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  • Italy refuses landing to 64 migrants picked up by “Sea Eye” off the coast of Libya

    Infinite demand on finite resources creates a tragedy of the commons. Most of humanity is starving, illiterate, diseased, and living in corrupt theocracies, and so they all want to take the easy way out and emigrate to someplace wealthy and stable. In the process, they will remove the people who make those places wealthy and stable. In the same way, every human places demands on nature, and soon we will have consumed all that we can and crowded out the rest. Get ready for a world of grass, rats, and sparrows in which Berlin looks like Somalia and New York looks like Beijing.

  • Death metal drummer charged with setting two Mormon churches ablaze

    Humans got afflicted with the Utopian disease because promising peace, equality, tolerance, pluralism, and other “everyone is safe” type ideals wins points in conversation and thus, in popularity (voting, products, and social status). Now we have made these cute little vacation villa societies like New Zealand and Germany where they always do the “right” thing which means whatever makes people feel harmless and safe. Apparently unknown to most of humanity, these places drive people mad because they are fake, controlling, and ruled by the demands of social status instead of the need to be actually effective. Red-blooded people find them repellent and tend to want to burn them down or shoot up a mosque.

  • Possible Nazi group uncovered on Penn State’s main campus

    Actually, what happened was that someone took a photo of ten guys and labeled them Nazis, then circulated a packet with this information and lots of Nazi iconography. In reality, these guys are probably the local chapter of the Young Republicans and this whole thing is typical Leftist woo designed to keep the base riled up despite their recent humiliating defeat over the non-collusion Russiagate.

  • Climate change: ‘Magic bullet’ carbon solution takes big step

    Oil firms have found a substance that traps carbon and they are all in. Here is how this is going to work: you will pay twice as much for gas, oil companies will make trillions selling the carbon-trapping stuff, and humanity will extract even more oil than before. In the meantime, the actual solution to ecocide — leaving 50% of the land in its natural state and off-limits to humans — proved less popular with the oil companies and activists alike. “Environmentalism” is a key word for tithing a small amount of our wealth by buying garbagy green products and implementing new taxes so that we can continue to live our reckless, pointless, and tedious modern existence.

  • Brazil’s president calls Nazis leftists after Israel Holocaust museum visit

    No one dares say the truth: nationalism is Right-wing, socialism is Left-wing, and the Nazis were a hybrid. They simply took modernity to its logical extreme in an attempt to force civilization back toward traditional values of masculinity, honor, good breeding, and hierarchy. With their defeat, the West gave up on itself. With the adoption of nationalism by Israel, the Right has come back as the putative victims of nationalism have seen the importance of it. Now, the West is swinging back toward the Right, but we should learn from history and avoid the Communist-derived Leftist ideals of Nazism, including the total state, repression, and mass murder. Instead, we should simply relocate those who are not of the founding group in any nation, and exile the defectives, letting nature take care of its little genetic boo-boos.

  • More Than 280 Arrested in Allen in Largest Immigration and Customs Enforcement Operation in 10 Years

    While the herd mentality people on the Right continue to berate Trump for not simply seizing control of American democracy and forcing it to do his will, realists see Trump as the first of many steps to the Right which — if we do not screw up by starting pointless wars, wrecking the economy, or acting like tyrants — will continue as people flee Leftism, since Leftism has had seventy years of near-complete control and all of its programs have failed and left worse messes in their wake. Trump is doing the groundwork for what he ultimately hopes to achieve and realizes that any dramatic acts he undertakes will be opposed by a huge herd of Leftists who will attempt to sabotage him, so he is going for the subtle approach. Most notably, he is reforming the American judiciary to end Leftist “legislating from the bench” so that he can go ahead with sensible changes and not have them simply shot down by the Left-leaning courts. He has always aimed to be Reagan, or a practical realist president, not an ideologue. If Trump succeeds, we have a chance to put in another conservative, and we should pick someone more radical than Bush I, who was a CIA lifer and therefore drank the Kool-Aid regarding the American mission to bring peace, democracy, equality, LGBT+ rights, consumerism, and Jesus to the world. He was the guy who coined the phrase “New World Order,” which shows how little he understood conservatism. The Clintons followed up on that with the notion of the “global village” and from that, we got globalism. Considering that China funded the Clintons, it should not surprise us that things have gone haywire since then, since the Clintons accelerated every form of social decay known to history, including diversity.

  • Thomas Jefferson statue must go, some Hofstra University students say

    We told you that they would not stop with Confederates. The Left aims to erase any history that is not Leftist, and Jefferson was as mixed as Hitler on the Left-Right divide, so he must go eventually.

  • Aw, Shucks: Missouri‚Äôs One And Only Corn Cob Pipe Factory Turns 150

    People forget that once upon a time, most men smoked pipes. Then in the 1950s, industry realized that it could make more money from cigarettes, since it could sell an ounce of tobacco for five times the cost. In the 1960s, after a Surgeon General’s report, government began regulating the tobacco industry, causing it to consolidate and birthing Big Tobacco. Things were simply better before we enabled all of this dysfunction.

  • Violent protest in Italy after Roma families moved

    Roma (Indian-Muslim hybrids like Pakistanis) are one of the oldest forms of diversity in Europe, alongside Jews and Saami. Hint to ethnic groups: when you become a NIMBY issue, meaning that no one wants you near their neighborhood or home, then you are not net contributors. If your only means of protesting this is to vandalize neighborhoods and set cars on fire, you are definitely not contributors. Even more, you are different, and that fact alone fragments social unity. It is time for you to go back home.

