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  • Amazon bans sale of most editions of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf

    While Rome burns, we are fiddling around with more illusions of human equality. The endless censorship makes it look like the Leftist Establishment has something to hide, which it does: it is failing. By censoring Nazis, Amazon has simply made Nazi material desirable contraband. It will also make it hard to defend against mass censorship and book burnings if the Right comes into power.

  • Not exactly gloating, stockpiling ‘preppers’ have a moment

    People assume that coronAIDS will be the end of us when really it is a slightly more intense form of SARS and can be contained with quarantine. The problem faced by the West consists of the voluntary nature of quarantine. Conservatives spent the last fifty years arguing that freedom was most important, and people could choose to live nice conservative lives… only to watch most everyone flee from that and race toward the Leftist life of dissolution, novelty-seeking, and individualism. In the same way, a voluntary quarantine leads to lots of COVID-19 infected people running around spreading it to others, as Italy found. Australia believes it has a coronavirus cure and an existing drugs cocktail may knock it out. Some question whether like Schrodinger’s Cat, this epidemic even exists, since it could easily be a sampling error. In the meantime, sixty-five people have died so far in the USA, or roughly the same number who die in can opener accidents every week. In the meantime, it turns out that Europe may not have enough critical care beds for all the afflicted. Despite comparisons, this seems mild compared to the 1918 Spanish Flu which left corpses strewn across the northern hemisphere. One of my “middle positions”: this pandemic is not the end of the world, except perhaps for the bloated portions of our economies, but it can still be deadly enough. Now is a good time to go full misanthrope and avoid as much of humanity as possible!

  • 10 mln N. Koreans in urgent need of food assistance: U.N. report

    Compassion means rewarding good behavior, in my view. That includes assuming that many are innocent until demonstrated otherwise. However, it also includes allowing the delusional to fail so that there are fewer delusional in the future. If North Korea is starving, the last thing we want to do is to send them food aid; we want their system to crash and be replaced, much as (if we are honest) we want the same for liberal democratic market socialism here in the West. Illusions need “Berlin 1945 moments” so that we can bury them and move on.

  • 58% of Koreans oppose ‘anti-disaster basic income,’ poll shows

    Nearly 60% of South Koreans oppose socialist-style stimulus packages for those suffering from the financial disaster in the wake of coronAIDS. While this is going to be an economic disaster, sort of like the Great Depression, brought on by herd panic and the overly heavy burden of government on our economies, many want nothing to do with socialism, for good reason. Even temporary socialist benefits never go away, and then one finds that the nation is locked in on the path to full-blown socialism.

  • Royal Navy allows members of white nationalist group to remain in service

    Apparently someone realized that Generation Identity is a legitimate political viewpoint and unlikely to cause harm to anyone. As I have argued for the last twenty-five years or so, nationalism is more important than racism because we do not care who the Other are, only that our societies can only be comprised of Us.

  • Colorado will replace Columbus Day with Cabrini Day, the first paid state holiday recognizing a woman in the US

    The massive Leftist cultural revolution continues, gradually erasing any connection to any history but that of Leftism. Can we admit that Leftism is the real pandemic yet?

  • Amazon seeks to hire 100,000 to keep up with surge in orders

    We see modern society in its final form: people sitting at home, entering data on computers, ordering everything from Amazon. They pay taxes into a de facto socialist system which keeps a huge underclass afloat with welfare, benefits, and affirmative action a.k.a. jobs from which they cannot be fired. Soon there will be only a handful of huge corporations ruling over us as we all live in total isolation, thanks to democracy and its quest for a subsidy for everyone in order to keep those votes rolling in.

  • Worker at Japan care home sentenced to hang for mass killing

    Uematsu, 30, told medical staff and officials that he was influenced by the ideas of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, whose killings of disabled people were seen as intended to improve the perceived master race.

    He was killing retarded people.

