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  • ‘Vast’ far-right disinformation networks discovered in EU

    If you find any people communicating with others, you can claim that they all constitute a “network,” implying a shadowy organization when in fact what you are seeing is ordinary people becoming active against the system. Naturally, the system wants to stay in power, so it seeks to suppress this. The “networks” turn out to be ordinary people and the “fake news” contra-narrative opinions. And yet, our leaders would like to blame it on Russia in order to turn a blind eye to how China owns our Leftist parties.

  • UK should dramatically cut working hours to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, study says

    Constant work culture makes people broken and produces unnecessary work in order to inflate our economies and most importantly for those in power, our tax bases. We are doing nothing important so that we can get the whole sick system running, when in fact we are overloaded with freeloaders and paid parasites (bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists, academics) who have no utility in nature. If we cut out the useless jobs, we would have more than enough people here to take up all the necessary work, and we would need zero foreigners. However, that means that proles have to go back to prole jobs instead of braggarting around offices with extensive job titles and an entitled sense of power.

  • Teamsters strike at Murphy Warehouse Company throughout the Twin Cities

    Another parasite attack:

    Richard Murphy Jr., owner of Murphy Warehouse, said this is the first strike he has dealt with in his career and can’t understand the impasse or where the union is getting its numbers.

    “Things were going well. We’ve always had a very good relationship with the Teamsters,” he said. “In fact, we have been held up as a model company,” because there have been few grievances and other issues up until now.

    Unions made China powerful by making American labor pointlessly expensive, and the only people who got rich were the union organizers. Unions gain temporary raises for employees which are followed by the collapse or relocation of industry. For America to compete, it must remove legal protection for unions.

  • South Africa horror as white farmer activist beaten to death with hammer

    I knew her via Gab; nice, intelligent, and honest lady. What can we say other than what has been said a thousand times before here on Amerika but ignored by most, although fewer than before: diversity does not work. No matter who the groups are, the fact that there are different groups creates a competition for power, and this causes diversity to become murder and genocide. Every. Time.

    This attack joins other recent farm attacks such as this one or another. Just like migrant crime in Europe or interracial crime in the US, diversity always manifests as low-grade ethnic warfare until the time for genocide arrives.

  • ‘Very dangerous’: Putin, Trump want to weaken the European Union, top official says

    The EU wants to be a new superpower. So does Russia. The US will do a better job than either, despite its raging Leftism, simply by being more focused on market realities. This articles misstates the whole picture, which is that Putin supports the EU, which is why he is helping them work around American oil and gas by having a Russian supply.

  • Millennials more likely to face working-age poverty than any previous generation, report finds

    Any time outcomes turn out suddenly worse, what do we do? Look for what changed. Millennials came about after the Leftist takeover and in the throes of the entitlements state and its civil rights agenda. As always, the solution would be to stop supporting the tripartite parasite — excessive government, nu-elites who make a living by advancing Leftism, and the underclass that they use as their moral justification — and instead to focus on “good to the good, bad to the bad.”

  • Dozens of bee species extinct or on verge of disappearing across UK, study finds

    Bees are under assault from many forces, but only one is really killing them. Bees require large areas in which they can wander looking for pollen without getting hit by cars or pollution. This in turn requires a smaller population instead of the constant growth population created by diversity, but political leaders fear this because it means that they will have to go cap in hand to the voters and admit that, indeed, they could not afford all those great free entitlements in the first place and now they are skint and miserable. That in turn will require downsizing governments, and tens of thousands of over-educated Leftist bureaucrats will lose their middle class salaries. Then again, we will need more beekeepers, so the market provides a ready solution.

