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  • ‘Great Replacement’ ideology is spreading hate in U.S. and across the globe

    Mainly because the Left invented the idea of replacement theory which is in fact an old favorite of tyrants which the Left implemented in the 1960s in order to create permanent Leftist one-party rule.

  • NYPD cop who arrested two of the Central Park Five says they DID attack jogger and forensic evidence proves it

    African-American police officer walks us through the evidence against the CP5, in contrast to the fictional reality distortion offered by Netflix.

  • SUNY professor pens article titled ‘Seeing poor white people makes me happy’

    You can read the full thing here.

  • UK Forces ‘Hero’ Who Was Stabbed By Terrorists On London Bridge To Undergo ‘De-Radicalization’

    He suffered wounds but gave others time to flee as he fought the jihadis while screaming: “F*** you, I’m Millwall.”

    Later, anti-terror cops first got in touch over footage of him yelling abuse at a black man while walking his dogs.

    Roy has since been placed on the Government’s Prevent programme amid fears he could become an extremist after he was contacted by anti-Islam supporters.

    His most interesting statement: “I’m not political at all.” In other words, he is simply noticing patterns and reacting to them.

  • ‘May God bless you’: evangelical pastors’ hidden role in human smuggling’s boom

    “The church is an invisible actor in migration,” said Francisco Simón, a researcher on migration and smuggling at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala.

    Out of 23 towns Simón recently visited in the western highlands, he found cases of pastors and priests helping people to migrate in 14 of them.

  • Parents are pulling pupils out of [Religious Education classes] because they don’t want their children to visit mosques or learn about Islam

    The bigger story here concerns what else they are forcing kids to choke down in schools. At this point, across the West, anyone who can is private schooling or homeschooling to avoid the relentless Leftist propaganda.

  • Oregon will allow undocumented immigrants to get licenses

    Fourteen states now allow illegal aliens to get driving licenses. What are these voters thinking? After many decades of steadily increasing Leftism, they think only in emotional symbolism, and so they “want to help” even though it means death of their civilization.

  • China tensions expected to trigger new immigration wave

    Every time the third world has a problem, the West is expected to fix it and absorb the people fleeing it. At what point do we cut ourselves free? We cannot do it while any of them exist among us. We will have to end diversity or we will be replaced.

  • Baoshang Bank collapse threatens China’s economy and may trigger central bank response

    Now that the globalism wealth transfer has been cut off, the third world finds itself facing a huge economic crash.

  • Insect apocalypse: German bug watchers sound alarm

    But if he is visibly proud of the society’s research, the outcome terrifies him: in the test period, the total biomass of flying insects here has plummeted by 76 percent.

    To demonstrate the rapid decline, a lab technician holds up two bottles: one from 1994 contains 1,400 grammes of trapped insects, the newest one just 300 grammes.

    Humans move into an area, set up civilization, then get bourgeois because morons can earn money as easily as intelligent people. At that point, the human civilization sprawls outward, taking up more and more of the land. Lacking the space they need to thrive, natural species begin dying off. Humans, unwilling to see the obvious — “we are using too much space because we have too many people because we are egalitarian because class warfare overthrew our natural leaders” — start looking for tangential causes that could be blamed.

  • Farmers turn to prisons to fill labor needs

    Immigration can be replaced with liberal use of the resources already present, including tons of convicts, who have nothing else to do all day long in jail.

  • Cliff Richard and Stephen Fry launch sex offence anonymity campaign

    Solidly good idea suggests that we keep those accused of sex crimes anonymous until conviction. This ends “trial by media.”

  • ‘They want to rob our kids’: claims migrant men are stealing or buying children to enter US investigated by Mexico

    If we allow anyone in, then others will try to get in, and if we allow any illegals, then many others will roll the dice, since we have set up a lottery and not an organized program. People are dying for the chaos of US immigration policy, and the grim truth is that we need to end it all and put up a sign that says WE ARE FULL. Then we can begin repatriating people. An America of 200m ethnic Western Europeans is far more functional than a mixed-race and mixed-ethnic America of 320m warm bodies.

  • 74% Of US Housing Market Unaffordable For Average American

    What causes prices to rise? First and foremost, the money we take out of people in taxes. Normal people respond to taxes by saying, “OK, I’ll need to earn more than that from my investments.” As a result, they want their homes to sell at higher prices and will not do so at lower prices. This sets a new standard for the market. Soon everything is more expensive.

    Over the past couple decades, we have savaged American currency. It can no longer buy as much as it used to, and this is a direct reflection of the taxes and entitlements policies we have created, because “free money” is spent wantonly which creates a market for junk while diminishing the market for quality.

  • El Salvador president: US handling of migrant crisis is wrong

    “So if people have an opportunity for decent jobs, a decent education a decent healthcare system and security, I know that forced migration will be reduced to zero,” he said.

    It is another shakedown, like North Korea threatening to develop missiles or Iran refining uranium. They do the naughty thing, and then expect us to send them money to flow into the infinite black hole void of their corruption, incompetence, political instability, and endless starving mouths. If we cut off both money and immigration, they will have a hard year, but will then get back to the serious work of developing functional societies.

  • Several Police Cars Damaged After Hundreds Of Teens Gather In North Philadelphia

    “Teens” and “thugs” are our new euphemisms.

    “Twelve kids were like dancing and twerking and going insane on top of my car, as well as just everywhere,” she said.

    Ah. It is another diversity riot. In this case, someone posted to Instagram about a “free party” in the park, and it turned into a riot of mayhem.

  • Man sues fast-food chain over lack of hash browns, says his civil rights were violated

    Here we see the problem with civil rights. Before Lincoln the lawyer moron came along and mucked it all up, our society was based on natural rights, or the idea that government could not interfere with the rights that you had in nature, like the ability to make choices, own property, and survive according to your own best judgment. However, this does not make a strong government, so Lincoln helped cook up the idea of “civil rights,” or that government should intervene in all areas of life to make sure people are treated equally. That means that if someone else gets something and you do not get the same thing, you have been treated unequally and should riot, sue, or otherwise pass on the cost to society. At some point, it makes sense to wonder whether government will guarantee hashbrowns just like it guarantees healthcare, retirement, welfare, education, and cake baking.

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