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  • Trump acquitted of both charges in Senate impeachment trial

    Mirroring the way that demography determines who wins elections, in Congress your political alignment determines who you vote (unless you are Mitt Romney, the man of dubious financial dealings whose campaign adviser sits on the board of Burisma, the same company that hired Hunter Biden for $50k/month to do nothing). Washington has already moved on from impeachment as a new book chronicles Biden family corruption and the Biden family influence industry, including Biden corruption in (the) Ukraine. In the meantime, the Left is planning a media blitz through social media to try to bury these accusations and stir up dirt against Trump. Democracy really brings out the ugly in humanity.

  • European police will be barred from cooperating with UK if Boris Johnson waters down Human Rights Act

    Natural Rights doctrine says that civilization will preserve as many of the abilities that you had in nature as is possible; these are rights that you had in nature, therefore exist according to natural law, in the eyes of their adherents. English and American governments were originally based on these. Civil Rights — called “Human Rights” in an international context — on the other hand are government-created rights, and give government a mandate to interfere in all public and private affairs to ensure that everyone is treated equally, which in reality means that no standards or distinctive groupings can be asserted because then, someone is being discriminated against. Under Boris Johnson, the UK shows signs of leaving behind the civil rights agenda, which creates an all-powerful Leftist government as it did in America in 1866, giving the bureaucracy and its manipulators in industry total control over society and reducing the citizens to atomized, reactive, and mostly inert participants. If you want pioneers, you have natural rights, and there are no guarantees; if you want soyboys and conformists, you choose civil rights, and people are guaranteed rights by an enforcement that then consumes their society whole. If the UK leaves this legal framework, the Americans have an excuse to legally reinterpret or repeal their Fourteenth Amendment, which should be viewed as an even bigger disaster than Prohibition.

  • Fungi that EATS radiation found thriving inside the Chernobyl nuclear reactor could be used like a ‘sun block’ for humans to protect against deadly rays

    Trust nature to find a way to adapt and turn the bad into an ultimate good. Inside the Chernobyl reactor, fungi have learned how to use those gamma rays and convert them to energy that can be used by biological organisms. This gives us hope for all nuclear accidents, since with enough of these fungi around, we can turn disaster into life. Perhaps this should inspire us to look at problems like carbon, pollution, and plastic and discover what creatures could use these as nutrients, since that way, we can clean up from the vast human mess without having to involve flaky and wasteful humans.

  • Carbon footprint impacted more by socio-economic status than location

    Speaking of the carbon panic, it turns out that people in cities create more indirect emissions than those in the countryside when we look at food, clothing, cultural activities and air travel. The people who are succeeding in this society live in big cities and the costs of supporting their lifestyles are vast. If you live in the countryside and do not travel much, for example working from home, and have four or more people in the household, your emissions per person are actually rather low. If the carbon panic is serious, we should all be moving out of big cities into country homesteads and living in multigenerational homes.

  • LAPD scandal opens window into California’s secret gang database as reforms debated

    Police departments are caught between citizens screaming about the horror of gang crime and citizens wailing about the measures used to keep tabs on gang members. In the meantime, without diversity, gang activity drops to a very low level. However, diversity proves useful for the Left as it enables them to social status signal using minorities as a justification (link goes to classic Tom Wolfe essay “Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny’s.”

  • New York charges NRA over illegal insurance sales, deceiving members

    As part of its push to disarm heritage Americans so that the Left can take over, the big cities are attempting to bankrupt gun ownership organizations with many spurious little charges which have nothing more than a creative interpretation of law behind them. Nonetheless, they will cost millions to defend against, and if the judge is Leftist and the jury is Leftist, we know how these cases will turn out. The future lies in going off-grid until we can recapture our political and legal system, which is going to require physical removal of Leftists on boats to Venezuela, where they will enjoy pedigreed socialism, vibrant diversity, and lots of ethnic food.

  • Yogi Adityanath: ‘Muslims did no favour to India by staying here’

    India sees the future and it is not diverse. Now that we have had the postwar period to observe diversity, we see how it causes nothing but problems, and that whatever nations escape from the self-destruction loop of infighting caused by diversity will rise above the rest and become self-sufficient. Consequently, India wants the Muslims — who are both religiously and ethnically alien to the Hindu majority — out of India, and it is doing its best to scare them out the door. Pakistan, who could help the problem by simply accepting all of them, refuses to do so because it wants to ultimately subvert India with Muslim terrorism. Every night I thank the heavens for Modi and pray for his success.

  • NGOs battle to save their .org online ‘homes’

    No one wants to admit this, but the internet worked because of fascism. Academia and government controlled it and appointed volunteers to administrate it, and they kept things stable. Then we brought in business and worse, the average person, turning the internet into a daytime television style entertainment medium. That means money, so now financial interests are gaining control of the infrastructure of the internet. Eventually, nothing of the old will remain; in fact, companies like Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter show a manic zeal for erasing it. They want nothing but their new world where, like a bureaucratic government, they bring in the sheep for pap and then milk them, driving away anyone who can think because sheep are better for failing businesses and unstable governments than capable, productive, constructive, thoughtful, moral, and competent people.

  • A U.S. court blamed Roundup for causing cancer. Then Canada defended the herbicide, emails show

    If you test it in the lab, glyphosate is not carcinogenic; however, according to some data, when used in the field it degrades or combines with other chemicals to produce a cancer-causing effect. When glyphosate goes, so does much of our economic miracle, to be followed by us junking our industrial fertilizers which contain toxins and our neonicotinoid insecticides which cause a general Holocaust of living creatures, not just specific bugs. Everything modernity is built upon is fake; we are living in the pocket between all of these wonder inventions and realizing their cost, like Satan producing a signed document ceding ownership of our souls. What do we do, when suddenly seven billion are twice as many as we can feed? Get ready for worldwide boogaloo and fields of gnawed skulls. (“Gnawed Skull” was the runner-up for our new slogan, but “Furthest Right” won instead).

