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We live in a time of inverted thought, where people confuse effect with cause and vice-versa. That is, we see water on the sidewalk and assume that it has rained, when really the cause is someone with a hose.

Analytically we could see our time as an example of Bulverism:

In a famous essay, CS Lewis described a particularly insidious rhetorical trick which is called Bulverism. By Bulverism he meant the device of assuming what ought first to be proved; by jumping straight to explaining why something is the case, without ever establishing that it is the case.

Bulverism is all-but universal in the mass media – indeed, it is the distinguishing feature of almost all mainstream communications in the modern world.

Its ubiquity is because power is nowadays almost-wholly in the hands of the Left, of those whose ideology is worldly, materialistic, scientistic. Weasel-words like justice, freedom, equality, democracy are themselves types of Bulverism; because they hide the false assumption that users share an understanding – when in fact the understanding is neither shared, not indeed is genuine understanding of such terms available at all.

In other words, it is a carefully-worded begging-the-question fallacy. We are asked an irrelevant question in order to force us to accept the assumption of the questioner as legitimate, in order to insert it into our minds so that we later repeat it and act on it.

Modernity emerges from the core idea of equality, which itself is disguised individualism, because when you apply individualism to a group it naturally transfers to collectivism, or the idea that no one can deny anyone in the group the right to their individualistic pursuits.

Consider the syllogism of modernity:

  1. Assumption: equality is the singular good (the one morality and one salvation).
  2. Therefore:
    1. we must destroy anything which is not equal
    2. we must always work to advance equality
  3. Unless the considered action leads to equality, it is bad; otherwise, it is mandatory.

We have been caught in this script for nearly a thousand years.

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