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  • Butterfly numbers fall by 84% in Netherlands over 130 years – study

    Humans finally catch on that if we use land, it is not natural. Farms are not a substitute for forest or prairie. Even mostly wild land, like parks, is interrupted by human activities. We need to follow the early American and Russian model and set up untouchable land which is left entirely to nature, and we need to do this with enough land — probably about half in all ecosystem zones — to keep all of the natural species alive.

  • Clerk who shot, killed man for stealing beer will face murder charge

    We are coming out of the democratic-bureaucratic fog which says that we must make illegal any action which results in any equal person behind harmed. In reality, some people are born bad and go on to do bad things, and if you send strong signals the remaining people break the law a lot less. Our laws are ambiguous; it is illegal to steal, but you are protected from the police and fellow citizens using the most effective methods on you, so it is like a card game… try your luck. This clerk shot some guy who was stealing beer. In future America, this will be commonplace and no murder charges will be filed. People will be very careful about demonstrating that they are not stealing anything, and they will tend to go to stores where people know them. Equality has failed and it is crumbling, not at the core but around the edges, which means that thousands of details will create a synergy of destabilization which will eventually lead to a cataclysmic loss of faith in equality.

  • Welcome to North Korea’s political shame circles, where self-criticism is taken to a whole new level

    North Korea has struggle sessions, too, and they are about like what happens when an American accidentally says something that might be construed as “racist,” “classist,” “sexist,” or “homophobic” in public.

  • Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott kicked out of Liberal Party caucus

    Leftism in Canada is quietly imploding. After two party members tape another admitting to taking bribes in exchange for changing policy, the party acts to kick them out and talk about unity instead of facing the reality of its corruption.

  • France, Germany and UK say Iran missiles can deliver nukes

    If you want to know why we fought wars in the middle east, here it is. Middle eastern leaders like Saddam Hussein sought to have both missiles capable of hitting Europe and warheads with biological, chemical, or nuclear payloads. These could kick off WW3, and from experience, the Islamic theocracies of the middle east have no problem starting potentially apocalyptic wars. A better solution would be to systematically destroy any technology more complex than a woodstove, and leave them as defenseless flyover nations who behaved in a more circumspect manner.

  • Retail apocalypse? JCPenney, Payless, LifeWay announce 3,000+ combined store closures

    It will probably take another dozen years for the rest of society to catch up to this, but diversity killed our public stores. People do not like to be confronted with a sea of faces from other groups. In the same way that diversity killed movie theaters, and people left rather than deal with a crowd of ethnic aliens, the mixed crowd drove the primary consumers in America away from the malls and big box stores. As diversity kicked in during the 1990s, so did online shopping, and so people transitioned there. People are simple, deceptive creatures who will repeat that “diversity is our strength” because that is the thing to do, but will when given the choice opt for a faceless UPS delivery to going to the local Sears where everyone is from a different ethnic group.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for internet regulation

    Why do capitalists become socialists? The market is not fair; like all things in nature, it varies and this means that the right thing to do yesterday might be fatal today. Since they cannot control the market, business owners are somewhat hostile to it, and they would like to directly control it. The centralized command economies and standardized bureaucracies of socialism — and related, socialist-style policies like the regulatory state — offer this to them. Zuckerberg would like nothing more than for Facebook to become a utility at this point. He would gain permanent market dominance, be exempt from most lawsuits, and be able to stop worrying about what the markets want. In addition, it would get him out of the trap of online content. If he blocks bad stuff, he is a censor who did not block enough of some types of bad stuff; if he blocks no bad stuff, he is not providing a safe space, and this will alienate the bluehairs who make up the backbone of his audience.

  • Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English

    In the twentieth century, victory came through standardization. We all adopted democracy, treated everyone as an equal person or standard human part, and used the same laws, measures, and behaviors. Globalism took this to its ultimate conclusion of a world human government. That however showed us the problem with government, which is that to achieve standardization, you must penalize the exceptional in order to subsidize the unexceptional. That fits with democracy, since there are more unexceptional than exceptional. People are pushing back with the idea of nationalism, which is that each tribe gets to dwell apart and make its own rules. Some countries are rejecting the liberal democratic human rights equality standard but the Japanese are starting by suggesting that instead of Anglicizing the order of their names, they stick to tradition.