  • Federal Reserve cuts rates to zero and launches massive $700 billion quantitative easing program

    “Those people” who always talked about the gold standard never made sense until it became clear that our currency fluctuates with public opinion, where precious metals vary less because of their rarity. When the value of our money is based on public opinion, we are enslaved to a cycle of boom and bust as speculation tears the heart out of everything. A few will win big, but everyone else will see themselves left with only a paycheck.

  • New Minecraft library is clever loophole and safe haven for censored journalism

    Just like in Second Life years ago, people have begun repurposing Minecraft as a network-within-a-network, including through this latest initiative which hosts banned books and ideas. Perhaps they should add Mein Kampf.

  • Why Do We Wear Exhaustion as a Badge of Honour?

    In a society dedicated to equality for workers, only working too much proves that you are a Good CommunistCitizen. This society idealizes work by quantity because mobs do not recognize quality, therefore cannot appreciate that some people achieve more in an hour than most do in a week.

  • Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

    No one wants to confront this, but Generation X dropped out. The most promising minds of this generation are working in stable but powerless jobs, taking as much time off as they can, and investing as little as possible into a system they knew was doomed since before they hit their teen years. The Establishment promptly skipped over them to find Millennials, who were educated in Me Generation dogma and are the new True Believers.

  • A single psilocybin dose is associated with long-term increased mindfulness, preceded by a proportional change in neocortical 5-HT2A receptor binding

    Quite a few people wanted to experience “ego-death” through psychedelics, but most found only ego enhancement as their inner thoughts and visions seemed to play out as a hallucinatory reality. Some found the stillness, and a large number of them favored psilocybin. Most likely, what you found depended on who you were and what you were seeking, which also depended on who you were.

  • Former West Virginia University professor admits to fraud

    During the Obama years, working for China carried little risk of discovery and prosecution. Now it seems that has changed. We will find out in the future that most of what Trump has done has occurred informally behind the scenes, while he created a picture show of chaos and drama to keep the groundlings distracted.

  • German vaccine company CureVac says no offers from Trump to buy exclusive vaccine access

    Fake news gets busted again. Headlines were telling us all about how Trump wanted to buy exclusive access to a coronAIDS vaccine from Germany, but it seems to have been a rumor too tasty for the overpaid life failures in journalism to ignore.

  • 3 Men Sentenced to 125 Years Each in Drowning of Syrian Refugee Boy

    Speaking of fake news, it turns out that the drowned immigrant boy who was used to cuck the middle classes into demanding open immigration was not a victim of harsh immigration policy at all, but a lack of it. When you open the doors to some, many try to play the game of chance to get in, which creates a legal grey zone in which bad things happen on a regular basis. End diversity and this is not a problem.

  • How the net closed on Oxford’s grooming gang

    Rape — including pedophilia — is a weapon of war. Diversity means war between all ethnic groups for control of the host society. The only way out is to end diversity.

  • An Update to The 1619 Project

    Tass surrogate The New York Times finds itself forced to admit that it created a forgery of history in order to peddle its ideology:

    The passage in question states that one primary reason the colonists fought the American Revolution was to protect the institution of slavery. This assertion has elicited criticism from some historians and support from others.

    Egalitarian societies like to reframe every historical event as class conflict, even though class conflict ends empires, and never creates them. For the Left, diversity represents another front in the class warfare struggle and the drive for a Utopian society of equal workers.

  • Ottawa set to declare plastics as toxic substance

    Responding to the wave of pollution which threatens health and nature alike, governments are starting to view plastics as toxic substances, which allows these chemicals to be heavily regulated. This gives government a backdoor into demanding things like mandatory recycling or cremation of plastics, and the ability to block their inclusion unnecessarily in many products.

  • Revealed: the great European refugee scandal

    Democracy works through symbols like “free” and “equal.” Once the symbol has been spoken, and later enshrined in policy, that policy cannot be revoked without the revokers appearing to be antagonists of the symbol to which the policy refers. In other words, ideological reality takes over from regular reality. Consequently, Europe cannot back down from its open immigration policies, and instead tries to tighten the doorway by cutting the quality of services and increasing the cost to those coming there. We will not get anywhere until we slay the symbol of equality, bringing down with it diversity, feminism, socialism, and a host of other causes of social ills.

