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  • Letter from Zurich Airport

    Jared Taylor banned from Europe by Polish accusation that he was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.” This tells us that we must beware of the Eastern European version of traditionalism which seems to be more of a theocracy than a desire to form a traditional civilization. This makes sense, because conservatives look for an ideology instead of the more complex set of principles that make civilization. They do this because conservatives have grown up in a Leftist Europe (or America) and can only think in that framework. Thus we get pro-capitalist conservatives, race-aware conservatives, or theocrats, and the Poles have chosen the latter. They find secular nationalists to be disturbing and so are willing to crack down on those, since they want to import the third world so long as it is Christian. Christianity will not save us — religion alone cannot — and so Taylor is closer to the ultimate vision than Europe, even the supposedly “Right-wing” Eastern Europe, can accept. We can tell that the Polish approach is Leftist in origin because the Americans are doing the same thing to Martin Sellner for the sin of having received a donation from the NZ FPS mosque massacre shooter. The Left has found its new strategy: deplatform and isolate real conservatives so that we can all keep living the lie that Leftist society is not collapsing and that more Leftism will save it.

  • Indian national stabbed to death in Munich

    Western diversity is so strong that foreigners cannot travel in the West without risking the conflicts that originate in diversity. At least this way, diversity will burn itself out faster; it is no longer “safe” to flee to the West because the same violence you fled will follow you anyway because the same groups are now in the West. Comedy, it’s all comedy now.

  • Two knifemen ‘washed their faces and feet’ at London mosque then mingled with worshippers

    They walk among us, like guerrillas hide among their host populations like fish in a sea of fishes, and thus evade our law enforcement. Police do not want to admit it, but they rely heavily on being able to interview witnesses and find informants, and when you have ethnic special interest groups in your society, no one will tell you anything. “It’s Chinatown, Jake.”

  • Political Correctness Is Not Universal

    The egalitarianism which took over the West is the opposite of its founding philosophy, so in our search for a universal morality — a search in which nihilists like myself do not partake, because we realize that morality is esoteric and genetic, not universal — we have to look to our roots in Aristotle and Plato and see what Christianity may have added. This author argues that an inversion of those values caused modern political correctness; I disagree, because egalitarians always go down this path. Socrates was executed for not going along with democracy, Christ was convicted by a vote, and the herd always destroys anything good. If anything, morality is resistance to the tendency toward solipsism in the individual and the group which enables this through collective desire to avoid facing reality.

  • Chick-fil-A pulled from Buffalo airport after company’s alleged ‘anti-LGBTQ rhetoric’ sparks backlash

    The great deplatforming continues. This is not about LGBT+ issues, but about whether or not you conform to the Leftist narrative. If you do not, they will try to destroy you, just as they did with guillotines, re-education camps, mental hospitals, and gulags. The Left has never changed, only dressed itself up as something “normal.”

  • Democrats Say, “Good-bye Jews!”

    To the Left, everything is a means to the end of achieving equality. When your group is no longer useful for money and pity power, they drop you, and then destroy you if you do not OBEY.

  • Illegal Alien Gets Life in Prison for Raping, Beating Muslim Teen to Death

    When diversity kills other diversity, it is hard to blame white racism anymore. If anything, whites are just trying to escape the urban nightmare created by all these groups fighting it out with ethnically-directed crime, riots, and resentment.

  • Famed civil rights group Southern Poverty Law Center faces allegations of ‘systemic racism and sexism’

    Classic Leftist behavior includes the idea of “not drinking the Kool-Aide,” meaning that even if you preach diversity, do not promote people just because they are from minority groups or you will drown in the same incompetence that is dissolving every other institution in the post-fall West (PFW?).

  • Kim Foxx: I welcome an outside review of how we handled the Jussie Smollett case

    Kim Foxx gives her justification for not prosecuting Jussie Smollett. She claims that by not enforcing the law against non-violent offenders, it gives her office more time to prosecute the violent ones which are currently perforating Chicago. However, a solid counterpoint fingers the rule of law and says that if we do not enforce our laws consistently, we are essentially creating protected groups and diluting the rule of law. If you are going to have hate crimes laws, they apply to everyone in other words; however, that misunderstands equality, which was never about fairness but class warfare and seizing power from the successful to give to the unsuccessful. Kim Foxx is a good Leftist and nothing more. For them, achieving equality is the only goal, and everything else is a means to that end and can be easily sacrificed, including the nation.

