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  • Brad Pitt’s Impeachment Nod to Iowa Caucus Quips: Oscars’ Most Political Moments

    There are two realities, the outside world and social reality, comprised of other people and their opinions. Those who succeed in entertainment, sales, academia, media, and government do so by pitching to social reality instead of the outside world. They tell people things that make them feel safe and that the scary outside world can stay away, and then everyone agrees that this version of reality is much better than the outside world, so they create an echo chamber among themselves. At some point, however, the echo chamber becomes stale, so everyone tries to out-do one another by pushing their social version of reality as far as they can. This ends in insane unrealistic notions being passed off as actual reality. Hollywood has no idea how far it has drifted from its audience, since by the nature of being cut off from the rest of the world, it has become an inbred little clique. The average American, whose lifestyle was drastically impacted when Obamacare savaged the American middle class with high health insurance bills, feels no resonance with these wealthy and pampered people who keep telling us how we should take their social status signaling as literal policy.

  • Global dissatisfaction with democracy at record high, new Cambridge report reveals

    Democracy promised “freedom” by removing the internal structure of society, which is necessarily hierarchical; some people are better — smarter, more moral, saner, healthier, wiser — than others, and this irritates the largest segment of society who have nothing special about them, mainly because instead of trying to be productive they moan about how ignored they are. These masses appealed to the middle classes, who pitched essentially a libertarian society where commerce ruled, and this was translated into democracy and equality. However, it turns out that those backfire because hierarchies emerge naturally. Seeing all of its grand plans end in bankruptcy, pollution, ethnic strife, shattered families, promiscuity, and civilization decay, the forces of democracy have now become tyrants, demanding that we all share in denialism of how badly things are going. In the name of “freedom” and “free markets,” we have become enslaved to a top-heavy system which acts for its own benefit like a tyrant. Consequently, people are shying away from democracy, seeing that it has gone down the same path as Communism and Fascism. Bring back the kings!

  • The Surprising Science Behind Friendship

    It turns out that much of human life revolves around caring for others, which when you think about it is different from socializing, or finding a wide group of people to use as a backdrop to your own personal movie. People need more time for real life, which means that we need less job stress, lower red tape, and reduced social chaos. Leftism cannot provide these for us.

  • Paradox: Nordics’ privileged youth feel miserable

    It turns out that wealth does not make happiness, although lack of wealth can make someone unhappy. People need social order. They need purpose and meaning to their lives. They need everyday lives which are filled with rewarding events, not endless repetition of useless things like compliance to image, conformity to shifting social standards, working to pay taxes, and the endless red tape. In their efforts to build the perfect states, the Nordics made the state and through it, the day job, too important, and now people see no future except existential misery and obedience. The same is true across the West, but the more sensitive Nordic youth noticed it first. If you want to know why first world people are not reproducing at replacement levels, look to the existential misery. That and the high taxes making it difficult to have large families explain our dwindling population.

  • Man accused of driving through Republican voter registration tent arrested

    Every time the Left gets what is perceived as the upper hand in media, behavior declines on the streets around here as people become more arrogant and assertive, specifically those from groups that Leftists promote. When their grand plans fall apart, as with the end to the impeachment drama, we see fewer of them, mainly because they are actually at their jobs instead of driving around late-model SUVs and shopping at luxury stores. Some become enraged, like this guy who decided to pull a 9/11 on a Republican recruiting tent and achieved nothing except assault charges. Leftist drives people crazy because it is both Utopian and messianic; it says that there was an original state of humanity which was a golden age in which equality was the norm, that fighting for equality is the only good action that one can take, and that some nasty scapegoat group is the only thing impeding the return of equality. Any philosophy which believes that it can solve all of human problems with one step is insane, but also addictive, because plausible insanity explains away the hard parts of reality. At some point, we are going to have to diagnose this pathology, which includes all Leftism but is not limited only to Leftism, and start re-educating the innocents and deporting the True Believers. Physical removal will be required.

    Nancy: He takes everything that’s gone wrong in your life… and he makes it all better again.

