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Periscope (December 1, 2018)

  • White farmers’ legal fight against plans to give their land to black South Africans without compensation is thrown out by country’s High Court

    When everyone is non-white or Leftist, whites will never win an election or a court case again. This is what minority-majority means: only Western Europeans are still so drugged by egalitarianism as to believe that groups can act other than in their own self-interest alone. When minorities gain power, they change their interpretation of the rules, just as Irish-Americans rewrote the Constitution without changing it back in the 1860s.

  • Feds catch convicted murderer in migrant caravan: DHS

    Another time that Trump was proven absolutely correct which will be widely ignored by our media. The good people in Central America stay home and try to fix their governments, societies, and cultures; the bad people and lazy people head to America for the easy jobs and free welfare, then send it home to their parasite families, breeding more parasitism in countries that really need to implement a Great Filter and send away all the useless people.

  • Groom Has to Convince DC Marriage Clerk That New Mexico Is a State, Is Asked for Passport

    Diversity hires not only have no idea that New Mexico is a state, but really have no interest in the USA at all. For them, this is the oppressor nation and it will only be goodified when they destroy it. More diversity follies come to us from Honolulu where a day care worker left the classroom, found a jug of Pinesol on the cleaning cart, and then took it back in and served it to preschoolers. Expect more of this to be our future as we transition to being a third world nation.

  • Goucher College student arrested in two racist graffiti incidents

    Oi McVeigh, another false hate crime! In this case, a mixed-race black student commits a “hate crime” against himself and three other black students. After a big investigation, he is revealed as the perpetrator. In other news, most neo-Nazis have learned how to commit hate crimes quietly or not at all, and most “hate crimes” turn out to be drama just like most rape accusations. When you give on party a victimhood card, which gives them unlimited power for being a victim, it will be abused by at least some of them, and the rest of us will pay, pay, pay for these extensive investigations, bureaucracies, and of course legal wrangling. Wonder how much the taxpayers soaked up for this one?

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson: New sexual misconduct allegations to be investigated by Fox and National Geographic

    Black science man becomes science Cosby. Or: sexual diversity grifters hit up racial diversity grifter, causing confusion among the egalitarian diversity crowd but nowhere else.

  • Under far-right pressure, Europe retreats from UN migration pact

    The UN and EU — both organizations dedicated more to global Leftism than any national population or principle — thought that they would keep the happy tax-and-spend regime going by signing a pact that committed them, symbolically at least, to open migration as a human right. This gave ammunition to anyone raising future cases because they could point to the pact and say that of course the EU wanted open immigration, because it signed the pact. This would allow the senile old ladies who run Europe to nod and smile and simply bring in more of their new permanent Leftist voters who would — in theory — work long time and earn much tax to pay off the benefits of the Boomers. Instead, the far-Right rose by shedding its disagreeable elements and focusing on the practical consequences of Leftism versus the potential rewards of nationalism and culture instead of Leftism, which won them enough support to challenge and derail the insanity, for now at least.

  • Jews Feel Safer in “Right-Wing” Eastern Europe Than in the “Liberal” West

    Eastern Europe has adopted a race realist approach. You will not be treated like everyone else there, as a Jew; they will treat you as a Jew, a type of permanent foreign resident. However, you will also not suffer from race blindness as hate crimes by Muslims wrack your community. Ultimately, Europe is going to shed itself of its Jewish residents along with all other ethnic groups simply because diversity does not work, but history will record that other than periodic flare-ups, the Jews got along with the Europeans better than any other non-white group and contributed a great deal to our history.

  • ‘There Is an Atmosphere of Civil War.’ France’s Yellow Jackets Are Driving Fury at Macron

    Wonder if they will break out the guillotines. Macron represents the EU: lots of taxes, lots of regulations, lots of diversity, but everything costs a lot, no one gets paid that much except the bureaucrats, and everyone essentially lives in a rented box while paying for services to do everything that is essential for normal life, and ends up owning nothing. Now that the citizens have seen the future that they voted for, they want out, and their only path is through populism, or that which is dedicated to the nation and not the international ideal of equality that Leftism preaches.

  • ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ removed from radio station’s playlist

    This incident shows us the dysfunctional American political system. The Left does something symbolic, in this case removing a 1940s song because in the context of our broken time, some of the lyrics sound like a lead-up to date rape, something which was virtually unknown in pre-diversity America. The Right gets all self-righteous with outrage, performing its due role as a cross between Cassandra and someone who profits by investing in what everyone else overlooks, and then collapses in a warm sweaty heap, deliciously exhausted by its orgy of emotion and drama. Old Righters like me shrug because this song does not represent us, only points toward an earlier era when the disease was not so advanced, so we could enjoy ourselves more. We do not get any safety except when we find the root of the disease and carve it, then pick a better path so that we do not infect ourselves again. Oh, and we will have to repatriate all the Other groups and physically remove and exile-relocate the Leftists, who will be happy in Venezuela as we burn their passports in great heaps on top of a fire composed of 1960s rock and New Age texts.

  • Ex-Shell President John Hofmeister: Obama ‘had nothing to do’ with oil-and-gas boom

    Obama took credit for the Trump economic boom because Obama has two choices: either begin the hype machine to claim responsibility for what Trump did, or tacitly admit that Trump succeeded by un-doing everything that Obama did and re-doing what Reagan and Nixon did.

  • ‘Comfort women’: anger as Japan paper alters description of WWII terms

    The victorious powers of WW2 re-wrote history too much and have provoked a backlash by people who realize that internationalism — democracy, equality, diversity, pluralism, utilitarianism — has failed, and that nationalism must rise for our nations and ourselves to survive. Consequently, they are pushing back on the sacred mythos of Axis guilt and Allied goodness. Fifty thousand incinerated Dresden and Hiroshima babies clap their hands.

  • New Find Threatens East Africa’s ‘Cradle of Civilization’ Title

    Every month we are re-writing the story of our origins now, it seems. Maybe we allowed our laboratory nerds to make conclusions that were too broad in the first place? Maybe “scientist” — having sat through a dozen years of school — is not quite the qualification we need for people who interpret history? Just maybe…

  • America Is Addicted to Outrage. Is There a Cure?

    No: outrage is how you create power in a diversity society. Someone overstepped the boundaries of your group, so you assert your victimhood. In egalitarian societies, victimhood is the only power, because it motivates the herd to defend you, since you have been made less-equal instead of being made more-equal as is the agreed upon social goal. This means that if you can find a reason to be a victim, blame someone else, and point to yourself as innocent, your group gets more power and their group gets beaten down, which in a diverse society is the constant backdrop of low-grade ethnic conflict that one might expect from mixing different ethnic groups in the same society. Don’t believe me? We can see the same nonsense playing out in Europe, every day.

  • The Religion of Leftism

    Leftism offers the same sense of purpose that religion does, but instead of demanding that the individual discipline themselves, it allows them to remain unchanged and externalize all of that change into political activism. This makes Leftism an even easier armchair religion than megachurch “bucks for Jesus” Christianity, and so not surprisingly, it has taken over as people look for meaning in their lives.

  • LAPD Probes Swastikas Painted On Mural Depicting Black Panther Members

    Another “hate crime”; will it be real? Everyone got fat and rich off these headlines anyway. Fifteen minutes of fame? In an egalitarian society, there is no greater victory than being a victim on the cross, selflessly dying as the crowd looks on, begging for your wisdom. Y’all nillas know there’s no racism in Africa, right? Mmm-hmm.

  • Landlord Tells Harvard Student to Move Out Over Legally Owned Guns

    The Left are simply media zombies: addicted to media, they watch and believe it, despite knowing that media is comprised of self-interested companies with similar profit-oriented thinking to companies like GE, DuPont, Monsanto, General Motors, and Facebook. Some of these media zombies became worried that their roommate had a MAGA hat, therefore was a violent radical, so they searched her room for guns while she was gone, and then complained to the rental company so that she was ejected from the lease. I guess we have found out that a tolerant, wealthy, and pluralistic society eventually breeds parasites and useful idiots in equal numbers, at which point the few sane people left find themselves wondering what went wrong, because they did everything right. Or did they? If we remove the egalitarian assumption from the equation, they got exactly what one would expect.

  • “They Say We’re White Supremacists”: Inside the Strange World of Conservative College Women

    “Liberal guys are really feminine.” Priceless insight into how far the two political tribes are drifting apart. Leftists appear like moonmen to us, while conservatives appear like Conan to Leftists. All of this will help prepare Leftists for their eventual relocation to Venezuela while the diversity gets shipped home to its continents of origin.