  • Littleton school uses heart monitors to help students manage emotions

    Given enough time, democracy goes full snowflake as we focus on symbolic problems instead of actual ones. The real cause of anxiety underneath everything is the instability of a system based on government and equality.

  • $9.4 billion plastics facility to be built on slave burial grounds, report says

    A new shakedown begins. As different groups vie for control in diverse democracy, each will attempt to take as much as it can from anyone more powerful than it.

  • Brazil’s gangs emerge as major cocaine exporters, flooding Europe with white powder

    El Chapo told us the truth: the drug industry will prosper until Americans stop taking so many drugs. Letting them grow their own weed, but not sell or give it to others, would take us much closer to a situation where the cartels of various sorts die a quick death.

  • White supremacy still plagues New Zealand, PM Jacinda Ardern says

    Horse-faced zombie preaches nonsense in order to obscure the truth, which is that the entire world is emulating the Western European system, and therefore, we exist in a condition of “white supremacy” by proven supremacy of method. Even more, white people — ethnic Western Europeans — are realizing that we are targets for everyone else. In every human group, some rise above the rest, and then the rest attempt to tear them down. This presents a binary of civilization: either the best oppress the rest, or the rest oppress the best (resulting in mass incompetence like we see out there, including prole idiot leaders like Jacinda Ardern).

  • Gender equality: Most people are biased against women, UN says

    Equality is always nonsense. Even if some idiot is raving about “equality of opportunity” he is still ranting about equality, which makes him an insane idiot, since “meritocracy” translates into making everyone waste time jumping through hoops because we cannot simply admit that some are born to higher roles than the rest. Half of the world perceives that men (generally) make better leaders, and up to ninety percent think that some roles should be reserved for men who will (generally) do them better. Much of the panic in this article comes from wording questions poorly, since really what people are saying is that men and women have complementary roles. We need both, but not competing for the same things.

  • Man faces 4 years in assault of man wearing hat with ‘Make America Great Again’ in Russian

    More insanity from the raving Left as a random zombie attacks guy for wearing MAGA hat with Russian text, probably an anti-Trump statement. We will not have peace or a future until physical removal happens. Boats to Venezuela!

  • Private Japanese university flunks all S. Korean applicants in entrance exam

    People do not want diversity. Since we cannot yet say that in public without causing a ruckus, individuals are doing their best to gently discourage the Other from coming to their homelands. This still causes a ruckus, but Leftists have short attention spans so it dies down quickly enough.

  • Polish MP says pogroms were good for Jews, assisted natural selection

    No one wants to face the ugly fact that what this man says is true. The Holocaust allowed the wealthy and intelligent to get out early, and punished the impoverished and oblivious among the Jews, refining their population into a generally upper middle class group. If you want further reasons why genocide is ridiculous, consider this: instead of relocating Jews in Israel, Hitler made them enemies which he would have to fight among the ranks of his opposition.

  • Greece blocks 35,000 migrants, plans to deport arrivals after March 1

    Slowly the senescent democracies of Europe have seen that immigration, whether intended badly or not, will destroy them; they will have to make it fail so that others stop coming and then, in response to that, people already there begin to leave. This parallels what is happening in North America where tightened immigration standards mean that people have a far lower chance of being accepted, causing fewer to apply.

  • Met police concedes forcing woman to remove hijab at airport was wrong

    Leftist courts say that Muslim women were unfairly targeted. How many other groups do you see who routinely wear coverings that make them impossible to identify? More fake news, this time from the courts.

  • Marine pollution: Russian fly spray and 1800s shoes among beach litter

    Our garbage a century ago consisted of stuff that broke down cleanly like glass, wood, leather, and unfinished metals. Now we have plastic-coated metals, plastic objects, and petrochemical fabrics. This stuff will be around for a long time, and it will not break down cleanly, but fragment into smaller particles and eventually degrade into chemicals not normally found in nature. We will all pay for the thoughtlessness of the past centuries of democracy, but as realization of this failure spreads, we approach the “Berlin 1945 moment” for both democracy and market socialism, or the free market driven entitlements state. That free-money-from-government enables our lower classes to purchase lots of disposable junk and throw it around, where if they were left to their own devices only, they would have less and be encouraged to buy reusables.

