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  • Amazon ecosystem could collapse in less than 50 years

    Collapse happens in thresholds and plateaus like anything else, but this means that the drop from each plateau can be precipitous. When a certain amount of complexity is lost — number of animals, species in their niches, renewal of nutrients — a forest will crash and quickly become trees among grass with few other creatures present. Over time, these trees lose biodiversity as well and eventually die off, leaving weed-choked fields. Humans tend to assume that forests are like running water, entirely fungible, so if we divide them up and use most of them, the remaining parts will keep on being forest. After all, in our view, that is one of their attributes and material things have fixed properties of that nature. It turns out however that self-renewing systems like forests, ecosystems, economies, civilizations, and even the human mind need a certain amount of complexity — reuse of similar patterns in different places in such a way that constant internal exchange institutes efficiency — below which they suddenly collapse, leaving sad human face emojis and confused expressions.

  • U.S. House leaders reach deal to extend surveillance program

    Many of our laws and programs cannot be removed. If our government ceases spying on us, diversity terrorism will quickly tear apart the fragile fabric of our society. In other words, no politician will oppose this spying program because the next terror attack will be blamed on him or her. Sort of like how we can never repeal entitlements because people will start complaining about how benefits have been “taken” from them, despite those benefits being funded by taking from others. After enough time, democracy encrusts itself in precedent and becomes unable to change course.

  • Police shooting leads to tension, protests in N. Carolina

    Another police shooting of a minority person ends in riots and vandalism. This time, however, the mood is different; conciliatory gestures are few, and tolerance is lower. People are tired of the endless diversity shakedown.

  • Coronavirus May Light Fuse on ‘Unexploded Bomb’ of Corporate Debt

    As pointed out here before.

  • New York Gov. Cuomo deploys National Guard to New Rochelle, establishes containment center to stem coronavirus

    Anomalous cluster outbreak occurs in New Rochelle, one of three areas in the US that are seeing large numbers of cases. Let us consult the ethnic demographic breakdown of New Rochelle:

    Diversity means that society becomes a no-mans-land and people do not care about their neighbors of any race or ethnicity. Not surprisingly, this makes for a disaster when an epidemic hits.

  • South by Southwest Hit Hard by Coronavirus Cancellation

    Cultural blight SXSW had no pandemic insurance, so might go bankrupt. Austin exists on the dime of Texas taxpayers, who fund its main industries in government and education, in addition to the constant flow of parent money through its students. It also serves as a party zone for alcoholics who like bad loud music, and has a budding tech industry which makes gadget and software fascinators for a new generation of slack-jawed basement narcissists. In fact, if we could just abolish Austin, that would be great.

  • Lawyer representing parents of woman who tested positive for coronavirus says officials did not tell them to quarantine

    Highly diverse city has trouble getting its health authorities organized and acting effectively. Headlines simply blamed the family, despite the obvious smoking gun:

    The mother of the woman received a call from health officials, and by the end of the call, around 7:23 p.m., the mother received confirmation the woman was “presumptive positive,” for coronavirus Bruntrager said.

    The mother got a hold of the father and sister, who were at the dance, and they immediately came home.

    This coronavirus seems to kill off the elderly, those with heart disease or other pre-existing conditions, and the impoverished. Wealthier people tend be higher IQ which correlates with better health, which means that nature (or Beijing, or Langley) may have designed a perfect weapon to shave off the excess humanity. Let us hope that it does not mutate further.

  • Unexpected discovery: Blue-green algae produce oil

    This one could be a game-changer. Plants that do not require arable land and convert sunlight into fossil fuels could provide an abundant source of energy. In addition, this makes us wonder whether fossil fuels were the results of millennia of cyanobacteria contributions instead of decomposing dinosaurs as previously surmised.

  • NHS Grampian figures point to ‘waiting times crisis’ on the region

    Socialized medicine seems great until you consider the laws of supply and demand. Whatever is in abundant supply (free) increases demand, and that means that socialized medicine systems will always increase in cost over time. To disguise this, bureaucrats cut certain funds in order to delay them so that they are not actually free but have a high time cost, and this drives those who can afford it to go get themselves private insurance. That allows the politicians to claim victory despite a bad healthcare system.

  • Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a ‘shock wave’

    For the past couple centuries, the Left has successfully waged war through the courts by interpreting the Constitution broadly as meaning individual liberty at the expense of social order. With the Fourteenth Amendment, they got their greatest victory and tool for opening up all layers of social hierarchy to proles and foreigners. As Trump appoints originalists, who are not conservative ideologues but tend to want to preserve the system instead of remake it for ideological perspectives, they weapon of the Left finds itself blunted, and new opportunities arise to start walking back many of the Leftist “reforms” of the past few years.