    Sarah: Nothing makes everything all better again. – The Craft (1996)

  • Chinese military stole masses of Americans’ data, US says

    If this is not the run-up to an invasion, it sure feels like one. In the meantime, we need to ask why China wants all of this data. Among other things, it should be easy for them to filter out the spending patterns of conservatives and liberals, allowing them to come up with a handy round-up list for the days after the troops land. Will they do it? Who knows… but they could use it in the meantime. Among other things, it helps them if the people who would actually defend the country are weakened, and those who would destroy it are promoted. They are still smarting from how we checked their advance in Korea and Vietnam, preventing them from capturing the entire region and bringing it into their market socialist totalitarian system.

  • Mila: Teen who criticised Islam on Instagram moves school

    Pluralism means that we agree to disagree, but when those disagreements target groups within pluralism, that threatens pluralism itself. This shows us the problem with symbolic centralized systems, or those in which everyone obeys a universal rule in order to keep order in the Asiatic style, which is that since the instances of these rules exactly replicate the central rule, any attack on an instance is an attack on the rule. If you point out that diversity is not working in your neighborhood, people correctly realize that there is something wrong with the principle of diversity, which is not an organic occurrence but a single symbolic “truth” forced to be applied everywhere. Normally, when a teen lesbian says that she hates a religion, we all nod and move on. When it targets one of our minority groups, however, people fear the fear and trembling as it becomes clear that diversity and pluralism have failed, and that this calls into question the goodness of equality itself. She pulled the rope leading out from under the tent, and despite the raging denial of most people, the tent is collapsing.

  • Masked white nationalists march in Washington with police escort

    The Patriot Front marched and the world freaked out, but nothing happened. Having regular events like this will be great, especially if these groups avoid association with past failed historical movements like National Socialism, fascism, and liberal democracy.

  • Armed ecoguards funded by WWF ‘beat up Congo tribespeople’

    It sounds like they hired the wrong people, but “ecoguards” could be a useful future career path for many. In the meantime, one problem we are seeing is that wherever there are humans, exploitation of nature results.

  • “We’re losing our damn minds”: James Carville unloads on the Democratic Party

    Carville points out that promising free stuff wins elections, but promising free stuff to other people has less of a positive effect. He notes correctly that Democrats are no longer appealing to their base. He fails to note that they have nowhere else to go; they got everything they wanted during the Obama years, and now they have nothing to offer unless they drift slightly Rightward as Clinton did, aiming to reform some of these runaway government programs. That, however, would force the Republicans to go further Right, and this possibility terrifies Democrats, namely because they realize that these days, people would be entirely supportive of that change.

    We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells. It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party.

    The purpose of a political party is to acquire power. All right? Without power, nothing matters.

    The Democratic Party is the party of African Americans. It’s becoming a party of educated suburbanites, particularly women. It’s the party of Latinos. We’re a party of immigrants. Most of the people aren’t into all this distracting [stuff] about open borders and letting prisoners vote. They don’t care. They have lives to lead. They have kids. They have parents that are sick. That’s what we have to talk about. That’s all we should talk about.

  • Pompeo warns governors of Chinese infiltration into US: ‘It’s happening in your state’

    Democracies never want to face actual conflicts because there someone can lose, so they focus on symbolic conflicts like civil rights and equality instead. In reality, China has been infiltrating since they bought the Clintons or before. One wonders how many events in American history would make sense if we saw that a foreign hand was behind them.

  • European Parliament slams ‘LGBTI-free’ zones in Poland

    In my view, crusading against homosexuality is dumb. Demand that it keep itself quiet, and your problems go away; homosexuals keep to themselves, doing gay things wherever such things are accepted, and see themselves as part of the majority. We defend them against the people who in misguided zeal want to beat them up, and they support our need for homosexuality to be invisible to normal people. Having gay districts makes sense, because then homosexuals can go there and find partners, and the rest of us go about our lives knowing nothing about it. However, in a political context, acceptance of LGBTP+ serves as the latest iteration of the civil rights struggle, itself a push to normalize equality and force out any remnants of social order, culture, heritage, family, and faith. Naturally some push back against this, more for symbolic reasons than anything else, since they are not actually seeking out gays to punish but merely making rules, and this upsets the Leftist international because it sees its stranglehold over the world evaporating.

