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Periscope (February 15, 2019)

  • Mexico border wall: Trump confirms emergency move

    Trump has correctly styled this one as a humanitarian crisis, pointing out that immigrants coming across the border are starving, being raped, being incarcerated, injuring themselves, and otherwise falling prey to their need to come here. In doing this, he follows a lengthy convention of international policy, namely that when a state fails like Mexico, there will be an exodus of migrants, and it is necessary to both protect them and to protect any nearby more prosperous states from them. Masses of starving people are like locusts and consume everything in their past. People from failed states bring failure to thriving states. Therefore, we have a situation where we get to choose between one and two victims. If we want one victim, we keep the migrants from the failed state in the failed state and bring in aid as we can; if we want two victims, we allow the migrants to go to another state and destroy that, too, even if it takes multiple generations for that damage to manifest. Trump chooses one victim; the Democrats want two.

  • Police investigating whether Jussie Smollett staged attack with help of others, allegedly being written off ‘Empire’

    As predicted earlier, this is a promotional crime:

    In the meantime, Jussie Smollett is the second member of his show to report some type of “hate” activity, and may simply be boosting ratings.

    Just as with false rape accusations under Title IX, hate crimes law give minorities — sexual, ethnic, sexual preference, racial, religious — a magic card that gives them instant power, importance, and hundreds of millions of dollars of free media attention. This means that these laws will be abused. Smollett will pay with maybe a few thousand dollars in fees for a false accusation, but his role on his show is now permanent, so in the big calculus — dollars in versus dollars out — he wins.

    It is time to abolish laws that give undue power to groups presumed to be victims. Hate crimes laws are pointless; if the act is a crime, it does not matter why it was done. Rape accusations need evidence, period, and if that is not provided, they simply fail at the trial level instead of in the police station. Ever get the feeling that everything that democracy has done for the past hundred or so years has been a total failure?

  • Average tax refunds fall, creating political flashpoint

    Our civilization died because morons took over and made more morons. How did they do this? The Enlightenment favors individual action, regardless of quality; the vote favors number of warm bodies, regardless of sanity. We are now equal and have full participation by the neurotic, insane, criminal, corrupt, perverse, retarded, foreign, and hateful in our political system. You can tell that democracy is a dead man walking because, when taxed less, Americans complained that their refunds were smaller. They literally only understand cash-in-hand and have no idea about anything that happens outside of this pay period. People this dumb cannot make any decisions about government or society; they will not just not understand, but lie about not understanding, and in order to rationalize their pose of understanding what they do not understand, will make horrible decisions that will play into the hands of corrupt manipulators like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Schumer, Paul Krugman, Paul Ryan, and James Comey. You will find no victory in democracy, only death.

  • Leaked State Department email: US military aircraft to start delivering 250 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela border

    Speaking of humanitarian policy, here is a traditional application. Venezuela has collapsed; if they could, its citizens would all show up in the USA and want to live under our prosperous economy, functional institutions, low-crime streets, high hygiene dwellings, and so on. However, that would doom the USA to follow Venezuela like a falling domino, so instead we keep them in place and ship in a whole bunch of food and medical aid so that at least they can survive.

  • Oregon official: texts show police-extremist collusion

    Somehow, Patriot Prayer — a Christian, conservative, pro-diversity, pro-equality group — has become “extremist,” despite their only extremity being that they are willing to protest in the streets despite knowing that they will get attacked by a legion of soy-infused white knight tryhards.

  • Are Russian Trolls Saving Measles From Extinction?

    It is time that we either stop blaming “trolls” or admit that democracy can never work. These “trolls” are doing nothing more than posting memes and articles; if that sways people, then those people are the problem. Either that, or people are easily swayed, at which point the whole idea of democracy is bunk because whoever comes up with the money to hire legions of idiots will sway the herd. That also forces us to admit that social media sites are merely cleverly camouflaged propaganda machines.

