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  • Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs bill to celebrate Confederate general, slave trader and KKK member

    They do this every year by law. However, it sends a strong signal to the Left and Other: stay out of Tennessee. In this way, Tennessee may be able to preserve the founding population of ethnic Western Europeans that make the state strong, instead of replacing them with low-value mystery meat from elsewhere.

    All the minorities — Cruz is half-Irish and half-Cuban — opposed this:

    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, directly addressed the controversy on Twitter Thursday, calling for the law to be changed as well.

    “This is WRONG. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate general & a delegate to the 1868 Democratic Convention,” Cruz wrote. “He was also a slave trader & the 1st Grand Wizard of the KKK. Tennessee should not have an official day (tomorrow) honoring him. Change the law.”

    There will never be a Republican Obama. You either stand for tradition, or you get blown away by the next trend after the one that you hopped on. Minorities are never going to support us. We need to find a way to peacefully relocate them to their ethnic homelands. This begins by sending Ted Cruz back to Cuba.

  • Political drama not selling books like it used to

    This provides a good signal that the polarization process is over. We all know where we stand, and we believe what supports that, mainly because we cannot trust the Other Side to avoid slathering us in propaganda of dubious factual basis. Not only that, but the only people capable of reading and understanding these books have recognized the utter futility of our political system and have checked out.

  • National News Coverage of Tropical Storm Barry Is Its Own Disaster

    The media filled with people who viewed their role as a chance to make their own careers by repeating what others had done in the past. Monkey see, monkey do. When this storm hit, they began bleating out templates from Katrina fourteen years ago, relying on their audience repeating the same tropes after them the way they recite lines from movies to one another as a way of socializing. As it turns out, facts contradict the narrative, and so people have yet another reason to move away from the dying and mostly useless media. In the future, only the wire services and Wall Street Journal will remain.

  • Tacoma police kill man allegedly attacking immigration prison

    Man caught up in media woo over conditions at immigration centers decides to try attacking one with a propane tank. Things go badly, resulting in his death. This follows another Leftist tantrum the day before. These people seem to be media zombies, which explains why the media leans Left. Their audience apparently depends on it entirely for a sense of meaning to their lives, and whenever it panics about something, so do they, to the point of committing terrorist attacks. In the meantime, diversity does not work and all of these immigrant groups will never assimilate, since they prefer having an identity to lacking one. Looking for Mexican flags going up everywhere as bombs go off and gunfire rings out. The fall of the USA should be unending comedy if nothing else.

  • Global population of eight billion and growing: we can’t go on like this

    You will never, ever manage to reduce population if you have an egalitarian outlook. Only natural selection works: good to the good, and bad to the bad, which in human terms means that we decide that people who are unable to keep up are fit only to die out. We want them gone.

  • The Roper Report (TRR): To Kvetch A Predator

    While the mainstream media foams on about Jeffrey Epstein and his weird pedophile compounds in the Virgin Islands and Southwest, this story about three white nationalists who decided to entrap a pedophile continues to gain steam. Yes, we know that they botched the citizen’s arrest, but it seems like they got the right guy, so that is not important right now. We can turn our attention to important questions like “where the heck did all these pedophiles come from?” As it turns out, breakdown in social order releases all of the neurotic evil that social order kept in check. At least we’re all equal now!

  • Terrorist group Hezbollah linked to 30 mosques/centers in Germany

    Another for the “blood is thicker than water” files. Groups do not assimilate; they either give up on culture and are accepted as exotic cucks, or they retain their culture and form another outsider special interest group vying for power as it tears the country apart. The same problems that we see in the US crop up in Europe because the policy — diversity — is the same. Diversity does not work and cannot ever work. We need to end it before it ends us.

  • The wrong kind of trees: Ireland’s afforestation meets resistance

    Humans are used to making decisions about what is true and then relying on it. If they tell themselves that the most relaxing weekend that they can have is to spend a few hours on a boat in an overcrowded bay, they will go do it and then backward-rationalize that it was good and served their needs. This causes humans to go looking for universal truths, or something that as if by magic works every time in every situation, regardless of local, temporal, or particular conditions. As part of this, we tend to see trees as being equal, just like we see humans as equal, so to our primitive brains, it seems logical to bring in foreign species in order to “fight” a problem like “climate change.” This in turn destroys what makes life interesting, which is that it is guided by principle interpreted locally, not by universal truths. Watch the disaster unfold:

    The offending species is Sitka spruce, a coniferous evergreen that dominates Ireland’s afforestation programme. Originally from North America, it grows quickly and tall – up to 100 metres – and flourishes in Ireland’s damp, temperate climate.

