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Periscope (January 17, 2019 PM)

  • Hundreds more species under threat of extinction than previously thought, scientists say

    We do not really know when a species is under threat of extinction because we rely on counts of these species which are often unreliable. A better measure might be how much of their habitat is left open for them to use without human intervention. We will find that for most, their land free of roads, fences, and human machinery has been greatly reduced. The trap here is that species tend to “crash” suddenly when their numbers fall below a certain point, they cannot breed at replacement rates, and inbreeding makes them vulnerable to epidemics which wipe out enough of the remaining species that they cannot find each other in the wild and reproduce enough to survive everyday calamities. As a result, we are going to see a wave of extinctions that we never anticipated until they happened.

  • I’m a senior Trump official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the Resistance

    No one wants to point out the obvious, which is that many government officials are working toward Leftist revolution while on the taxpayer dime. The “deep state” that Trump describes is merely the permanent bureaucracy who, like a de facto union of government employees, spends its time working to increase the power of government. Only Leftism provides for that; Leftism demands a permanent war for more civil rights so that equality can be achieved, and yet since it is never achieved, the war demands a massive government with lots of jobs for people who otherwise might be at Wal-mart. As a result, government employees act like a union that advocates Leftism. They thwart anything Right-wing, and help anything Left-wing. They obstruct the normal function of government. They do very little, so that more of them are hired (any government job involves five people to do what one would do in a competitive industry). When a Republican is in office, they protect each other from any consequences for doing whatever they can to thwart that Republican. The government shutdown provides a wonderful way to thin out the people who are doing this. The longer it goes on, the more the average middle class American finds that he prefers life this way. If it goes on long enough, these government parasites are going to max out their credit cards and take jobs somewhere else. When we starve the beast, the Left becomes weaker. In fact, the only constant to American history seems to be that the more people we have in bureaucratic jobs, the farther Left we go, so if we can abolish these jobs in government and private industry, we will swing back to the Right because Leftism then becomes revealed as an unnecessary additional cost that brings with it negative consequences.

  • Beto O’Rourke questions relevance of Constitution, principles ‘set down 230-plus years ago’

    The Constitution became obsolete in the 1860s when America left behind its natural rights direction and replaced it with a civil rights agenda. At that point, we changed the purpose of American government from “protect and nurture our Western European civilization” to “make everyone equal through government.” Since that time, not surprisingly, America has become unstable, depending on foreign wars to keep order and sustain our economy. The question that Beto forgot to ask is: maybe we should get rid of the civil rights agenda, then go back to natural rights, and then add something to the Constitution to formalize what the founders thought was obvious because it was the condition back then: that this is a country for Western Europeans meant to be ruled by an informal aristocracy.

  • Swiss court rules ‘foreign gypsy’ cartoon was racist

    There is no way that this would not be considered racist, but consider also that stereotypes exist for a reason. Without regular confirmation, they would fade out like other jokes unless there was some truth to them. We have no problem believing politically-correct ones, like that any man who really hates homosexuals is hiding his inner gay, or that people are racist just to feel better about their own lives. So why do we find it hard to believe that a stereotype that has shown up in multiple nations is not based in some kind of common behavior by the group in question?

  • Inside Huawei’s new campus, which is designed to look like a group of European cities

    While Europe in the hands of prole-rule frets and bickers about distributing wealth, others in the world recognize the greatness of Europe past, which was not based on human individuals but things larger than them or a group of them, such as the ideas of an order to live that prizes beauty, realism, and excellence.

  • Why Is All of New Zealand Obsessed With This Drunken, Littering, Rowdy Tourist Family?

    It is amazing how few people are required to fully disrupt a social order, and how little they have to do in order to cause people to give up and accept filth, disorder, dysfunction, deception, manipulative, and waste as the new order.

  • China’s wide-ranging crackdown against religious groups has hit a tiny Jewish community in Kaifeng, where an atmosphere of fear and paranoia has set in.

    People do not quite understand that the order of internationalism has died, along with Leftism and other egalitarian notions. This means that the diasporas are over, and people are returning to having national states and being highly separated. China knows that having a Jewish community is a threat, not because they are Jewish but because they are not Chinese, in the same way that Germans knew that having a Jewish community was a threat simply because it was not German. The national socialists simply took this in the wrong direction, being artists and not philosophers, because they wanted to make the point that the German transcendental spirit is opposed to the Asiatic materialistic/individualistic one, and used the Jews — at that time, the most visible and successful minority group in Europe, since Saami and Roma seemed to live in squalor — as their talking point.

