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  • Monkey experiments offer clues on origin of language

    Monkeys invent similar types of language even if physically separated and not subject to the same stimulus for which they have verbal tokens. This means that language is genetic, and arises from the inherent tendency of our minds to associate certain gestures, sounds, and symbols with events and objects in our worlds. We have always known that culture is genetic, but now we see that the language to describe culture even arises from our genes; diversity is so dead at this point that we can all smell the corpse and nothing but, which means that in our classic human style we are arguing over the strength of the perfume needed to mask the decay instead of pitching out the rotting carcass and trying again.

  • Police: Man beat another man, threw him on T tracks in racially motivated attack

    Black fellow actually gets prosecuted for a hate crime because he apparently told his victim that he was going to kill the victim because he was white. In other words, American law has signaled to black people that they can kill all the white people they want, but they cannot shout “this is because you’re white” while doing it or they get extra hate crime charges. In the meantime, this case may still be dismissed, lost, or bargained down to a lesser charge because, you know, we have pity for the victim group even if they are victimizers in some cases.

  • Police recruit, 25, who was rejected because he wasn’t black, disabled, transgender or gay joins force that discriminated against him

    Another reversal of affirmative action, where a candidate showed that he was not hired simply because the department was in a hurry to make its quota of minorities, homosexuals, and women. Watch for these tests to get adversity scores as well, because that way he cannot claim in court that he had comparable test scores. Clever, these Leftists, so clever, until all their plans end in ruin and you realize that they were clever morons all along.

  • States Introduce Sex Education Legislation Following #MeToo Movement

    “Sex education” sounds neutral and who can oppose teaching consent? In reality, this is a backdoor to teaching casual sex, because you have to presuppose casual sex for consent to even be an issue. Once they get casual sex in the door, they are going to have to teach it equally, you see, so then we get into oral, anal, group, scat, and intergenerational sex. Each decade, they advance their teachings further toward “everything is equal, including good and bad, wrong and right, stupid and smart” which is the ultimate goal of Leftists: to escape judgment from those who know better. Clever, clever fools.

  • Brexiteer vows to PROVE UK already left EU

    This case presents an interesting theory, which is that Theresa May did not have the authority to negotiate for an extension to Brexit, which means that the original date stands and therefore, the UK has already left the EU. One court decision and the whole thing goes up in flames. Let us hope.

  • The Bay Area of 1970 was less racially segregated than it was in 2010

    Money has come into play, and now the Bay Area is mostly European and Asian. Everyone else has been priced out. If Leftists are consistent, and there is no reason to think that they are not, they will talk a good game about racial equality while buying themselves into whitopias (with captive Asians who are valued for their low crime and high IQs). The rest of us realize that this is suicide because it destroys civilization, but the Leftists are Dunning-Kruger simple enough to think that they are winning the evolution game by forcing everyone else to self-destruct under diversity. You cannot win the game simply by beating other players; you also have to create something for yourself. This is the part that Leftists do not understand.

  • Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

    I would pass this over, but one of my favorite columnists raised germane questions about 5G and more importantly, the process used to approve it.

  • Clarification on Code of Conduct and Iron Front Imagery

    Soccer team in hippie Portland bans Antifa imagery because it is associated with violence. Cracks in the wall of the appearance of “good” on the side of the Left continue to expand, branch out, and deepen…

  • Conservationists find protected areas worldwide are shrinking

    Actual conservationists are rare, most of them having been swallowed up by the environmentalist movement. Conservationism states a simple truth: human use of land creates pollution and displaces ecosystems; the solution is to reserve a large amount of land for the use of nature only, without fences, parks, roads, or even power lines. If we left half of Earth in its natural state, we would not have the problems we do, and we would have a “sink” to absorb carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and particulate pollution. However, as we add more people — which we are doing recklessly, thanks to the philosophy of egalitarianism which says that all people are equally valuable — we naturally use up that land not just for housing but for schools, hospitals, roads/parking, gyms, shopping, factories, and farming. Climate change is an illusion, but local climate change caused by too much concrete is not; the solution is to reduce the number of people and the number of people living in cities. Can we handle that politically? At this time, no, but Leftism is falling fast, and with it the idea of “everyone is equal” will also fall.

