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  • Nasa warns temperatures in Europe could plunge if Arctic warming causes major ocean current to reverse

    They see a change, and they assume climate change. More sober minds point out that this current is getting displaced by all of the warm air flowing out of the cities of North America and Europe, pushing air currents off-course, and causing water currents to respond in kind. Instead of worrying about carbon emissions, we should focus on limiting the footprint of human civilization, perhaps through something like the Bhutan model where 51% of the land is kept wild with minimal human intervention. That allows nature to maintain itself, and as a side effect, it provides us with nice clean air and water, plus occasional tasty animals.

  • UK post-Brexit rules to ‘turn off tap’ of low-skilled foreign labor

    The UK acts as the US has to limit immigration to those who are more responsible, which in turn stops the flood by making it more difficult to get there, discouraging the many who will hop ship from home for a more stable life and free stuff from clueless egalitarian governments. Democracies cannot repeal actions directly, such as entitlements or diversity, because it might harm some individual; voters often talk about how benefits are “taken away” when these benefits are funded with money taken away from others. Instead, the populists are going to strangle these programs by limiting them and making them more onerous, working around yet another in-built flaw in democracy.

  • The fake ‘kitchen hacks’ with billions of views

    The consequence of monetized social media: most things on the internet are fake, especially whatever is popular and plays to the existing biases of the audience. The game revolves around acquiring an audience and getting them to keep clicking and watching until enough money rolls in that you can escape to a rural shack with no internet.

  • Boris Johnson adviser: ‘Very real racial differences in intelligence’

    The advisor pointed out that racial differences in average intelligence might be important when choosing who to let in to the country. This provoked the usual drama and weeping, culminating in his resignation. He should remember the Trump method of never apologizing; it helps to frame your argument clearly. Immigration is destructive because it replaces the native population. People are not interchangeable parts to be used for the purposes of government and economy. In the meantime, racial differences in average intelligence are very real, as are social class differences in intelligence.

  • Over 6,000 bodies found in Burundi’s mass graves

    Diversity always ends in mass graves. The symbolists — those who believe the symbolic reality of equality is more important than what works in the world itself — demand that equality become the fundamental assumption of society. They push this agenda and refuse to hear otherwise, demonizing their opponents as bigots, since that seems to drive away the bovine middle classes. At some point, the crisis has gone on too long, and you get a Holocaust. No one learns anything, and the next time the problem comes around here, the neurotics are there demanding equality, even though anyone with any brains knows that it will end as always in tragedy.

  • SACC calls on De Klerk to retract his apartheid remarks and apologise

    The controversial parts of the statement point out that anti-apartheid activism was promoted by the Soviet Union, never the good guys:

    “First we have to look at the origins of the charge: In November 1966 the UN General Assembly declared apartheid to be a crime against humanity – and in 1973 it adopted the Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.

    “Both the Resolution and the Convention were political initiatives of the Soviet Union – which had itself committed atrocious crimes against humanity that involved the killing of millions of people.

    “The idea that apartheid was ‘a crime against humanity’ was, and remains, an ‘agitprop’ project initiated by the Soviets and their ANC/SACP allies to stigmatise white South Africans by associating them with genuine crimes against humanity – which have generally included totalitarian repression and the slaughter of millions of people,” read the statement.

    We should start our exploration of the nuanced truth with the knowledge that diversity does not work, and therefore protecting your society against diversity is always good. Attempts to make diversity work, whether apartheid or equality, always end in the same failure. Get the body bags ready.

  • Deadly air pollution is blowing into your state from a surprisingly large source

    The environmental movement rediscovers the threat of wood-burning stoves after emissions from power plants and traffic drop. One wonders if they will consider all internal combustion engine emissions, and how these have accumulated over the years and turned our world into a dirty grey, as well as the insides of our lungs of course.

