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Only the Nazis, Hamas, and JDL Tell The Truth About Diversity

We live in the final throes of a conflict between human social behaviors and reality, including biology and genetics. The social impulse people want us to believe in moralities and rules that differ from observable reality, and the realists want us to look at how things actually work and maximize outcomes by choosing the best quality options we can.

The social impulse people have now created a political system, democracy, which has taken over the world. This serves to confuse and camouflage third world ethnic warfare against the first world by couching the conflict in terms of religion and ideology, when in fact it is racial.

For example, if Palestinians and Israelis were of the same religion or no religion, they would still attack each other. They are both from a Semitic root, but as tribes competing for control of the Semitic region and future, they naturally hate each other, exacerbated by a fifteen-point average IQ difference between the groups.

In a realistic view, the 90 average IQ Palestinians will always mow lawns, make food, clean toilets, and do repetitive manual labor for the 105 average IQ Israeli Jews. Culture comes from genetics and the higher IQ Jews tend to favor cosmopolitan, financial, and intellectual pursuits that are inaccessible to most Palestinians.

During the democratic years, only social-impulse conditioning was accepted, generally through individualistic moralism, procedural thinking, and heavy bureaucracy. This system extended worldwide after it defeated all alternatives to democracy through industrial output and sheer numbers.

Thinkers in the postmodern time tended to distinguish between text and subtext, with the former meaning the social impulse appearance and the latter the motivations and realizations that could only be expressed in private. Underneath the chrome surface of modernity, the snarling beast was caged but not eliminated.

It turns out that this snarling beast is named “Realism,” like the gut instinct common sense approach of conservatives that clashes with the procedural moralism of the bureaucracy, and as the social impulse policies fail in flame and decay, the first glimpses of political realism emerge:

“It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts, because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that,” the 100-year-old ex-top American diplomat said in an interview with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner for Germany’s Welt TV. Axel Springer is POLITICO’s parent company.

German-born Kissinger — who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1938, and went on to become the architect of American foreign policy during the Vietnam War — said that it was “painful,” in response to a question about seeing Arabs in Berlin celebrating last weekend’s assault on Israel.

More broadly, Kissinger said, Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine coupled with Hamas’ attack on Israel represent a “fundamental attack on the international system.”

Even Henry Kissinger, a clown who ceded too much political leverage to China for America to win the Vietnam conflict, has started warming up to the idea that diversity does not work and attempting it has not protected Jews from genocide, only changed the direction of the genocide.

Sane ethnonationalists on the other hand favor ending diversity by restoring all Jews and only Jews to Israel, the historical of home of the Jewish people, in order to end the diaspora that has located Jews across the world:

[I]n reality, there has never been a Palestinian state of any kind, ever, at any point in history. There has been a region known as “Palestine” since 134AD, when the Romans applied that name to the land that had previously been known as Judea, that is, land of the Jews. But “Palestine” was akin to “Staten Island” — it was only the name of a region, never of a people or a nation.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Ottoman Empire had sovereignty over the territory that is now Israel and the supposedly occupied land as well. The Ottoman Empire was, however, known by this time as “The Sick Man of Europe.” In the early 1920s, just before the empire fell altogether, it conceded control of Palestine and the land that came to be known as Transjordan and now as Jordan to the League of Nations. On July 24, 1922, the League granted administrative control over these territories to Britain with specific instructions to create a “national home for the Jewish people.”

Britain immediately turned over 77% of the Mandate to the Arabs to create Jordan but remained generally committed to establishing a Jewish national home in the remainder. This was known as the Mandate for Palestine. Sometimes Leftists point to it as the Palestinian state that supposedly predated Israel, but this claim relies on the ignorance of the fact that this British territory had been explicitly set aside for Jewish settlement; nine years before the founding of the modern state of Israel, a 1939 flag of “Palestine” sports a star of David.

When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, it immediately had to fight a war for its survival against the surrounding Arab nations that had vowed to destroy it.

Every healthy person wants to live with people like himself, and history has shown us that this cannot exist only at a neighborhood level, but has to be extended to nations and even continents. Europe is the land of Europeans, and each European nation needs only its national group; Israel is the land of the Jews, and the middle east, the semi-continent of Semites.

Hitler and Israel ended up on the same ideological side in this one. They have realized that only societies which are mono-ethnic have a chance of surviving. To some degree Hamas sees the same thing although because it wants to remain in Israel, its thinking may still be a bit muddied.

The JDL similarly wants a Jewish homeland for only Jews and all the Jews in the world. With this in place, the resentments of the goyim, both imagined and real, would never get a chance to take place. Jews would have total control over their own future for the first time in two thousand years.

A wise punk band once wrote “world peace can’t be done; it just can’t exist,” and that applies here, since no Utopia will come about. However, we can end these cyclic conflicts by passing over the social impulse people and focusing on common sense and gut instinct realism, which says that ethnic groups must be permanent separated to have functional societies.

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