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Periscope (December 17, 2018)

  • Czar Vladimir? Putin Acolytes Want to Bring Back the Monarchy (non-paywall)

    People are beginning to figure out that democracy has run its course. Weak power means constant infighting over power, and special interest groups win each their fifteen minutes of fame before being obliterated by others; strong power means that there is at least a single authority to which one must appeal, and the results do not appear to differ greatly from those under democracy, which means that there is a lot less overhead doing things the direct way. Especially in unstable and impoverished societies, such as the one that the USA is about to be, having a strong warlord guarantees some kind of balance and stability.

  • UN: Venezuela exodus likely to swell to 5.3 million in 2019

    People hate it when you shatter their dreams, but when their dreams are illusions, you are doing them a favor. The world is not whatever we want it to be. It is what it is. People love the idea of socialism, but socialism just does not work. By “not work,” I mean that it fails to achieve its aims and creates a whole bundle of externalized problems to boot, culminating in collapse of the host civilization. Venezuela is an oil-rich nation but even the insane amount of money that its socialist leaders stole does not explain how its economy went from thriving to apocalyptic, crippling poverty in just a few short years. The market took a dip, and then rebounded, but Venezuela has seen no rebound. It appears there is no light at the end of the tunnel, at least in the short term. Perhaps its collapse will allow the Americans to invade and responsibly develop its oil resources, leaving its third world population in the stone age where by their own votes they consign themselves, time and again.

  • Yair Netanyahu blocked on Facebook, anti-Muslim post removed

    Netanyahu says the obvious: diversity does not work, and Palestinians need to leave Israel or Jews will end up being destroyed, probably along with the Palestinians. Israel is the origin of the Jewish people and the safest place for them as diversity collapses worldwide. Other nations, too, need to assert their national boundaries, which means that France belongs only to the ethnic French, Spain to the ethnic Spanish, and so on. This means that diaspora groups like Jews, Roma, and Americans will have to be relocated to their own ethnic homelands. Israel has made itself an economic, political, military, and cultural success alongside Lebanon in the otherwise somewhat wastelandish middle east, and deserves a future of its own. That Netanyahu Jr. can be censored for saying this just shows how far we have drifted into ideology as a substitute for reality, and where we must begin in order to reclaim our sanity.

  • Ethnic violence in southern Ethiopia kills 21, wounds 61

    Diversity: is it working anywhere? No, wherever diversity goes, ethnic conflict follows. The solution of ending diversity does not let us follow our favorite innocent-good-guys-versus-evil-bad-guys narrative, but it is as practical as putting up fences to keep foxes from the henhouse. You can like both foxes and hens, but realize that the two need to be kept separate in order to thrive, and that if you combine the two, you will have unending conflict which will culminate in termination of any productivity, intelligence, and joy in life. Ultimately, our goal in life is not to aim for fame, but to experience normalcy in its height, and to apply that wisdom to realistic advancement of our technology, wealth, learning, and self-discipline. We are not here to be millionaires, celebrities, or rock stars, but everyday heroes whose work is respected for its utility and the greater beauty and joie de vivre it disseminates. Diversity interrupts this by setting us on a false quest, and everywhere it is tried, it ends up racism, violence, rape, and misery.

  • UK schoolgirls assaulted in Ghana ‘given specialist support’

    Thanks to diversity, rape is in the news, every day. We can read all about fascinating sexual assaults constantly. Could it be that, among competing ethnic groups, rape is a weapon of war? Each version of your enemy that you produce which is not 100% ethnic is a fragmentation of their front, and a fifth column among them. It shatters their resolve and sense of self. That leads us to ask: is rape the weapon, or is pregnancy the weapon?

  • New report shows Russia used every major social media tool to help Trump

    The fallacy of partial selection here: Russia supported Trump, but it also supported many other things, because its goal was to spread discord and chaos in America. Leftists, who demonize Russia in order to hide the greater threat of China, mainly because Leftists are actively collaborating with China, want to find Trump guilty of something. In their world, “the bad guy helped you for his own purposes” serves as proof that you are the bad guy, even if this makes no logical sense. Since all of Washington, media, academia, and entertainment want Trump gone so that business-as-usual — parasitism — can resume, it is not surprising that the Senate cooked up and then “leaked” this report, but like all of the other anti-Trump investigations, this one is concocted by cherry-picking data and drawing illogical inferences. It also serves to distract from Leftist complicity with Russia. Just think: if we simply deport all Leftists to Venezuela, we will never have to deal with this nonsense ever again, and it will blunt the Chinese incursion into America through its bought-and-paid-for Leftist stooges.