  • DC Sex Decrim Drive Divides National Organization for Women

    Support for legalizing prostitution divides feminists. None of them realize how equality is a powerful symbol and eventually, the symbol takes over everywhere it is even partially accepted. This means that endorsing feminism and abortion sends you down the road to legalizing prostitution and pedophilia. Conservatives warned them. Hopefully they will consume each other.

  • County in rural Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debt

    A misrepresentative headline makes this difficult. The people in question went to jail for failing to appear at a court hearing where they could argue their poverty, so now they are arguing it in media instead. High medical bills exist because we have passed the cost of socialized medicine on to the hospitals with disasters like EMTALA, which requires that these hospitals cover the indigent and illegal aliens who wander into their emergency rooms. Those costs are then passed on to end users, who do not realize that when they are paying for a procedure, they are also paying for that procedure to be done free for others. Without government, healthcare becomes relatively simple and follows what the market can bear; with government, it adjusts to insurance rates, and the insurers negotiate these down after the fact and take the profit. Yet again the quest for Free Stuff From Government has bankrupted ordinary Americans. You would think they would figure it out by now, but for the average person, the distinction between “free” and “free now and we all pay later” is invisible, apparently. As liberal democracy winds down, we will have some gruesome bankruptcies to hammer home this point to the oblivious.

  • Truck driver accused of running over striking workers

    Striking workers operate like any other form of corruption. They demand more for themselves at the expense of everyone else. This driver is a hero.

  • Billionaires could ‘leave Earth behind for space colony’ as ‘climate collapses’

    This has always been the thought, in my view. Billionaires realize that humanity is out of control on the drug of equality and will self-destruct. At that point, survival matters more than anything else, so the elite will get themselves to space stations as humanity collapses in war, debt, disease, pollution, thirst, hunger, and political instability. No one will miss the dead.

  • Deal reached to cut bankrupt Puerto Rico’s debt by $24 billion

    Living off government provides a two-way bad deal. The recipient achieves some free money, but then gets oversight, and the donor receives oversight, but since the recipient has zero accountability, will see the bills constantly rise. It makes sense to cut Puerto Rico free and repatriate the Puerto Ricans in America to their homeland. When they are responsible for themselves, they will make their government work.

  • Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to quit as CDU leader amid far-right ‘firewall’ row

    Centrist conservatives refuse to accept the far-Right and this ravages their party, taking its first scalp. Most likely, AKK seeks to escape the sinking ship of the CDU and return later as someone willing to make a coalition with any Right-wing parties. Among other things, mainstreaming the far-Right gets it out of the Nazi mold and allows for open discussion of issues like nationalist, at which point they can be implemented without the extremes of ideological fanatics. However, it turns out that the centrists are more Leftist than conservative, and so they scream and kick at this inevitable development, since it means the end of equality as the assumption behind all government action.

  • Jamaican-born deportees mount last-minute challenges against Home Office

    Diversity has died. We are trying to figure out how to end it gently now. Governments, averse to risk, have started by using legal means to send back as many people as possible, something they would not have done from the 1970s through just a few years ago. The bureaucrats know that as foreign communities decline, more will follow, and they hope that this will neatly end the problem. In reality, the problem needs to be pursued aggressively, sending everyone who is not of the founding ethnic group back. That will offend our democratic and egalitarian sensibilities but is necessary for our nations to survive.

  • Thousands of Hmong and Lao Americans face deportation under Trump proposal

    Similarly, the Trump administration works to pare down the non-heritage population in America. When we send a strong message that we not only want no one else, but have too many here, and are going back to pride in our roots instead of hating ourselves, the many who want to come here or are here see that being in America will not be the cakewalk toward free stuff that they hoped for, and so they will retreat, with many voluntarily repatriating.

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