brexit”

    Brexit happened because the EU revealed itself as yet another Leftist regime, following in the footsteps of Napoleon and the USSR. Britain has chosen to exit before the whole thing crashes and requires everyone to spend a lot of money cleaning up the mess.

  • Xenophobia on the rise in Germany, study finds

    Rephrased for honesty: faith in diversity falls. Benevolent xenophobia is the norm for any healthy nation.

  • Bernier says he doesn’t need to be a feminist: ‘I believe in people’

    Conservatives do not believe in people as a group; we believe in excellent individuals working within the context of a group. We are inherently identitarian in this way. The Left wants to believe, instead, that everyone is good, so that the group does not need excellent individuals. The Left are quantity-over-quality type people as a result.

  • Opinion: What are the chances that America’s disunion turns into Civil War?

    100% we are heading to civil war, balkanization, and/or breakup. If nothing else, everyone functional wants to escape the crazy Left.

  • White South Africans barred from registering with Youth Employment Service

    This is standard egalitarianism. You have people who fell below the minimum required to be considered “equal,” and those who rose above it. You take from the latter and give to the former. This destroys the latter and increases the former, so you end up with a starving third world ruin of a country. Seems stupid, but this is the pathology that humans repeat time and again because egalitarianism sounds so good to us when we feel tired, weak, exhausted, self-pitying, and have existential fear.

  • Sack Roger Scruton over Soros comments, demand Labour MPs

    Diversity promised a land where it would not matter what your ethnic background was. It has delivered a land where your ethnic background protects you. George Soros is Jewish, but a lot of other things besides; however, the Left wants to defend him by claiming that all criticism of him is anti-Semitic, even when there is much evidence to the contrary. We now see the endgame of SJW/PC: remove all Rightists, and in fact anyone who is not Leftist enough, so that the Left can have Soviet-style permanent rule. That will fail just like the Soviet union, but Leftists are the descendants of merchants not aristocrats, so they don’t know that. Again, send them all to Venezuela.

  • Democracts plan to pursue most aggressive gun control legislation in decades

    Of course they do. Their base — soyboys, manchildren, single women drunk on box wine, burnt-out divorcees, third world minorities, neurotic Leftist Jews, delusional messianic Christians, criminals, and apparently the dead according to their voting patterns — is full of fear and they need to believe that they live in a safe Disneyland in order to function. For this reason, they signal hard against anything which admits that our society is going down the toilet, such as the need for people to defend themselves. The Left are neurotics who probably have deleterious genetic mutations which make them mentally and emotionally unstable. If they all died tomorrow, nothing would be worse.

  • Mahershala Ali Accepts Viggo Mortensen’s Apology for Using N-Word

    If we do not have white men groveling every day for somehow offending the great herd of minorities, the Left will not be winning. Mortensen should have pointed out that he was citing historical reality. The fact that we call it “the n-word” just shows how juvenile, debased, and politically controlled our culture is. It makes people want to say it even more. NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER.

  • Extreme Nationalism Is as Polish as Pierogi

    Extreme nationalism is fundamental to Europe, generally. We broke away from the rest of the world, but they keep pursuing us because we do things better and they want “their share.” The only solution is to cut them out and exile any from among us. Racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic filtering and soft purges are the way of the future: everyone else goes home, and they cannot pass our borders. We are just re-awakening after years of Enlightenment™ slumber.

  • The Welfare Generation: 51.7% Kids in 2017 Lived in Households Getting Govt Assistance

    35% of Americans live in households dependent on government aid. If this is not socialism, what ever could be? What you subsidize and tolerate, you get more of, so watch America grind itself down until it is only a vast underclass favela ruled by a few super wealthy Khans.

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