  • France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protests take an anti-Semitic turn

    Stop me before I retell this old story. Jewish philosopher Theodor Herzl was witnessed The Dreyfus Affair in which a French-Jewish officer was convicted of selling secrets to the Germans. Herzl had a flash of inspiration: he realized that whenever a national population exists, like the French, it will blame outsiders whenever corruption, subversion, or simply vast incompetence emerges. He thought several steps ahead and realized that the only solution was for Jews to have a national home in Israel. Leftist Jews thought one step ahead and figured, “If we destroy all the national populations, then we will be safe everywhere,” forgetting that a mixed-race national population will destroy them even faster than an ethnically-consistent national one, mainly because the former is inherently unstable. Now we see history repeat itself. Democracy, aided by Leftist Jews, has failed yet again, and now “We The People” (whatever that is in French) are seeking someone to blame for the great failure. Naturally they are going to blame the Jews, and in the case of Leftist Jews, they are correct. However, it is only fair to point out that this is a natural consequence of diversity, and without diversity, it never happens.

  • Marines Testify About the “Antifa Mob” They Say Attacked Them in Philly

    Leftist violence is everywhere, but the media fails to mention it whenever they can get away with it. In this case, two drunken Irish Antifa attack two Mexican Marines, calling them both “white supremacists” and “spics.” Apparently, the drunken non-white Irish Antifa believed that these Mexicans, one of whom said “I’m Mexican!” as the attack began, were somehow connected with the Proud Boys, whose founder Gavin McInnes has some form of third-world wife, but somehow translated the civic nationalism of the Proud Boys into white supremacy, which makes zero sense. It is simply factually inaccurate. Then again, we can see how facts outside narrative are anathema to the Left, and especially to Antifa, which seems to be composed entirely of subliterates who are on both heroin and welfare. Truly a modern tale of the ego raging out of control since The Enlightenment™ let it out of the cage marked “thoughts must correspond to reality.”

  • D.C. proposal would let police take guns from people accused of domestic abuse

    Government keeps working up to its big surprise, which is that they want to categorize nationalism as a mental disorder and then make it legal to seize guns from people with mental disorders, which means that if you say anything nationalistic, they take your guns and enter you into The System so that they can control you. We know that this is the case because it is what Leftists always do: declare your beliefs “outside of the range of acceptable,” categorize you as mentally ill, and then confine or otherwise manipulate you. The only solution is to deport Leftists to Venezuela where they can avoid owning guns if they wish.

  • American tourists risk death to vacation in Mexico

    The third world is the most individualistic place on Earth: you spend all of your time on yourself, and almost none on developing functional institutions shared between all of your people. There may be handouts to certain afflicted groups, like the poor, but there will never be investment in making civilization functional. People view government and society not as things which should work in a consistent manner, but features of the landscape which are only interesting insofar as they can be used to advance the individual. As a result, nothing is functional, and to work around that, everyone in public positions takes bribes. This in turn creates an environment where criminality and corruption are the norm. First world people, who think that everywhere on Earth is just like their suburb or gated community but with different languages and skin tones, have zero idea what the third world is like. The normal cues that third world people use to avoid crime — including avoiding official people and anyone confident and friendly — are inversions of how things are in the first world, so first world people are natural victims. As Mexico moves north into the USA, we see the formerly orderly USA becoming more like Mexico. Already corruption, murder, extortion, kidnapping, and permanent dysfunction of social institutions has reached South Texas and Southern California, with more expected as the Mexican count in the USA goes up.

  • Starbucks’ new bathroom policy not working out as hoped

    Two grifters hang out in a Starbucks in busy Times Square, and when they are denied use of the bathroom, claim racism. Starbucks, being ruled by committees which are always guided by fear and not opportunity, immediately begins the genuflecting and bowing to the god of our time — human/civil rights, the right hand of egalitarianism — by opening up their bathrooms to everyone. Not surprisingly, their previous policy had an antecedent in reality, which is that if you let anyone walk in and use the bathrooms, your bathrooms will be filled with the people who cannot go anywhere else, meaning not the virtuous poor or itinerant cancer patients but the heroin addicts, homeless, alcoholics, and mental health cases. Not surprisingly, they render the bathrooms unfit for Starbucks’ middle class social climber clientele (why else would you want a $6 cup of coffee except to signal how elite you are, while paying for it on your credit card?) and subject the workers to AIDS- and hepatitis-infected needles. This creates a situation for Starbucks that it cannot control, because for it to roll back this policy means rejecting the egalitarian notion that is the foundation of democracy, modernity, and diversity. Starbucks painted itself into a corner with this one. If it continues this policy, people will stop using Starbucks as a meeting place because the bathrooms will be filled with hepatitis, AIDS, needles, and feces; if they roll back the policy, well, the diversity grifters have already smelled the blood, so they will close in and demand their yearly $200m in tributes or whatever it is this year. Pretty much the only way out is to take a Trump-style approach and say clearly that open bathrooms did not work, so now bathrooms are for customers only, knowing that this will offend the pearl-clutchers of the socially aspiring middle classes, who find it impossible to believe in something so crass as capitalism when the grand possibilities of socialist equality Utopia await us, even though their own living is made exclusively through capitalism. At some point, we are going to have to admit that the voters — even the “educated” voters — are totally incompetent.

