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Outliers (#60)

  • Europe’s likely next president may need far-right votes to win. Some see that as a ‘catastrophic sign’

    To secure a majority, von der Leyen will likely need the support of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) — which is largely made up of MEPs from Poland’s populist Law and Justice (PiS) party, and the right-wing Identity and Democracy group — formed by Matteo Salvini’s Italian Northern League and Marine Le Pen’s French National Rally.

    The cultural wave is changing politics. The Right finally stopped relying on convention, religion, patriotism, and industry, and looked at the idea of identity instead and measured everything through a realist lens of “what works” instead of the ideological “what do people want.” Now the boundaries have changed forever, and people are going to find that realism is infiltrating just as ideology once did.

  • A New Approach on Housing Affordability

    People should be free to live in a prairie-style house on a quarter-acre lot in the middle of Minneapolis, so long as they can afford the land and taxes. But zoning subsidizes that extravagance by prohibiting better, more concentrated use of the land. It allows people to own homes they could not afford if the same land could be used for an apartment building. It is a huge entitlement program for the benefit of the most entitled residents.

    The loose fabric of single-family neighborhoods drives up the cost of housing by limiting the supply of available units. It contributes to climate change, by necessitating sprawl and long commutes. It constrains the economic potential of cities by limiting growth.

    There they go again, always arguing for more masses over hierarchy. In reality, apartments are blight and everyone knows it. Condominiums are better but not by leaps and bounds. When everyone owns their own house and takes care of it, all areas are cared for; however, the high taxes — to pay for public schooling for minorities, and diversity hiring programs in city governments — have made that an impossibility in most of America. It follows Europe in the folly of socialism.

  • Maryland County’s policy gives illegal immigrants benefits US citizens, others not entitled to

    Who is looking out for the thousands upon thousands of innocent American crime victims who have been attacked, injured or killed by illegal immigrants? Who is looking out for the millions of identity theft victims after an illegal immigrant has turned their lives upside down by using their social security numbers to gain employment? Who is looking out for the American taxpayer who has to fund all this nonsense?

    Leftism is a mind drug. It turns reality into a simple game of symbols. It makes everyone feel good in the moment. They pursue it to the end, but only because they cannot escape themselves. The human ego, a byproduct of our huge brains, triumphs once the kings are removed. And then, everything collapses, and “no one” sees it coming.

  • The collapse of Western Civilization

    We have been mentioning the collapse of Western Civilization for some time around here.

  • Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google

    “Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI?

    “Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?

    “Number three, is it because they consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military… because they are making the sort of bad, short-term rationalistic [decision] that if the technology doesn’t go out the front door, it gets stolen out the backdoor anyway?”

    We covered this some time ago.

  • Racial politics roil Democratic Party

    “Donald Trump has brought the question of race to the forefront of American politics, so it’s no surprise that there will be ongoing and continuous and serious and often uncomfortable public discussions on the subject,” Jeffries said.

    As long as they could keep clowning us with the idea that our society is colorblind and all is well unless we change that, they could avoid the divisions within their party. But, as the Iron Rule states, “every individual, group, and idea acts only in its own self-interest alone.” Thus white Democrats, Hispanic Democrats, and Black Democrats really are different species, not to mention Off-White Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan (I am kidding on the last two, or maybe not).

  • Hard Questions on Immigration Demand Straight Answers

    First, what does the U.S. owe refugees and asylum seekers who are desperately seeking the safety that their own countries can’t provide? Second, how many immigrants, and what kind, does the U.S. need to strengthen its economy and advance the well-being of all its citizens? Third, how should the country resolve the status of the 10 million or so undocumented immigrants already within its borders?

    Like all good blockheads, they mastered the issue but not the question. The question is what the future America should look like. Diversity is not working anywhere, and we recognize that we were sold a bill of goods, so here are their answers:

    1. Refugees, illegal immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers are the same thing: invaders. Turn them back; we owe them nothing.
    2. The USA does not need any immigrants. In fact, it needs fewer people in the workforce so that it can resume promoting the competent instead of the politically-acceptable. Send the women back home and send anyone who is not an ethnic Western European back home, with reparations as necessary.
    3. The undocumented immigrants that are here need to either go back home, or become a source of prison labor.
  • Tucker Carlson Has A Point About The Dangers Of Immigration

    Carlson wasn’t criticizing Omar because of her race or religious background, but because of her radical ideas, “because she doesn’t believe in the traditional ideas that define American life.”

