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  • Drug kingpin El Chapo sentenced to life in prison, must forfeit $12.6 billion

    Again we see that government is the biggest mafia of all. I consider this a travesty; El Chapo was probably the most competent administrator that Mexico has produced in the last century and a half. If anything, he should be given the presidency of that Central American nation because every one of the democratically-elected leaders have been bunglers. In addition, we should remember Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman for his immortal statement that if Americans want people to stop smuggling drugs, they should stop buying so many drugs. In the end, El Chapo is a mirror and in it we see our own hypocrisy, so we want to reach out and smash it, despite having been the source of his wealth and power.

  • Chilling first-hand reports of migrant detention centers highlight smell of ‘urine, feces,’ overcrowded conditions

    How to get sympathy from Leftists:

    1. Be of a group that pathologically votes Leftist
    2. Illegally cross border
    3. When arrested, defecate and urinate everywhere
    4. Complain about conditions that are still better than crossing the desert with a bucket of water and rape, murder, and theft all around you

    People have warned in the past of this truth: we are not getting the best from Mexico. We are getting the people who are always dreaming of an easier way, and they are sending money home so that they can buy houses or retire, which means that we are penalizing the good and encouraging the bad.

  • Republican support for Trump rises after racially charged tweets

    Conservatives specialize in what works, not what makes people say that they think that they “feel” better or happier. We slept through several decades of unchecked third world immigration because we we were fooled by the propaganda that said only friends of Hitler would oppose diversity, in which we were deceived by moron white nationalists who showed up to HitLARP and convince us that only really broken people opposed diversity. Now we see that the America we loved has gone. We cannot escape diversity in our communities, nor the high property taxes to support it, or even the consequences of disintegrating social order and loss of social trust. Currently, we hide out in our homes, commute to work in locked cars, and avoid places like movie theaters, grocery stores, and public events, since these are now ruined by the diversity. Instead, we order everything we need from Amazon and watch movies on our 80″ flat-screen televisions with surround sound.

  • Peter Thiel: FBI, CIA Should Investigate Google For Possibly Aiding Chinese Military

    The full interview. If we are familiar with corporate lobbyists, why do we pretend to be surprised that hostile foreign powers also use lobbying to subvert us? If you can buy a politician for a billion dollars, that is much cheaper than a battleship, fighter group, or developing a new nuclear missile. We know that China bought the Clintons; who else did they buy?

  • Polls show sour views of race relations in Trump’s America

    People are slowly realizing how bad things have been for a long time, now that there are enough minorities to openly oppose the majority, and an ethnic Western European back in the white house for them to grouse about. In reality, since the dawn of diversity we have had problems, no matter what groups were involved. In the USA, we struggled with Amerinds, Africans, Mexicans, and Chinese; in Europe they had Roma, Sinti, Lappinoids, and Jews. In every case, the majority ended up being enslaved by guilt to the minority, and the resulting division destroyed the society. Diversity is like Ebola; you can keep it in a jar on your shelf for awhile, but at some point, the jar will break and you will reap the whirlwind. Our jar is shattered and in the age of Trump, we can finally talk about it, after the censorship and political correctness of the Clinton-Obama years.

  • Recession fears rise for middle-class families

    The middle class is dying of taxes. Property taxes fund schools for new immigrants, income taxes prop up a federal budget bloated with entitlements, and Obamacare has driven up healthcare costs for the average person in order to support the homeless and illegal aliens. No one feels safe because they do not have a cushion; they are living paycheck-to-paycheck, which causes their imbecilic middle managers to squeeze more working hours out of them, even though most of the work is not essential or even valuable. This is what happens when you adopt a tax-and-spend wealth transfer system in the name of equality, as Leftists always want you to. What do they care? They are either wage slaves who will never own anything, or they are so wealthy that they can buy their way out of the problem.

  • Unauthorized immigrants face public backlash in Mexico, survey finds

    Ordinary people are figuring out that these “migrants” — aspiring free riders — are making a mess that everyone else has to clean up. We would all prefer that they stay in their home nations and fix those, instead of coming here to take advantage of what we have built, in the process tearing it down. That is the essence of wumping: human beings without orientation toward any type of meaning in their lives rove around, consuming wildly and making the same “convenient” but destructive society, while organizing into gangs that enforce “equality,” before realizing that they have made yet another ruin and that it is time to move on to the next host.

