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  • President Trump: ICE immigration raids to start Sunday, 2,000 targeted

    Let us hope so. However, it seems that his negotiated solutions with Central American countries and the threat of America enforcing immigration law may have done even more, although the threat of ICE raids seems to have terrified recent illegals.

    Trump will ideally implement a pincer strategy: raise the cost of coming here while simultaneously lowering the benefit to coming here. Building the wall, killing affirmative action, and cracking down on employers would do wonders. The grim fact is that many of our proles belong in the fields instead of offices where they are banning us on Facebook, misfiling our paperwork, trying to con us into keeping our cable television, and other useless additions to the economy that MBAs believe “make money” when in fact the benefit is low and the damage to the brand is high.

  • U.S. government posts $8 billion deficit in June

    The US government has never been able to manage its spending since it adopted the entitlements state which takes up three-quarters of our budget. Leftists would have you believe that our budget is mostly military, but in fact, we have spent ourselves into massive debt with the free stuff for citizens plan inspired by socialism.

  • ‘A sort of eco-dictatorship’: Shanghai grapples with strict new recycling laws

    An actual eco-dictatorship would have zero immigration, import no goods, leave half the land untouched for nature, deport all criminals and useless people, and have no tolerance for garbage businesses like nail salons, fast food, dollar stores, mattress marts, and other short-term thinking commercial offerings which end in a heap of landfill and broken promises.

  • Plans opposed by Sir David Attenborough to build 500 houses near a UK nature reserve have been refused.

    Without immigration, the UK would not have a housing crisis, nor would they be tearing up the green belt to provide new homes for immigrants and the people fleeing immigrant-heavy cities.

  • Trump Drops Citizenship Question, Orders Count From Existing Records

    Trump makes his point: if obstructed on the census, he will still get the figures out there, and use those to reduce the Leftist population count to include legal citizens only. He has successfully blocked and parried the latest Leftist attempt to subvert the electoral college by inflating the citizenship rolls for certain areas in order to give them — and their illegal aliens — a heavier vote than those of us who are not sanctuary areas.

  • Billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of city dwellers

    We waged a war on smoking and fat only to find out that the real villains were internal combustion engines and sugar. Modernity wants to kill you.

  • How U.S. Tech Giants Are Helping to Build China’s Surveillance State

    Of course they are. It is good business to do so, and with China having made itself unstable, a totalitarian state may be the best option for it to remain somewhat in control of itself. On the bigger front, however, China has bought out our Leftist politicians and industry. Until Trump, no one was willing to address Chinese industrial espionage, Chinese compromise of American academia, or Chinese military spying.

  • Undocumented migrants storm Pantheon monument in Paris

    Europe is under assault by an invasion army of third world people who will eventually consume it and destroy its people. Democracy, Inc.’s response? Persecute and jail those who attempt to stop the humanflood.

  • Blasting Trump, Biden pledges global summit on democracy

    The Left makes this too easy! They have tied together globalism, diversity, socialism, mob rule, and tyranny by a herd of unelected bureaucrates under a single heading, “democracy.” Now we know what caused those world wars, and what populism opposes: the endless ideological quest for equality through this “democracy.” We would rather just turn away from all this nonsense and focus on real life, such as making our civilization stop failing and then improve, since right now it is boring and ugly.

  • Netanyahu meets with head of Ukrainian party that includes neo-Nazis

    As predicted here before, nationalists worldwide are overcoming their tribal conflicts in order to unite on the idea of nationalism as a world order to replace globalism.

  • Acceptance of gay sex in decline in UK for first time since Aids crisis

    If their surveys were accurate, they would find that the same thing is true of diversity. When a theory remains on paper, people agree with it in order to do the “socially correct” thing, and they will even vote for it, but once they see it in practice or gyrating past in a (gay) pride parade, then suddenly they remember why they oppose it and why it was never a part of the traditional society that they secretly wish would come back by any means necessary.

  • Foreign workforce of 2.2m helps Japan ease labor crunch

    Japan experiences a shrinking workforce because people were so busy working — most of which was unnecessary — that they quit having families and instead moved to city apartments. Natural selection at work here gives us a clear message: make jobs take as little time as possible, be as low-stress as possible, and as rewarding as possible, or your people die out. The West needs to wake up to the consequences of having too many people in the workforce, which causes everyone to spend too much time at the office making themselves into visual symbols of their “hard work” and therefore indispensability.

  • Mastodon deplatformed me, but they don’t want me using Gab either

    The original idea of the internet was pure pluralism, or that we kept all traffic part of the discussion and allowed users to filter it out if it caused them to get twitchy. Once the Leftists came in, and only when the Leftists came in, they started trying to filter out “politically incorrect” (non-Leftist) speech, and now this comes from all levels, including independent projects like Mastodon. The end result of the Leftist war on conservatives online is that people are fleeing the internet, or at least, the people who are valuable to advertise to are fleeing. This means that the internet becomes less relevant every day as anything but the new Yellow Pages.

  • The world’s population is nearing 8 billion. That’s not great news

    Nine countries — India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Egypt and the United States — will make up more than half the projected growth of the global population between now and 2050, according to a 2018 study.

    The United States is growing because of both illegal and legal immigration. In the meantime, every new person means a few dozen acres required for farmland, roads, hospitals, schools, shopping, restaurants, nail salons, parking, factories, and all of those exciting government buildings.

  • Buddhists Go to Battle: When Nationalism Overrides Pacifism

    Diversity does not work anywhere. The sane way to view diversity is as an invasion. To counter that, groups turn toward enforcing strong national identity, customs, heritage/genetics, and standards. They really should simply oppose diversity; this is a shorter path to the same thing. They are afraid of seeming like they are attacking other groups, so they use indirect shortcuts, which just prompts those other groups to attack them. In the end, no one cares who threw the first punch, only who will throw the last.

  • UK Labour in turmoil over new anti-Semitism claims in BBC exposé

    Leftists want to destroy culture, religion, heritage/genetics, the family, and individual moral fortitude so that they can replace those with Leftism. In this way, the philosophy of Leftism acts like a parasitic infection. If you like civilization, instead of simply government plus markets, you will need to physically remove Leftists and anyone else susceptible to Leftism from your society, just like you would do with an epidemic. The black plague killed off a lot of us, but we were stronger afterwards.

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