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  • Hungary passes law allowing Viktor Orban to rule by decree

    The liberal democratic order has failed in its response to the coronavirus, following its attempts to subvert popular votes with Brexit and TrumpRise. This means that it will end. The Left wants to destroy the world economy in order to transition to socialism, but the Right wants to end democracy and have strong leaders rule by executive orders, focusing on excluding the rest of the world from each national population. It seems that the great experiment in equality is ending, and not a moment too soon.

  • Record 1,100 dead dolphins wash up on French beaches

    Industrial fishing destroys natural species. We trawl the ocean with giant nets, throwing away tons of “bycatch” that is dead or dying at that point, just to get some fish meat to sell to feed the out-of-control human population. No sane species would allow this; no intelligent, compassionate beings would let it occur. Perhaps our politicians and pundits emphasize how caring they are (to humans) in order to disguise the holocaust of wildlife that we are perpetrating.

  • Prostitution camp provided women for Petersen adoptions

    Well-meaning Christians pipeline non-whites from the Marshall Islands into America for adoption, effectively selling the babies, while not telling the parents that these were offspring of prostitutes. This should lead to a real crisis in eighteen years when “genetics will out” becomes more than a prediction. In the meantime, our mania for having children when nature denies that incorporates more and more weird DNA mixtures into the gene pool. If we let these people, who have turned religion into a humanist ideology instead of worship of the natural order of God, have their way, “American” will soon come to mean “person of indeterminate heritage.”

  • Whales face more fatal ship collisions as waters warm

    Whales are drifting into shipping lanes and getting hit by large ocean-going transports, most of whom do not report the collisions, which kill the whales and are driving at least one species toward extinction. This article blames climate change, but most likely, the whales are finding that their traditional food sources have been eliminated by human activity.

  • Singapore court upholds law criminalizing sex between men

    Singapore does not want to follow the rest of the crowd who are going to go singing and dancing over the cliff as they chase the symbol of pure virtue, equality, despite this not being a facet of reality. While cracking down on homosexuals is stupid, so is mainstreaming homosexuality, which will in turn lead to other sexual practices becoming normal, effectively abolishing the stable family except as some kind of extreme fetish. PornHub will have videos of guys meeting the girl next door, settling down into stable productive lives, and having 2.5 normal children.

  • Billy Joe Saunders has boxing licence suspended after domestic abuse ‘advice’ video

    When political correctness takes over, every organization fears not enforcing enough, because then they might be outed as Right-wingers or some other type of deplorable. As a result, they are wrecking yet another career over a comment designed to be in jest but misunderstood by the many aimless, humorless, directionless, and joyless snowflakes out there.

  • Europe’s lucrative, illegal, trade in sea cucumbers is booming

    Asia ate up its own sea cucumbers, and now wants to import more from Europe. Wise heads point out that this will lead to destruction of this species, but democracy simply says, “Oh look money” and then the argument somehow is over.

  • Google Gboard may be blocking ‘Chinese virus,’ similar terms from appearing in autocomplete results

    As democracy winds down, it perishes in an orgy of censorship and persecution. The media wants to enforce the Leftist agenda so that it can cultivate an audience of warm bodies who restlessly and relentlessly pursue the latest ideological outrages and triumphs. That lets media off the hook for having to produce actual content, since destroying lives and wrecking civilization is cheap, with all costs externalized away from the media industry. Now Twitter is removing messages from democratically-elected presidents, deleting profiles, and suspending accounts of politicians in order to enforce the dogma of our time. Google has joined in by enforcing the Narrative through bans of apps and channels, while the “fact checking” sites vigorous assert an official, “objective” storyline in order to keep the sheep panicked. Anything to drive us toward world Leftist rule, in which our nu-internet barons assume that they will have a central role, even if history suggests they will just end up in shallow graves with the rest of the kulaks.

  • More than 100,000 badgers slaughtered in discredited cull policy

    When you take over the land where species normally roam, hunt, forage, reproduce, fight, and raise families, you drive them into nearby farms and settlements. The human solution so far seems to be to kill the “extra” animals, instead of looking in a mirror and asking ourselves if we need another million immigrants or welfare-funded underclass members.

  • Is the world running out of gold?