    “The forest closed in bit by bit,” said McCaffrey, a farmer, who now feels surrounded. The trees eclipse sunlight, exude mist and block wifi and phone networks, inducing isolation, he said. “It’s a death sentence for the townlands.”

    These non-native trees carpet the soil with acidic needles and smother wildlife, said Natalia Beylis, an artist. “A lot of people find them spooky because they don’t have life in them. They’re silent except on the edges.”

    Only humanity could turn a forest into an empire of death. Then again, we did the same to ourselves first, in pursuit of those universal truths that would allow us to rely on them, turn off our brains, and finally relax.

  • The Jews getting arrested at ICE centers are just getting started

    The Holocaust was similar to this immigration crisis. There, too, diversity did not work, and then people did silly things instead of simply ending diversity. Then again, the Palestine-Israel mess is similar to the Holocaust, too, because diversity does not work any better in Israel than it did in the diaspora. In fact, it works nowhere and is instrumental in the fall of empires from within:

    Constant wars and overspending had significantly lightened imperial coffers, and oppressive taxation and inflation had widened the gap between rich and poor. In the hope of avoiding the taxman, many members of the wealthy classes had even fled to the countryside and set up independent fiefdoms. At the same time, the empire was rocked by a labor deficit. Rome’s economy depended on slaves to till its fields and work as craftsmen, and its military might had traditionally provided a fresh influx of conquered peoples to put to work. But when expansion ground to a halt in the second century, Rome’s supply of slaves and other war treasures began to dry up.

  • Cartoonist says he wouldn’t change anything about controversial Trump cartoon

    The Left introduces its new talking point against memes: no “accountability.” They want to restrict speech to only that which cannot get you fired, which at this point excludes most meaningful political dialogue. We have gone so far down the rabbit trail that we cannot even be honest with ourselves, and the response by these neurotics is to ban the last vestiges of that.

  • No Experimental Evidence for Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change

    Around here, we have always criticized the use of computer models as proxies for truth; in reality, models are only as good as their programming, which frequently forgets influences on the model and is unable to handle second- and third-generation reactions. This time, the models forgot to include cloud cover in their calculations, mainly because it would have shown that the latest Leftist hysteria is nonsense. In reality, humanity wrecks the environment by doing the same thing wherever it goes: moving in, cutting down forests, paving everything, and then displacing the jet stream and thus rain flow, creating instead hot and humid local environments as you would expect if you set down a concrete frying pan in the sun. We think that it is “global climate change” because we do the same stuff everywhere, when in fact if we went back to traditional housing and communities we would do far better.

  • Border Patrol forced to separate illegal immigrants by nationality due to ‘friction’

    The comedy keeps getting grimmer. If diversity does not work among the migrants, in the migrant camps, how the heck is it going to work on a national level? Obviously it will not, and we can see that it does not by how divided we are. Yet the egalitarian masses refuse to see this because if they have to admit that we are not indeed all equal, they will have to admit that they need to be in a place within the hierarchy, and that ends their low-IQ dreams of winning lotteries, having their mix-tapes drop, or becoming the next big IPO. Human egotism leads us to death always.

  • Planned ICE raids are putting the restaurant industry on edge

    All things diversity lead to restaurants, apparently. People cannot find good reasons for diversity without falling back on ethnic food, and one of the primary drivers of illegal immigration is the restaurant business, which needs more Mexicans to make Chinese food and Africans to make Mexican food.

  • Support for impeachment falls as 2020 heats up

    It turns out that impeachment, like collusion, obstruction, emoluments, and conflicts of interest is just another distraction to keep the “psychological bread and circuses” crowd entertained before it is time to use them to stay in power. The Left is dropping impeachment, about which it was never serious, in favor of running new candidates, since it needs to find a way to drop molesty Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and nuttier-than-trail-mix Bernie Sanders. Those candidates appeal to whites, but they are not the target audience now; the Left intends to lead with its minority voters, and have the “white allies” trail behind, with those who have invested a lifetime in being neurotic Leftists following since they could not ever dare vote for a Republican. Diversity has reached its endgame on both Left and Right.

  • The black woman who will be the next 007: New James Bond film will feature British actress Lashana Lynch

    She is not Bond, but his replacement. Yes, we get the symbolism: all of us old European-types need to get out of the way for these new citizens. Are we enlightened yet?

  • Fear of ICE raids leads some U.S. citizens to carry their passports

    All of this drama misses the bigger point. America was healthiest as an ethnic Western European society, perhaps even Western Civilization Pioneer Division. It is not healthy with Southern Europeans, Irish, Eastern Europeans, Arabs/Jews, Hispanics/Mongolians, Orientals, and Africans in it. We made a wrong decision with diversity, and now we need to end it before it makes us all into enemies. Please, humanity, just listen to reason for once.

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