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  • Coronavirus: Sweden’s economy hit less hard by pandemic

    Sweden, which avoided a lockdown during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, saw its economy shrink 8.6% in the April-to-June period from the previous three months.

    The European Union saw a contraction of 11.9% for the same period.

    Individual nations did even worse, with Spain seeing an 18.5% contraction, while the French and Italian economies shrank by 13.8% and 12.4% respectively.

    Despite the contraction, Sweden is not yet in recession, since the first quarter saw growth of 0.1%.

    Contrast this to the 32.9% drop in the USA:

    The sharpest economic contraction in modern American history was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    This 32.9 per cent decline followed a 5 per cent contraction in the first quarter of 2020.

    This is a mass panic engineered by the Left for the purpose of seizing power, sort of like civil rights, the civil war, and even the world wars were. The Left always advances because it knows no other direction and everything is a means-to-the-end of a symbol, which does not exist in reality, and therefore all of reality can be sacrificed to achieve it. Sort of like dualistic religions and superstitious talismanic cults, egalitarianism (the core of Leftism) would burn this world in order to heat an imaginary Other world. COVID-19 was just the latest Leftist attempt to seize power before Donald Trump transforms nü-Amerika from a Leftist sithole into a functional country not dependent on the Chinese who are still funding the Democrats.

  • Selective and cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 T cell epitopes in unexposed humans

    We demonstrate a range of pre-existing memory CD4+ T cells that are cross-reactive with comparable affinity to SARS-CoV-2 and the common cold coronaviruses HCoV-OC43, HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, or HCoV-HKU1. Thus, variegated T cell memory to coronaviruses that cause the common cold may underlie at least some of the extensive heterogeneity observed in COVID-19 disease.

    People who experienced other coronaviruses (colds, flu) have more immunity to coronaviruses generally, including COVID-19. This means it will fade out during the winter. We should quit worrying and charge full speed ahead. If you get it, use an asthma inhaler to suppress swelling, sleep on your stomach, and get away from polluted air. If it gets really bad, go to a hospital. If it gets worse, pray to Darwin. Life must go on; democracy has revealed how fearful and prancy everyone has become, and people like that do not create or maintain civilization. They consume it.

  • The six strains of SARS-CoV-2

    Currently, there are six strains of coronavirus. The original one is the L strain, that appeared in Wuhan in December 2019. Its first mutation—the S strain—appeared at the beginning of 2020, while, since mid-January 2020, we have had strains V and G. To date strain G is the most widespread: it mutated into strains GR and GH at the end of February 2020.

    If we look at the coronavirus map, we can see that strains G and GR are the most frequent across Europe and Italy. According to the available data, GH strain seems close to non-existence in Italy, while it occurs more frequently in France and Germany.

    In North America, the most widespread strain is GH, while in South America we find the GR strain more frequently. In Asia, where the Wuhan L strain initially appeared, the spread of strains G, GH and GR is increasing. These strains landed in Asia only at the beginning of March, more than a month after their spread in Europe.

    Partially explains the disparate results: each one adapts to a different host population. If it keeps mutating, soon all diseases will be variants of COVID-19. It will have achieved monopoly. Then, it can begin slacking off, hiring extra people, paying tons of money for public relations campaigns and consultants, and using cheap H-1Bs in place of competent staff.

  • Portland protests against police brutality, anti-Black racism continue for 69th day

    About 100 protesters gathered in Peninsula Park about 8 p.m. and began the 1.3-mile march toward the Portland Police Association building on North Lombard Street shortly before 9 p.m. There, they chanted in the street and listened to speakers. The contents of one trash bin was set on fire on North Lombard Street.

    Antifa protests end as they began: with trash fires. The big story here is that Trump killed these protests by threatening further federal intervention, at which point the locals cleared out the disreputables (petty criminals, heroin addicts, schizoids) from the park and the majority of the people driving the protests disappeared. Maybe we should have just exiled them instead.