  • Toronto van attack: ‘Incel’ man admits attack that killed 10 people

    They will not admit it in the news, but the breakdown of the family caused incels. Coming from unstable homes, either broken or made unbalanced by the threat of possible divorce, these lost boys see that their choices for mates generally consist of formerly-promiscuous women who now want to “settle down” before divorcing a man and living off of his income for the rest of their lives. This makes them suicidal and enraged, leading to a microculture based on wanting preemptive retaliation.

  • Anti-Pornhub petition gains steam, accuses adult video giant of facilitating sex trafficking

    It would be difficult to claim that they are wrong in opposing pornography. Information which exists solely to titillate serves no purpose of communication, only an indulgence in self-stimulus, and this makes people even more withdrawn and socially inept. If you want your children to be happy in life, it is essential to keep them away from bad lifestyle invitations like pornography, hard drugs, promiscuity, and other libertine facets of the Leftist ideal.

  • Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods executed for 2004 police murders

    Man who lured police officer into an ambush that caused the death of that officer now claims that execution would be a travesty. Hollywood stars get involved as do civil rights leaders, but local authorities remain unmoved, probably pointing out that accessories to murder are guilty just as much as the triggerman.

  • No Cell Signal, No Wi-Fi, No Problem. Growing Up Inside America’s ‘Quiet Zone’

    People who disconnect from the constant flood of neurosis and trends find that their mental state improves. We have a global communications network, but we have found that — contra democracy — the “wisdom of crowds” turns out to be babbling insanity for the most part.

  • People kept working, became healthier while on basic income: report

    More fake news, since the basic income did not amount to a livable salary. Naturally, you get wonderful reports when you ask people about how well their free money did and they want more free money. Even more, by giving the experiment only a short time, you can ignore all of its other effects if broadly rolled out. Even the Left felt this one was dodgy because we have not seen it plastered everywhere.

  • Tulsi Now, Inc. v. Google, LLC

    Gabbard sued Google on a First Amendment claim which was promptly rejected because Google is not an arm of government. She needs to sue instead on a discrimination claim, or by using the difficult argument that being excluded from a public conversation constitutes compelled speech because it implies agreement with what is going on. Further, she can argue that since government regulation of the internet exists, government has set up an environment that denies speech over common carriers, and sue the government on that basis. These suits are just warming up and we will see more of them; eventually, someone will construct a winning argument and portions of American law will have to change.

  • Troubled Waters

    As humanity grows, the free water provided by millions of acres of land draining into the Edwards Aquifer dries up. No one wants to fund this since, in the eyes of voters, there is no tangible threat. It seems like a distant risk that requires lots of hard thinking. As a result, the city of San Antonio has gotten away with stealing funds earmarked for water protection and spending them them on public transit used almost entirely by minorities.

  • China denounces US cap on reporter numbers as prejudicial

    China throws out American journalists for reporting on the Wuhan debacle, so the Trump Administration moves to cut the number of Chinese journalists here. True to form in the diversity age, China alleges discrimination. No one seems to care since Chinese censorship has become so legendary that the idea of them complaining about someone doing the same to them rings hollow, although during the Obama years this would have been mutely tolerated.

  • U.N. says Greece has no right to stop accepting asylum requests

    The UN, which seems to be a third world lobby, demands that Greece not reject asylum seekers because they might be “vulnerable.” In egalitarian societies, if you have more than others, you cannot say “no” to them because the real agenda is class war, or erasing the successful so that the rest can feel happy in their unsuccessful state. Europe finds itself gearing up for a large legal conflict over the right of societies to police their own populations, including determining who to include and who to exclude. In other news, the EU and UN are both headed for massive loss of faith in the West and eventual obsolescence.

