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  • Where Does Aid to Central America Go? Police Officers, Farmers and NGOs

    Foreign aid does not go directly to starving people. Instead, it goes to the people in power who are tasked with administering to those people. As a result, much if not most of it is stolen or directed toward projects which are basically employment programs for Leftists. Since the agencies in these countries have instead encouraged a great exodus to the north, Trump is cutting off aid to three countries. Central American countries enjoy sending their immigrants north because it is their only power over the United States, which made itself prosperous by not following the Central American model, which leads only to poverty, crime, violence, and disease. In the meantime, American immigration authorities are dumping migrants back into Mexico and attempting to stem the tide while Mexico fails to help and in fact is doing its best to worsen the situation. The Left and their NGOs have encouraged massive immigration waves which are overwhelming American cities. Those who benefit from immigration are speaking out in favor of a borderless world which will result in there being zero first world countries on Earth. This encouragement causes more to come, resulting in overwhelmed federal facilities to deal with what looks like a border immigration crisis. Democrats refuse to act because they are hoping for new voters to overwhelm the American population, since the latter tends to vote moderate conservative, but their actions will turn America into a third-world wasteland which is already overflowing with third world migrants. Trump called the border a crisis, and history is proving him right, while he appoints a immigration czar to tell people what the media refuses to hear: most of humanity is a combination of impoverished and incompetent, with the latter causing the former, and they like all humans want an easy answer, which means moving to the West where the wealth already is, instead of generating it for themselves through social order, functional institutions, ending corruption, and rewarding the few high-IQ people among them. The third world is defined by its invariant tendency to do the opposite of what succeeds, and immigration is simply part of that process.

  • Japan introduces legal cap on long working hours under labor reform law

    Japan understands what the West does not: we are working against natural selection by taking our most promising people, working them to death in unnecessary jobs doing unnecessary activities, purely so that they can be taxed to provide for the ever-bloating state and the many useless people it employs. Jobs are killing white people. High taxes are causing them to have smaller families. Worse, these crush the most intelligent people with the greatest amount of foresight first, so the quality of white people is in free fall. Remember, the Left wants a few tyrants ruling over a vast mob of dummies. All of their policies are intended to get to that point.

  • Catholic priests in Poland burn Harry Potter and Twilight books

    J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis invented alternate mythologies that explained our culture, including faith, to ourselves since we had forgotten the why behind it. Years later, prole J.K. Rowling came along and wrote a French Revolution style mythology about how racism was bad and couched it as a young adult book. It is blatant propaganda. The priests may burn it for being sacrilegious, but they might want to burn it instead for being simplistic garbage as well as for being propaganda for the Left, which stands against everything good. We will not have mental peace, health, or sanity until we deport our Leftists to Venezuela and set up a caste system so that people like J.K. Rowling spend their lives waiting tables instead of writing propaganda. If there is an actual assault against Christianity, it comes from three sources: first, an utter lack of faith in a religion based in symbolism in a time of literal understanding of the world, second, traitors within converting the religion into a faith-tinged version of secular humanism; and third, the catastrophic results of Leftist policies like diversity causing literal war against Christianity.

  • Man visits porn shoot set during gangbang scene – says it’s ‘worst thing he’s ever seen’

    We live behind a veil of illusion in this time. This veil says that what people do voluntarily is separate from what they do as part of organized groups, forgetting that the clique/gang/cult mentality of the mob coerces people as much as any government or tyrant will. When you see what people do in order to be accepted by the group — they need to stand out, since when everyone is equal, no one has a place — it becomes clear that people need guidance. They are not competent to figure out philosophy on their own, for the most part, and without guidance, they follow the herd to degradation. However, our wise elites shake fingers at us, telling us that this is the choice of the people involved and that sexual openness is good, ignoring the obvious reduction to savagery that it has enacted on former civilized places. Erotic art may not be bad, and maybe people filming their own sex tapes is not bad, but pornography joins other evils in tearing apart our world, and only when people see it up close and personal do they realize how much “personal choice” is simply a convenient fiction.

  • Germany’s manufacturing recession worsens

    German output falls to an 80-month low based on weakening demand, which as it turns out was entirely driven by consumption. When Trump announced tariffs to put US products on a comparable footing with those from China, he savaged the globalist system by which the first world transferred wealth to the third world. This caused China to stop its cycle of selling cheap stuff to the US and buying European goods, which resulted in a massive drop in demand for European goods. This ended the process by which Leftist governments got rich, paid little for defense, and then threw all of their money into lavish entitlements programs while taunting the US for not doing the same. Watch the globalist system fall as a result, which was inevitable because it was always unstable and based on debt. Trump is trying to make the US self-sufficient before this happens, which requires trimming the workforce and entitlements. If he does that, he can then default on the US debt and plunge the world into war, which will leave the US as the only power standing. The others have no one to blame but themselves, since they were the ones who voted for stupid decisions repeatedly.