  • German far-right group ‘planned attacks on mosques’

    Democracy cannot accept that equality is the Big Lie and therefore, everything based on the assumption of equality is unrealistic. Germans want to live in Germany, and that requires that the population be exclusively ethnic Germans. When you import anyone else, you start erasing the Germans. Younger people, many of whom are clueless, will outbreed and soon you have a hybrid population, like those in post-collapse Rome and Greece, leading to Southern Europe being far less influential today than it was when it was more ethnically uniform. Democracy will not recognize this, so it pushes for acceptance of the foreign even though doing so is against common sense and the long term health of the nation, simply because otherwise it would have to admit that equality is nonsense. This forces the population to rise up with violence, ensuing revolution and future Holocausts. Civilization cannot survive democracy.

  • Mexican migrants sent record $36B in remittances in 2019

    Our economy faces the dual challenges of government and immigrants removing wealth and wasting it elsewhere. We have made bureaucrats fat and wealthy, and kept the ailing economy of failed state Mexico afloat, but at our own expense, to the point where we all work on the treadmill for ten hours a day just to get by and not end up homeless or in a ghetto. If we cut out these expenses, the American Dream could return. The first nation to cut out these expenses will find itself the new ruler of the world, since its economy will function instead of zig-zagging across the charts as its bureaucrats attempt to stabilize what is basically a system of legal theft.

  • Beavers cut flood risks, clean rivers and boost wildlife, major study of wild population in UK reveals

    Nature creates niches and fills them with creatures who do useful things while benefiting themselves. Humans, following their linear model of thinking, come in and undo all that complexity and replace it with human style engineering, which treats everything like a factory or amusement park. As we slowly awaken from the stupor of humanism, we rediscover the wisdom of nature.

  • German public health insurance cheaper without private option, study says

    “Studies” are taken as dogma by the Left because they use purely theoretical means, instead of paying attention to common sense based on past experience. The Left wants socialism and argues for it using any means possible. Their goal is to fool enough people for long enough to abolish private healthcare, replacing it with the public option, at which point the damage cannot be undone. The only possible solution is the mass deportation of Leftists to Venezuela.

  • 5,200-year-old grains in the eastern Altai Mountains redate trans-Eurasian crop exchange

    We keep finding out that more ancient history exists than our theory believed was possible. Perhaps someday we will acknowledge that humans have been at modern levels of intelligence (or above) for much longer than we like to think. This tells us that a rich history exists, but has been forgotten, chronicling the early days of humanity when people knew better than to attempt bureaucratic civilization.

  • Douglas Murray: Boris Must Appoint More Real Conservatives to Demoralise the Left

    The Left cannot complain about this, as it was their method during the “long march through the institutions.” In a bigger sense, if you have control over something, exclude Leftists. They need to be marginalized for repeatedly attempting the same homicidal government.

  • French reforms: Why France is resisting Macron’s push on pensions

    The lifestyle you were promised turns out not to be affordable. Entitlements gut your economy and produce a huge permanent underclass of government dependents. Costs go up to you through high taxes compounded by a cascade as products move through the economy, and money distributed tends to go to end-of-cycle expenditures which do not generate more wealth; buying land, equipment, cars, tools, renovations, and investments spurs the economy by generating further activity, but spending money on liquor, lottery tickets, junk food, hair styling, nail painting, tattoos, and luxury items shuttles that money into an economic dead-end, with much of it being transferred abroad. The French should consider the parable of the grapefruit; when you buy a grapefruit:

    • the guy who grew it paid more taxes; those are passed on to you
    • the guy who picked it paid more taxes; those are passed on to you
    • the guy who transported it paid more taxes; those are passed on to you
    • the guy who insured the guy who transported it paid more taxes; those are passed on to you
      the employees of the guy who insured the guy who transported it paid more taxes, so they got raises; these are passed on to you
    • the store that displays it paid more taxes, and its employees needed raises to cover their tax raises; these are passed on to you

    Now you see a cascade of tax cost. Each 1% of rise in tax probably means a 10% rise in price. Supply-side economics recognizes this, but demand-side economics has a kicking spittle tantrum at the very idea. High taxes drive up prices and depress wages, and demanding more free stuff from government makes everything worse. France is out of money and starting to make cuts, but what it really needs to do are cut the entitlement programs entirely, something that will make voters stamp and scream. The voters are their own worst enemy, as usual.