  • Millennials’ health plummets after the age of 27: Study finds the generation has unprecedented rates of diabetes, depression, and digestive disorders

    What defines Millennials, genetically? Generation X stuck to the old rules, where Western Europeans bred only with their own. With Millennials, Leftism struck, and you saw people who were mixes of Western, Eastern, and Southern Europeans (including some derived populations like Semites). This rolls the dice as far as nature is concerned because you are mixing different profiles. Very few traits are coded for by a single gene, and when you mix, each gene has a chance of coming out on top, but those profiles do not necessarily do so. This introduces chaos in how the body works, and many of these new combinations are not very healthy, with lots of them seeming to require multiple medications and surgeries before they are even out of their teens. Anglo-America never had a health crisis like this because English, Scots, Germans, Nords, and Dutch are very genetically similar, and so their offspring preserved the networks of genes responsible for their traits. These new people are sort of like incomplete designs, with digestive systems that are half-German and half-Polish, for example, resulting in biological inconsistency and thus, earlier and more prevalent health problems.

  • Britain’s forests of the future will be filled with foreign species in attempt to address climate change, head of Forestry Commission reveals

    In the name of the ideological agenda — climate change, basically apologism for overpopulation — the over-educated clever people in power want to bring in more invasive species. The result will be displacement of native species and an unparalleled ecological holocaust. It parallels their immigration policy and the biological disaster they are creating there as well.

  • Children who walk to school less likely to be overweight or obese, study suggests

    We wonder why people in the past were so healthy despite all their drinking, smoking, and eating of bacon. It turns out that they were simply more active, walking in their local communities and spending time outdoors or doing physical labor. You cannot do that anymore, so much at least, because diversity has made the streets dangerous, pollution has made the air bad, and our modern lifestyles reward staying in your safe apartment, commuting to your job, spending a token hour at the gym, and then repeating the process. Having Amazon deliver your goods, Uber deliver your food, and everything else occur through the magic portals of the internet just makes people even more inactive, despite attempts to “stay fit” with driving to the park to jog or driving to the gym for crossfit.

  • UK Police: Proposed Islamophobia Definition to ‘Undermine Counter-Terror Operations’

    When people notice that your policies are failing, you can simply re-define all non-conforming thought as hate speech and ban it immediately. Then, it looks like the policies are succeeding, so everyone falls in line, which simply postpones and worsens problems which eventually detonate unexpectedly while we march on oblivious in denial.

  • Teacher placed on leave after taking part in racist Fenton High School senior prank photo

    The quest to smash racism is like anti-Semitism: soon you see Jews or racists under the bed and drive yourself mad thinking that the world is a horrible place run by the Enemy. In reality, this was a fairly innocuous prank, but it offends our pretense that our great egalitarian society is working, when in fact it is grinding us down, day after day, through miserable tedium and paradoxical ideology which demands constant obedience. If you say “diversity is our” to a sleeping Western person, they will answer automatically with, “strength,” and not even wake up.

  • South Africa ex-president Jacob Zuma in court for corruption

    Everywhere minority-majority rule has been tried, it ends up as revenge and brings with it corruption and repression. If you want Hitler, elect anti-Hitler, and you will eventually get Hitler when people finally snap and react violently.

  • Facebook: Another three billion fake profiles culled

    90% of this is “Right-wingers not using their real names.” Since I was culled during this time, I can say that at least part of this was pure ideological purge.

  • ICE busing hundreds of migrants to Inland Empire, advocacy groups say

    Two white vans with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection pulled up to a Greyhound bus station in downtown San Bernardino late Wednesday morning. After a handful of migrants exited, the vans pulled away.

    “They’re dumping them off with no support whatsoever,” said Anthony Victoria with the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice. “And once they drop them off, they just leave.”

    If the voters will not deal with the problem, bring the problem to the voters. This will also strain the resources of the Leftist NGOs who are encouraging this great migration to begin with.

  • Life was easier when humans hunted and gathered their food, Cambridge University finds

    In order to make modernity sound great, we always denigrate the past, even when evidence shows that people lived well under feudalism or other pre-modern systems. In reality, we have traded our time for a vast system which does not benefit us, and if we cut it out, we would have more time to get to know ourselves, to know reality, to become sane, to gain self-discipline, and eventually, to understand the metaphysical underpinnings of our reality. Modernity fears this because people that liberated from hive-mind control tend to have zero use for Leftism and little use for government.

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