  • Court: Kate Steinle’s parents can’t sue San Francisco for negligence in daughter’s death

    The elites are telling you that you must suffer under the consequences of their bad decisions. To them, maintaining the steady creep of Leftism is more important than your deaths. If this were not the case, we would allow sanctuary cities to be sued for their decision to allow unvetted potential criminals to walk among them, especially since they are doing this in the name of their own profit from cheap labor. If you wonder why Trump has backed off some of his more radical plans to focus on judges, now you can see why…

  • MPs debate new gun laws: ‘NZers want this change’

    The Left operates on human emotions. Whenever there is a tragedy, the herd flees in a mass panic toward the opposite extreme. What politician would not profit from this? As long as the politician keeps expanding his own power and bureaucracy, the voters lose, every time. And yet they do the same thing, every time. It is not our politicians who are incompetent; it is the voters! In the meantime, American states make the same mistake by creating a backdoor method of gun control. It works this way: you find something that someone said once that suggests they might be at risk, and take their guns. This can be as simple as a despondent Facebook post, the testimony of an ex-girlfriend or wife during a divorce, or even an angry moment at work. Soon, you can remove guns from the hands of most of the population while claiming that you do not have “gun control.”

  • Crime in Germany at lowest level since reunification

    However, authorities warn that statistics do not tell the whole story as many offences go unreported.

    The same is true in America: most crimes are not reported because the police will do nothing. Claiming them on your insurance will only result in higher rates. “Crime rates” drop as a result, and the politicians declare the success of diversity! In some cities, as in south Texas, police will show up and attempt to bargain someone reporting crime down to a lesser issue. Burglaries become vandalism; muggings become thefts and not assaults; stolen property becomes “lost” or vandalized. This allows the powers that be to keep the figures low even as crime is surging. If you look at specific crimes that have dropped, you can see where the enforcement is actually being applied.

  • US court ruling on popular weed killer sends shockwaves in Kenya

    As predicted here some days ago, these court decisions will have massive ripple effects. Much of modern agriculture depends on the use of weedkillers to keep crop yields high. Another straw falls on the back of the camel of globalism; when the crop yields fall, and the starving become greater in number, as the pollution rises and world economic and political stability crumbles, what will happen?

  • Posh dome restaurant opens under Toronto expressway weeks after nearby homeless camp eviction

    Egalitarians love victims, because if you can find a victim, you can claim that the system is unjust and that is responsible for inequality, instead of the different abilities and characters of individuals. In reality, the homeless do nothing more than poison areas with third-world style crime, filth, disease, and insanity. Societies that clear them out can then make those areas valuable again, and not surprisingly, restaurants will be among the first to seize them. In the meantime, the West is in denial of the fact that our life-killing jobs, divorce laws, and insane modern life exacerbate homelessness, which is basically the problem of our opulent and undisciplined societies producing too many crazy and drink/drug-addicted people.

  • Book deal revelations spur call for Baltimore mayor to quit

    How to be corrupt, legally: write a book and sell it through your own company so that you get half of the profits instead of ten percent, then give favors to whoever buys lots of those books. The two cannot be connected and even when incidents like this reach the notice of the population, they will not particularly care.

  • The new minimum wage is killing NYC’s once-thriving restaurant scene

    The cycle continues. Thriving societies allow more people who would otherwise die to survive, and these then attract the eye of the bourgeois middle classes, who desire to sell products to these people, so they demand that the politicians tax everyone and dump the money on the poor, who then spend it on products. This also drives up housing values and so in theory, everyone who already has money will benefit well, but it also causes the society to go bankrupt, which is not a problem for the middle classes who will simply sell out and move, a trend which starts with the very rich who are hit hardest by the taxes. Everywhere humans go, they encounter nice places and then make them horrible by going through the usual human pattern, which involves people acting in herds on trends instead of leadership by capable people who realize that letting nature do her work is more important than satisfying the desire for profit of those clever enough to make money but not intelligent enough to lead.

  • Black NHS racial equality boss, 58, is sacked from £100,000-a-year job for discrimination after allegedly telling colleague he was ‘everything she despised in a white manager’

    The Left is cleaning up the most egregious examples of anti-white discrimination in order to hide the rest of it.

  • Conservative outlet drops writer for attacking a gay journalist on Twitter

    Conservatives are going to get nowhere by following Leftist ideological language restrictions. The writer in question implied that a gay man might be homosexual because he is “lost” and “doesn’t know his purpose as a man.” While that strikes many of us as off-point, the idea of open discussion is that we allow all participants. When we agree that open discussion is bad, we simply empower those who will keep moving the taboo line closer and closer to anything resembling reality. Soon, that turns into Soviet-style speech codes and groupthink. When do we learn?

  • China’s factories are now defying the economic slowdown

    China introduces economic stimulus packages to make its economy grow while cracking down on some of its sloppy practices. This provides a temporary boost, but will not restore the free-for-all that China enjoyed before, where Western economies dumped all their wealth into China. Its worst nightmare: a self-sufficient West.

  • Knife crime: More stop and search powers for police

    You ever notice that, no matter how bad the problems produced by government actions, the only solution is more power to the government and more power taken away from good people, while bad people — who are not worried about breaking laws — gain power over them?

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