  • ‘Only Estonians Here’: Outrage After Election Poster Campaign Singles Out Russian Minority

    Diversity not working within races any more than between them. The Soviet Union moved Russians into Estonia to demographically displace, interbreed with, and finally breed out the native Estonians, hoping to make them a captive population forever. This is typical Leftist thinking, and it is probably what inspired the Hart-Celler Act which is attempting to do the same to America with mixed-white (Southern, Eastern, and Irish Europeans) and non-white (Asian, African, mixed-race) people.

  • Police had ‘perverse’ target to limit number of drink-drive busts

    Careerism destroyed the West. In this instance, police had an incentive to report fewer drunk drivers because that way, police could claim that their latest policy change was working. That would enable the people in charge to declare victory, get promoted, and then transfer to other jobs so that they could dodge accountability whenever the discrepancy was eventually discovered. At that point, the original program and its creators would have fallen into the memory hole, and everyone involved would be making fat salaries from the public trough anyway, as the oblivious voters chortled onward feeling warm and fuzzy thoughts about how democracy was working for them.

  • Vast majority of Canadian food waste takes place within the food industry – and not at the household level, study finds

    Leftists love to talk about restaurants. In fact, we might see their support of diversity as being entirely food-related. However, it turns out that restaurants are kind of a disaster because they throw out tons of food. Eating at home localizes the purchasing and cooking decisions, instead of externalizing cost by spreading them out over all of the customers of a restaurant. Will the Left start emphasizing home cooking, since for them redistribution of wealth including food seems to be a high priority?

  • Black and Hispanic youth are targeted with junk food ads, research shows

    The circular Ponzi scheme works when government taxes its citizens blind, dumps the money on the underclass, and then reaps the reward of greater demand for its currency on the basis of the spending by the underclass on novelty products, entertainment, and low-end products like one might find in a convenience store. Government can then tax the additional “growth” for a never-ending spiral of tax-and-spend “pump priming” wealth redistribution. However, this means that business will advertise to the underclass, like it once did to white kids until even those figured out that junk food is sort of bad for you. Somehow this is “racist” because someone did not get the memo about how important the

  • German spies to launch anti-extremism probe into far-right opposition

    The deep state maintains its control over its population through civil rights. All you need to do in order to keep out your competition is to argue that they might make judgments that exclude someone, even if that person does not belong there or is doing something horrible, and then you can declare them illegal, immoral, antisocial, or politically incorrect and remove them. Imagine that: the voters were sold on the idea that civil rights would liberate them. Maybe at some point the voters are going to wake up to the fact that they are out of their depth when it comes to making decisions about politics.

  • Turkey ‘Not Scared’ of Donald Trump Despite Threats of ‘Economic Devastation’ Over Syria

    Barack Obama governed like a wimp. He was polite to everyone, said what flattered the crowd, and when this consequently went wrong, shamed or droned those who did not obey him. Trump shows statesmanship in that he avoids using military force, but instead uses strong power in the form of economic favoritism, making it clear where we stand and what is needed to work with us. That ruffles feathers, which Obama was not willing to do, but then everyone falls in line and we avoid unnecessary warfare.

  • Russia deploys nuclear-capable ballistic missile launchers near Ukraine border, satellite photos show

    Bickering Europe, which refuses to unite against threats, now has been checkmated in the game of nuclear weapons. Russia has missiles at its door which can evaporate it at any time, making its ability to resist Russian aggression greatly reduced, and its ability to intervene in Ukraine non-existent. Conclusion: Russia will take Ukraine, and Europe will not intervene; Trump will apply sanctions, but Europe will choose Russian oil and gas rather than rely on American sources. End result: impoverished, failing Russia gets a leg up for awhile until internal crises destabilize Russia, which will lead to Russia going more toward totalitarianism since that is how third world style countries tend, at which point Europe will have a real problem on its borders. Hope that bickering was worth the high cost in time, money, and lives.

  • The 10 Year Challenge really, really looks like a data mining operation

    The internet worked because it was a military program. Once it expanded to education, it worked because that was also a high-filter, hierarchical operation. Then we opened it up to the general public… and, as it turns out, an undisciplined mob will ruin anything. In order to make money off of it, they sold advertisements, but these were easily bypassed, so the next big moneymaker became market research. This enabled targeted offers, so that you could make your advertisements into coupons or discounts and in theory, stimulate buying that way. Now people are surprised that social media firms are farming data without regard for their personal interests; how else did they think this “free” internet was going to make money?

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