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Applying For A Western Job In 2019

Just a few years ago it was still possible to find a new job by simply sending out the traditional CV to any Western Country. Companies would follow the same employment process with slight variations to value systems or personality types in their drive to find an employee who was “a good fit.”

Companies rely on pre-employment evaluation because of experience with:

  1. Appointing the wrong people
  2. Promoting the wrong people
  3. Having a massive, overpaid workforce

However, it became apparent that companies lie to applicants. This opens a Pandora’s Box because the one thing most of us depend on after being kicked in the face by separated families and phony politics is the JOB.

The JOB was real because you worked and saw the output yourself. If something went wrong, it was possible to scrum a few ideas and work towards fixing the problem. Over the years it was almost as if your buddies became your family and that you would always have each other’s back.

But not anymore.

For starters politics have changed dramatically after Al Gore’s predictions in his infamous film “The Inconvenient Truth” came to nought e.g. the rising sea-levels in Florida

Another science of stupid swatting business was the 2008 recession. This led to a loss for big investors and caused them to insist on merging companies in order to “keep” the market, but with less overhead. One example is the international cement merger between Lafarge and Holcim where it was anticipated that 3000 senior managers (expats) would be fired for a savings of roughly 1.5 billion Euro per year since 2014.

The pressure on Western companies is still rising because of the decade long lack of growth. One effect this has had is where the CFO was previously seen as the number two person in a company it now seems that the HR Director is the second-in-command. One reason for this is the continued doubling down on diversity by multi-national companies promoting quotas for affirmative action politics, especially in third world countries, where growth rates were routinely better than an austere Europe.

It has become apparent that businesses looking for job applicants are not looking for growth performance, but for quota performance. However, technical assessments of applicants are still required, but now include Facebook checks and questions about your handling of “other” colleagues. However, HR has become a Russian Mammoth discipline investors can’t avoid because HR can even evaluate the CFO and CEO without speaking a word of money.

Having the investor’s ear changes the attitude of the HR executive and leads to a simulacrum of public relations and safe environments for happy workers and as long as they “play along”, everything is fine with the company, even if it destroys the fabric of society.

The point is that we can’t just apply for a job anymore, we have to investigate them first.

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