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  • Some young Americans warm to socialism, even Miami Cubans

    Decay is a great business. The worse you make things, the more the clueless voters plead for you to help them! You have zero incentive to fix everything, and every interest in ensuring that the voters suffer so they cling to you like helpless, beaten children. Centralized systems — those with a command authority at the center, and lots of equal people thronging around it — produce helpless citizens who cannot conceive of the world outside of institutions, money, and those two coming together to do things for the citizens who cannot help themselves. After government trashed our economy in pursuit of the great diversity dream, we now have a group of people who have no idea how to budget, will get nowhere in their jobs because there are far too many people working, and have no real skills but plenty of participation trophies. They are starting to panic as they realize that they will work until they are seventy-five while living the single life in city apartments and depending on government while paying it all the money they need to retire, have a house, or have a family in taxes to pay for the underclass. Even more, they are all so mentally screwed up by Leftist education that their chances of being honest with themselves, or even starting a functional family, are very minimal. Welcome to a generation of impoverished zombies in pointless office jobs who will in panic choose something rash, whether socialism or revolution.

  • Israeli court bars ‘racist’ candidates from September poll

    For those who want to believe that Jews somehow control the world, and are not simply members of the remnants of a mercantile caste from the now-departed ancient Hebrew empire, they should look more closely into how Jews struggle with their own Leftism. It threatens to eat them with self-hatred, much as it does with Western Europeans, although for Jewish people the Other tends to be their distant cousins the Arabs, who for some reason have given up on civilization in order to rid the world of Jews. We are all under assault by the same thing, which is the human impulse to rationalize caste/class warfare instead of opposing it and throwing out the perpetrators. If a true Jewish aristocracy were to come about, it would immediately congregate the Jews of the world in Greater Israel and drive the Palestinians into the wild.

  • De Blasio appointed panel will recommend to eliminate elite gifted programs for NYC public high school students

    In the name of diversity, we must eliminate any programs which attract more high-IQ whites, Jews, and Asians. This, we think, will finally bring us to Equality Utopia. Luckily, it more likely means the beginning of mass exodus from public schooling, which in turn will lead to calls to reduce the cost of public schooling, which will not happen since public schools insist on “educating” people below 115 IQ points despite the marked futility in attempting to do so.

  • Plácido Domingo gets standing ovation at Salzburg

    This was an act of protest in support of a man accused of sexual assault by an audience that is tired of watching unsourced, one-sided accusations destroy careers. Real sexual assaults are reported to the police and involve evidence of some kind other than a woman claiming abuse; fake sexual assaults are tried in the media years later, and involve the word of one person against another. The pushback will lead to the law ignoring sex assaults in which the woman is not visibly bloodied, a sign that she vigorously resisted.

  • Are Stocks Discounting a Massive China Devaluation?

    Donald J. Trump is perhaps about to choke the crap out of China. Trump and Xi both pay for their lifestyles in dollars. Only Trump can print them. Xi has to steal value the old-fashioned way.

    The dirty little secret is that China is running a massive US dollar shortage both on a corporate and a national level. All told, Chinese companies have roughly $2 trillion US dollar-denominated in debt owed to international investors. Because this debt is denominated in US dollars, this means the companies need to pay both the principal AND the interest payments to their lenders in US dollars. However, China cannot print US dollars. Which means these firms either need to sell assets for US dollars or go bust.

    This is a mechanism by which President Trump can make China send back much of the industry they have taken. China needs dollars. Trump cuts them off from US markets. Trump offers them a way back in. They set up shop here and hire lots of Americans. Then they can have dollars.

    China finds itself in a position to lose bigly if it does not resolve this trade war.

    China’s Ministry of Finance said in statement posted on website late Friday that it would levy retaliatory tariffs on another $75BN in US goods with rates anywhere between 5 and 10%, with the tariffs set to be implemented in two batches, one at midnight on Sept 1 and another at midnight on Dec 15. Additionally, China said it would resume 25% tariffs on US autos, stating that “China’s adoption of tariff-adding measures is a forced move to deal with US unilateralism and trade protectionism.”

    China has two theoretical options for dealing with a dollar shortage.

    1. They can rehabilitate the Remimbi into a first world currency based on the stellar performance of their incredible economy as they take over every market in the whole world!
    2. They can try to torture the US economy into coughing up enough dollars for China to use as a functional currency. See the tariffs they are putting on US goods above.

    Some theory should stay on that cool graph paper the engineers use, because in reality, it will set off a chain reaction of bad things. That may not stop China from trying anyway.

  • Texas governor expresses concern about private g

    Stephen Willeford, who shot back at the gunman who attacked a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in 2017, said gun owners don’t want more restrictions and that “red flag” laws do away with due process.

    He has a point about due process. When one anonymous phone call can cause police to descend on your house, seize your firearms, and shoot you if you resist, then you no longer live in a nation of laws, but a nation of panic and mob rule. Soon all that will be required for a complaint will be an expression of insufficient faith in diversity, equality, and the benevolence of government. The Left will handily disarm its competition — they do this every time — and then take control because to them, equality is the one true good and the only path toward making this fallen, degraded life into something positive. This also explains why they detest people who are content or otherwise well-adapted.