  • Linda Fairstein: literary group rescinds honor over role in Central Park Five case

    Linda Fairstein told the truth about The Central Park Five, who were recently “exonerated” by a political jungle court in New York. In reality, despite a media blackout, it is clear that the Central Park Five were guilty as sin, a situation complicated by the fact that another perp was also guilty as sin. Simplistic Leftist minds used the fact that there was another perp out there to argue that his co-defendants were not guilty, mainly because they were black. Everyone sane facepalmed. Fairstein refused to back down on her actions in prosecuting the five angels, so a group of chattering geese from the armchair Leftist department of suburban white woman drama incorporated decided to yank her award for her unrelated detective fiction, in doing so removing any value to the award itself. In the same way no one can even feign interest in the Nobel prize for literature anymore, since so many have been given to writers of color for mediocre books about being people of culture in a world of omnipotent sadistic racism, no one is going to take the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master award seriously anymore because it is a political award, not a record of achievement.

  • Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on addiction, obsession and politics: ‘White men are very fragile’

    The Left always tells you what they wish were true, namely because they are oriented toward personal fears because they cannot mitigate actual risks. When some simpering soyboy straight out of rehab tells you that white men are very fragile, what he is saying is that he wants white men to be fragile, because if a white male order comes back, people like him will be picking turnips and singing their boring self-pitying songs to other workmen around the campfire, not making millions from a captive audience of weak people who buy this stuff in order to feel better about their go-nowhere-do-nothing lives.

  • Christopher Wylie: ‘The fashion industry was crucial to the election of Donald Trump’

    It turns out that people who like functional brands instead of fruit salad novelty brands might lean to the Right, and so a Leftist argues that if we do not suppress those functional brands, there might still be Right-wing people and that makes him very, very afraid and he might tinkle himself.

  • Permission not Required: “Constitutional Carry” Bill Prefiled in Texas

    As democracy collapses in a muddle of bankruptcy, corruption, crime, and violence, Texas wants citizens to be able to openly carry weapons around in order to enforce the order that dying Leftism diversity government cannot. Watch other states follow this lead shortly afterwards.

  • Texas AG Sues San Antonio Over Sanctuary City Policy

    Speaking of Texas, which runs on white male Republican energy and even the minorities mostly acknowledge that, the great statenation has filed a lawsuit against its Mexican enclave San Antonio to force it to relinquish its sanctuary city status following the passage of a state bill making sanctuary cities illegal. This should be interesting more for the reaction than the legal decision, since 75% Mexican San Antonio will now answer a question: do minorities vote for their own interests, or those of their new host nation? The answer, as Houston and Dallas can show us, is that they vote for their own interests and their own groups, effectively swamping public services in diversity candidates and bureaucrats. San Antonio’s Mexicans will keep voting for Mexicans and for sanctuary city status, and that will tell Americans all that we need to know about our new “amigos” from the South, and every other minority group. Each group acts only for its own self-interest alone. No exceptions.

  • London’s Metropolitan Police force considers armed foot patrols

    Remember when England was proud of the fact that its police did not carry weapons, and looked down upon us uncivilized Americans for needing police with guns? Diversity changed all that, and now the UK is going to arm its cops American-style to deal with its American-style diversity, all while still telling us how stupid, backward, ignorant, and mean-spirited Americans are. I think the real reason Europe adopted American-style diversity was to make their television better. No one wants to watch shows about unarmed cops busting people for smuggling cigarettes without paying the EU tax; they want to watch American-style shoot ’em ups with lots of vibrant diversity engaged in ethnic warfare, violent crime, drug smuggling, murder, sodomy, and abuse of corpses. Now that Europe is diverse, it can have American-style television and that will keep the bored workers busy enough that they will keep on going to their pointless jobs until heat-death takes us, as it rightly should.

  • How Political Opinions Change

    Leftists are hinting to other Leftists how they must use RINOs to capture populism: if you let someone a choice, then give them the wrong thing, they will self-rationalize the result and claim it was their choice all along. Similarly, if people demand a populist and get a RINO, they will defend that choice, so it’s time to start gaslighting conservatives that they were RINOs all along and see if we can brainwash the stupid hicks into defending de facto Leftism yet again…

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