  • Former officer who shot Rayshard Brooks sues over firing

    Garrett Rolfe was fired June 13, the day after he fatally shot Brooks outside a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Fulton County Superior Court, he says he was fired “without an investigation, without proper notice, without a disciplinary hearing, and in direct violation of the municipal code of the City of Atlanta.”

    The Left loves wrecking lives. If you are involved as an officer in a shooting in which a Black person was also involved, your life will get wrecked, especially if you are White. They wreck your life first, then hope you just run away instead of suing, but officers are increasingly realizing the pattern: sue for damages and retire. If the votards are stupid enough to allow this to happen, they might as well pay you to go be crime-free somewhere fun.

  • “Zombie cicadas” infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia

    Researchers from West Virginia University recently saw the return of these bizarre creatures, which are infected with a fungus called Massospora. According to a study published in the journal PLOS Pathogens, the fungus manipulates the insects to unknowingly infect other cicadas, rapidly transmitting the disease to create a zombie army of sorts.

    When a male cicada is infected with Massospora, researchers found it flicks its wings like a female, a known mating call. This behavior attracts healthy male cicadas, facilitating the spread of the fungus, which contains chemicals including psilocybin, found in hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    The parallels to Leftism prove impossible to ignore.

  • Four in Five Black Americans Want Same or More Cop Presence in Neighborhood

    Over 80 percent of black Americans want the police to spend as much or more time in their neighborhoods as they currently do, new polling from Gallup conducted last month finds.

    Asked if they would prefer police spend more, less, or the same amount of time in their neighborhoods, 61 percent of black respondents told Gallup the same, while a further 20 percent said more. Just 19 percent said less. Black respondents were more likely to want more police presence than white, Asian, and all adults overall.

    Which do they want, Black Lives Matter or more policing? How about they police themselves, thereby avoiding all White cops taking Black lives style incidents? Diversity does not work; each group needs to manage itself. This is best handled on separate continents.

  • D-Day memorial trees destroyed at Port Solent just days after travellers pitch up in 30 caravans

    More than 30 caravans broke through barriers at a Portsmouth City Council-owned field, south of Port Solent, on Sunday.

    Since then, residents report quad bikes ripping up the field, human excrement left in nearby woods, and fireworks being used to destroy plant pots outside the Harvester restaurant.

    But the vandalism of 75 trees planted as a D-Day memorial last year, marking 75 years since the Normandy Landings, has been ‘the final straw’, according to one resident.

    Travellers — who are either Irish or Roma/Sinti — seem to have read How To Win Friends And Influence People and then done the exact opposite. They see themselves as foreign, so they see their host population as hostile. As usual, diversity is to blame. Yeet these people back to North Africa (Irish) or Pakistan (Roma/Sinti) and things will be a lot more stable and sane.

  • Hollywood Is “Increasingly Normalizing” Self-Censorship for China, Report Finds

    On Aug. 5, PEN America published an explosive report that may put Hollywood on the defensive. Titled “Made in Hollywood, Censored by Beijing,” the 94-page study details how the major studios and A-list directors increasingly are making decisions — including cast, plot, dialogue and settings — “based on an effort to avoid antagonizing Chinese officials.”

    Globalism — renamed from “internationalism” much as “diversity” was renamed from “multiculturalism” — means that foreign nations control your nation. Independence is the only solution.

  • Hong Kong police accepted anonymous donations of up to HK$15m, official data shows

    The donations were received via the Police Welfare Fund, but the force has never publicly disclosed the specifics of those sums despite its submission of financial reports to the Legislative Council every year.

    The Police General Orders were amended last November so that only purchases of over HK$1.4 million from the welfare fund required tendering and vetting by a tender committee. The amount was previously set at HK$500,000.

    One wonders how much came from China, which has enjoyed the support of the police in recent years.

  • ‘Kindergarten Cop’ screening canceled in Oregon, accused of glorifying police traumatizing children

    According to Fox News, backlash grew in recent days after Portland author Lois Leveen criticized the movie on Twitter.

