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Our age will end when humans stop trying to manage nature for human ends, and accept that nature is an order in which we live. It is an invisible order, meaning that it exists in patterns not tangibles, and we fail when we deny its logic.

For example, we can choose to forget that nature operates as a sorting process, placing everything in order from least to best. Natural selection serves as part of this, but we can even see it in a shallow stream, where small rocks wash away leaving the larger.

Through this process nature continually destroys and rebuilds, making large rocks into smaller ones and then into sand which is compressed into sandstone, then eventually melted through geothermal energy into new stone again.

A sane view of humanity would see it as an ecosystem like the stream. Organisms help break down and build, and we keep large rocks for structure, washing the small downstream for renewal.

Our human solipsism however enables us to see that we are not large rocks, and so we try to create an order where all the rocks are the same size, as in sand. This makes us weak, and we are washed away by the currents of history.

This solipsism destroys all civilizations. On the individual level, it is hubris or a desire to be more important than we are in reality, and on a collective level, it is the demand for equality, so that the herd can be controlled as one.

That hubris manifests itself as bureaucracy, or the idea of control, which means that some bright human thing decides what the One Right Way is and forces everyone equally to obey it. That way, the herd is controlled and used as a tool.

In turn this appears in how we design our living spaces. We stack homes in neat orderly blocks, standardize streets, tear down the wilderness and erect parks, which are the bane of modern existence.

Unlike nature, a “park” is based on the human model of control, not the ecosystem model where everything finds its niche and the best rise in their own domains. In nature, there is no equality, only a constant sorting process where the best rise above the rest.

We no longer encounter wilderness. Every strip of Earth has been visited recently by humans or at least, had litter dumped on it. The wild unbroken stretches of forest and plains are cut up by fences, roads, and probably secret government listening sites or corporate bioengineering labs.

Wild species which once roamed continents now must content themselves with the equivalent of parks: small contained areas, as if we instructed them to go be wild somewhere and then walled them in. Their days are marked by the sound of human planes and trucks.

Naturally, this means doom for them. It also means doom for us. We rarely encounter the real world, only a facsimile of it designed and created by controlling human brains. The forebrain, once used for creativity, now feeds the greed of our unstable souls.

You can leave your house and walk, but why? You will be skirting human buildings, machinery, and plots to control you. You will rarely find the open forest and if you do, it is most likely an illusion. Keep walking and you will discover that bulldozer or military lab.

Although the consequences of this are disastrous for our health and are resulting in ecocide, a sin for which we will never forgive ourselves, the biggest hit comes to our sanity. We wander in a world of human control, never “free” except in the sense of shopping for jobs and products.

If you wonder why our brightest are dying out, why idiots rule on every level, and why people are so mean and cruel in their endless voracious appetite for power, you can find the root of it in this insanity. We won over nature, and now, we have destroyed ourselves as well.

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