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  • Britain faces invasion of Asian Hornets that kill humans with one sting

    Invasive species have the first mover advantage. No one suspects the replacement until it is too late. They move in and, having fewer specializations than the natives, are able to utilize food sources more widely and breed more rapidly. Soon they replace the natives. Then, all of the evolutionary forces that shaped the natives go to work, and eventually a disease crops up which wipes out the newcomers. The remaining natives and newcomers mix, wiping out the unique traits of both groups, leaving behind a lesser substitute. This is then destroyed by another invasion.

  • Charlottesville neo-Nazi sentenced to life, judge says ‘too great a risk’ to release

    American justice has become an oxymoron. This man with mental health problems, half-Jewish by heritage, identified with a variety of online movements including some neo-Nazi-affiliated groups. When attacked by violent bat-wielding Antifa, he panicked and drove his car through a crowd into another car. We know he loved that car and took good care of it, so it seems unlikely that he wanted to wreck it. In the course of the wreck, he hit someone who hit Heather Heyer, an overweight chain-smoker, and she died of a heart attack. In the ensuing political mass panic, he was charged with murder instead of vehicular manslaughter, and the conditions influencing him — namely, the wild mob attacking him — were edited out of the record. Now he goes to jail for life, when what he really needs is mental health care. All so that the Left can claim a symbolic victory.

  • Man charged with murder in missing MacKenzie Lueck case and what we know about him

    Young woman goes to the house of an unknown man at three in the morning. Hints that she may have been an escort or looking for a sugar daddy surface after she disappears and unknown man disposes of bed. Yet again, a white woman learns that the world is not as portrayed in the Leftist media.

  • Rio de Janeiro has the lowest number of homicides in May since 1991

    While the Western press is bemoaning the rise of Bolsonaro, he is doing what he was elected to do, namely cracking down on the out-of-control crime in Brazil, and having success. No wonder they are not reporting it.

  • ‘Kevlar in the classroom’: Teachers turn to protective gear as violence escalates

    More stunning diversity successes. Immigration leads to large class sizes and violent pupils, at which point teachers find themselves wearing combat gear. Their solution, as always, is to demand more money. At what point does diversity start being a strength or paying for itself? Silence alone answers that question.

  • 8 German men charged over plan to start violent uprising

    Diversity is working so well in Germany that the population has begun to rise up against it. The “Good Germans” of course oppose this, but are quietly moving to immigrant-free areas. The hypocrisy carries on, with each person showing off how unbothered and “enlightened” they are, denying the order of nature which separates groups for good reasons.

  • The Culture War Has Finally Come For Wikipedia

    Wikipedia has always been blight, controlled by a small cabal of Leftist editors:

    Studies have found that up to 90% of Wikipedia’s editors are male. (Similar numbers don’t exist for the racial composition of editors, but it’s widely held within the Wikipedia community that people of color are seriously underrepresented.) That’s led to some awkward discoveries, like the fact that the platform’s “List of Pornographic Actresses” as recently as 2015 had more edits and editors than its “List of Female Poets.” Another study, from 2017, found that 77% of Wikipedia articles are written by 1% of its users. A picture has emerged over the past half decade of a platform controlled by a small group of white men that is unwelcoming, if not hostile, to newcomers and women.

    One of them clashed with a transgender nutcase, and the community appears to be self-consuming. So it goes when your ideology is contra-nature.

  • Politicians’ tweets could get slapped with warning labels

    The new Leftist command has come from the Inner Party: anyone who fails to agree with the Leftist idea that anyone and any behavior is good must be purged.

  • This Remote Atlantic Island Is Being Covered in a ‘Crust’ of Plastic Trash

    Plastic in warm places melts and covers rock, forming a crust of icky toxic stuff. Maybe the West should not have exported its technology worldwide.

  • ‘It’s 10 steps backward’: School’s Pride flag burned in southeast Saskatchewan

    In my experience, most normal people do not think about homosexuality if it keeps itself quiet. When it becomes a political force, they start to resent it, because now the behaviors of a tiny majority are being mainstreamed purely for the purpose of advancing equality. Expect more of this, since the homosexual lobby has allowed itself to become a tool of the Leftist international.

  • California set to become first state to ban natural hair discrimination

    Conservatives rely on results; Leftists rely on impressions, which means that they must constantly come up with something “new” and “revolutionary” to stay relevant among the sea of other people bleat-repeating the mantra of equality. California does something silly, which is to ban discrimination based on hairstyles, although I am sympathetic to the idea behind it, which is that African-Americans should be able to practice their culture as they see fit. Civil Rights style law, however, which forces everyone to treat everyone else equally and accept them in their groups and businesses, is not the answer. Diversity does not work. Stop pushing it, and the groups will separate, at which point it will be clear that repatriation is necessary.

  • Rivals target Biden as Democrats’ rifts emerge on age, race

    Democrats used diversity as an excuse to batter their way into every institution and subvert traditional ways of life. They do this everywhere. Now, they have become the party of misfits, malcontents, and diversity:

    The field features six women, two African Americans, one Asian American and two men under 40, one of them gay.

  • Bill de Blasio apologizes after shouting Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara’s favorite Communist slogan in Spanish at a Miami rally

    Yeah… he knew. Leftists present themselves as the party of the powerless, when in fact they simply want power. They specialize in iconoclasm and other stunts designed to show how different they are. This means that they must turn on the civilization that houses them and subvert it by any means necessary.

  • Justices, Blocking Citizenship Question on Census, Call Trump’s Push ‘Contrived’

    Leftists in the Supreme Court, including at least one conservative, invent a reason for rejecting accurate data collection. What are they afraid of?

  • Equity in STEM

    “Go into STEM,” they said. “It’s free of the contagion that has taken over the liberal arts, mainly because the liberal arts are not based on hard answers.” Actually, the liberal arts just got hit by the Leftists in the 1960s-1990s because they wanted to change culture so they could erase it. They have now made it to STEM. Again: there is no place to run to. We either recapture control of our civilization or we die out.

  • French nudists and burkini bathers in heatwave pool standoff

    Inspired by the thots-versus-Orthodox-Jews protests, French people resist immigration, diversity, and demographic displacement by getting nude as soon as people show up in burkinis, the body-covering Islam-safe™ garment worn as a means of forcing the native population to accept foreign cultures. The culture war is getting hot.

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