  • India aims to expel all illegal migrants, interior minister says

    Everyone anyone has done something productive and valuable, suddenly the rest of humanity has appeared with its hand out. If you want to keep your country from being destroyed, you solidly oppose giveaways like entitlements and open borders. With populism, world consciousness is shifting in this direction. Leftism is the old order, and it is fading as people see how much of a disaster it has made of the world in the years following WW2.

  • L.A. County to Pay $53 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over Invasive Group Strip Searches of Female Inmates

    Another insane jury award transfers lots of money to criminals and their attorneys. Where does this money come from? The county, of course, which means that it has to either cut services, come up with more money, or both. The voters are on the hook for this one despite there being no actual damage done to these people.

  • Boris Johnson smashes record for most money raised by UK politician

    The people with money are realizing that if they do not get solid Right-wing candidates into office, they will get Leftists in their endgame, who will bankrupt their civilization in order to permanently transfer power to the Left. For most people, the Left is another parasite, like police writing tickets or scams on eBay, that is avoided whenever possible but considered a cost of doing business.

  • Judge: Neo-Nazi blogger owes Whitefish woman $14M

    Speaking of insane jury awards, here comes another. Tanya Gersh is a horrible person who tried to scam Richard Spencer’s mother out of a property by using the threat of Leftist protest as a bargaining tool. Since Leftists are everywhere, she loses nothing, but this huge award is conveyed to her as a means of stealing any assets that the Daily Stormer has, most likely meaning the web site and domain name, despite Gersh having suffered nothing more than unkind commentary online and harassing phone calls. One can dislike the troll storm — I suggested instead contacting her real estate office to complain — but also dislike this outcome. In the meantime, the Left hates the Daily Stormer because it is hilarious, even if I disagree with a lot of it, and even if Leftists find themselves agreeing with it too often for their own comfort.

  • House vote condemns Trump congresswomen attacks as racist

    The words “racist” and “racism” continue their march into irrelevance. The Left laid off the great crusade for racial equality for a few months in order to pursue the jihad for transgender equality, but now they really want us to know that we have to accept our replacement and destruction by the unending third world migrant stream, or we are racists and horrible like Hitler and should be killed. Either way, we die, so might as well reply to “racist!” with “so what?” — which is exactly what Trump just did.

  • ‘Blacks-only’ municipal car auction sparks fury

    Conservatives and Leftists understand different meanings of “equality.” To conservatives, it means classical liberalism, or that no one gets a leg up. To Leftists, it means wealth transfer, or that whoever has power, money, and influence must now give it to the vast mob of people with no specific useful abilities who are impoverished, as they always are. In the eyes of Leftists, a “Blacks only” business is a victory for equality, while a “whites Only” business is the enemy. When America balkanizes, Leftists are going to find themselves living among the multiculture, and it will not be as kind to them as they hope. At that point, the only solution will be to sweep Leftists into Mexico and repatriate the multiculture.

  • ‘What’s your ethnicity?’: Kellyanne Conway to reporter

    Conway points out that ethnic background is important to all of us. Those who deny this are the ones who are telling lies, since they are concealing their ethnic self-interest in order to attack ours. This handily reveals the Ilhan Omars and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes of the world for what they are, namely parasitic passive-aggressive attackers.

  • Christian family who argued taxes ‘against God’s will’ ordered to pay $2.3m bill

    We should all claim a religious exemption from taxes, which are theft to fund government and its endless wealth transfer entitlements programs. Had government not gone down this path, we might trust it, but now we see that it is as greedy and parasitic as any large corporation or herd of flash mob teens. Government is not our friend.

  • William Dannemeyer, California Archconservative, Dies at 89

    An actual conservative! They did exist, even if they were shoved behind the Buckleyite Libertarians during the postwar years. Also in this article, how Southern California became permanently Leftist thanks to immigration.

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