    Humanity made fire, found that it had conquered nature, and decided to keep going in that direction. When aristocrats held it back, they were overthrown and killed. When common sense held us back, we killed that too. Progress — the advancement of industry and individual freedoms — overrode everything else, and soon our population swelled because of the opulent near-anarchy in which we found ourselves. Now the world is no longer a mystery, every part is explored and has litter all over it and a gift shop. Possibly we have run out of new gold, but that conceals the bigger fact that we have run out of adventures here.

  • Fruit and veg ‘will run out’ unless Britain charters planes to fly in farm workers from eastern Europe

    The West adopted high taxes to fund entitlements, and then found out that it had priced itself out of the labor market, so had to import foreigners. This works until something disrupts the supply chain. Then we find ourselves wondering why we did not have robots doing this work all along. The more we try to take care of everyone, the more we raise the cost and complexity of everything, and therefore the less we can move and the fewer actual solutions we can discover.

  • U.S. cybersecurity experts see recent spike in Chinese digital espionage

    China knows war is coming, and they are preparing.

  • The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

    America used to be able to pull off miracles by smart work and diligent labor. Now, everything is drowned in bureaucracy and neurosis. We could not build a fleet of ashtrays at this point.

  • Coronavirus modelers factor in new public health risk: Accusations their work is a hoax

    Models are only as good as their input data. If crucial factors are missing, or data is wrong, the results will be gibberish. Luckily for our science establishment, they know how to cherry-pick factors and filter data so that they get the results that they want, which enables scientists to cash in on every trend by coming up with “100% objective official truth” for any action that the Establishment wants to make real.

  • Italy may be on wrong path in fighting coronavirus contagion

    Crisanti said that instead of telling people with mild symptoms to self-isolate at home, the authorities should have set up centres to separate them from their families, as was done in China where the epidemic originated in December.

    Sometimes clown world manages to be so astoundingly stupid that it takes your breath away. We know one thing that works against all disease: isolate the infected. This does not mean send them back to be among their families, who are not isolated, so that they can pass on the disease and then have it fan out from their family members running amok in society and spewing aerosols and mucus all over the unwary. That is undemocratic, of course. Their freedom will be limited. They will be told what to do. It will offend them that their personal desires, judgments, and feelings come second to a larger order than themselves. However, it will stop the spread of the disease. The general feeling in Italy seems to be that since everyone is broke and the elderly have most of the money, a great kill-off might keep the economy going through September.

  • Pandemic-Related Unemployment and Shutdowns Are a Recipe for Social Unrest

    In avoiding this virus, we have created a second Great Depression. The only way to bounce back will be to lose the entitlements and high taxes holding us back, but that requires an act of Congress, which is notoriously afraid of repealing entitlements. Then again, if our choice is “be poorer than Mexico” or “lose free stuff from government,” most functional people will choose the latter. This could open a gateway to removing our egalitarian post Civil War government and replacing it with something dedicated to realistic adaptation to our environment, including not genociding nature and extinguishing ourselves with reckless expansion, pollution, and litter.

  • An armed group of Maine residents have attempted to forcibly quarantine a group of out-of-towners that they suspected may have the coronavirus.

    We see a general backlash against the foreign and alien. People trust what they know and those in their local community, if only to behave consistently, but they fear that which is unknown. As people flee the cities to escape the coronavirus, local communities are pushing back against being used as escape zones for people coming from the cities, possibly with contagion.

  • Video shows Chinese worker rubbing shoes on masks for export

    Can we admit that we are in a cold war yet? They hate us. They want to replace us. To that end, they want to weaken and divide us. The Left talked up “Russian election interference” so that it could downplay the general problem of Chinese intervention in our society.

  • Chinese wet markets still operation despite COVID-19

    One wonders how many more epidemics are coming our way. We could always shut our borders, make our own stuff, and sell it to Europe.

  • Century-Old Vaccine Investigated as a Weapon Against Coronavirus

    It turns out that injecting people with a weakened bacterium gives their immune systems a kick start and enables them to recognize intruders. We are seeing that living in an excessively “clean” and sterilized society has deprived our immune systems of necessary background material. In addition, we are starting to realize that stacking people in great heaps of echo chambers called “cities” seems to make us not only weak but neurotic, so that panic becomes a greater enemy than the pandemic.

