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Osiris Akkebala Makes The Case For Reparations-With-Repatriation

Noted Black Nationalist Osiris Akkebala has spoken clearly about reparations-with-repatriation in the past, making the point that diversity cannot work because each group needs ethnic self-determination, and therefore that diversity must be ended in an equitable way.

Here at Amerika, we agree, in that any ethnic group other than the dominant group — in America, Western Europeans — will be subject to a “conquer or be conquered” requirement by the nature of diversity itself.

Back in the day, we would have opposed slavery, not because of its cruelty, because in most cases it was not cruel, but because it requires us to assert dominion over another tribe and thus become responsible for them, which is the worst of the white “pet” mentality toward other tribes.

Instead, we suggest separation entirely, and that to manage our own under-120 IQ point people, that we adopt the medieval system of manorial feudalism, where local lords owned the land and rented it to serfs, who produced agricultural goods, and kept anything above their rent.

Chattel slavery arose as a replacement for this system after proto-Leftists abolished in it Europe. This, as always, projected white problems onto other tribes, creating the system of diversity which ensures that everyone loses out.

You can hear Osiris here:

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