  • Police record 120,000 ‘non-crime’ hate incidents that may stop accused getting jobs

    The Left used the police force to tag people saying non-politically-correct things as unemployable, enabling them to filter out anyone but Leftists from society. An ideology such as egalitarianism consists of a central symbol, and everything replicates that in a centralized pattern, so that criticism of any part of the system equates to criticism of the founding assumption. For that reason, it must exclude anything contrary to its assumption and demonize those who do not support the central symbol. They will replicate their actions in France and Russia if given a chance. Our only chance at a future involves physical removal of Leftists in every generation.

  • ‘Always derogatory’? Germany battles over the N-word

    Democracy means permanent kindergarten-level discourse. Certain words upset people, so we have to give them Sesame Street style titles like “the n-word.” In the meantime, the taboo on those words means that any discussion approximating reality will be excluded because it hits on something too close to the truth. Diversity is dead; right now, we are just fighting out how to end it. The wailing and moaning we hear over certain dangerous terms simply reflects how the Establishment is trying to maintain control as all of its programs fail and chaos carries it away.

  • Food stamp change would hurt kids, educators and advocates testify

    Here we see democracy in the process of hurting itself. Removal of a benefit that is paid for by others somehow becomes “taking” from the beneficiaries, even though the money was taken from others who would put it to a better use. We experienced more positive results with charity, which was handed out locally by churches and volunteer groups, because it gave to the truly needy instead of the merely parasitic. Forced charity deprives the economy of function, like a form of legalized corruption taking a third of everything that we do, and that in turn makes us all into treadmill slaves at the office to pay for a permanent underclass of dependents.

    Bonus: welfare sign in four foreign languages.

  • Europe is watching the U.S. presidential campaign — and holding its breath about Trump and Sanders

    Leftists want to remind us that the rest of the world fears Trump. In reality, the rest of the world wants to do whatever it wants, so it seeks a weak American president like Obama, since that way everyone else can get away with selfish activity. Trump scares them because he demands accountability instead of everyone simply thriving off the American dime.

  • Scottish Conservative leader ‘totally opposed’ to indyref2

    A politician shows a rare understanding of the time scale needed to understand changes in government. He argues that Scotland should shelf its plans for independence for a generation, letting the changes wrought by Brexit reach their fulfillment before trying to act on the new situation. This type of sensible approach will not win him any votes.

  • ‘The West is winning,’ U.S. tells China; France wary

    Since before the days of the Mongols, we in the West have been under assault by Asiatics, including those who are only partially Asian like those in Russia and the middle east. Following their own messianic Utopian ideology, they seek world control for the purpose of remaking it in their image and achieving total stability of power. While stability seems a good goal, what they want is world tyranny so that the population can be used as a means to the end of power. This type of control seems endemic to Asia and its offshoots, since Asia matured as a society faster and encountered bureaucratic fixed civilization, choosing to address it in a materialist fashion rather than the organic focus on goals offered by culture, aristocracy, and the transcendent as in the West. The Asian model leads to doom.

  • 65 Per Cent of French Believe French Civilisation Will Collapse

    Of course it will. Democracy serves both as an attempt to limit collapse and a driver toward further collapse. France got to democracy ahead of most, so will fall early. In fact, the West has already fallen and is a shadow of itself in qualitative terms; we are right now fighting to decide to rebuild, renew, and restart Western Civilization. This includes much of France.

  • U.S. Says It Has Thwarted $6 Billion Russia-Germany Gas Pipeline

    Europe threw a tantrum and ran to Russia for its new superpower support. The US quietly pointed out that it could take its economic gifts and go home, and that Russia simply wants to use Europe as a vassal state. This caused panic and rage, but now it seems, sanity has temporarily won out. If Western Europe becomes dependent on Russia, that failing nation will (unlike the US) demand allegiance. That will be the end of independent Western Europe, and in a century it will become another Asiatic tribe living in near-subsistence conditions but faithfully obeying central control.