  • Up to 70 percent of Germans may get the coronavirus, Angela Merkel says

    Leftists love panic. In a pan(dem)ic, people just give Leftists whatever they demand out of fear. Panics, like propaganda, short-circuit the human mind and make it favor fast, easy solutions over long-term quality; for the Left, which presupposes that quantity of humans is more important than quality (say, for example, noble aristocrats) whatever reduces social standards is best. Merkel and other Leftists want to have the coronavirus take down the world economies so that government becomes more necessary and the status quo of liberal democratic market socialism can re-assert itself.

  • Blasian love in South Africa: “Will my Asian family accept my black boyfriend?”

    You can force your family to do anything. Over time however, you find out that you have produced a family line without a clear heritage, and this makes you alien to all. Diversity does not work, least of all within families.

  • Confession played in court: Accused killer Kori Muhammad says he wanted to kill white men

    Diversity means constant internal conflict as each ethnic group fights to beat the majority and then competing minorities so that it can be on top. Until it is on top, its position is in danger because its members can be attacked. The solution is to end diversity.

  • The evolutionary history of Neandertal and Denisovan Y chromosomes

    It turns out that Asians and Caucasians are more different than people thought. Evolution branched for a reason; we just deny this because it is easy for us to consider all hominoids equal so they can be manipulated en masse.

  • Change Gun Laws in Europe to Let Jews Carry Arms, Says Leading Rabbi

    Might as well let everyone be armed, then. You will have fewer immigrants when they live in fear of standards being enforced. However, it remains a mystery as to why, decades after the founding of Israel, Jews choose to live anywhere else. The diaspora was a nightmare and it repeatedly ends badly for them; the path of wisdom is to set up a strong state in Israel and exclude all others from it.

  • Woman arrested for carving “white pride” into sidewalk at JC business

    This woman is not white. Shakedown, shakedown.

  • Russia trying to “incite violence by white supremacist groups” in US ahead of 2020 election: report

    The Left has set up its new talking point: white superman terrorism is more prevalent than Islamic terrorism, and it is supported by the bad guys, Russia. Therefore, everyone who is not anti-white is a foreign terrorist and we should censor them. Relentless neurosis, perhaps, but effective. In the short term people respond most to fear.

  • ‘McCarthyism in the UK’: academics fear shaming for leftwing views

    As usual, the professional victims style themselves as innocent underdogs instead of those who adopt the most popular view among humans, which is that everyone should share in everything instead of rewarding the good. Quantity over quality, in other words. They like to pretend that conservatives are the thoughtless mob of the majority, when really “anarchy with grocery stores” is the root of the mob, based in an individualism and hubris which rejects the need for Darwinistic adaptation to our environment because we can conceal our failings with technology, group illusion, and wealth. This leads us to the current state, where after a century of rampant censorship of everything opposed to them, the Left complains when the Right wins one election and surmises, with no factual basis, that the Right will promptly censor the Left into oblivion. After all, that is what Leftists would do if the roles were reversed.

  • Minister concerned by rising mental illness cases

    Modern society brings mental illness. When all you must do is follow instructions, many who in nature would be revealed to be sociopathic, insane, neurotic, schizoid, or otherwise broken are allowed to walk among us, and often succeed because their weakness makes them “approachable” and people can “identify” with them.

  • Russia Trying to Stoke U.S. Racial Tensions Before Election, Officials Say

    Not hard to do, since America has always been racially divided, and the civil rights trend has failed because the results of more civil rights and racial reconciliation seems to be more racial unrest. No group is happy unless it is in control; you cannot make diversity work, no matter what you do.

  • A common artificial sweetener might be making you fatter and sicker, a new study says

    When dealing with demotism — the reign of popularity, exhibited in democracy, consumerism, and social trends — the best product tends to be the one that does not solve a problem but works as a good symbol for solving the problem. If your kids are miserable and adulthood is terrible so they are shooting up their schools, ban guns; if everyone is bored and miserable and on drugs as a result, ban drugs. Always address the symptom and symbol, not the underlying cause and reason why. Artificial sweeteners, like self-help books and gym memberships, make people feel better about having taken symbolic action against a problem. If they make you fatter and sicker, time to buy even more of them. After all, decomposition ensures total weight loss.

  • ‘Shocking and horrifying’; 5 children shot, one dead, outside dance party in suburban Baltimore

    We have to (officially) call it “gun violence” not “diversity violence.” In reality, sticking different ethnic groups into a situation where they must adapt to foreign ways and defend turf against foreign groups ensures high violence and crime. Since all groups do it, it does not make sense to blame any group, but to point the finger (and that is not a pointer finger) at diversity itself.

  • UK’s lost sea meadows to be resurrected in climate fight

    Forests occur undersea as well but have been savaged by human development. Some sane people are replanting. This will help restore ocean health.

  • Dutch monarch offers apology for past ‘excessive violence’

    Never apologize. During colonization, excessive violence occurred because of resistance by the locals. Some of this was entirely understandable; in other cases, it was simply dysfunction. The real problem with colonization was that it created a form of diversity, and this in turn destabilized the West, which was expanding outward as Europe became torn apart from within by individualism. People needed places to go to escape the insanity. Now there is nowhere left to go; do we fix ourselves, finally?