  • Christchurch Massacre: Yes, It’s Terrorism, Yes, It’s Tragic—and Yes, Elites Could Halt It, By Halting Immigration. But They Won’t.

    Peter Brimelow, lucid as always where everyone else lives in a fog of propaganda, points out that the NZ FPS mosque massacre was simply a result of diversity, and that the way to prevent such conflicts or even worse outcomes is to end diversity. He stops short of calling for total deportations but as a raging realist, I can say that we are not going to have peace until we end diversity which means sending everyone home except the founding group. Yes, that means the Maori go back to Polynesian territory as well. In America, it means that ethnic Western Europeans stay and everyone else gets back on boats stat.

  • Vallejo releases video showing fatal police shooting of California rapper Willie McCoy

    McCoy passed out in his car with a gun on his lap and some jumpy cops blasted him full of holes. This will provoke more exciting race riots, perhaps, but the bigger story is that we have handed American law enforcement a paradoxical situation. They are designed to take care of the problems that society will not address, such as diversity having everyone at the throats of every other group. Again, get the foreigners on boats and end it.

  • U.S. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez ‘encouraged’ despite Senate rejecting ‘Green New Deal’

    The Left talks often of “validating” people or ideas, which reveals their underlying psychology: equality is the goal, and they need to justify, rationalize, and validate anything they do as being part of that effort toward total equality. The “Green New Deal” is simply the New Deal with greenism swapped in for anti-poverty and diversity as its justification. It would not stop the ongoing crisis which is a result of overpopulation resulting in too much land use, just like “education” and urbanization will not stop the problem. The only way to stop the problem is to ditch human rights and start cutting off the human growth chain, starting with ending immigration, entitlements, and foreign aid. That clashes with human rights and civil rights so it is taboo right now, but as the ecocide accelerates and humans finally start to feel the pain, even the bratty voters will panic and scream “something must be done,” which will cue up a few decades of ineffective action before the crisis forces a resolution. Much will be destroyed in the meantime, which is the hallmark of democracy.

  • An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden

    Joe Biden is the Bernie for 2020. They will string him along, knowing that he is a horrible candidate because he is a trend-chaser instead of a trend-maker, in addition to his creepy touchy-feely approach to women, children, and small dogs. When the time comes, they will cut him off. The Democrats do not intend to win in 2020; they realize that the longterm problems created by the Obama years are about to come due, and the world economy is going to crash hard. Trump is staving them off by trying to make America self-sufficient, meaning that we do not go down like the rest of the dominoes in Asia and Europe. The third world will be hardest hit, having invested halfway in becoming first world but not seeing the payoff from those attempts yet. Perhaps we will get lucky and disease, pollution, war, and starvation will hit all at once, shrugging off the nearly eight billion useless extra people that we have.

  • Pew Research: Deporting Illegal Aliens Is Top Priority for GOP Voters

    Even the lummox public Right has finally figured out that dumping endless foreigners into a country, while it has economic short-term gains, leads to complete collapse of the society in the long-term, and many have finally figured out that the only way out of diversity is in a body bag.

  • Frontiers

    The new frontier for European-descended people is to find a way of life independent from this civilization, since they have realized that Rome 2.0 is in late stage democracy and falling fast. Some have even figured out that the collapse happened years ago, and we are trying to decide whether we have the energy, faith, and self-confidence to restart, which will involve seizing control, sending away those of foreign or mixed blood, and then paring down our people to keep only the functional. Boats to Venezuela are the kindest option for the dysfunctional, of which we have accumulated many.

  • Monkeys lay siege to hospital built on their land in terrifying footage

    Ecocide happens because humans take over all the territory. Native species have nowhere to go, so they die out through reduced numbers and inbreeding. Sometimes, they fight back. We kill them then, claiming that they attacked us, when in fact we invaded land that they needed. This passive-aggressive bullying is common to democracies, which advance the insane idea of equality and then destroy anyone who fails to conform to this unrealistic ego-driven standard.

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