  • Belgian company introduces ‘unlimited’ holidays

    Workplaces place no value on time. Appearances rule because of the fake hierarchy that workplaces implement. As a result, hours expand while workers do unimportant things to make those above them appear important, so that those people can get the right promotions. Our system — thanks to regulations, taxes, lawsuits, affirmative action, and other sources of manipulation and distortion — has become as controlled as that of the Soviet Union. By introducing competition for time, value becomes placed on time again, and instead of the job expanding to fit time, it constricts to take up as little time as possible.

  • Wuhan crematoriums ‘are burning bodies 24/7 to cope with extra workload during coronavirus outbreak’

    A hundred bodies a day overloaded every crematorium in Wuhan. This may shine some light on how much time would have been required, say, at Auschwitz, to kill and cremate a trainload of people. As far as I can tell, the Holocaust happened but the account of it is propaganda; the Germans worked the Jews to death and then cut rations as supplies dwindled, but disease killed almost all of the Jews under direct German control. In Eastern Europe, Jews were shot in open graves and burned in barns, usually by the hands of the local people. Only diversity can make this kind of rage, which we see in events like the LA Riots, the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, and the bombing of black churches by the KKK. The problem is diversity itself, not those who resist it and not the ethnic groups caught in it.

  • Treat us like something between a telco and a newspaper, says Facebook’s Zuckerberg

    Social media angles for the least amount of regulation possible. In reality, they should be treated like a telco, meaning that any content which is illegal gets reported to authorities. Big Tech wants to create a hugbox, inoffensive but slightly racy like daytime television in the 1980s, to bring in what they think are their audience. They will simply MySpace themselves because the audience follows the natural leaders who post interesting stuff, and those are rarely politically correct.

  • Search for life in space must be taken seriously – US astronomer

    Any life out there will avoid us or use us in their textbooks as an example of a civilization that did not make it. We could learn from them, but people will not like what they find. It will not be compassionate, but based on natural selection. Star Trek was both fiction and presented a horrible civilization for anyone to live in. Demolition Man shows something closer to the actuality of what would occur under those conditions.

  • U.N. warns that runaway inequality is destabilizing the world’s democracies

    Runaway inequality occurs as the result of government intervention to prevent inequality. The more you crack down, the more you create a group of super-rich who evade and a middle class destroyed by your taxes and rules. Sane people do not worry about inequality, which is a part of life, but focus on social order and making sure that the good people get rewarded. The Left fears that — by implication, they are not good people — and so they want forced equality so that the bad enjoy benefits as well as the good. If you want a quick formula for killing your society thoroughly, that will do it.

  • ‘Trump is deciding who is American’: how the new travel ban is tearing families apart

    People want to believe that anyone should be able to go anywhere for their own convenience. This individualism threatens what humanity needs, which is that some civilizations succeed and the rest of us emulate them if we can. Instead, we are forcing a normalization of the lowest common denominator, which will result in a world of failed human civilizations with no hope. Let the competent rise above the rest. That alone delivers all of us into the hands of good, competence, sanity, health, and stability.

  • Police to request hate crime charges in attack on black missionary

    People want the diversity out of their communities. No one will be the first to break the democracy taboo and listen, so we push and push and push for diversity to succeed, creating violent backlash. It would be better to simply allow communities to determine who they want there. Irish need not apply.

  • Navy yard worker gets 6 months for lying to FBI about being in white supremacist group

    Vanguard America lives on as the Patriot Front. Apparently, even joining such as organization was enough for the Leftist-converged FBI to swoop in, trying to induce the suspect to lie so that he could be charged. It is better to say, “I’ll wait for my lawyer” and have your lawyer demand that they come up with an actual criminal charge than it is to answer any of their questions.

  • The milkman gets an eco-makover as refill service knocks on door

    As we slowly recognize that plastics are harmful, people are considering services based on reuse instead. This fulfills something that people have long asked for, which is an escape from the disposable culture of our society. Perhaps instead, we should focus on culture, because people who see their society as representing their long-term interests are likely to do things like recycle. Those who are mere occupants of a shopping mall plus workplace which uses them as objects for tax harvesting will have no such allegiance.