  • Hungarian trade unions bare teeth in rare strike wave

    Unions have always been blight. The workers want higher wages, which means the incompetents get rewarded along with the competent, and then consumers pay more, which means they charge each other more, and soon society is caught in a growth wave. Workers need to realize the grim truth: they are simply not that important, since they are easily replaced. Having a craft is different, but most of these proles lack that sort of attention to detail, and max out at putting bolts in the right place day after day in factories. The answer is to go the opposite direction that the workers want us to go — recognizing that the workers are incompetents at the questions they are trying to answer — and instead pay them minimum wage but decrease costs of food, taxes, housing, and alcohol. Sin taxes drive workers to demand more so that they can continue to afford their nightly burger and twelve pack, but if you make those cheaper, the workers go back to sleep.

  • Britain’s Version Of ‘Medicare For All’ Is Struggling With Long Waits For Care

    Infinite demand, finite supply. This creates a growth cycle where capacity is perpetually added and people get sicker and stay sick because it is cheaper than making lifestyle changes. This allows all sorts of bad things, from pollution to overeating, to continue. Those who suffer come disproportionately from the group with actual sudden health risks because those people are not familiars in the system, and therefore are unprepared for the onslaught of bureaucracy and confusion that awaits them, and so the system slots them lower because they are effectively unintentional troublemakers. In the end, there will be nothing but a giant bureaucracy, a huge horde of dependents, and graves for those who trusted the system. This is how all of the entitlements systems are going out; they worked on the wealth wave of the past, but when that was depleted by tax-and-spend economics, they all began to collapse, and will leave behind giant craters of debt.

  • 85% of American workers are happy with their jobs, national survey shows

    We have reached the Soviet stage of civilization. Humans tend toward crowd behavior unless organized otherwise, and crowd behavior leads directly to the third world. It starts with trying to make everyone feel safe because groups react more to emotional threats — things that would create personal mental instability — than actual threats, and so they are constantly in a state of fear about non-issues. That brings in the bureaucratic mindset of treating everyone the same way, making them do the same things, and therefore avoiding all the known terrors that exist. This creates a panic stampede away from troubling realistic notions and toward open-ended universal absolutes like peace, love, art, profundity, spiritualism, and other personal adornments for preening proles. When you have a civilization that claims such a Utopian basis, any dissent, even passive dissent or “I don’t know,” is viewed as an attack. At that point, there becomes an official right answer to everything, and that is that you must rationalize your job as good in order to not think of yourself as a loser and have the rest of society demote you. In the meantime, people are actually being made miserable by their jobs because those jobs are unstable. If you work fewer hours than the other guy, he might replace you, or your bosses might replace you, and then you will be destitute and searching for another job. The cycle goes on and on, and soon people spend almost all of their time at jobs, which makes them alien and hateful. Thinking more realistically, people actually need a lot more free time including time to do nothing, become bored, and thus discover themselves. Jobs — a substitute for honest cooperation, much like crowdism is a substitute for actual unity — deprive them of this and peace of mind, guaranteeing a slow collapse of civilization. This is why it is the most wealthy, intelligent, and prosperous civilizations which go up and then go down hard.

  • Lori Lightfoot Is Elected Chicago Mayor, Becoming First Black Woman to Lead City

    Once your city becomes diverse, and the diversity has enough of a vote, every election becomes a color-line issue, and leaders are chosen for their ability to be symbols for those diverse communities, rather than competence. Once in office, they do what is good for their special interest group, which is to take money from other groups and direct it into programs that benefit the special interest group. At that point, the city begins a hardcore decline, since it demands infinite money and delivers nothing of substance, driving out anyone with the option to leave.

  • Vaccine linked to ‘dramatic’ cervical disease drop

    Statistics fool us every time. People who engage in risky behavior get cervical diseases; to counter this, big dumb good guy blockhead government decides to inoculate everyone, forgetting that in doing so, they are endorsing promiscuous behavior. That encourages the kids who otherwise would not be promiscuous to be so, instead of localizing the problem with those who tend down that path anyway. Standards drop whenever bureaucracy gets involved in trying to save everyone from themselves.

  • Dutch security agency warns against Chinese, Russian technology

    People are slowing figuring out that the countries who want to dominate us are building backdoors into their technology, and we are fools if we use it. China and Russia seem to be allies again, which should raise some eyebrows but somehow does not. In the meantime, others keep discovering security flaws in Chinese products that could be used to pirate away our industrial technology and manipulate our governments. Somehow the Left does not mention this. Perhaps Russiagate was merely a deflection to keep us from looking at the ongoing alliance between the American Left and China, a nation against whom we have fought two wars?

  • Last survivor of US slave ships discovered

    Like all good Leftist propaganda, it starts with a grain of truth, which is then expanded with deductions, and finally turned into a theory of just about everything which conveniently argues for egalitarianism and more power to the Left. This story is scant on actual evidence; we have some information from the perspective of a slave, and we assume that she does not lie and tells the absolute truth, and the rest are opinions masquerading as historical fact. If you want to know why people are defecting from mainstream science, academia, media, and government as sources of truth, this Leftist “amplification approach” is the reason why.

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