  • Chinese students fleeing virus-hit U.S. pay $20,000 for seats on private jets

    It would be best if all of those who are not of the founding group — ethnic Western Europeans — were to hop on planes for their homelands. Without people jetting around the world, you do not have pandemics like this. Without diversity, you have a good idea of who is in your country and how to predict where the epidemic will break out. In the public eye, diversity and globalism are dying from the lessons learned during this outbreak.

  • Coronavirus May Add Billions to the Nation’s Health Care Bill

    Only someone born yesterday would not expect this outcome. However, half of our electorate seem to believe that “free” things are really free.

  • ‘They see my blue eyes then jump back’ – China sees a new wave of xenophobia

    How interesting that we see parallel xenophobia breaking out in China and in the West. When disaster strikes, people distrust and blame those who are different from them. This means that diversity has gone from a cold war to a hot one. It should be fun watching Leftists explain that they ruined our society with diversity just so that they could win elections forevermore.

  • Lockdown, what lockdown? Sweden’s unusual response to coronavirus

    Showing a moment of intestinal fortitude, the Swedes emphasize “self-responsibility,” or the duty of every citizen to do what is necessary to avoid spreading this virus. Instead of creating a lot of rules, their government simply issued guidelines, and then their culture (what is left of it) holds people responsible with a system of shame and praise. While that system backfires when a mental virus like “equality = good” is introduced, it works well against simple threats like a virus spread by failure to wash hands and keep distance.

  • ‘Coronavirus death rate is roughly inline with the flu’: Medical professor

    At any given time, a population will have people who are “at risk,” whether because they are ancient, frail, have chronic conditions, or are obese. If a strong enough disease rolls through, it will kill them off. Societies which experienced a population boom, like the Me Generation, and then a corresponding lack of reproduction because of insane policies like high taxes/entitlements, sexual liberation, drug use, and self-centeredness, will find themselves heavy in those who are ill or antiquated and therefore, will panic. In the long run, the coronavirus like SARS is simply a nasty flu. If this were MERS, we would be singing a different song.

  • Global wave of consumer default underway, beginning in China

    It turns out that shutting down your economy has secondary effects, such as people being unable to pay their bills, and they will choose food over debt and rent. Most likely, our governments are going to declare a debt jubilee in order to prevent total collapse, basically trading away the value of our currency for the ability to keep our economies functional in the short term.

  • American media ‘baying for blood’ over Trump’s coronavirus response

    Now we see the reason for the panic-inducing media blitz: they want to un-do an election. They are trying the same thing with Brexit. Leftism has a few remaining years to close the doors with demographic displacement, and then they will have permanent rule, since minorities always vote (statistically) against majority interests. They are seeing the sheep escape before the trap is sprung, and they will resort to any and all dirty tricks possible in order to coerce us back into conformist obedience.

  • Netherlands recalls 600,000 face masks from China due to low quality

    In times of stress, everyday truths known on the street but suppressed in public conversation suddenly zoom to the foreground. It turns out that Chinese manufacturing is bad and often Chinese materials are inferior such as unreliable steel and bad electronics resulting in a perception of “quality fade” to Chinese output. Now that we finally need these things, instead of merely being inconvenienced by low-cost but low-quality imports replacing our native industry, people are taking notice.

  • Denmark plans to deprive jihadists’ children of their citizenship

    Any sane country would deport the entire family if a member were caught committing a crime, including terrorism. Then again, sane countries would never attempt diversity, equality, or democracy in the first place. Something went wrong in the West, a terminal spirit disease, long ago. We got too clever and bred too many useless people, and they took over. Now we are fighting to resurrect our will to live, then our will to excellence (arete), and finally, to depose and export the usurpers.

  • TikTok, a Chinese soft-power time bomb in US living rooms?

    Under the Cybersecurity law in China, firms must cooperate with the government, without a paper trail that we in the rest of the world can see. This means that any Chinese product is either spying on you or will be used to spy on you. Even innocent apps can be used for intelligence gathering, especially if China employs Echelon-style keyword searches, which can identify voice and images at this point. Want to know how many Americans have flags or guns on their walls? A video chat app could do it.

  • Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

    The debate of the year 1776 revisits us. Are we a European-style total state, or a collection of states unified by a federal government for military and economic cooperation? States are refusing visitors from New York and stopping them at the state line, despite the Constitution — which followed the more States Rights friendly Articles of Confederation thirteen years later — declaring that Congress has the right to oversee interstate traffic. However, this legal wording possesses a glitch, namely that once you are inside a state, you are both interstate traffic and intrastate traffic, which means that the state can refuse further progress, effectively sending you back home. In particular, Rhode Island wants to stop disease vector New Yorkers from bearing down on it, infecting its population, and depleting its considerably smaller resources. The big coastal cities always brag about how they bring in the most income, so maybe it is time for them to open their wallets to address their problem. After all, they are also the ones with all the international travel.

  • WHO accused of ‘carrying China’s water’ after official refuses to acknowledge Taiwan during bizarre interview

    Positions of authority are properties, meaning that they consist of rights to do certain things, and those rights can be sold or used as the basis for services, even if this must be unofficial because it is blatant corruption. Luckily, it can be hidden behind honoraria, tit-for-tit board appointments, stock tips, and a million other ways to get wealthy on the back of the herd, which never criticizes the Left-leaning bureaucrats. The WHO has considerable authority, and its bureaucrats have been bought out by the Chinese much like the American Left has been.

  • Migrants in Central American limbo as coronavirus relocation plans falter

    Thanks to Trump fine-tuning our immigration policy to make it less accepting in a PTSD bovine with Stockholm Syndrome kind of way, this epidemic has shattered immigration. Instead of rushing into the country, getting arrested and then released, immigrants face detention along with thousands of others, at which point they have a high likelihood of getting COHIVID-19 and kicking off, since a lifetime of tortillas and Modelo Especial does not lend itself to survival. The more Germanic Negra Modelo is great stuff, however.

  • 57-year-old Wuhan shrimp seller identified as coronavirus COVID-19 ‘patient zero’

    This whole mess started back in early December, and could have been arrested sooner if officials were not more concerned with “saving face” than addressing risk. It turns out that “transparency” simply means that whoever presides over a disaster gets fired, regardless of the quality of their work, and so people hide disasters and instead look for ways to talk themselves up so that they can get promoted. This phenomenon does not confine itself to China, which is why every new department head in an American corporation finds little hidden disasters that were swept under the carpet by previous occupiers of the role. We need a system based on finding good people and placing them in power, instead of a “meritocracy” which inherently rewards manipulation and promotes incompetents who are good at working within the system but useless at its intended role. Ever wonder why most managers are terrible? Why politicians say the right thing, but have no actual ideas and cannot respond quickly to emergencies? Or why peacetime militaries demonstrate near total incompetence once war breaks out? The System is our enemy, no matter which System it is; natural selection and “good to the good, bad to the bad” always works, even if you end up with people of generalized intelligence instead of specialized nerd-intelligence human rodents.

  • Coronavirus: Six things that are booming in sales

    At number two in Amazon UK’s chart of most sold books of the week is The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz. Although it was written in 1981, it describes a virus called Wuhan-400, in what appears to be an uncanny prediction of the coronavirus.

    Another novel that is selling well is The Plague by French author Albert Camus. UK publisher Penguin says its sales in the last week of February were 150% up on last year and it is reprinting the book. Its sales have also risen sharply in France and Italy.

    We are not supposed to laugh at this. At the same time, it makes us enjoy humanity again, since in the midst of their fear these entertaining little creatures are playing pandemic video games and reading about viral outbreaks. Is it a fetish? Possibly in a time dedicated to equality, where only victimhood wins, self-pity dominates our thought, and so we idealize any type of suffering, sort of like Jesus posting to Instagram from the cross.

  • Data shows Amazon raised prices during pandemic alongside sellers accused of price gouging

    We were so worried about our local Kroger or Albertsons jacing up prices for those “family packs” of toilet paper that we forgot to think about what online sellers were doing. Even with those not raising prices, there seem to be few sales. As with any disaster, most suffer and some cash in.