  • Texas’ New Hipsters Threaten the Very Environment That Lured Them There

    People from New York, California, and Mexico love to move to anarcho-libertarian, Anglo Texas. Once they get there, they loudly proclaim how it needs more cosmopolitanism, socialist style welfare programs, and city culture. Of course, that reverses the reasons it was attractive in the first place, and once they have ruined it, they will flee to the next place that has not yet ruined itself with their insanity. We call this process wumping: people afflicted with individualism move from place to place, ruining each new place with their failed ideas, and then moving on rather than simply changing their ideas. It is a pathology, and if humanity does not escape it, it will be the end of us.

  • Frankfurt police officers investigated over ‘forming neo-Nazi cell’

    I thought Hitler was a moron for, after WW1, essentially repeating WW1. Then I saw what happened to postwar Germany and realized that the Allies were even bigger morons because they re-created the conditions that had created WW2, only harder this time. When you subjugate a population with guilt in order to control them, you will render them impotent and start to kill them off. This means that once any cracks appear in your narrative, they go to the opposite pole in an instant. People who were swearing up and down that Hitler was bad yesterday will be marching in formation and shooting Communists tomorrow. It is like the Berlin wall: people lived in fear of it, until the first cracks emerged, and then they tore it down and essentially shredded East Germany simply by no longer believing in the authority of the totalitarians there. In the same way, the Allies became totalitarians by imposing a regime of guilt, reparations, and lowered self-esteem upon Germany, and now that the system of the Allies is failing in a miasma of diversity, equality, debt, and endless war, Germany is rebounding and as part of it, reclaiming its Nazi past. Whatever Hitler was, he was correct about diversity, and as diversity fails, the Allies are resurrecting him. It would have been smarter to treat Germany better, but apparently the Allies were the biggest morons of them all.

  • YouTube removes 58 million videos featuring hateful or inappropriate content

    At some point, people are going to get tired of the neo-Communist trick, which is having the herd enforce totalitarianism upon itself instead of having government do it. The neo-Communists simply create talking points and say that they will ostracize those who do not comply, and so the herd works to distance itself from those, destroying them in the process. You might say that this is Communism adapting to free market principles, namely that reward-after-performance is better than reward-before-performance, since the latter allows not just free riders but half-free riders, the Homer Simpson types who go to their jobs and just do them very badly instead of realizing their discontent with the system. YouTube, as a private company, is not government, but it follows the lead set by government so that it can be “friends” with government and therefore take advantage of all those juicy opportunities and not be investigated by the deep state, which otherwise might notice its antitrust, immigration, employment, and financial “irregularities.” Nope, join the Leftist gang, crowd, club, herd, mob, and cult, and you are free from the laws applying to you and you also get to meet all of these great people who will help you out. This is how Leftism succeeds: in a world where no one is looking out for you and nobody has a place, Leftism gives you a place and a gang that will defend you. Conservatives, who have been conned by their enemies into a dream of “rugged individualism” plus Jesus, never defend their own, and so people abandon them once they get burned. The Left sticks together, and that forms their one rule, so they are not bothered by the hypocrisy of censorship and repression whenever the Right calls them on it. From their perspective, they are doing the right thing: defending their tribe against all others.

  • Opposition lawmakers ejected from Hungary state TV after protest

    These “pro-democracy” protests reek of American intervention. We love to set up color revolutions in other countries, bringing them our System — capitalism, civil rights, equality, Hollywood — which really is just a delivery vehicle for equality, which is a virus which attacks any host group by expanding into infinite scope. There can never be enough equality, mainly because equality is a fantasy, but like the sweet song of the Siren it induces societies to self-destruct, which is convenient for its masters since then can then rule over those societies by proxy. America extends its empire by spreading its illness, since this illness is widely considered to have beaten the Soviets (in fact, what beat them was that we could keep bread on our shelves where their system could not). This follows what France did after its revolution, namely to invade the rest of Europe to bring them the “good news” at the same time its own economic system was collapsing. At what point do we admit that humanity bounces between moments of sanity and the constant pursuit of pathological illusion, of a not just humanist but humans-know-better-than-that-evil-nasty-nature-person persuasion? In the meantime, Hungary threatens to break free of our Enlightenment™-era illusion by insisting that some things consist of orders larger than the individual which are more important than the individual, and that these things — nation, civilization, culture, reality, faith — should form the basis of the society that will arise after democracy finally craters. For that reason, we seek to subvert them, and take great joy in any of their failings, because for them to succeed is to refute our own pathological ideology.