    “National reckoning on overpolicing is a weird time to revive ‘Kindergarten Cop.’ IRL, we are trying to end the school-to-prison pipeline,” she tweeted. “There’s nothing entertaining about the presence of police in schools, which feeds the ‘school-to-prison’ pipeline in which African American, Latinx and other kids of color are criminalized rather than educated. Five- and 6-year-olds are handcuffed and hauled off to jail routinely in this country. And this criminalizing of children increases dramatically when cops are assigned to work in schools.”

    “It’s true Kindergarten Cop is only a movie. So are ‘Birth of a Nation’ and ‘Gone With the Wind,’ but we recognize films like those are not ‘good family fun,’” she told the publication. “They are relics of how pop culture feeds racist assumptions… Because despite what the movie shows, in reality, schools don’t transform cops. Cops transform schools, and in an extremely detrimental way.”

    We have to deport these snowflake neurotics who use outrage as a way to get fame.

  • Genoa readies new bridge two years after tragic collapse

    The accusation is that conflict of interest mixed with serial neglect led to an avoidable disaster. Autostrade and Spea deny culpability. Autostrade will now be renationalised and forced to pay compensation.

    The preliminary investigation into the cause of the collapse, focusing on 71 civil servants, employees of Autostrade and Spea, should finish by the end of the year. That will form the basis of a trial, with charges announced including multiple manslaughter.

    Apparently, organized crime is to blame:

    Tuesday’s disaster was the tenth bridge to collapse in Italy in the last five years alone, and anti-Mafia campaigners in the country are warning that hundreds of schools, hospitals and airports may also be at risk of collapse, The Sun reports.

    That’s because the Mafia saves money by using a cement which is “cut” with sand, vastly reducing its strength.

    It’s called in Italian cemento depotenziato which translates as weakened cement. It’s like trying to put up shelves using sticky tape.

    Similar to my favorite 9/11 replacement conspiracy theory is the idea that Mafia concrete has doomed much of the infrastructure of Europe and America.

  • Novel bunyavirus re-emerges in China, kills seven

    A highly pathogenic, tick-borne novel bunyavirus has reportedly re-emerged in China, hospitalizing more than 60 people and killing seven.

    According to CNA, a 65-year-old tea farmer in the Chinese province of Jiangsu recently fell ill with a fever of 40 degrees Celsius and a constant cough. After being sent to the Jiangsu People’s Hospital, she was diagnosed with Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS), which is caused by the Huaiyangshan banyangvirus and characterized by a drop in blood platelets.

    If Trump polls any higher, it will come to the USA too! Wear your bodysuit, stay at home, help us help you.

  • The Work-From-Home Shift Shocked Companies—Now They’re Learning Its Lessons

    Almost overnight, work morphed from a place people go to a thing people do. The mobile and cloud-based technologies that made our jobs bleed into our nights and weekends also eased the transition to full-time work from home.

    Real lesson: 90% of what people do at jobs consists of meetings, chatter, and TPS reports.

  • German population of migrant background rises to 21 million

    They represent roughly 26% of Germany’s population.

    The figure represented a 2.1% increase from the previous year, but it was the slowest rise in people with a migration background since 2011.

    Stupefied democratic state realizes that immigration is a failing policy, but too late, they are already there and breeding. The only way out is to end diversity, but the votards will fight that to the end, because it means admitting that they made a moronic, obvious mistake. That is why they are votards and not natural leaders.

  • Virginia gov faces new hurdle in bid to remove Lee statue

    Now covered in graffiti, the Lee monument has become a focal point and gathering spot amid Richmond’s sustained anti-racist protests since the police custody death in Minnesota of a Black man, George Floyd. Northam announced plans in June to remove the statue, citing the pain felt around the nation by Floyd’s killing.

    Just outwait them. With the release of bodycam videos and transcripts from the Floyd arrest, interest in this case is dying down because it has become clear that even arresting Floyd — who had advanced heart disease and was on a half-dozen drugs at the time — with a feather would have killed him.

  • James Corden set to replace US TV host Ellen Degeneres following her ‘toxic workplace’ scandal

    Ellen, who has faced backlash for allegedly being mean and rude to staff and guests, takes home an estimated $50m (£38.2m) under her current deal.

