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On the Illusion of Communism in the Natural World

We abolished culture, and with it religion went except for the diehards, and because of that, we had nothing in common but commerce and bureaucracy. Consequently the bureaucracy took over science through its control of the funding, and science began churning out pro-corporate and pro-Leftist material.

As scientists look for material that expresses The Human Dream, namely of peace therefore individualism therefore a total lack of reality, they come up with all sorts of expressions of pacifism and socialism. They argue hunter-gatherers were inherently egalitarian (no) or now, even, that critters are Communists:

But while scientists have extensively studied the evolution of hierarchy, the paper’s authors say, they have a poor understanding of how fairness evolves. In fact, mammals rely upon a suite of mechanisms to balance the costs and benefits of equality for group living, and evolution does not necessarily favor hierarchy.

“The evolution of fairness has played as big a role in the evolution of mammal species … but it has been understudied,” said senior author Michael Alfaro, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA. “Our study is part of a larger effort to understand peacekeeping and conflict across mammalian societies and perhaps lend insight into human inequality.”

Across mammals, hierarchy evolves through intergenerational transfer of resources, skills or tools that enhance individuals’ ability to survive and raise more young than others.

You have to read these things carefully. First, they reject the idea that socialism is the sole order of the animal kingdom, and next, they point out that there are many methods used. Finally they talk about how useful hierarchy is so that they can deflect from it.

If you keep reading, you see the false equivalency being presented here:

Some mammals share food with relatives who are unable to find their own food, or to strengthen social ties. For example, vampire bats share blood meals with relatives who are weak from hunger, while chimpanzees share meat from a successful hunt with the entire group. Some animals, such as elephants and lions, adopt orphaned young and raise them as their own. These practices mitigate the unequal distribution of resources within a hierarchy and promote social relationships based on sharing, not dominance.

If you share food with the sick, you are egalitarian, in the view of these scientists, forgetting that one does not need to be egalitarian to see the value in nursing someone through a difficult time. They then mention sharing food to strengthen social ties, a capitalist-style transaction that strengthens hierarchy.

Pretty much the only animal in here mentioned that shows actual socialism are the chimpanzees, who share meat from a successful hunt, we are told. How often? Is this their only practice? Somehow that gets glossed over in the desire to produce Leftist propaganda.

Their false equivalency confuses “mitigate the unequal distribution of resources within a hierarchy” with not having a hierarchy. As usual, the cherry-picking, selective reading, and slanted interpretation shows us how Leftists are people of manipulating procedure not focusing on end-goals or improving quality.

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