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DiversityWatch (October 18, 2023)



  • IDF releases intercepted Hamas call on hospital explosion

    In diversity, everyone is lying and everything is a hoax because each group is using “truth” as a symbol set to manipulate public opinion. If everything is fake and incompetent, you have diversity, affirmative action, and disparate impact (“equity”) in your country.

  • Popular German author says Orthodox Jews don’t work except for ‘diamond trading’ and ‘financial transactions’

    Stereotypes of Jews not working, or only working with valuables, stem from medieval laws that restricted Jews from certain trades.

    I do not see many Chinese carpenters either.

  • ‘Kidnapped’ posters calling attention to Israeli hostages keep getting torn down

    Some time ago, I pointed out that the Holocaust mythos was not good for Jews. The world is tired of guilt, especially from foreign populations. That, and the raging Muslims and other groups who hate Jews amongst us, plus the third world posse generally hating anything whiter than it is.

  • Our Leaders’ Shameful Response to Islamophobia’s Fatal Resurgence

    Stereotype bias exists for a reason. People think Jews are conniving and Muslims are terrorists because this is what they see in real life. None of this is an issue unless diversity is involved.

  • Do Israel’s critics understand Evil?

    Speaking as a nihilist… when do we mature past “good” and “evil”?

    These do not exist in a universal context.

    To a Muslim, “good” is exterminating Jews and converting the world to Islam. To a Jew, “good” is killing Muslims and having a global order of Abrahamic moralism, esurient free market economics, and humanist democracy and/or Communism.

    These are the same thing, just from different vectors, because groups are different.

    Palestinians do not belong in Israel, the historical home of the ethnic Jews. All Jews and only Jews belong in Israel, not in Germany or anywhere else. In Israel, Palestinians will always be the slaves of the Jew because Palestinians have a much lower average IQ. They are the Mexicans of the middle east.

    This is how a realist thinks. We get past the symbolism and look at how things function. Equality is symbolism, not reality. It is even more fake than “good” and “evil.” Don’t be “woke”… Erwache!

  • Biden’s Weakness and Incompetence Strengthened Iran—and Hamas

    Depraved savages rampaged through civilian communities house by house, torturing, raping, and maiming innocent men, women, and children. They kidnapped infants and the elderly and took them hostage to torture them some more. They had children tied up and shot. Babies murdered and burned.

    Slowly the world wakes up to the conflict between primitive third world savages and neurotic first world societies. The savages need their own spaces, and the neurotics need to quit meddling. I hope I have offended every group “equally” here because as far as I can tell, humanity is a giant fat retard that uses cleverness to adorn its retardation but never gets to actual intelligence i.e. flexible adaptation to changing multivariable environments.

  • Test of police implicit bias training shows modest improvements

    We have propagandized the police to stop perceiving patterns.

  • China’s Economy Faces Deepening Troubles in Years Ahead

    China has no option but war now. History will record that Israel and Ukraine were just proxy wars like Vietnam and Korea.

  • ‘One Manitoba’: Wab Kinew sworn in as Manitoba premier along with new NDP cabinet

    Diversity government is about reconquista and revenge, not doing anything good for Canada, which these primitive Amerinds want destroyed.

  • States Are Handing Over Some Crime Fighting To Private Pre-Crime and Surveillance Companies

    The long shadow of the Ferguson Effect: cities are outsourcing law enforcement to those who can get the job done because suing them is not the instant diversity payout that suing cities is.

  • What do a Black scientist, nonprofit executive and filmmaker have in common? They all face racism in workplace culture

    So they tell us, but we have only their word for it, it serves as a handy excuse for all their problems in life, it turns victims into heroes who get free stuff, and we have no idea how competent they are or if they have other traits like criminality. Diversity, disparate impact, and affirmative action all act on the assumption that protected groups are 100% innocent and behave like generic White people. For too long, we have blamed inequality on “racism” and scapegoated Whites, but minorities are not thriving in their home countries either. Maybe it is (a) the average IQ gap (b) the lack of specialized traits for complex societies and, worst of all, (c) the psychological crisis of living in a diverse society where your destiny is not your own and therefore you are constantly outraged and enraged, looking for someone to blame, bully, and harm to make them pay for your misery?

  • Meme Artist Douglass Mackey is Sentenced To Seven Months in Prison For Hillary Clinton Voting Meme

    They used the excuse that his memes could fool non-Whites into not voting to arrest this guy for election interference, and have effectively opened the door to the death of free speech with his conviction.



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