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What does Europe mean for America?

If I could obliterate one thing from the heart of everyone who is not a Leftist, it would be patriotism. No matter what the dictionary definitions say, patriotism means loyalty to a certain nation-state, or a group of disparate people united by a government, economic system, and political system. You are not swearing loyalty to a nation — the mosaic of: culture, genetics, values, traditions, beliefs, continuity with past, ambitions for the future — but to a proxy for it, the government and the “system” that it represents.

Your usual [multiple expletives deleted] armchair conservative cuck [more expletives deleted] donut-eating Fox News watcher identifies first as a man of God, second as a patriot, and finally as someone who believes there is an “objective right way” to behave. He thinks that if he does the right thing, he will be rewarded, either in this life or the next. He thinks that people who do not follow his rules will suffer, but he is committed to “freedom” and “liberty” (both proxies for equality) and so he will defend to the death the rights of others to do the wrong thing, as he sees it. He sees himself as a patriot because he supports the system in which everyone can be free, and so to him outcomes matter less than everyone having their rights and freedoms intact.

In other words, the modern “conservative” exists entirely in an idea bubble composed of human-centered concepts. He thinks about the Constitution, fairness, principle, freedom, liberty, justice, equalitymeritocracy, Christianity… but he never thinks about the root of conservative thought, which is consequences in reality. Let us look at an informed definition of conservatism:

Conservatism is a preference for the historically inherited rather than the abstract and ideal. This preference has traditionally rested on an organic conception of society—that is, on the belief that society is not merely a loose collection of individuals but a living organism comprising closely connected, interdependent members. Conservatives thus favour institutions and practices that have evolved gradually and are manifestations of continuity and stability.

“Historically inherited” is a nice way of saying “stuff that worked in the past.” Not in the laboratory, not in a “study,” and definitely not in some book of theory; conservatives prefer real-world, time-tested, and results-oriented thinking. This means that modern conservatives have it all wrong because they are thinking of proxies for these things, instead of the things themselves, and they can be easily misled when those proxies are re-defined by the steady creep of Leftism. What else might conservatives have wrong?

Among other things, they confuse their loyalty by identifying with patriotism instead of Western Civilization. America might be referred to as “Western Civilization, pioneer division.” We did not create a new civilization, but extended the old, and we carry on its values, practices, customs, beliefs, and genetics. Although we added our own attempt at making democracy work — the Constitution that we aborted in 1861 — we carried on the traditions of Old Europe in a new land.

This means that we are an extension of Europe as a global nation comprised of those who are European by blood, behavior, and spirit. Specifically, we grew out of Western Europe, and our practices resemble what is common there in Germany, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and northern France. These are not just our ancestors, but our living relatives and people traveling the same path that we are.

The struggles which Europe faces it does not face alone. Since we walk the same path, we struggle with the same problems. Right now Europe is awakening after a millennium-long stupor, increasing in intensity that whole time, in which it flirted with the idea of individualism, or “me first” before nation, gods/God, nature, wisdom, heritage, and tradition. This Enlightenment™ started out as meritocracy and personal freedom, but as it always does, devolved into mob rule. We are stupefied by the doctrine of “equality” which enables tyranny by mass mobilization.

Right now France burns because its citizens have finally seen the endpoint of this “enlightenment.” Instead of the paradise they once had, they live in predatory and dangerous communities wracked by cosmopolitanism, consumerism, high taxes, low wages, high costs, and low payoff. Life simply is not good in Europe anymore, and if we search our own souls, we see that the same is true in America, and for the same reason. Instead of upholding something higher than the individual, we made the individual our highest goal, and lapsed into mob rule, trends, fads, cults, gangs, cliques, and other herd behaviors.

We can learn from Europe as they can from us. We owe it to them and to ourselves to make like the French and snap out of our stupor, reject individualism and equality, and move away from mob rule toward the traditions of the past, including balance, hierarchy, excellence, harmony with nature, reverence, and strong blood ties because nation (your most specific or localized ethnic identity) is family. We are part of the European family, which is itself composed of many families. Together we can end this era of error and begin to reach toward our full potential again.

Originally from Pendulum.

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