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  • The average millennial has an average net worth of $8,000. That’s far less than previous generations.

    Something went wrong in the 1960s. Women went to work, we shifted to third world immigration, affirmative action kicked in, and we adopted a Great Society program that massively raised taxes including at state and local levels. Now, everything costs too much — especially housing — and the quality of everything is bad. Generation X sidestepped the worst of this by riding the dot-com boom, but nothing similar exists for Millennials, and Generation Z is fully doomed. When do we remove the entitlements states and civil rights laws that have made us impoverished and dysfunctional? If you leave it up to Millennials, never, which is why they get almost zero sympathy.

  • Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Wilders says Twitter blocks his account

    They claim they are blocking Russians and “hate,” but somehow manage to block any conservative who does not toe the pro-entitlements, pro-diversity, and pro-globalism line. At what point do we admit that we are being controlled by a cadre of people spread between business, government, academia, and news-entertainment whose sole goal is to cement their own power through a permanent Leftist regime? It will fail shortly after they achieve it, but they are too Dunning-Krugered to notice. This makes them the most dangerous kind of fanatic, the suicidal one who has no idea he desires his own doom.

  • Flouting The Law In Nostalgia’s Name: Russia’s Growing Movement Of ‘Soviet Citizens’

    Every generation forgets too much, and when things get tough, they run back toward the other extreme. Russians remember the Soviets fondly because this was the last time that Russians were important. Unlike the Germans, who bounced back from WW2, the Russians are getting nowhere at having the power and status that they had as the official bad guy of the West. One wonders when they will stop defining themselves in relativity to the West and East, and stand on their own?

  • Nearly a quarter-million rape kits are estimated to be untested throughout the US

    This is how they are concealing the problem of diversity. Police in Texas actively try to “bargain down” crimes from violent assaults to simple theft or vandalism. In the same way, police departments have kept a massive backlog of rape kits in order to avoid revealing the races of the perpetrators.

  • For the first time since 1930s, a Belgian king meets the far-right

    The old Establishment finds itself having to face the reality that Leftism is in decline and the Right is rising, so it no longer needs to be the neutered version of itself that accepts Leftist ideas like globalism, entitlements, and diversity.

  • Standard Bank shareholders vote down climate-risk resolution

    Business is pulling away from climate change as they realize that it is both a scam and a non-solution. To end ecocide, reduce the number of people, starting by cutting out the entitlements states that keep the weak alive and encourage mass immigration, which causes population blooms at both source and destination.

  • Millions ‘lack access’ to parks and green spaces

    In order to accommodate our swelling population, we cram them into grey spaces comprised of concrete, glass, and metal. Consequently, they never have any contact with complexity like ecosystems or variety like the complex shapes of nature. This limits their thinking and makes them robotic with dark inner souls, sort of like modernity itself.

  • 6 months later, gene-edited babies stir new interest, debate

    In the near future, it will cost only a few thousand to edit your embryo. Parents will be able to increase intelligence, remove genetic diseases, prolong lifespan, add strength and health points, and weed out known personality defects. Who will not do this? If conservatives and especially religious groups do not find some way of addressing this, it will make them obsolete.

  • Duterte signs Magna Carta of the Poor

    We live in such socialism-addled times that people have confused rights with entitlements. Marx was correct in that capitalism brings prosperity, and prosperity unleashes the least intelligent elements of society to agitate for their dream, which is anarchy with free stuff. Naturally this kills civilization, so socialism ends in third world status, but people raised on Enlightenment™ values of individualism care nothing except for their personal desires during their own lifetimes, so what do they care?

    You know how this pin and dropper routine is put down: “She seized a safety pin caked with blood and rust, gouged a great hole in her leg which seemed to hang open like an obscene, festering mouth waiting for unspeakable congress with the dropper which she now plunged out of sight into the gaping wound. But her hideous galvanized need (hunger of insects in dry places) has broken the dropper off deep in the flesh of her ravaged thigh (looking rather like a poster on soil erosion). But what does she care? She does not even bother to remove the splintered glass, looking down at her bloody haunch with the cold blank eyes of a meat trader. What does she care for the atom bomb, the bed bugs, the cancer rent, Friendly Finance waiting to repossess her delinquent flesh…. Sweet dreams, Pantopon Rose.”

  • Biographer Garrow pens explosive report on Martin Luther King Jr.

    The downfall of Leftist icons continues. We should tear down their statues and rename streets and schools that bear their monikers.

