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  • US overdose deaths drop for first time in 20 years

    Imagine that. With a real leader back in charge offering the hope of some sanity over constant Leftist insanity, people are snapping back to reality.

  • Manmade ruin adds 7,000 species to endangered ‘Red List’

    Everywhere humans go, we build systems so that every human in the group is happy. This produces lots of useless people with no purpose in life, and they go about demanding distractions, so we build big ugly cities with lots of pointless activity. This makes mountains of trash, and removes tons of land from nature for farms, schools, roads, factories, hospitals, parking lots, brothels, shopping, restaurants, and government buildings. More people = less nature. The only way to stop this disaster is to get off the chain of constant growth, which is required because we exist in a Keynesian system where the value of our currency depends on having lots of people that we can dump taxes on so that they spend it on junk and drive the economy. Keynesianism = consumerism. If we get off of the growth cycle, we are going to see the sheer number of useless people drop down, and at that point, humanity can get back to sustainable living. Nothing else can do this. Until we do this, the animals and plants keep dying, and we keep dying inside, knowing that we — humans — have done this, committed the greatest of crimes, for no good reason at all.

  • German envoy ‘likes’ anti-Israel tweets, including on David Duke’s page

    Not surprising that a Leftist ambassador to the Palestinian areas would have anti-Zionists opinions. At some point, we have to admit that there is no global standard for right and wrong, and that diversity creates genocide no matter who is involved. Whether Germans and Jews, or Jews and Palestinians, or even Northern Irish and Irish, when you mix ethnic or religious groups, you get low-grade race war culminating in civilization collapse.

  • Trump – I disagree with Omar ‘send her back’ chants

    Trump benefits from having his base pushing him, not him pushing them. The bigger significance is that Americans and Europeans now feel the same way about foreigners among them: send them back. Diversity does not work, so we must end it because it is destroying us, and was never a good idea, but the Left insisted. Put them all on boats, pay them reparations, and send them home, then bill the Leftists for it.

  • As Kanopy’s Popularity Grows, Can Your Library Continue to Afford It?

    The original idea of placing content online meant that it would be inexpensive because the physical counterpart was not needed. However, it turns out that the real cost of content creation is much higher, so the online services are either going broke or making libraries go broke paying for their licensing fees. In this case, a library decided it had experienced enough:

    “Considering that only about 25,000 of our 2 million cardholders use Kanopy, we decided that our limited funding is better utilized purchasing other materials, including books and e-books,” wrote a NYPL spokesperson who represented the Manhattan, Staten Island and Bronx branches. “Simply put, over the long run this is not a sustainable model for public libraries.”

    As with all things online, a small and unrepresentative audience that is always active uses most of the services, excluding the normal people. This parallels our welfare state, where relatively few who are always poor and never doing anything to get out of poverty consume vast amounts of resources which are taken from the rest of society. This kills the society.

  • London mayor condemns Trump’s ‘blatant unashamed racism’

    Yet another third world person who has come to the West for the opportunity it affords that his country does not but wants to tell us how to run our countries like his own country. We see now the high cost of assuming that poverty was a condition imposed on people, and not the result of their choices. People are not equal. Those who are impoverished make bad decisions, and allowing them to dictate to us simply means that we, too, will become impoverished and unstable like them and their home countries. Send them back!

  • Customer finds noose hanging at Home Depot in Wilmington

    Another shakedown. Whether she sent a friend in ahead of her to tie up a noose, or tied it herself, this customer sees big bucks coming from Home Depot. Not surprisingly, if she wins this lawsuit-in-waiting, all of us will pay more at the register. Home Depot will raise its prices to cover the pointless millions in losses and legal fees, and then Loewes will do the same because the market price is higher now. Then someone will find a noose at Loewes, and the cycle will begin again. In the end, you the normal working consumer lose, which is the norm. With diversity, you lose.

  • Illinois gas station worker suspended after telling Latino customers ‘ICE will come’

    One of the women responds “yes” and repeatedly asks, “What is your problem?” The attendant responds: “Don’t you know the rules? They need to go back to their country. It’s illegal.”

    When one of the women says, “I hate you,” he replies, “ICE will come,” apparently a reference to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Members of protected minority groups have mastered the passive-aggressive approach. They act as if the rules do not apply to them, and when called out on it, pretend that “racism” is to blame, and then try to provoke the natives into saying something unwise. When they do, it is free money all around from the jury award or government bucket. These people do not care about the future health of your country; they just want the free stuff provided by your moronic Leftist laws. There can be only one solution: S.T.B.

  • ‘Landscape of fear’: Human presence alone has lethal effect on large predators, study finds

    They heard what happened to Harambe. When humans are around, animals cannot do their normal animal stuff like prowling, hunting, fighting, and mating. They die out. Then more humans come. We really are lemmings, overpopulating until we are going to need a mega-war and airborne Ebola to cut our population back down to size. Or we could do it ourselves and avoid both ecocide and genocide. Which do you think that democracy will choose?

  • Chinese investment into Kenya is reportedly bringing racism and discrimination with it

    I need a macro to type out the diversity rant. Wherever more than one ethnic or religious group shares the same space, there will be conflict, because each group has its own behaviors and genetics and needs to assert those so that it is not conquered by other groups. This means that diversity guarantees perpetual bickering and eventually war. It does not matter who the groups are, only that they are different. Now Kenya is chanting: “Send them back!”

  • Mexico cuts budget for all, from athletes to archaeologists

    For years American Leftists have been chanting the mantra of simply reducing our budget across the board. If we cut all programs by just ten percent, they reason, we will have a balanced budget eventually. What that really does is produce crippled programs that do not work but still cost ninety percent as much as they did before. A smarter approach is to identify programs without which we cannot survive — roads, defense, police/fire, NOAA, NASA — and to cut everything else, especially the three-quarters of our budget dedicated to socialist-style entitlements programs.

  • Study: Men with beards carry more germs than dogs do

    The decline of the hipster is at hand.

  • ‘We don’t need to bleed’: why many women are giving up on periods

    Humanity will not rest until it has obliterated every trace of nature. Then, we feel, we will be gods, riding on our powers of technology and beholden to no order larger than our own whims, desires, feelings, emotions, and hard cash, of course.

  • 2.6M pounds of Houston recyclables tossed in landfill

    The third world no longer wants our castoff plastic. Recycling is not financially viable, and besides, we spent the money on transgenders, diversity, bird-killing windmills, and affirmative action. What will we do? Democracy, Inc., will not solve this problem because it means more money for something that the average person cannot understand and therefore does not care about. They will do what they always do, which is hide it under the rug for someone else to fix later, after the politicians are out office, the bureaucrats retired to Florida, and anyone with any functional brain has been killed for liking the wrong thing on Twitter.

  • Anti-Semitic fliers posted on Marblehead synagogue; police ask public for help

    People think that making a group protected by law will cause that group to be accepted. In reality, it makes it clear that they are the pets and tools of government, and so as people realize that the state has looted and destroyed everything that they care about, the backlash will include them too. In the meantime, anti-Semitism misses the mark, but opposition to diversity works. We have made a safe place for Jews in Israel in order to end the diaspora; if all of the Jews in the West go there, Israel will be stronger. As anti-Semitism rises thanks to diversity and the Left turning on Jews, more of them will.

  • Ukraine’s Constitutional Court Upholds Law Equating Communism To Nazism

    This is a sensible approach for Right-wingers. Instead of calling our enemies Nazis, we should point out that our enemies are Communists, and Communism was at least as bad as Nazism and possibly much worse. We need neither of those failed systems; we aspire to a future without them where we have something much better.

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