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  • Trump denies racist tweets were racist

    This media headline tells you exactly what you need to know about the Left. Their approach consists entirely of a begging the question fallacy which uses bulverism to convince you to adopt their assumptions while arguing about something else. They want you to assume that equality is good, and anything that is not equality is bad. They fling terms like “racist” and “classist” at things they think are bad, because to egalitarians, anything outside of egalitarianism fits into these categories automatically. In reality, Trump pointed out what people are loathe to see: every thing — of any type: idea, group, person, marketplace — acts only in its own self-interest alone. This means that people who come from foreign lands, have foreign genetics, and behave in foreign ways will always act toward the advancement of their people against all other groups. It is not “wrong” to do this, nor a failure to “assimilate,” but simply the natural consequences of diversity. This means that any conservative arguing in favor of diversity has a mental health problem, and that diversity will never work; our only option is to self-destruct so that we can feel morally superior for having proven the point that our egalitarian method is better than any other option. In the meantime, the people that Trump attacked continue to accumulate a series of white-hating and Jew-hating statements, revealing that their goal is to supplant other groups with their own. Diversity does not work because it cannot work because it is paradoxical.

  • AP source: No charges for officer in Garner chokehold death

    More exciting crypto-race riots inbound! AP was careful to use a friendly family picture of Eric Garner, but the fact is that he was a mess of a human being who was both illegally selling cigarettes and violently resisting arrest. The officer involved put him into a chokehold, and Garner died of an undiagnosed underlying medical condition. In the broader picture, our tobacco laws are insane, and having “white” (“Pantaleo” was the officer’s surname) officers patrolling Black areas is going to lead to total chaos and accusations of unfairness no matter how well it has done. We did better when Blacks had their own neighborhoods, WASPs had their own neighborhoods, and the Irish had to live on the other side of the train tracks.

  • Relive the Apollo 11 moon landing in NASA footage and photos

    Fifty years ago we went to the moon. Just a short time later, in historical terms, we are living in a third world society that is deeply in debt, lacking any semblance of unity, and wracked by religious, ethnic, cultural, racial, and political conflict. We took a wrong turn somewhere; obviously there are many layers to that, but the most recent wrong turn was our decision to become pro-diversity after WW2. Now our society has disintegrated and we have made Hitler and Herzl look like prophets. Will we ever get back to the moon? Not with all of those affirmative action hires, bureaucrats, Facebook consultants, public relations experts, and Leftists on staff. In the meantime, nearly every article about this topic will tell us about a movie about how African-American mathematicians served an important role in the moon mission, without ever mentioning what exactly they did. Propaganda requires twisting facts from the trivial to the thematic.

  • Trump moves to effectively end asylum at southern border

    While the media foams over his tweets, Trump has quietly been moving ahead with the pincer strategy: making it more expensive to get here, and less rewarding to be here, for the great third world horde that wants to occupy us and consume all that we have.

  • Mother killed by out-of-control car in southern France and shops looted in Paris after Algeria fans celebrate win

    Another low-key race riot. The peasants are learning that throwing out the kings and replacing them with the mental drug of egalitarianism was perhaps not the best move.

  • Hunger on the rise worldwide as 821 million affected, says UN

    After decades of decline, food insecurity began to increase in 2015 and reversing the trend is one of the 2030 targets of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

    And their solution?

    “To safeguard food security and nutrition, it is critical to already have in place economic and social policies to counteract the effects of adverse economic cycles when they arrive, while avoiding cuts in essential services, such as health care and education, at all costs,” it said.

    The authors said a “structural transformation” was needed to include the poorest people in the world, a move they said would require “integrating food security and nutrition concerns into poverty reduction efforts” while tackling gender inequality and the exclusion of certain social groups.

    More Leftism! They do not learn, since obviously Leftism has run its arc and now is the source of the reversals in food security (and just about everything else). However, since it styles itself as the only and absolute good, anything else is taboo, which means that everyone must keep flogging this dead horse until we all go bankrupt and our societies collapse, then we can try again.