  • Christmas Agatha Christie will reflect parallels between fascism and Brexit Britain, show’s writer says

    Modern writers, possessing a fraction of the talent of the original author, re-interpret an older piece to include propaganda against Brexit, which they analogize to Oswald Moseley’s fascism not because it is fascist but because by refusing to get on board with the cosmopolitanism agenda, it fails to be Leftist enough. The neurotic writer in question writes similar material (email her agent) for other series because it pleases the others at the BBC, all of whom seem to have a Communist or at least Leftist bent. In reality, Agatha Christie detested all mass movements, including fascism but more intensely targeted at Communism, which she regarded as a civilization-ending insanity. She has also been criticized for being a race realist, supporting the upper classes and noticing the crass and criminal traits of lower-caste people like Sarah Phelps, and speaking against the Leftist cultural incursion. It is not surprising, then, that the Left felt that they had to co-opt her, change her message, and use her works to re-program a new generation into loving the illusion of egalitarianism.

  • Yellow vest protests spread to Canada, criticizing illegal immigration, taxes

    Yellow vests are like the American revolutionaries: they protest taxation not for its own sake, but because it is excessive, the money is wasted, and the quality of leadership received is poor. In other words, in the first world we pay a lot of money for third-world-style incompetence. Although the protests do not seem Right or Left aligned, they are inherently anti-Liberal because it is the Left who has been in charge during the expansion of government to this level, and it was done in the name of Leftist causes like equality, diversity, and environmentalism (an opposite to conservative anti-ecocide policy, conservationism). Thus when the yellow vests protest, they are doing so against Leftist government, even as in most cases so far they are doing so from a Leftist philosophical position. That these protests have spread from France to Brussels, the UK, and Canada suggests that across the West, people are ready to move from a system where government takes all the money and redistributes it, to a libertarian-styled system where people keep most of their money but provide for themselves, and have more free time and less red tape to worry about.

  • Burnout, stress lead more companies to try a four-day work week

    Jobs are jails because most of the work is moronic and unnecessary, and since we live in an egalitarian system, “meritocracy” that measures who works with the system the best over anything else determines who wins, which means that we all suffer in wage-slavery except for a few sycophants who rise above at the office game. In the meantime, people are spending eight hours a day or more at the job, and two hours a day or more preparing and commuting, while spending another hour or two on housekeeping items including paperwork and maintaining technology, leaving them with only a couple hours a day for themselves. Our lives go by without us noticing them going, and this makes people fundamentally existentially depressed. They live in a failing civilization, their days are wasted on nonsense, they will never escape the cycle, and the people around them are faithless and dishonest, so everything is for failure anyway. In our attempt to make society organized and welcoming to all, we have made it into an alien jail that destroys its most intelligent people first, leaving behind a vast army of third world style proles. Some people are trying to make this less insane by switching to a four-day workweek, so that maybe people will have a hundred hours alone with their thoughts before they die.

  • EU blames U.S. for ‘deep crisis’ at WTO, criticizes U.S. trade curbs

    America dropped out of the global Leftist collusion where everyone supported the same stuff and kept a socialist-style economy going by attaching the most productive to the least productive, which made everyone impotent except the bureaucrats, who took their percentage and laughed at how easily they had dominated the sheep. Then one broke rank: America under Trump went from the “crusade to make all of humanity obey our brew of egalitarianism, consumerism, and existential emptiness” standard to “represent our own interests only” and as a result, no longer needed Europe. However, they needed him, and want America to return to being a cash cow for the great Leftist project to cover the world in bureaucracy.

  • Trudeau says Conservatives putting Canada’s future at risk with immigration ‘misinformation’

    Canada’s Obama wants to say that immigration is good for the economy. Conservatives point out that science is not very reliable, the science is not settled, and that there are side effects and unintended consequences which make this plan a bad one. However, the Leftist agenda demands that it go on, mainly to keep the tax-and-spend wealth transfer state alive. As with Obama, Trudeau — an effeminate, supercilious, hipstery, and non-confrontational fellow — decides to snipe away at them instead of getting into the meat of the issue, since doing so will point out that he like so many others views government as a career and he simply hopes to do what makes the rest of government happy and if the nation collapses, LOL oh well he and his family will fly to their new home in Switzerland and not worry about a thing.