  • Some Instacart, Amazon workers strike as jobs get riskier

    Unions ruined American labor and led directly to outsourcing, offshoring, and globalism, aided by high taxes and the massive expense of regulations imposed by the unelected “fourth branch of government,” the administrative agencies created by politicians to avoid accountability. You know, the goons like the FDA who keep raising tobacco prices. Now, the workers that America depends on are ready to stab us in the back in exchange for a laundry list of impossibly high cost items, all of which will be passed on to the consumer since businesses operate to make money in order to invest that money, and therefore do not sit on huge piles of cash, generally, nor operate with big fat margins. Nope, instead whatever these aspiring parasites extract from the system will be added to the “Costs” column and then tacked on to the price. Whole Foods employees plan to do the same thing. If we are lucky, their employers will look at the swelling ranks of the unemployed and start hiring them, displacing workers who prove that they are unreliable by missing shifts, whether for union organizing or other reasons. Every society known to humankind has died from class warfare when the workers, who achieve nothing without those who organized business and social institutions, insist that they are more important than the value of their labor. The more we can automate, the more we can save ourselves from ourselves, and then start shedding people whose only contribution consists of doing easy jobs badly and then bragging around social media about their “enlightened” social justice views. Proles = Dunning-Kruger incompetents. Sear that in your brain.

  • Experts know the new coronavirus is not a bioweapon. They disagree on whether it could have leaked from a research lab

    More likely, as people predicted decades ago, human expansion pushes us into close contact with natural species. This transmits diseases from humans to those species, and then eventually those disease come back to us. Raging petri dishes like the Chinese “wet markets” just make it all too easy.

  • Tanks spotted in NE Taiwan as tensions with China rise

    As China rattles sabers, probably because its economy began dying in 2009, Taiwan prepares to repulse boarders. China will have no choice but war when its already weakened economy is sapped further by the coronavirus, and then re-arranged by American economic isolationism and rising cost of imports from Europe, resulting in lowered exports to Europe. Generally, societies in this position follow the FDR model and provoke a war so that they can engage radical Keynesian pump-priming with their economies.

  • Utrecht rooftops to be ‘greened’ with plants and mosses in new plan

    This is another do-nothing environmental policy. While having more plants around will be nice, no doubt, it does not offset the huge amount of damage done by humans. A better policy would be to eliminate immigration and foreign presence, reducing the population naturally and allowing more land to return to its natural state. An even better policy might involve going back to small towns and villages where people produce and consume what they need locally, instead of importing it from all over, and opting for stable currency instead of modern monetary theory, so that the economy can be judged by its production output instead of demand for its currency. Perhaps in the ruins of the new Great Depression we will figure out that this way works better.

  • Portugal to treat migrants as residents during coronavirus crisis

    Terrified of appearing inegalitarian to their voters, politicians worldwide are handing out gifts to foreign invaders at the time when they are least likely to be able to afford this. It does not matter to the politicians and bureaucrats; their jobs, at least, are secured.

  • Air pollution plunges in European cities amid coronavirus lockdown

    Better air means people more resistant to disease and living happier lives. Probably no coincidence exists in the rampage of this novel coronavirus through the big cities, where people breathe car exhaust and industrial fumes twenty-four hours a day, and consequently have weak lungs even if they are not diagnosed as such.

  • Andrew Cuomo: NY Has 15 Times Coronavirus Cases of CA Because ‘We Welcome People’

    Someone finally admits out loud that “diversity = disease.” Leftists applaud, since they are fundamentally people without an orientation toward family and culture, therefore want a new Sugar Daddy in the form of ideology and the governments that support it. To them, having more different people around means government becomes stronger than culture, and therefore whatever weird stuff they are doing will not only be overlooked but supported by the regime. That is, if they survive all the diseases that come through and ravage the unhealthy occupants of entitlements-based societies.

  • Scientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic

    Nature finds a huge feast of polyurethane in landfills, and so generates a bacterium to consume it. Others may follow for other products of humanity. If we all die out, nature will erase our traces much faster than we think; on the other hand, if we give nature enough space, it will clean up our mess and we can continue to enjoy it, instead of hating ourselves for being selfish ecocidal little monkeys with solipsistic megalomania mixed in to our Dunning-Kruger syndrome, Stockholm Syndrome, PTSD, and narcissism.