    Proles with government cash buying entertainment are making idiots famous.

  • Gold in secret vault is traced to Hugo Chávez’s former nurse

    While as much as $300 billion is estimated to have been raided from Venezuela’s state coffers in two decades of socialist rule, investigators’ understanding of how the dirty money was laundered is still emerging. The physical transfer of heavy gold bars — something previously unseen in court records — underscore the creative lengths to which some Venezuelans have gone to hide their stolen wealth.

    Leftism could turn out to be the greatest criminal racket in all of history.

  • Pittsburgh launches ‘guaranteed income’ program with Jack Dorsey money

    “This is one tool to close the wealth and income gap, level systemic race and gender inequalities, and create economic security for families,” Dorsey tweeted about the program earlier this month.

    Creepy Leprechaun Jack Dorsey made Twitter into a SJW redoubt through censorship and suppression. If this UBI follows the previous pattern, it will run for a few months to great headlines, then a survey will be handed and out not surprisingly, will come back with most recipients having enjoyed the free cash. Then the army of shills will go out on the internet to trumpet the success of socialism over mean old capitalism. We have too many untermenschen among us.

  • NSA Warns Cellphone Location Data Could Pose National-Security Threat

    The detailed warning from one of the nation’s top intelligence agencies is an acknowledgment that Silicon Valley’s practice of collecting and selling cellphone location information for advertising and marketing purposes poses a serious national-security risk to many inside the government.

    Perhaps this is why China is in bed with these companies.

  • How the Media Could Get the Election Story Wrong

    When CBS invented the election night tradition of dramatic vote projections and official calls in 1952, it outfitted its set with a blinking, Remington Rand Univac computer. The blinking device made for a good show. But the computer was a prop, a fake, as the historian Jill Lepore noted in her podcast, The Last Archive.

    Symbols do not exist in reality, only in our minds, much like information does not “exist” until perceived. When we act on symbols, we exclude reality. On top of that, voter fraud and registering deceased cats to vote suggests that the Left plans to aggressively steal this election.

  • The legal fight against big tech is like the fight against organized crime

    Like the Mafia, the threats that Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google pose to American democracy flow from the power they have over key services (from email to social media to music and film), the way they use dominance in one area to achieve dominance in others and their ability to use fear to stop challenges to their control.

    Like the Mafia, they are a resilient, surveillance-based shadow government. So citizens are dual subjects – of the country, and of the flawed online markets created by these companies. Like the mob, big tech has friends in very high places. Likewise, big tech is an oligarchy with several bosses, who compete in some territories but generally divide power among themselves, without consulting elected officials.

    The same could be said about Leftism in general: a criminal gang taking over the West from within.

  • ‘End the prejudice against Travellers’ – police chief

    “There seems to be a deep-seated and accepted prejudice that demonises people from the community. You wouldn’t call any other ethnicity inherently criminal,” said McCormick, also the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Gypsies, Roma and Travellers.

    Media reports on Saturday carried criticism of the travelling community, centred on the Four Houses Corner Travellers’ site in Burghfield Common, Berkshire, that the killers came from, and stated that Henry Long, 19, the leader of the gang, had admitted his grandfather and father were also thieves.

    In democracy, you speak blatant lies in order to drive away the truth, knowing that the crowd will agree with you and there will be no negative consequences. In fact, you will get promoted for “defusing a tough situation.”

  • Hackers Broke Into Real News Sites to Plant Fake Stories

    On Wednesday, security firm FireEye released a report on a disinformation-focused group it’s calling Ghostwriter. The propagandists have created and disseminated disinformation since at least March 2017, with a focus on undermining NATO and the US troops in Poland and the Baltics; they’ve posted fake content on everything from social media to pro-Russian news websites. In some cases, FireEye says, Ghostwriter has deployed a bolder tactic: hacking the content management systems of news websites to post their own stories. They then disseminate their literal fake news with spoofed emails, social media, and even op-eds the propagandists write on other sites that accept user-generated content.