  • ‘Decide what you want to do over Brexit, and hurry up!’: French minister

    Theresa May has followed the Trump plan. As a businessman, he realized that the main problem with humans is inertia, meaning that they are unwilling to deviate from something that is not a risk, and they fear undertaking anything which is a risk. To make them move, you have to make an initial statement that scares them, then offer a better option, then intensify the situation to a crisis so that they must act, then offer a compromise, and then when they reject that, declare that your better option is the only working option, and move ahead toward it knowing that market forces will follow you. Theresa May let the bureaucrats muck up Brexit and make it into a disaster for all parties, which means that now instead of fearing risk, people see that the risk is here, and they want to just get the situation resolved quickly. The next step involves them realizing that they are willing to pay for this since the unresolved situation is now costing everyone money.

  • Shamima Begum: IS teen’s return to UK ‘could be prevented’

    Crazy ISIS girl, who has crazy when she left the UK to go join ISIS and is doubly crazy now that she wants to return in order to give birth and create a new third world ethnic Muslim citizen of the UK, provides an instruction example: we can stop any of these people from coming here, returning here, or even being here. Laws change, and deportations happen every day.

  • Schools in France to replace ‘mother and father’ with ‘parent 1 and 2’ under controversial same sex amendment

    Government loves the bickering of the proles. When stupid people began agitating for transgender acceptance, mainly to make their meaningless lives seem more important within their social group which lacking any other purpose has become unified on the politics of universal participation, government laughs and accepts, then passes a law which includes transgender acceptance but also mandates that all kids start going to school at age three. You will get your dozen years of propaganda disguised as wisdom, comrade citizen, by any means necessary.

  • Cannabis use in teens linked to risk of depression in young adults

    Cannabis use has been with us for more time than people know, as most likely has tobacco, with which cannabis is often smoked. However, the Left wants it to be a rite of passage and daily occurrence because cannabis is a strong hormone regulator. It makes most people more passive and self-focused; in expert hands, it does the opposite. However, those experts are at most one percent of the population. The rest simply want something to make them feel warm and fuzzy for a few hours, a task to which beer and wine are better suited. Teenagers with problems are drawn toward marijuana, and it then turns up the volume on everything they have going on while messing with their hormones, resulting in more of them having problems that are then more intense. We might ask, then, why is the Left so adamant about legalizing weed? Answer: more depressed people equals more Leftists, just like more immigrants, divorces, state dependents, and neurotics means more Leftists. Hart-Celler and legal weed achieve the same thing, which is demographic change and permanent Leftist rule, which is what the Pelosis, Obamas, Schumers, and Clintons of the world desire.

  • Mike Pence claims Iran’s mullahs are plotting a ‘new Holocaust’

    He is not incorrect. When do we start taking groups seriously when they talk about hating other groups and wanting to destroy them? If given the opportunity, Iranians would level Israel and kill every Jew on Earth. They believe that this is in their religion; maybe they are right, maybe not. However, it is how they understand the world. All of us in the West are pulling up our petticoats and feigning outrage simply because the Iranians have called our bluff on diversity, pacifism, and equality: no, we cannot all get along, and no, there is no way that a diverse state will ever work.

  • Trump emergency sets precedent Republicans will regret

    Here we see the Leftist talking point of the week. We know is it false because the Left are always on a fishing expedition for reasons that they oppose us; they cannot state their real reason, which is that they are in the grips of a Utopian apocalyptic messianic ideology and that this means they must oppose everything else: for them, only that which works toward equality is good, and anything else is the enemy and must be destroyed. In reality, the Left had zero problems with executive authority when Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were using it. They only have a problem when a conservative is using executive power to further a conservative goal, like not destroying our nation and its host civilization (the West) simply so that we can pursue the endless, timeless, and perpetually illusory goal of total Equality.