  • News industry struggles to meet its challenges and find new talent

    The problem, however, is deeper than the effects of digital trends. A 20-year decline in media credibility has chased previously loyal news consumers to look beyond the traditional media for information. Some have gone to sample digital-only news sites, others have departed for partisan websites, and others now simply cruise social media and absorb whatever “news” presents itself. Worse yet, some former news consumers have become bystanders and simply don’t follow current events any longer. That’s easier on the blood pressure than trying to find the real story amongst the noise of mainstream news outlets perceived to be pushing angles.

    Media credibility has suffered in part because of the blurring of lines between reporting and commentary.

  • ‘American Soil’ Is Increasingly Foreign Owned

    When the US totaled its economy in order to raise diversity home ownership, foreign investors swooped in and bought up the newly cheap land. These nu-carpetbaggers intend to use us and lose us, but we do not prohibit them from doing so. Perhaps in the future there will be more awareness that in nature, there is only the conquered and conqueror, and we will be in one of the two roles exclusively. Every group wants to be the conqueror.

  • China’s middle class growing desperate and anxious about US trade war impact

    No one wants to admit this in the Western media, but China has the most to lose here because they depend on us. We can make ourselves self-sufficient again when we get rid of the laws that protect unions, enforce affirmative action and civil rights, and endless regulations created by administrative agencies. Trump has been pushing America toward self-sufficiency because he knows that China is a grenade with the pin removed and we are just waiting to see how long the fuse is.

  • Heavily processed food like ready meals and ice-cream linked to early death

    I hear the sound of giants falling. All of the illusions about the “miracle” of the modern time are being revealed as simply deferring problems to be worse later. We can feed everyone junk, but then they all grow sick and wither away. We have committed suicide in order to keep the left side of the bell curve alive.

  • Transgender no longer recognised as ‘disorder’ by WHO

    Political pressure does amazing things. In the meantime, every parent wants grandchildren, whether they admit it or not, and having a homosexual or transgender child is like having a sterile child. This is sad, because there are many lovely homosexual and transgender people, but it is the hardcore reality and so we must embrace it. The best it gets for LGBT+ is to be tolerated in exchange for keeping their proclivities secret, which has always been the conservative view. For heterosexual boys, being called a “faggot” will always be an insult. We can stop them from beating up homosexuals, transgenders, and other non-conformists, and that is the sane and moral (these two must go together, or you have illusion) thing to do, but we cannot fix what ails them.

  • ‘Give birth to at least three kids’: Japan ex-minister under fire for linking single women to low birthrate

    More political pretense flowers in the hope of concealing the reality. When everyone sees a clear path, which is to get through school, set up some way of supporting themselves, and to start a family, everything ends well. Some will not follow this path and usually this is nature sorting out the inconsistent genetics that occurred in those cases. When we indulge ourselves in a prole holiday of casual sex, people are less able to bond, and so families fall apart and people pull away from family. As a result, the population dies out for its self-indulgent stupidity. Welcome to natural selection.

  • Malaria mosquitoes wiped out with GM fungus in first controlled ‘real world’ tests

    People do not understand the warning issued by Jurassic Park, which is that we cannot predict all of the consequences of our actions in complex scenarios. This is why conservatives rely on history and slow changes; sudden, radical change usually brings disaster. The ill-advised use of GM products will at some point turn on us and bite us, but we will refuse to recognize that we did this to ourselves.

  • Mysterious vote-shaming mailer leaving California voters feeling violated ahead of special election

    Voters have trouble with the concept of democracy. A mailer that shames those who failed to vote in recent elections reveals how much people do not understand that when We The People have the vote, we are responsible for the consequences. Sure, down at the pub or the water cooler you can blame those politicians, but they got into power somehow and stayed there. In reality, most people simply recognize that the bell curve determines the vote after a certain number of years, and then the bell curve shifts leftward as the population IQ declines, and soon you get only the decisions which produce third world societies. Suicide by power.

  • British far-right extremists being funded by international networks, report reveals

    Leftists have done this for years. Suddenly it presents a problem? No: the Left is simply recognizing that it made a mistake by using the tactics that it did because turnaround is fair play and there is no going back. There will be civil war, fought in the polling places if we are lucky, but more likely, in the usual human way through violence, alienation, and genocide. Democracy will end in a smouldering ruin of illusions acted on as hard fact, as usual.

  • India’s buying of S-400 from Russia will have serious implications on defence ties: US

    The new Cold War shapes up to be like the old Cold War; it turns out that it was always a race war, with the Asiatics against the West, just like when the Mongols came riding over the steppes. You are either conquered or conqueror. If the Asiatics do not dominate us, they are conquered, and this leaves them alone to stew with the harder problem of making their society as great as the West was. War is coming here, too.

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