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  • John Cusack apologizes for retweeting apparent anti-Semitic cartoon

    In my view, he got it wrong: the only group that we truly cannot criticize are the equal voters. Democracy empowers human intentions over reality; that is its purpose, to insulate us from the consequences of our actions by externalizing costs to society as a whole, like those of all egalitarian systems. The result is that the individual comes first before social, natural, divine, and logical order, and not surprisingly, results are bad. Humanity has been struggling since its inception to become sane, and instead of tackling that, we opted to disguise our insanity as altruism, and now we are reaping the whirlwind of our clever but stupid deception.

  • Eindhoven University opens academic jobs to women only

    Most likely, some many did this in order to get headlines and praise for being “woke,” and thus to advance his career in the little Leftist hugbox that is academia. All it means is that they will hire more women for being women, which means that they are not hiring them for being competent, which means that many of them will be useless but will stay on the payroll while duplicates are hired to do the real work, which means that students will pay more for a lesser quality of education. This man successfully passed on the costs of his career boost to society and in doing so, has won; he both smashed down his competition and raised himself up at their expense. If you allow idiotic concepts like “equality” to rule your society, expect that this will be the norm.

  • Judge says MLGW must pay fired worker with pro-Confederate views

    Here is the vital data:

    Goza was fired because of his race, the judge said, citing another case in which an African-American MLGW employee who advocated killing Asian-Americans was suspended for three days.

    In other words, it was fine to give him the same penalty as a worker of any other race would receive, but it was racial discrimination to go beyond that. This means that if a white guy gets fired, he needs only to find a case where a minority person did something vaguely similar and was not fired, and he can sue and receive lots of tasty back pay. If he gets another job in the interim, that means nearly double pay. Time to roll out those lawsuits, white guys. Remember that the real power of a lawsuit is not the payout but the cost for institutions to defend against them; if enough of them roll in, they will be afraid to fire white guys and we can start living off the system, John Galt style, like everyone else in clown world anno 2019 AYPS.

  • Facebook ‘mysteriously locks out Hungarian users’

    Big Tech is tired of limitations on who it can censor. They point out in this article why social media is going to end up becoming a utility:

    “I have stored a lot of important data on Facebook,” [one user] said, “family pictures, documents, managed pages.”

    “So many pictures and memories got vanished.”

    [Another user] said the problem has affected his work as a social media manager, having been locked out of both Facebook and Instagram since Monday evening.

    If you make something the meeting place that replaces the town square, since diversity trashed that, you have an obligation to avoid removing people for their words and opinions. Social media did not clue in to that fact, and instead of doing what all of us old internet guys suggested — increase the user filters so that people do not see what they do not want to see — they went on a binge of removing conservatives as part of their “futuristic mindset” social engineering plan to make a perfect society.

  • Trump campaign manager: Polling is dead

    Diversity kills unity:

    “There are so many ways and different people who show up and vote now. The way turnout works now,” he said. “The abilities we have now to turn out voters. The polling can’t understand that. And that’s why the polling was so wrong in 2016. It was 100% wrong. Nobody got it right — not one public poll. The reason why — it’s not 1962 anymore.”

    In 1962, we had a WASP society that tolerated the mixed-whites (Southern/Irish and Eastern Europeans) and foreigners (Gypsies, Jews, Chinese railroad workers, Mexicans, Africans, Amerinds). Now, we have nothing like a society; we have a hotel country:

    Sometimes, people say Canada has no personality, no identity. It is merely a hotel country – a comfortable place to live, nothing more.

  • Bodies in Seats

    The people enforcing censorship on social media are kind of messed up themselves:

    According to the complaint, the men regularly discussed anal sex in the office. When the women were not receptive to the discussion, one of the men said he “was going to start a YouTube channel and record himself shooting up the place,” according to the complaint.

  • Ministers urged to repeal law that makes rough sleeping illegal following rise in arrests

    The Leftist approach to every problem is to accept it and to externalize the cost to society, which means to the productive people. Homeless people are mostly insane and on drugs/alcohol. This is sad, but it is not our problem. Focus on the productive instead of weeping over the unproductive and lost. This helps both groups. The productive rise to greater heights instead of wasting most of their income on the unproductive, and the unproductive receive clear signaling about what they must do in order to be accepted, instead of experiencing “inclusion” which basically encourages their self-destructive behavior. Most cannot be saved and belong in institutions or (ideally) exile, but some will get the message and transcend themselves, which when you think about it is the foundational life goal for all of us. Get over ourselves.

  • Israeli channel airs call to expel all Palestinians

    Good idea! Diversity does not work, and Palestinians as a 95 average IQ group will always do nothing but push brooms and lawnmowers for the 110+ average IQ Jewish group. As if to point out the sanity of this movie, Palestinians went Mandela on a seven-year-old Jewish child, making it easier for everyone to see that they belong elsewhere.

  • Women outperform men after Japan medical school stops rigging exam scores

    Ooo! Great equality victory! Or wait…

    Juntendo University in Tokyo said that of the 1,679 women who took its medical school entrance exam earlier this year, 139, or 8.28%, had passed. The pass rate among 2,202 male candidates was 7.72%.

    Not a huge difference, considering that they are getting the fanatics who are driven to make a point. In the meantime, most of the best doctors are men, in part because they have no need to quit mid-career to have families.