  • China-made phones, tablets tainted by coerced Uighur labor

    China has one thing to offer the world: low-cost labor that is more accurate than that in other third world nations. As costs rise, China finds itself looking for ways to reduce costs, and settles on slave labor instead of cutting taxes and therefore, slashing living costs. The Paper Tiger economy heads for even greater troubles because it will never restore its advantage this way, and people are tiring of the low quality of Chinese-made goods.

  • ‘Wash Ur Hands’: Houston’s famous ‘Be Someone’ sign painted over as coronavirus concerns grow

    At least we get some quality comedy out of the coronavirus. One wonders how well America’s most corrupt city will fare when it has to handle a real emergency, instead of simply finding ways to hire more minorities at the expense of its failing services and increasing (and increasingly hidden) debt.

  • Astronomers find an exoplanet using a new approach

    Our scientists now have new methods of locating nearby worlds that we could colonize, if we were not busy fighting over redistributing income. Instead, we will end up on a barren planet populated by twenty billion people with average IQ in the eighties. At that point, humanity can do nothing but wait for the asteroid which will put it out of its misery.

  • Former University of La Verne student denies sending threats

    Another day, another fake hate crime that was used to extract money from the people who actually pay taxes.

  • Hit by power shortages, South Africa’s economy in recession

    When South Africa abandoned apartheid, which was an attempt to make diversity work instead of outright ending it, critics said that soon it would end up an impoverished kleptocracy like most other post-colonial third world nations. That turns out to be true as an inability to keep a functional power grid despite tens of millions in costs renders South Africa mostly useless for business. Diversity kills societies.

  • Woman wins payout for stymied career in landmark divorce case

    Court awards a woman money for the career she could have had, if she had not been raising children. One wonders if they are stupid, insane, or both; this decision means that women have even further financial incentive for divorce, since they only need to claim that they lost wages by having children instead of demonstrating actual need. As it turns out, the old sages were correct, and allowing divorce means that men and women no longer trust each other, resulting in fractured, unstable, hostile, and alienating families that eventually dissipate.

  • U.S. Supreme Court gives states latitude to prosecute illegal immigrants

    The liberal justices did not agree, but the court found that illegal immigrants using stolen social security numbers can be sued by American states. The Left fears that this means that states will begin enforcing immigration law on their own, but the Right points out that otherwise, we have essentially legalized identity theft.

  • Golden Dawn: the rise and fall of Greece’s neo-Nazis

    Some of us have been saying for a long time that the solution to our political woes consists not of fragmenting into increasingly marginalized parties, but re-taking the Right and removing the Buckley-era prohibition on discussing demographic replacement, which Buckley wanted because as an Irish-descended person, he opposed the Anglo majority. Neo-Nazis have no plan beyond addressing race, and would preserve the worst of modern society. Conservatism would liberate us from civil rights, government, equality, feminism, unions, and other neurotic nonsense by removing the legal protections that those insane ideas enjoy.

  • Judge orders Hillary Clinton deposition in email flap

    No doubt alcoholic death grandma will find ways to claim that she was unaware of what was going on, but the increased scrutiny could explain why she is not a candidate in the upcoming election. Trump did not need to jail her; he destroyed her reputation at the same time he savaged her political hopes. At this point, even without a conviction, Hillary Clinton remains under a cloud of suspicion too big to entirely explain away. Trump learned from the Bill Clinton impeachment by realizing that he would not likely get a clean legal shot at people who operate by obscuring every action that they take, but that he could wreck them enough in the court of public opinion to reduce their brand and its power. Consequently, Obama took over public leadership of the Left.

  • Putin proposes enshrining God, heterosexual marriage in constitution

    Having learned from the Left, Putin realizes that the best change is transformative, meaning that it is not easily undone. Modifying the constitution creates a higher barrier to removal than a normal law provides, and this means that the Left has to come up with a massively compelling case to do so, which generally does not occur when the constitution as amendmended provides a stable social order for those living under it. He also pulled a page from the Book of Trump, realizing that the short attention span of the Left would expire on issues like gay marriage.

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