  • China’s Media Censorship Could Have Cost Thousands of Lives by Preventing Early Coronavirus Warning, Journalism Watchdog Argues

    No American politician will talk about China, and this remains unchanged since the days when the Left assumed power after the Vietnam conflict. Since China effectively bought our politicians, few will do what Trump has done, which is to repeatedly emphasize that this virus came from China and China alone could have made this a far lesser crisis. We understand local warlords and Communist Party officials lying about the outbreak in order to make themselves look good, but this goes to the highest levels of Chinese leadership. Perhaps they figured that destroying the world economy and shifting the West to socialism would make it easier to conquer us. It turns out that the international organizations bought by China also ignored the crisis, allowing it to become far more powerful than it would have had localized quarantine occurred quickly.

  • Two thirds of coronavirus victims may have died this year anyway, government adviser says

    When a population surges, nature purges the weak, sick, and old.

  • Chinese media caught erasing history, ‘Wuhan virus’ from reports

    Funny how the American Left marches in lock-step with the official policy of the Chinese Communist Party, which is that COVID-19 must not be called the “Wuhan virus” or “Wuhan flu.” Trump called them on it of course.

  • China Supplied Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits to Spain, Czech Republic

    In addition to lying about the virus, editing history about it, and finally shooting it around the world through international travel that should have been blocked months ago, China made headlines for the medical gear it sent to the rest of the world, and only later did we find out that most of it was dangerously defective.

  • The real death toll for Covid-19 is at least 4 times the official numbers

    When civilizations succumb to class warfare, their tyrants import foreigners, and so the population becomes racially-mixed over the next several generations, at which point you get at best a “second world” society where nothing quite works and everyone is on the take. Southern/Irish and Eastern Europe fall into this category, and not surprisingly, they are pitching low numbers in order to conceal the disaster. In the West, on the other hand, anyone who dies in a hospital without a clear cause seems to be labeled as a Wuhan Flu victim, because we want to kick our numbers up so that our Leftists can justify the final transition to socialism. History repeats itself, and the lessons of Athens and Rome are just as fresh today as they were two thousand years ago.

  • 75% of Russians Say Soviet Era Was ‘Greatest Time’ in Country’s History

    People care about power and prestige more than wealth, although they are seduced by wealth, much as blue jeans, Coca-Cola, rock ‘n roll, and McDonalds brought down the Soviet Union. As liberal democracy fails to deliver on its promises, and instead takes away normal life by subtracting wealth to pay for entitlements as the “yellow vests” found out, people turn to strongmen who will at least make them important and dangerous third world nations instead of nobodies in a global market.

  • Internal Emails Show How Chaos at the CDC Slowed the Early Response to Coronavirus

    Bureaucracies promote those who are good at following the rules of bureaucracy, much like other meritocracies do: schools promote those who are obedient at memorization, wealthy businesses promote the uncontroversial, peacetime militaries advance those who are good at achieving political objectives, and friend groups elect as popular whoever repeats back to the herd whatever it already believes in new forms. Not surprisingly, if they have not experienced a crisis in a while, bureaucracies fill with bean-counters who then busily apply standard procedure to non-standard events, achieving nothing except obedience when realistic action is required.

  • This is how many South Africans earn over R5 million a year

    Diverse societies follow the class warfare pattern, and by subsidizing the weak, tax the strong into oblivion.

    In fact, around 800,000 assessed taxpayers paid more than two-thirds (67.6%) of all assessed income tax in 2018 – these are those individuals earning over R500,000 a year.

    This quickly results in an exodus or drop-out epidemic among the strong, at which point these societies find themselves raising taxes in order to bring in income, eventually crashing into financial oblivion following the Soviet and Jacobin model. Everybody starves. This is why South African debt has hit junk status. Every diverse nation, and every nation with entitlements and corresponding high taxes, will follow them in this doom.

  • ‘I have a broken heart’: Trump policy has immigrants backing away from healthcare amid crisis

    Illegal immigrants fear being deported, so they have stopped using free services, say the Left. In reality, they keep using these free services, since hospitals do not generally report to authorities about immigration status. As usual, the Left cries out as it strikes you.

  • A Coronavirus Great Awakening?

    Some believe that a plague will drive people to the church. In my view, they have abandoned the church because it preaches the same stew of humanism and utilitarianism that they find anywhere else, so there is no particular point in attending. People may discover spirituality, but it will be the usual vapid individualism that turns any spiritual tradition into “Live Laugh Love” plus getting as much income as you can.

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