  • Low trust in vaccination ‘a global crisis’

    Worldwide 79% trust vaccines versus 59% in Western Europe. This tells us that our people no longer trust the combination of government, “experts,” and business. We realize that especially in socialized medicine systems, we are the product, and government or insurance setting prices means that prices go up and more money goes to business. This means that they have an incentive to operate, vaccinate, test, and conduct other unnecessary procedures in order to generate more income, so they do it. Two generations ago, most people never went to a doctor at all. We are becoming weaker and more craven thanks to these parasitic prole-rule governments and the systems they create.

    Next up on the distrust of the system scale, following Flat Earth and Anti-Vax, is opposition to 5G. For a principled take on this, consult John Dvorak.

  • Trump Accuses Europe of Bolstering Its Economy at America’s Expense

    The great secret of European socialist economies is that they do not work. Clever Eurocrats have faked their function by selling high-ticket items abroad while pushing back American exports and depending on American military strength. Now that these days are over, globalism is imploding, and we are seeing it for what it always was: a Leftist wealth transfer program.

  • UN: Nearly 71 million now displaced by war, violence at home

    Before the resource wars, we will have many migrants. After the resource wars, we will have many more. They all want to come here, and whether or not they are good and nice, they will replace us. We either put up a clear signal that this behavior is not wanted by refusing to accept them and deporting the ones that we have here, or everyone will flood in and destroy everything that we have, including our genetics and thus our future. 95% of humanity is starving and miserable because they make bad decisions; the best we can do is to make good decisions and rise above the rest so that they know what to emulate in order to succeed.

  • Jury takes 15 minutes to acquit high school teacher who had sex with student

    Momentary sanity intrudes on the female teachers having sex with male students front. This court recognized that the young male was a willing participant, and by extension, that there are different rules for boys than girls. We do not have to like the conduct of these people to recognize that older women frequently seek sex from young boys, just as homosexuals do, and that young boys are ready to move on from the stiff sock and go along with it. The best solution here is to do what was done in former times: fire the teacher for having loose morals. Not a court case.

  • Hundreds of Roma ‘forcibly removed’ from Russian village

    Diversity does not work. Physical removal is the only solution. If possible, this can be done through reparations-with-repatriation, which benefits all parties in the long term and ends a bad deal with a fair deal. Roma, who are ethnically similar to Pakistanis, or Arab Muslim plus European paternal line plus Oriental maternal line mixed with Andaman Islander “Dravidians,” belong somewhere in Pakistan, ethnographically-speaking. Nothing else really matters, since ethnographic fit determines where a population can thrive because it is on par with its neighbors.

  • Justice, China-style: The British businessman drugged, caged and forced into a televised confession

    The third world is still the third world, no matter how wealthy it becomes, just like proles are still proles even when they are billionaires. They are genetically wired to be how they are; anyone who was different got bred out long ago, which is how civilizations really die. All we can do is not follow their example and instead pursue what made us rise above, which was a belief in order (social, natural, logical, transcendental, divine) over individualism.

  • ITV bans all-male comedy writing teams

    Another affirmative action style “inclusivity” policy which will only create higher costs and lower outcomes. Who pays? The consumer, and civilization itself, which gets weaker each time we introduce one of these subsidies. But again, some man got his career made for being “woke” by making this decision, most likely.

  • Americans See ‘Better Food’ As Biggest Benefit Immigration Brings to the U.S., YouGov Poll Finds

    It’s The Stevens Rule in action:

    In any discussion of diversity, over time the probability of mention of restaurants becomes one.

    This was based on Godwin’s law:

    As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

    In other words, no one knows why we bleat-repeat “diversity is our strength,” so we mention the obvious winner at the pub. Everyone loves tacos. The big secret is that white people can make them as well as anyone else. You should try my fajitas.

  • Australian model convicted of assaulting flight attendant facing hefty jail term

    When she was cut off from drinking more, she yelled obscenities and racial slurs, slapped the flight attendant and had to be handcuffed by an air marshal and held at the rear of the plane.

    Right. I miss the old days when passengers would have simply slapped her silly and hog-tied her in a rear seat, then dumped her off on the curb upon landing. This legalistic society does nothing but enrich lawyers and destroy lives for relatively minor mistakes.

  • Younger generations are growing horns in the back of their head

    According to one research source, people are bent over gadgets so much that they are developed “horns” of extra bone growth on the back of their skulls. Time to log off and go outside, without the phone.

  • World’s population is projected to nearly stop growing by the end of the century

    The wishful thinking continues, based on projections that say that as infant mortality declines, people have fewer kids. In reality, many factors influence these choices or the lack thereof, and the biggest will be average IQ. Dumb people breed according to r-strategies, while smarter people have fewer kids and invest more social capital in them. High infant mortality also contributes to higher IQ. We are in a death spiral to Idiocracy worldwide.

  • Bonuses Drop, Signaling Tax-Cut Payouts Were a One-Time Windfall

    This is short term thinking. You cannot expect a tax cut to work magic if you follow it with economic uncertainty. The trade war is about to be won, which is why all the neurotics are whining about it, but once it is, you will see investment go back up. Once industry is autonomous and competitive again, the bonuses will go back up. The proles will wail because they have less cash in hand, forgetting that they are about to get greater stability and more salary in the future. In the meantime, our high taxes and high costs caused by Leftist tax-and-spend wealth transfer policies is the real cause of our genteel first world poverty, in which most people work all the time but never have enough money to get free until they are too old to enjoy it.

  • US air quality is slipping after years of improvement

    We keep adding people to the country, letting them drive old smoky cars, and now we are amazed that there are consequences for our actions. Typical for democracy: we vote, then things go wrong, then we blame someone else, but never the voters.

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