  • Chemnitz: Syrian asylum-seeker convicted of killing that sparked far-right riots

    Mass riots work. Take note, Europeans and Americans: your governments fear you when you form in large numbers. If we had Hong Kong or “yellow vest” style ethnic Western European riots in America, things would start changing quickly. You must have leverage over other powerful forces, and making them look terrible certainly counts, at least as long as there are enough people who can notice.

  • Microplastics in drinking water are ‘low risk’ to human health: WHO

    The experts say we are safe. They often do, simply to avoid mass panic. However, the bigger point is that we hate ourselves for having so polluted this world that you cannot go anywhere without having a human footprint on that place, dead species because of us, and endless rotting landmarks to human failure like shipwrecks, abandoned buildings, trashed cars, and fallen civilizations.

  • Video shows NYPD struggling to arrest man as onlookers taunt them

    How long will law and order last in the racially-charged environment created by diversity? At this point, people have figured out that they are fighting for their tribes — a mosaic: religion, ethnicity, culture, race, region, and class — and so they no longer care about the facts. Even if the guy is guilty as sin, resist the police. If they shoot one of you, you can riot and everyone gets free stuff, then big moronic government will swoop in with free checks. No one believes in “America” anymore; it is get what you can for your group, and yourself, because this democracy is obviously drunk on ideology and will never do anything constructive, so take what you can while it lasts. Sooner or later it will default and end up at war with China anyway, at which point most of us are going to bail and let the sinking ship submerge under the waves.

  • “Old age” is made up—and this concept is hurting everyone

    A bunch of really smart Boomers at MIT have just now discovered old age is an imaginary concept. With that in mind, I’m having my agent call up The Washington Redskins this morning to see if they still suck at Left Tackle. I’ll fit easily under their salary cap at $2M/Year. I’d also fit easily under some All-Pro Defensive End’s cleated foot. And I don’t have that talent agent yet. They can’t seem to get around to texting me.

    Taking a handful of Viagra pills lets you pretend you are a young man, not actually become one. Old Age is real. Just ask anyone who has attempted to climb Kilimanjero at age 72. Oh, wait. The lions ate them all. This entire concept is wish fullfillment masquerading as science. Just as soon as you buy that Red Camaro, the babes come running. They can’t help themselves. MIT promises.

  • The fantasy of being disconnected

    We find ourselves surrounded by attention-getting behavior by others. With equality and social mobility, we are all equal until we stand out, and we do that by being dramatic. Our drama can be moral righteousness, ideologue emotion, freakish iconoclasm, competitive consumerism, promiscuity, self-destruction, or anything else that makes us stand apart from the grey crowd of people just obeying the instructions from their television sets. This creates an “overactive” society including the mania to post pictures of your food on social media in order to compete for your fifteen minutes of fame, and most of the normal people just want to escape at this point.

  • Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat boom: Good for the environment but not for your health

    A longtime vegan points out the awkward truth that fake meats are highly processed foods, which means that you get the basic nutrients we identify with meats, but not the complex nutrient profiles that you need, plus whatever synthetic chemical magic the scientists worked up to produce these equivalents to the “Tofurkey” and veggie burgers of the 1990s.

  • South African court rules display of apartheid flag constitutes hate speech

    As instability spreads worldwide thanks to the social breakdown created by liberal democracy and the lack of unity fostered by diversity, we are now focused on banning symbols that might suggest opposition to the rainbow nation. This benefits one side, and not the other, and as usual with such idiotic initiatives, legitimizes the opposition because they are facing genuine oppression. Look forward to more terrorism and war as a result.

  • Dozens who lived in same neighborhood diagnosed with brain tumors

    It turns out that industrial waste really will kill you. What happened for the past few centuries that humans simply neglected these risks? People enjoyed their social mobility, and cut corners in order to make profit. Now the former peasants are living like kings and normal people are dying of brain tumors.

  • Metal-eating bacteria and corrosion could cause the Titanic to disappear

    Nature can and will erase us faster than we think. Within a century, only concrete ruins will remain; within a millennium, only dust. Even if we seal away our artifacts, time itself will cause them to disintegrate. We are not the gods on Earth that we think we are; in reality, we are simply talking monkeys with car keys, and if we self-destruct, we will very rapidly cease to exist even in artifact form.

  • San Francisco board rebrands ‘convicted felon’ as ‘justice-involved person,’ sanitizes other crime lingo

    Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”

    Decadent societies all go out the same way. They defang themselves because no one trusts anyone else, usually through diversity and infighting over centralized political power. The people become docile and aimless because they rely on institutions for employment instead of being directly productive and independent. Finally, the remaining people create a pretentiously permissive society based on euphemism so that all feel included, because this seems to foster unity, even if it is only unison. Eventually, nothing but a tyrant and militarization toward endless war can keep them together. The center cannot hold.

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