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Periscope (January 18, 2019)

  • Portland Driver Mows Down 3 Teens Captured On Home Security Cameras!

    No snitching. It was gangland. That’s what diversity boils down to. Your gang vs mine. You’d think with all that CivNat magic dirt in a wonderfully diverse place like Portland, Or, this would never happen. The whole video was faked and diversity is our strength, Comrade!


    Have you ever wondered why the minorities getting Affirmative Action are often not exactly the ones who suffer on down in the ghetto? Lefty wants diversity, not Knee-Grow problems. The talented Tenth are apparantly the ones you can trust not to shoot one another in the bucolic climes of Westwood, CA.

    Fifty years ago today, rival gangs, made up in part of “High Potential Program” students, fought it out on campus, leaving two dead.

    The tiny “High Potential Program” was UCLA’s early, experimental form of affirmative action. Unlike today’s affirmative action programs, which primarily benefit middle- and upper-middle-class students, this was a real effort to benefit young people born on the wrong side of the tracks. As one might expect, UCLA relaxed the academic qualifications for this project. One of the founders of the program put it this way:   “A high school diploma was not a requisite. We recruited people who were active in their community and who had the ability to lead.” Here’s the crazy part: In practice, the leadership requirement meant that UCLA wanted—and actively recruited–leaders of street gangs, especially those involved in black nationalism. A history of violence was no barrier to admission.

  • 10-year economic optimism jumps: More hiring, investing, seeing fundamentals ‘strong’

    The latest UBS Investor Watch Pulse Poll found that 71 percent are more optimistic about the 10-year economic outlook than they were just two months ago when it was still a high 68 percent. And, said UBS, 78 percent believe the economy’s fundamentals are “strong,” and 75 percent said they expect to reach their long-term goals.

    If we don’t reopen the government, it’s game over man!

  • NBC: Ocasio-Cortez all in on attacking moderate Dem incumbents

    Ocasio-Cortez has already hinted at an effort to unseat fellow New Yorker Hakeem Jeffries, although that’s apparently less about ideology than it is about personal score-settling. At that time, Ocasio-Cortez objected to the reporting of support for challenges to Democratic incumbents in general and Jeffries in particular, but her participation in this video makes her general intent more than clear, and her denial last month less than credible. NBC notes that Henry Cuellar will be a particular target this time around, as the group searches for a true-blue progressive to challenge him in a mostly moderate Texas district. Of course, on principle, it’s tough to argue with this…

    Revolutions are like the Greek Titan Saturn. They eat their children.

  • Pelosi’s stunt is just more progressive de-platforming

    Nancy Pelosi is apparently not as high-functioning an alcoholic as she was when she first became Madame Speaker. She actually seems to be listening to advice from (((Jennifer Rubin))) and Greg Sargent over at The Bezos Post. They, apparently, don’t want President Trump to speak until the Big, Mean, Orange Gubberment Shutdown from Gahenna is over. Then, if he apologizes nicely enough — so that Democracy doesn’t die in darkness or something — he’ll be allowed to exercise Free Speech rights under the newly modified First Amendment in The Bill of Rights. This, assuming Robert Francis O’Rourke still believes this whole Constitution thing is functional.

    Donald Trump will hold a big, Trumpa-Thumpa-Thon of a State of The Union address. It will go for three hours and quote all the economic statistics that were utterly impossible in Emperor Barack I’s You Didn’t Build That Economy. He will have a veritable platoon of grieving mothers who’s children were shot by MS13 Members who immigrated here illegallly. He would regret that all the dutiful and hard-working members of Congress couldn’t be there as he spoke directly to The American People about the future of the nation. Then he would politely ask Mizz Nancy and Senator Menendez how they enjoyed their shutdown vacation to Puerto Rico. I can only imagine how measured, responsible and reasonable a response the Dems would deliver.

  • Four Americans killed in Syria; ISIS claims responsibility

    Let ISIS have some real responsibility. Let them run Syria and go mano-a-mano with the Russian Army. No further vengeance is necessary. They, Premier Putin, and most of the hateful, detestable people in Syria all deserve it. The next good, intelligent reason for any US Soldiers dying in the that particular excrement-hole nation will be the first that I’ve ever heard. The sunk cost fallacy is even worse when it involves dead human beings rather than merely a pissed away fortune of investment capital.

  • If Republicans rebuked Steve King, they must challenge Donald Trump

    Or else frikken what? I’m scared that (((Steve Israel))) won’t believe I’m anti-racist enough. Cowards who cuck only make the liberals they attempt to appease more rabid. Kipling told us all what happens when you pay the Danegeld.

  • There’s Nothing Wrong With Open Borders

    Imagine not just opposing President Trump’s wall but also opposing the nation’s cruel and expensive immigration and border-security apparatus in its entirety. Imagine radically shifting our stance toward outsiders from one of suspicion to one of warm embrace. Imagine that if you passed a minimal background check, you’d be free to live, work, pay taxes and die in the United States. Imagine moving from Nigeria to Nebraska as freely as one might move from Massachusetts to Maine.

    If this was just troll-bait designed to make the melon explode, then mine hasn’t heated-up and over-pressured quite yet. The Ex-Beatle plays on the Alexa Unit. The spliff has been passed to the Left. The spliff is like Cthulu. It always seems to swim that way. The dealer is the man with the love grass in his hand. The Pusher is a monster. God God, he’s not a natural man. Oh, wait…That was Steppenwolf instead.

    Farhad Manjoo is probably a very nice person. I hope he does well at The Carlos Slim Blog. He parrots the company line in a poetic and soothing fashion.

  • Eight-Times Deported Illegal Alien Caught With $850,000 of Meth and Cocaine in His Car

    Utah County police arrested 44-year-old Jose Olegario Lopez over the weekend and found 19 pounds of illegal drugs in his car. Police officers tried to pull over Lopez on January 12th over a traffic violation but when Lopez refused to pull over, a team of officers pursued him and eventually stopped him.

    Imagine if we just let everyone in. If that gives anyone !RACIST! butthurt, then JoLo has a pill for that. More than just one in fact.

  • Research Psychologist Epstein: Google Manipulation shifted 800,000 to 4.6 million votes in 2018 Election (VIDEO)

    I remember when liberal Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold was deeply upset over corporate influence on elections. The liberals did something about it. Something far more effective than The McCain-Feingold Act. They took over the corporations and now results get Googled-Nudged in ways the Democrats approve of. Problem solved. Behold the power of political involvement.

  • Racists to the Right, Anti-Semites to the Left

    The last five years in Western politics has seen a repeated failure of “cordons sanitaires” — the barriers that political establishments have tried to throw up against both radical ideas and xenophobic sentiments. The rise of populism and the return of socialism have breached these cordons, and racism and Judeophobia have come through the breach with them — to the point where it’s entirely plausible that Britain will soon find itself with a prime minister, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has an anti-Semitism problem, even as the United States has already elected a birther to the presidency.

    Russ you twidiot. There is no problem with racism, unless you have a problem with human beings acting exactly like human beings. People stereotype and avoid the other in diverse societies for their self-preservation. The only correct answer to the (((JQ))), White Supremacy or the perrenial and evergreen Knee-Grow Problem is an amenable reenactment of Freedom of Association. There is no cordon sanitaire with at least some localalized version of ethnonationalism. At the veryu least, don’t force Martha Radditz and Linda Sarsour to work side-by-side at the same agro-commune. That ain’t gwine work, Homes.

  • And we’ll finish up with The vile, Cuck soundtrack of Russ Douthat’s crumbling, imaginary world.

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