  • Police uncovering ‘epidemic of child abuse’ in 1970s and 80s

    Democracy promises transparency and accountability, but all these do is to create official channels which can then be manipulated. If you have one definitive source for an opinion on something, that voice becomes a property, and people will sell it, if not for outright cash for favors. A civil servant looking over his portfolio might tire of not having a luxury income, and so choose to retire early and take a lucrative job at a private firm in exchange for losing a few files every month during his civil servant years. We are going to uncover more of this stuff, not just about child abuse but abuses, theft, and corruption at every level.

  • State of the Union: Trump hails ‘American comeback’

    Obama and Clinton savaged our hope with plans that seemed like good ideas in the short term, but manifested long term destruction. The failure of those has led us to realize that Leftist ideals like entitlements, immigration, diversity, demand-side economics, manipulative monetary policy, constant growth, unions, regulations, and high taxes not only destroy life but turn it into a Soviet-level inept bureaucracy which leaves wreckage, both human and natural, in its wake. We did better in the old America where there were no guarantees, but the actual best rose and the nerds who were only good at being teacher’s pets got nowhere. Trump is restoring old America: heritage ethnic Western European pioneer stock, strong orientation toward order and hierarchy, values the actually productive over the bean counters, and willing to take risks and dream big. As of right now, he is the best American president. In the meantime, removing Leftism restores economic health, much as it did during the Reagan years, and taking the same three-year timetable.

  • South Africans are leaving the country in ‘big numbers’ – here’s why that’s not good

    It turns out that diversity turns societies into a tug-of-war for control of institutions, and this results in appointment of buddies and family members through racial-ideological nepotism, which in turn makes everything fail. Whatever group is not in control will find itself humiliated, attacked, savaged, and discriminated against. As a result, people are fleeing formerly prosperous South Africa for better places. When a society that just a few decades ago was one of the most desired places on Earth turns into a cross between an abandoned mall and a ghetto, it will become even clearer that diversity is suicide. As it stands now, everyone out there has gone full “benevolent xenophobe,” meaning that they may not hate other ethnic groups, but they want to be with only their own tribe, in terms of religion, culture, race, ethnicity, and political alignment. I would like to be among the deist ethnic Western European conservatives, and that is an honest statement of the sort we rarely hear in public. The fact that we cannot speak it without persecution shows us how fully in collapse we are, and how essential it is that we escape.

  • Designer Reimagines Famous Historical Figures as Modern People Living Today

    The faces of the past live on among us. This gives us great hope for the future, because it means that the greatness of the past is sleeping within us, and can be awakened momentarily. For kicks, here is facial similarities across two centuries in the royal family:

  • Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths

    Official figures on the coronavirus outbreak may be completely wrong, since sources in China leaked what looks like actual numbers of 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths. In the non-panic department, a protocol for curing it exists and can be used to successfully treat cases if the afflicted get themselves to a hospital in time, news which caused markets to rebound.

  • UK boosts climate effort by banning new gas vehicles by 2035

    In a sensible move, the UK wants to ban gasoline and diesel vehicles from being sold after 2035. The big question then remains whether these vehicles are actually better for the environment. The best thing you can do for the environment is to keep a car for fifty years and drive it only when necessary; electric cars have in the past proven to have shorter lives and require expensive and possibly toxic battery recycling. Perhaps in the next fifteen years we can get these problems licked, or just opt for a quieter, safer world and go back to using horses.

  • Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

    Future historians will reveal that with a few pointed exceptions, like the forty-year-old project in Indio, California, wind power has been a bubble funded by government grants and herd-propelled hype. Solar energy continues to surge forward. To replace fossil fuels, we will probably need a range of solutions based on what is at hand. Sunny areas can use solar; rivers can have waterwheels; areas with geothermal activity can produce energy that way. Some will probably still be solar, and perhaps some will be nuclear, although our reactors still seem too unstable for regular use. Wind turbines will live on in some areas, but when the hype dies, most of them will be replaced.

  • Most Americans Are Lonely, And Our Workplace Culture May Not Be Helping

    Modern jobs are thoroughly toxic. Regulated by politics, they offer no real friendships, only shallow bonding over sports and other television. Since we have social mobility, everyone is trying to climb, which means that no one is really secure in their role, which turns people into little tyrants who use each other like a toddler uses toy cars, smashing them against one another for a few moments of cruel amusement.

  • Record number of anti-Semitic incidents logged in Britain, again

    The real story here is that these incidents are not driven by the traditional sources, but by the diversity, angry Leftists, and people who have started to tire of diversity generally and are now furious about being lectured about how to live by ethnic foreigners. Diversity is ending as we speak. We are just trying to find an easy, safe way out.

  • Liberals and conservatives team up with far-right in Germany to oust left-wing state premier

    The far-Right has become accepted as parties violate the “cordon sanitaire” around it and rely on it for votes, which shows us that despite the kicking and screaming of the mainstream parties, the far-Right is rising and will be part of future government. That Overton Window is getting a big kick wide open.

  • Hundreds deported from U.S. to El Salvador have been killed or abused, new report says

    Quick guide to not getting killed or abused: do not try to enter the US illegally. Immigration has destroyed America, and now it has become essential to end it. Those who do not heed this are selfish, and not surprisingly, are experiencing a sudden cold shoulder at the border as a result.

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