  • True cost of cheap food is health and climate crises, says commission

    You have to read between the lines here. Industry leaders helped produce this report, which tells you that what they are really saying is that they are not able to make enough money with food costs today, but if we all switch to a quasi-vegetarian diet, their production costs go down while margins will go up thanks to “organic and wildlife friendly production.” They will weaponize the well-meaning (but spiritually empty) neurotics of the Left in order to make this into policy, at which point your $25 veggie burger will be the new normal. Since this will plunge the lower-income into starvation, they will demand more public aid and entitlements, which means more people flinging money about and making money for the government and merchants while quality of life plummets.

  • Ancient Rome revealed in stunning detail by ‘most accurate model ever’ that took historian 35 years to build

    This was a Mussolini project originally, and now turns out to be a great resource as we look toward collapsing just as Rome and Athens did.

  • Far-right extremist and convicted racist Blair Cottrell fails in supreme court appeal bid

    The United Patriots Front leader, along with two of his supporters, were convicted of inciting hatred, contempt and ridicule of Muslims after making a video beheading a dummy in protest of a Bendigo mosque.

    So that’s what the open, free, and equal society is busy doing these days: punishing people for making videos.

  • Farmer blockaded by protesters allegedly shoots three

    Revolution conditions are increasing in South Africa.

  • French judge rules Jewish woman’s killer not responsible because he smoked weed

    Crazy Muslim fellow, high on weed and with a history of mental health problems, finally beats to death the Jewish woman whose family he threatened earlier. Government, realizing that it should have locked up this guy long ago because he was a lunatic but was afraid to do so because he was a Muslim, begins cover-up.

    He could be hospitalized for treatment of his psychotic lapses or made to attend a drug rehabilitation program, or he could be released.

    Equality means justice for everyone but normal people. If you are insane, impoverished, retarded, or otherwise dysfunctional, Government is there for you!

  • Italy’s far-right Salvini moves to clear ‘illegal’ Roma camps

    Europeans, who built themselves a great society which is now in decline, are getting tired of the endless parasites. Now let’s play “spot the lie”:

    The Sinti are traditionally from west and central Europe, while Roma have their origins in the east and southeast of the continent. The Caminanti are the smallest group, at about three percent.

    The Roma and Sinti, at least, are in fact immigrants from Northern India of partially Arab heritage, similar to today’s Pakistanis.

  • Chinese military deploys armored vehicles to Europe for the first time as Chinese medics train in Germany

    Apparently insane, Europe is partnering with China in order to avoid working with the US, forgetting that China and Russia are allies who share a predicament, which is that their illusory economies are collapsing, a problem to which they find a solution in conquering wealthier Europe. Democracies keep making suicidal decisions because they value equilibrium — everyone saying that they think they are happy — over making hard decisions and creating social order.

  • Central Bankers Are Sick of Rescuing the World Economy Alone

    If you read carefully here, you can see that the economies of the world are sick and struggling because they route too much money through government, and that the only band-aid that we know to apply is to spend more and borrow more in order to keep “priming the pump” on a system that is ultimately too bottom-heavy (too many free riders) and top-heavy (too much government overhead) to move.

  • Refugee relocation rejected by residents of West Jakarta

    Diversity making no friends anywhere:

    Last Thursday, the Jakarta administration brought buses to relocate the refugee group — consisting mostly of people from Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan — to a building formerly belonging to the West Jakarta military command (Kodim) in Kalideres, which has been set up as a temporary shelter.

  • Cigarette smoking and personality change across adulthood: Findings from five longitudinal samples

    Nicotine has many cognitive benefits, and people of higher mental power are drawn to it. This means that they notice things that the average person does not, and become life-long grumps because even after they quit smoking, they view the world through a cynical lens.

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