  • A Two-Year Terror Campaign Against One Small GOP Office

    Leftists continue attempting to drive the GOP out of their town by vandalizing its local office. Every time the GOP does something good for America, the local Humboldt Leftists come out to do what they do best, petty destruction. We will not have a functional country until we deport these people to Venezuela.

  • Top NSC official may be moved after “Anonymous” rumor fallout

    Trump may have found a rat. More likely, however, he moved a career bureaucrat back to the environment with which she is familiar, the energy department. If she is the rat, then Trump has demonstrated great restraint and benevolence with this act.

  • Plymouth Rock, iconic landmark that marks where the Pilgrims first landed, was vandalized

    The newcomers hate you, American majority. You stand between them and power. They want to erase your history, destroy you genetically, and then assume control and drive you out or kill you. They take many forms, whether committed Leftists or ethnic minorities, but they all want you destroyed. Your only survival rests in sending them elsewhere.

  • Jewish leaders seek better policing of online hate speech

    Jews, for an intelligent group, make a lot of stupid decisions through their leaders. Choosing to stay in Europe when resentment was rising, and then using democracy to suppress that dissent, was a dummheit move. Trying to censor speech is also a moron activity, since it validates the most extreme voices. If you want more anti-Semites reading The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, this will do it. If the Jews have another genius like Theodor Herzl among them, perhaps he will stand up and demand an end to diversity instead, since Israel is thriving while diaspora Jews are seeing their culture, religion, and ethnic consistency erased. Someday they are going to look around and say, “Is there anyone who is not half-Irish or half-Italian here?” and receive blank looks and silence.

  • Is veganism healthy? This Vancouver office tried it for a month to find out

    It turns out that veganism makes you lose weight, but most of it is muscle. As the Communists say, a weak impoverished directionless population makes the easiest to command. Only the Inner Party get steak.

  • Monogamous Bird Found In Florida Models Importance Of Loving Family, Close Friends

    Perhaps nature follows the same patterns that humans do. The happiest creatures pursue monogamous nuclear families and live in communities formed of extended families. If we could test existential doubt in birds, we might find that the Florida scub jay experiences little of it and the greatest satisfaction in life. In the meantime, other bird species live in dingy urban apartments, eat take-out food, drink box wine, and go online to rail about how Bernie will save everyone from inequality.

  • An Alzheimer’s Drug Trial Fails: ‘We Don’t Have Anything Now’

    First world people die of Leftism, bad lifestyles, and existential despair. Alzheimers and dementia seem to implicate the latter two, enabled by the former. Perhaps individualism is not the answer, and we need to change our hopeless lifestyles so that we do not kill off our brains from the futility of an empty materialist and ideological existence.

  • Controversial simulation creates galaxies without using dark matter

    Human history shows people following trends and then, because those are popular, insisting that they be taken as literal reality when in fact they are symbolic approximations of reality with varying degrees of accuracy. One wonders which other forms of “settled science” will fall like plastic idols in the coming years. Blank slatism seems to be collapsing with the rise of human biodiversity studies, and climate change is fading as urbanization reveals its impact on the jet streams and water currents of the world. Perhaps that is the wrong question; “what will not fall” might be the right query as we come out of an age based on the Big Lie of equality.

  • Estate of slain teen sues Publix for selling knife to alleged killer

    How will the Left backdoor gun and knife control in America? They will sue those who manufacture or sell such things, and Leftist judges will wave the suits through. Then you will have the right to a gun, but no ability to buy one. This may be positive, in that it will create a black market for homemade weapons, which will improve greatly in quality. A moderately-equipped machine shop can crank out AK-47s and AR-15s all day long for relatively low cost, and those can be traded for food, services, equipment, or off-the-books currencies like gold, silver, and platinum. Anything you do under the table is not taxed, and much of white America is getting the memo — as people did in the Soviet Union — that the less which involves government, the better.

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