  • Trump urges Mexico to ‘finally do what must be done’ on immigration

    Mexico benefits massively from immigration. An unproductive third world failed state, Mexico survives on remittances from the USA and drug buys by Americans. To that end, it allows thousands of immigrants to cross over to the USA in a move engineered by NGOs following its successful use by Communists. Despite denials by the Left, this is a border crisis and Trump makes the correct move by forcing those with actual authority over it — Mexico — to deal with it. If he has to cut off trade with Mexico to do this, so much the better, because then Mexico will have to forge a future for itself that does not depend on the USA.

  • New Zealand unveils new ‘wellbeing budget’ with focus on mental health over economic growth

    The essence of human failure begins with the idea that the “right” action is something other than the realistic one. Horse-faced moron Jacinda Ardern has taken government away from what works and into the nebulous realm of human emotions, intentions, feelings, and other anti-realistic things. This is what socialism and other forms of tyranny have in common, namely an ideological mandate, a centralized authority, and a population living in the cloud bubble of human thoughts instead of what works in reality. This rejects natural selection, and in fact reality itself, and produces a self-deluding population which will only push further away from the real.

  • ‘This is inherently racist’: Online store is forced to pull a white t-shirt from sale because it has the slogan ‘It’s ok to be white’

    Translate this into logical statements. If saying that it is acceptable to be white is “racist,” then being white is not acceptable, which means that the only way to avoid being “racism” is to avoid having white people. That is a call for genocide. The time for war approaches.

  • Teacher on leave after mock slave auction in New York

    A teacher had black students act as slaves and call white students “master.” While the reaction to this is overblown, the real story here is that most of our teachers are morons. Anyone could have seen that this one would not be received well. In reality, it will prove impossible to teach American history in class without moralizing it one way or another, which means that white and black children need different classes. As it turns out, both white and black students do better when taught by a teacher of their own race, which should tell us the future of diversity, which is that soon it too will be history.

  • Trump will win 2020 election unless Democrats impeach, says man who’s predicted last 9 presidential elections

    More dogwhistling for the Left to impeach. Since the arguments for impeachment are nonsense, the investigations found nothing actionable, and half of the country thinks that Trump is doing well, impeachment will lead to civil war, which is why the Left has been flirting with it but slow to take action. If they do, they will launch a new kind of civil war, which is a war to remove one side or the other. Conservatives, for example, will want to defend themselves, but will rapidly realize that their actual goal is to kill as many Leftists as possible so that Leftist numbers fall below a crash point and the Leftists then flee to somewhere else. Leftists — who are more practical by nature — will recognize this immediately and begin killing conservatives indiscriminately wherever they can. In fact, because they follow a messianic apocalyptic cult, they are prepared for this, and will not just kill conservatives, but anyone who is not Leftist. If the old symbol for America was apple pie, the near future symbol will be ear necklaces.

  • RCMP went silent about massive pot bust over concern for marijuana producer’s stock price, documents reveal

    Congratulations, hippies! You have made legal weed as evil a business as any other. Should have gone for that decriminalization “if you grow it you can smoke it” style policy instead.

  • China hopes Canada understands consequences of siding with U.S.

    It is wonderful to see China admitting that in fact they are a bully. Outside of people who enforce social norms through bullying, career bullies have two things in common: they are unstable and they blame other people for their problems. China is a paper tiger in that its economy is mostly state-stimulated in an accelerated version of the Obama-era demand-side economics that nearly totaled the USA, and if its trade is limited and it is no longer buoyed by the West, it will implode as it has many times before. Get ready for Genghis Khan style heaps of bodies.

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