    Next level thought: ideas are interpreted and those interpretations vary with genetics, not just race but ethnicity, social class, and gender. Immigrants cannot “assimilate” because they are not Us (WASPs). Nor are those who are here “assimilated.” They are simply re-interpreting our ideas in a form that fits them.

  • Could I have some news with my emotions, please?

    Emotion now blankets the media landscape like an infant’s crib at bedtime. Google “Shepard Smith emotional,” and up come nearly 3 million results, many of them focused on the Fox anchor’s recent visceral response to immigrant suffering. A search of “Rachel Maddow crying” delivers more than 1 million offerings, many for the MSNBC host’s reaction to border detentions and the Mueller report. “Brooke Baldwin tears” uncovers nearly 2 million entries for the CNN reporter’s reaction to a variety of news events.

    They are not alone. Contemporary culture trusts feelings over facts, rewards heated emotion — tears or anger — and rejects medium cool. The effect on journalism is unmistakable. And a lot of the blame can be placed on those all-too-common twin devils: television and the internet.

    • 1982: USA Today and MTV arise, changing how we consume news.
    • 1992: the internet takes this effect to the masses.
    • 2019: people finally notice that regular news has been absorbed by an aggregate of what has been popular in the past, such as self-help, human interest, editorial, and fashion.

    As a result, politics and news have become a lifestyle accessory. They are no longer serious in any meaningful sense; they are distractions to keep us amused while we go through the motions that keep the system in power.

  • Why would politicians fix our immigration problems when they can campaign off the mess?

    Look at the practice, and look at the political conversation. The first is a gnarly and messy problem but a solvable one. The second has become a way for each set of elected officials – and the people who would like to become elected officials – to appeal to partisan voters on both sides.

    It looks like everyone thinks the political gains come from their opposition to their hated opponents – and not from their ability to attack and solve a complicated and frustrating problem plaguing the U.S. and Mexico, not to mention other countries all over the planet.

    You just found yet another fatal flaw in democracy. It rewards opposition and signaling more than reality. In fact, the voters do, and that drives out anyone good or sane from the running to be a leader, except for the rare wildcard like Donald Trump who realizes that he can walk into the history books as a hero.

  • The Rapid Fall of the Left

    With the benefit of hindsight, there may be a simple explanation for the rapid rise and rapid fall of the far left: Its appeal was always more negative than positive.

    So long as Tsipras remained in opposition, his incoherence mattered less than the apparent authenticity of his anger. But once he came to power, his inability to deliver alienated Greeks on all ends of the political spectrum.

    This summarizes the last two centuries and how they culminated in the rise of populism. Leftism made big promises, scapegoated those in authority, and made people feel good — like a mental drug — for joining in the quest for “reform” and “progress.” However, it turns out that proles are not good at thinking things through and so, not surprisingly, the end results were not what was promised. Now that this is widely seen, people are abandoning ideology and rushing toward the realistic instead.

  • The Obituary for Western Civilization Can Now be Written

    The gangs of the invaders are so aggressive, because they can sense that there is no fight in the people whose countries they have invaded. They also know that for members of the core white populations to resist them constitutes racism and a hate crime against a privileged migrant. White girls as young as 10 are subjected to gang rapes. The authorities no longer collect statistics on migrant crime. It is considered racism to do so. Scandinavian women are discouraged from reporting their rapes by privileged migrants as complaints against migrant crime is a form of racism, and the politicians are afraid of being known as a racist country.

    We either get over our fear of being unequal or equality ends us. This applies not just to migrants, but even within our society. 90% of our people are destined to serve, 9% to deduce their course according to general principles, and 1% to actually lead. We have to suppress the 99% in order to get any kind of sanity out of the process. Otherwise, they oppress the 1% and then, insanity rules, as it has for, look!, the last couple centuries or so.

  • Is Common Sense Making a Comeback?

    There are, however, stirrings in another direction. America did elect Donald Trump, and Trump did run as a “common sense conservative.” So, did America by electing Trump take a step in the direction of becoming once again the common sense nation it once was?

    Not just common sense, but realism, comprises the original direction of America and Europe. We gave that up for ideology, or the promise of Utopia by remaking the world in a human image, rather than accepting the natural order and divine order as something into which our human orders must fit. Individualism took over, we all went different directions, unity failed, and the parasites took over. We are now recovering from that.

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