  • Beto O’Rourke calls for tearing down existing border walls

    Conservatives make the same mistake time and again. They assume that there is universal truth because, to them, it is obvious that some methods work more than others. They do not realize that the notion of equality has subverted them; not everyone sees the same world and has the right brainpower to process what is real from what is not. Therefore, simply saying, “see, it works better” by a restaurant owner to his employees reveals a scenario where the truth is clear to the owner but false to the employees, who believe that he is simply manipulating them and that the exact opposite is true. People are not equal; hierarchy exists; if you give power to the proles, they will destroy everything. Since Republicans come from the moronic middle classes, whose bourgeois values involved accepting all customers as equal because money is money and no need is higher than that of the shop-owner to make some cash, they cannot accept that for most people, truth is false and falsity is truth, good is evil and evil is good, sanity is insane and insanity is sanity. The fact is, Republicans, that most people are fooled by idiots like Beto O’Rourke and Barack Obama, and so while all of us laugh at this announcement, the fact is that O’Rourke knows exactly what he is doing, which is manipulating fools into being parted with their money. That this also destroys civilization is well, not on his bourgeois radar.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrates Amazon move to scrap New York headquarters

    Amazon backed out of this move because they depend on low-cost high-quality labor. They can get this in pseudo-backwater white areas like Seattle was in the 1980s, or the midwest now, but they will not get it in New York where its bloated big city union workers and foreign migrants cannot deliver the quality or dedication that it needs, and will cost roughly twice as much on average. If Bezos acts as he probably originally wanted to, he is going to try to get the concessions that Foxconn did from Wisconsin but from another midwestern state like Indiana or Michigan. Lots of white people who will do a good job at $10/hour beats out a horde of migrants who will perform poorly, or bloated big city neurotics who will be too mentally distracted to apply themselves. AOC may or may not know this, but more likely, knows that her constituents want more lazy-easy jobs like food service and construction — most of the time at both of these is spent standing around and talking — and they want more free benefits. Amazon’s high-intensity/high-precision labor is the opposite of what they desire.

  • Big Tech companies can’t disguise their gross hypocrisy – They are free speech pretenders

    Big Tech needs to face its two future paths. Either (1) it is a private business and so it is liable for any defects in its product, including trolls and propaganda, or (2) it is a public space run by private business and therefore, people can expect to be offended, manipulated, swindled, and insulted among other forms of public communication. If you get robbed outside a strip mall, it is not the fault of that mall; if it happens within an enclosed mall that requires an ID to enter, your lawsuit is going to make you some big bucks. It is time that we extend this same logic to social media.

  • UN experts say Belgium needs to apologise for colonialism

    “Expert” is not a meaningful word, because it depends on who picks the experts, and the only sane answer is semi-tautological, namely “other experts.” We can admit the need for hierarchy, or create a special category like “expert” instead, but either way, the term has no real meaning. Now we see that a group of Africans want Belgium to apologize. People need to face the reality that ethnic groups thrive by dominating one another, and so what is happening here is that the African group is gaining prestige for beating down another group with guilt. In reality, Africa was dirt-poor and savage before Europeans arrived, and so Europeans both did nothing wrong and improved the situation, even with whatever brutalities they inflicted on an often criminal and lazy workforce.

  • What are the biggest threats to humanity?

    This article exists to deflect from the obvious. Humanity will perish of compassion. In the name of pacifism, we accepted everyone, which made us into a mob, not a structure. This mob has no memory, no consciousness, and no wisdom, only a constant groping search for stimulus. As a result, it destroys everything good and replaces it with the worst in humanity. Compassion, as it turns out, is another word for fear, namely that our fear that we personally will be judged and found failing causes us to want to abolish judgment entirely and form a vast mob of granular, atomized equals who then operate at a lowest common denominator. The end result of our compassion will be the following: a cultureless grey mob which expands past the carrying capacity of Earth, causing ecocide, dying of cancers from pollution, ruled by cynical overlords, while its governments go bankrupt and the diversity, food, and water wars kick off. Democracy is going to exit in grand style, and with it, most of us will also perish.

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