  • Marco Rubio warns of risk posed by China nearly controlling antibiotics market

    Production of many sorts left US shores because of the high costs of unions, taxes, and regulations. We can fix all of those, but until we do, most of these industries will not come back unless they can fully automate.

  • Man sent anti-Muslim tweets to a political candidate who then helped pay his medical debt

    Your daily political propaganda is here to remind you that most of these stories are entirely fabricated. Either someone wants to get out of hate crime charges, or he was always a Leftist, and went into this aiming to instigate and then apologize to create a “teachable moment.”

  • Mormon Church delivers stinging rebuke to BYU students with letter stating homosexual behavior is ‘not compatible’ with its principles

    Religions exist to emphasize the soul over the body. Body-centric activities, which hope to fill the soul with physical sensations, run contrary to everything that religion stands for. Homosexuality is just one area where this applies. As someone who believes in the hedonic imperative, or that life should be pleasurable, I recognize that this begins in the mind and soul, because without taking life on its own terms and appreciating its wisdom and beauty through the process known as transcendence, one cannot truly enjoy anything.

  • UK more nostalgic for empire than other ex-colonial powers

    Were colonies better off under UK rule? Generally, yes, but that does not change the need of each group and place to command its own future. People living in the Western hugbox, where the big struggles are having enough money in the retirement account or what to eat for lunch, have no idea that most of humanity is screwing up most of the time and that this has never changed. Periodic population bottlenecks, like ice ages, cleared out most of the weak.

  • Trump is the ‘master of body language’

    Trump presents the plain-speaking side of America, down even to gesturing simply and directly more like ordinary people. The politicians, who pay more attention to appearance than end results, in contrast do the opposite.

  • Former Acting Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Indicted on Theft of Government Property and Scheme to Defraud the United States Government

    More indictments of Obama-era corrupt appointees continue rolling in. We are going to find out that much of our government and wealth was simply stolen from us as a means to subsidize the Leftist establishment and its minority pets, although little of that wealth trickled down to the average minority person.

  • How Productivity Apps Can Make Us Less Productive (And Less Happy)

    People have confused quantity with quality in jobs as well. Instead of doing what is necessary to achieve a result, they engage in lots of office-type behavior, staying busy doing activities of no necessity or particular effect. Gotta file those TPS reports, one supposes.

  • A 44% Democratic turnout increase in Harris County fueled Biden’s victory in Texas

    While people on the Right dither in their support of Trump because he cannot overcome an intricate system of checks and balances to do exactly what they want, the Left marches ahead with strong interest in opposing him at any cost. This next election will be close unless the Right realizes that Trump is better than all of their other options.

  • Ex-Nazi camp guard living in Tennessee to be deported to Germany, judge rules

    We must keep the Nazis in the headlines in order to scare the voters into supporting our failing civil rights regime.

  • Arizona man described as white supremacist drapes Nazi flag at Sanders rally

    The Right always suffers from extremists who value symbol over real-world effects. While the basement Nazis of the world are HitLARPing on Gab and demanding racial extremism, the Left plans to take advantage of this divide in the Right and take over. That will be the final election before demographic displacement makes us permanently Leftist. HitLARPers will shrug, say “I told you so,” and continue doing absolutely nothing of consequence.

  • ‘Simple greed’: Ex-UAW leader Jones charged with corruption

    Unions have always been linked to organized crime because unions are criminal establishments based on collective reward instead of benefiting the good and not the bad. Like equality and Leftism, the idea of a union consists of extracting wealth from the population in order to create a subsidy for the bad so that hierarchy cannot exist. This malignant individualism pleases most people, since they are not the productive winners but the participating mediocre.

  • Arweave’s permaweb stops coronavirus censorship, raises $8M

    The dominance of Google and social media made the internet into the opposite of a data resource; it became an engine for censoring data, since it was centralized around a few big sites who, if they agreed on what should be removed or pushed aside, could control what most people saw. This mirrors what happened with television. Big interests want to keep out competing voices, even though this monopoly eventually dooms them.

  • Trees on commercial UK plantations ‘not helping climate crisis’

    Commercial plantations exist to farm trees, not keep forests intact. We need to restore half of the land to nature and let it manage itself. We had far fewer environmental problems when we had fewer humans and used less land.

  • From sacred to secular: Canada set to lose 9,000 churches, warns national heritage group

    Not many people go to church anymore. When the church repeats secular dogma like Leftism, people simply go to the source. The same is true of when conservatives try to be Leftist-friendly; people simply vote for the Leftist party instead. We need alternatives, not mass conformity.

  • South Yorkshire grooming gang guilty of raping girl

    More ethnic conflict in diversity Utopia.

  • More white people arrested over terrorism than any other ethnic group for second year in a row

    When you arrest white people for comments on Twitter, but ignore corresponding violent commentary from the Left and minorities, you end up with this result, which is designed to make the sheep voters think that the Regime is correct in its assessment that diversity is doing well and only only problem consists of those terrible people who oppose it.

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