  • Federal court rules Leland charter school’s dress code violates Constitution

    We have reached peak Constitution. When courts decide that requiring female students to wear skirts is somehow a violation of their rights, you know that we have gone beyond defending liberties and into the territory of enforcing uniformity, conformity, and obedience to the all-consuming ideology of equality.

  • Jews scared to speak out as antisemitism spreads in Orban’s Hungary

    If this were happening to my group, I would move. The first two decades of the twenty-first century have shown us that diversity is not working, despite trillions of dollars and many lives destroyed trying to make it work. This means that Hungary will want to be populated by Hungarians only. If I were from any other group, I would make plans to move to the homeland of my group and then, in turn, eject foreign groups from there.

  • The real Russiagate: why are the press ignoring Putin’s troops in Venezuela?

    The media is ignoring the second Cuban missile crisis because they want to indulge in the pretense that Trump acts on impulse, instead of realizing that in any sane time, we would recognize an attempt to gain power in our hemisphere as a direct threat. This is how Leftists create bigger wars than are necessary: they ignore real problems and pursue Leftist ideological talking points instead, then when those problems finally detonate, they do so in a form that is too huge to avoid starting a massive conflict. This leads to the followup question, which is when we are going to admit that Leftists are weak-willed people and deport them all to Venezuela, where they will wise up quickly.

  • Cuckservatives Can’t Read The Writing On The Bathroom Wall.

    Weed = good. White = bad. The Left has made our society into one of highly simplistic categorical language of the sort that, were the shoe on the other foot, the Left would argue leads to genocide. Somehow our mainstream Right, which is more careerist than Right-wing, has slept through this development entirely.

  • Must the West Beg the World for Forgiveness?

    We should not: our colonialism was far gentler than any other in history, especially considering the bad behavior of those who were colonized for the sin of having dysfunctional third world kleptocracies instead of functional nations. We colonized them and not the other way around because our methods were better; since the third world has now accepted these methods, we can say that the third world remained poor before our arrival because their methods were ineffective, incompetent, and delusional. When a competent person finds a bunch of incompetents doing things poorly, he steps in and takes over to avoid the ruin of another good place by incompetence. And yet, in our utilitarian times we cannot admit this, and instead ask the former incompetents what they think about colonialism, at which point we are subjected to constant guilt, whining, and sabotage — the same methods that they used which caused colonialism to become periodically brutal; everyone whips a dishonest and uppity peasant — with zero consideration for how many of us sacrificed to bring them to the state that they are in today. It is our forgiveness that they should ask, and our resistance to nerve-gassing them all should be praised.

  • Leon Lemmer: Will America fall apart?

    No one wants America to fall apart because under American protection, the world has grown wealthy and stable. There have been some hiccups, like our ill-advised intervention in the world wars, but some massive triumphs like our defeat of Communism and beating back of dozens of tinpot dictators who were not even close to Hitler and Stalin in terms of competence. However, it is going to fall because making the world wealthy and stable has led the world to indulge its weird little pretenses and fixations, making Europe into a neo-Communist wasteland and turning the third world into a series of unstable kleptocracies. America will inevitably split along political lines, with the high-density areas becoming more high-density and the suburbs and countryside uniting. In fifty years, people from cities will look like the National Geographic feature photos and the countryside will be overwhelmingly Western European, conservative, religious, and sane.

  • Fed-up parents are sending their teens to ‘adulting’ class

    This is what cultural collapse looks like. There is no common standard, so kids cannot learn by absorption as they normally do, and their parents are too caught up in jobs, failed marriages, government paperwork, and personal drama to teach it to them. This is cultural failure.

  • Billboard removes rapper Lil Nas X from country chart

    Brave magazine resists the standardization of everything by refusing to incorporate a country-theme rap song into the country charts. “Not for you!” is the watchword of our time. Every group will defend itself not against enemies, but against all outsiders. You are either in the group, or you are a threat and will be vigorously excluded.

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