    We find ourselves in the midst of a propaganda war. Even the “legitimate” media is posting fake news because everyone is pulling for their tribe to dominate the others and thus, “win.” We were already divided into special interests, and diversity has just made everything worse.

  • Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’

    The plan sounded frighteningly concrete. The group would round up political enemies and those defending migrants and refugees, put them on trucks and drive them to a secret location.

    Then they would kill them.

    One member had already bought 30 body bags. More body bags were on an order list, investigators say, along with quicklime, used to decompose organic material.

    The remaining real people have tired of Leftism. It has obviously failed in all of its aims and yet it persists, gliding on the desperate need by goodthinkers to consider their society to be headed in a positive direction instead of failing as it obviously is. They caught this group, but these groups are now learning to avoid the internet and phones, which means soon, people are simply going to disappear and we will not find the bones for another half-century.

  • Cerebral Micro-Structural Changes in COVID-19 Patients – An MRI-based 3-month Follow-up Study

    This study — laden with Chinese author names — claims that COVID-19 causes cognitive damage. Of course, we wonder if it was prexisting, since most people in democracy seem to be cognitively damaged. However, there are other reasons to distrust it.

    Richard Horton edits The Lancet, and he wants to tell us about how we should trust China:

    My experience of working in China, collaborating with world-class Chinese scientists and physicians, and cooperating with the Chinese government over its extraordinary efforts to strengthen its health services, tells me that China is a complex nation and that binary verdicts of guilt or innocence misunderstand its intentions.

    No one sane would trust Horton, nor China. They are both hostile actors with something other than our best interests in mind.

  • U.S. Leadership Remains Unpopular Worldwide

    The median global approval rating for U.S. leadership across 135 countries and areas edged up to 33% in 2019. This rating is slightly higher than the previous low under Trump, but it is still one percentage point lower than the previous low of 34% under former President George W. Bush in 2008.

    The image of U.S. leadership fared worst in Europe, where people remain as disenchanted with U.S. leadership as they were in 2017. The 24% median approval rating in 2019 was unchanged from 2018 and essentially the same as the 25% rating in 2017. However, the median 61% who disapproved of U.S. leadership was a new high.

    The global community loves weak American leaders and hates strong ones because strong presidents are likely to rein in the various scams these other countries have going, and that makes them afraid that their third vacation homes or second yachts will be delayed in coming. Europe just wants to keep selling the Chinese plastic BMWs and reaping the profits.

  • Trump fires TVA chair, cites hiring of foreign workers

    According to the president, the current CEO, Jeff Lyash, earned $8 million a year.

    “The new CEO must be paid no more than $500,000 a year,” said Trump, who lacks the authority to remove the CEO. “We want the TVA to take action on this immediately. … Let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board: If you betray American workers, you will hear two words: ‘You’re fired.’”

    Draining the swamp and pushing back against wage-killing, society-destroying H-1B immigration, Trump does what others have been afraid to do, namely oust the political appointees and create competitive markets for their replacements.

  • China’s Emerging Middle Eastern Kingdom

    China is advancing on the Middle East with ruthless determination, because the region is of more vital interest to China than any other, aside from the Western Pacific. Indeed, China is actively working to oust the United States from the Middle East—a reality that the American strategic community would overwhelmingly prefer not to recognize, but one that is nonetheless becoming glaringly obvious.

    Obama, Clinton, and the other Leftists were paid to avoid noticing this.

  • The Coronavirus Could Cripple Public Finances

    But how is this new mountain of debt ever going to be paid off? And by whom? In the end, some economists worry that the bailouts could result in a fatal combination of inflation and stagnation. A sort of post-crisis crisis, the bill for which will be footed by future generations. It begs the question: Is the pandemic merely the prelude to a massive crash? A financial crisis of epochal proportions that will drag companies, banks and governments into the abyss?

    The twentieth century was the peak of democracy; the twenty-first century shows us the collapse of liberal democrat in debt and disorder. Get ready for a transition; we will be leaving equality behind and heading toward realism, hierarchy, and nationalism.


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