  • Rwanda soldiers killed by Hutu rebels near DR Congo border, president says

    Diversity seems not to be working anywhere. Unsurprisingly, the more attention it gets, the more it falls apart outside of the spotlight. After the Tutsi-Hutu conflict blew up in the 1990s, it has occasionally flared into public consciousness, but the big papers who keep telling us that diversity is our strength seem resistant to filing updates on how diversity continues to fail there. People might get the wrong idea, and think that diversity will fail or has failed here, too. Oops.

  • Croatia violating EU law by sending asylum seekers back to Bosnia

    As long as everyone is roped into the same sickness, the sickness will continue because everyone depends on it. That means that the first defector really kicks open the door for everyone else to leave and mandates that they do so, since whoever removes a burden to competition will become more competitive. When one state starts refusing to take migrants — in this case “people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan” who try to cross into the country at night — then the others will follow suit, because their other option is to hobble themselves thoroughly with immigration that will not provide any benefits but will drain their resources. When we all participate in the sickness, no one is weakened in a relative sense, but the first defection entirely shatters that diseased balance and the whole thing comes apart like ripping silk.

  • Germany to compensate hundreds who fled Nazis as children

    The West continues to bleed itself for the democracy wars of the past. In the future, we will recognize that both world wars were continuations of the Napoleonic Wars: the takeover of Europe by Leftism, starting with its vanguard, democracy. In return for that parasite, we sacrificed many of our best for a pointless fratricidal war, and ended up being just as delusional as the Communists. This was necessary proof that rule by the mob can never work, and the failure of the American Constitution with its Civil War further proved that even elaborate systems of rules cannot restrain the inner human stupidity, expressed in the individual as greed and hubris (individualism) and in the group as utilitarianism, often called “collectivism” by conservatives. Now that democracy has failed, we want to avoid dictatorship and oligarchy, and military rule seems dubious, what next? Indeed.

  • US lawmaker seeks an end to Chinese debt trap

    It turns out that China found a way to conquer the world without firing a shot: buy up their debt, then call in the loan by demanding access to territory, especially deep-water ports in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The Chinese want to dominate the world, and they intend to do it by making a naval network that rivals that of the United States. In some cases, calling in the debt results in control of vital infrastructure which will enable China to control African nations. Europe, apparently oblivious to everything while it chases its own Leftist dream of equality, seems to have no idea of the peril in which it finds itself. While it expands much as it did in Vietnam and Korea into Africa, China has also found a way to secure its role with these republics, namely by selling them weapons. This has in turn allowed China to effectively colonize huge parts of Africa, gaining what it needs including fishing rights in order to feed its exploding population.

  • Tucson panel rejects request to remove Pancho Villa statue

    You can remove statues of people who criticized diversity, but not those of known killers, rapists, and thieves. Perhaps politicians admire Pancho Villa, who staged raids across the US-Mexican border in which many settlers were killed, too much. They recognize a kindred soul and want us to get used to the idea of constant theft and repression as “normal.”

  • Detention of 100 Christians raises concerns about religious crackdown in China

    China has the right attitude here: you support the ancestral faiths of your people, and avoid intrusion by the foreign, as it is always simpler to adopt something new than to work with what exists, and soon the traditional will be replaced by that which is only partially-understood. As nationalism rises around the world, expect more “religious intolerance” as people realize that their countries are being made generic by the importation of foreign faiths, behaviors, and genetics.

  • De-Germanification Campaign Gains Steam In Russia’s Kaliningrad

    Russia, given the former Prussian territory of Königsberg, now intends to erase the past and destroy its German origins. Diversity works nowhere, not even with ghosts of ancient history.

  • Germany plans to lower threshold for probes of foreign takeovers

    Sleepwalking into disaster, Germany notices that Chinese investors are buying up much of its vital industry. Slamming the barn door after the horse is long gone, the Germans are now limiting foreign investment, but this will not affect current purchases, which as employers already influence the vote among their workers.

  • Theresa May pushes forward £2bn no-deal Brexit preparations

    Finally having proven to the world that the EU is unreasonable and larcenous, the UK prepares to depart from the EU by simply withdrawing, knowing that the EU states will retaliate with tariffs and other regulations designed to cripple economic activity in the UK. That in turn will prove exactly why the UK wanted to leave the EU: these strong, centralized international entities rule for the purposes of their economies and Leftist ideologies, and are oblivious to effects on peoples, cultures, and traditions.

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