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On The Curt Doolittle Drama

The rules — meaning the principles that determine how events turn out — for online discourse have not changed in forty years. We have faster and wider pipes, but people are the common force, and those have not changed for fifty thousand years or more, at least in psychology and group behavior.

For those who are bigshots online, I say great: you are the actors on a stage. There are many more watching. Many of them are like me, people who spend a lot of our time and energy on actual interactions and are only tangentially present on the net for social purposes.

In fact, back when I was fifteen I realized that computers are a great way to communicate but a terrible way to socialize.

When you socialize, you want real connections with people and to do real activities, even if only sitting around communicating, or not. Sometimes the best social interactions are silent, just companionable spending of time with those you have chosen as important to you.

This means that the online world is a great place to post manifestos, but a terrible substitute for a social life. Most people in the first world (and heck, elsewhere too) seem to think that sitting at home on a Saturday night “interacting” with people on the net is a good social life.

Obviously, this is not true. On the net, people are purely symbolic, and that means that you see only a small fraction of the detail. Someone can present herself as beautiful, intelligent, and wealthy by suggestion — pictures of one angle of her face, demonstrating knowledge of one software program, showing some objects she owns that are expensive — but live in a hovel and be a total loser, and yet she will fool 99% of the men out there because first impressions have a first mover advantage: the image is thrust upon you and you either accept it or reject it, but if you accept it, your brain fills in the details that you do not have with what you want to see. This is called projection and it is the root of the human problem; we assume that the world fits into the construct in our heads, instead of realizing that we need to make the constructs in our heads more like the world.

Media has the same problem. A television shows you a scene of some guy slugging a girl in the head and you think, wow, what a jerk. He is just bashing that innocent girl. Then you see the full video where she is threatening his child and realize you have been manipulated. This is the same technique that people use to fool us in social, political, and financial situations: cherry-picking, or telling us some of the data and letting our greedy, neurotic, fearful brains fill in the rest. Ask any con man; the point of confidence scams, like trolling, is to put part of the picture out there, let the mark fill in the rest, and then take advantage of the difference between what he thinks he is getting and what he gets (absconding with the cost difference).

For example, I can sell snake oil that I guarantee will make you attractive to the other sex; it has pheremones and endorphins and stuff in it. What I do not tell you is that while it may aid in making you attractive to the other sex, it is neither necessary nor sufficient. That is: there are other more effective ways of attracting the other sex, and if you have this product, it by itself is not enough. If you are a scrawny pimply under-confident socially awkward nerd before you use this product, you will simply be a slightly better-smelling scrawny pimply under-confident socially awkward nerd afterwards. And so it goes.

(A brief note here on nerds and geeks: as someone coming from hacker culture, I am accustomed to geekdom. We who wield machines find ourselves obsessed by them because we see possibilities in them. This is different from those who hang out with the machines and the pop culture associated with them because they have no other options and have no idea what to do with themselves. Look at the old school hackers: most of them went on to other fields as well and excelled there, including in the arts and finance. Hackers are not geeks/nerds in the modern definition; a nerd is someone who has no power outside of memorizing some system, like a bureaucrat or an egg-head, and he has been selected by that ability instead of choosing that ability to achieve something else, like the possibilities that hackers saw in machines. Nerds are disgusting betas to most hackers; they are the serfs of the digital world. Even though hackers may like some stuff like sci-fi, coding, etc., it does not define us; we pursue it as a means. Those whose only possible use or role in life is nerd stuff are usually useless and untalented. Hackers are alpha omegas; nerds are betas.)

This shows you how symbols mislead us by triggering our psychological state, and how the online world like any symbolic bubble, including the media, language itself, or even socializing itself, can mislead us. The root of “demotism” or as sensible people call it, utilitarianism, is that the group decides by a vote or habits what is best, which is nonsense because the group does not know. If it knew what was best, it would not be a random herd but a hierarchy. When we realize how misleading symbols/demotism/utilitarianism are, we see that we have to be careful of this online world; it is a false religion caused by our projection and wishful thinking that misleads us every time.

That being said, communication is essential, words can be important, and online is the best way to spread words. No trees died for this message, unless you print it, and this writer has no idea why you would do that unless you really must read in the bathtub. But they make waterproof tablets for that now.

Having said that, we can get to the main point of this piece: online drama is generally an illusion.

That lets us turn to the topic of this piece, the recent drama generated by the internet surrounding Curt Doolittle.

Before we get into that, we should look at civic nationalism critically; civic nationalism is the idea that ideology is more important than genetics. Obviously that is insane because DNA is the blueprint for life, including behaviors, but humans like to deny that because we want to believe that we are “free” and can pursue any life that we want, when in fact we are born to be kings or serfs. Sort of like how a computer has a certain design that tells us what it can do, we can change our software (knowledge) but our basic abilities, aesthetics, morals, and tendencies toward behavior do not change. The more we pretend that we can change them, the more we drive ourselves into schizophrenia.

Looking into the latest internet fixation on Curt Doolittle, which will only serve to benefit him because drama attracts people to his message:

This past 4th of July the Propertarians held an out door event in Richmond Virginia. The purpose of the event (as I understand it) was for the founder of Propertarianism (Curt Doolittle) to give a public speech and hold a public signIng of their declaration of reformation which was authored by Curt Doolittle himself. In case you wish to read it, I’ll link it here. The event wasn’t just for Propertarians but was conjoined with a second amendment civic nationalist group who called themselves “The VA Knights”. Apparently, this group likes to larp around with their firearms and play boogaloo dress up.

At some point during Curt’s speech some members of the Propertarian group decided to throw up a Roman solute, which caused some of the boogaloo militia larpers to decide that it would be a good idea to go get two black guys in BLM t-shirts and regale them with tales of racism. The civ nats returned to the area where Curt had been giving his speech and the Propertarian’s had been gathered. With the BLM guys in toe they came chanting “WACISM SUCKS! WACISM SUCKS!”.

There is no point making a big deal of this; Doolittle comes like ESR, Moldbug, and Nick Land from out of the libertarian framework; I recognized libertarianism as bourgeois stupidity — “if we all just work hard and pay for our own stuff voluntarily, everything will turn out great!” — that comes from a nerdly fear of combat. You don’t ever know yourself until you hold your life in the palm of your hand, knowing that in a second you can rise or die depending on your actions. Combat, hunting, extreme sports, gang warfare, drug use, and even hacking, are all part of this fascination. We want to test ourselves against the world and see if we can come out ahead. We want to know what we are made of. Libertarians are the opposite: like egghead bureaucrats, they want to live in a world without conflict where everything is handled by financial transactions instead of decisive choices. They are no different than the people on a committee who decide to aspire to whatever solution they think the committee will accept, or the people in a social group who accept whatever is trendy as “good.” Libertarians are by nature cucks.

However, some decisive voices have risen out of them, even if libertarianism itself presents no solutions (Moldbug’s “patchwork,” borrowed from Heinlein, and Nick Land’s Singapore-worship are the closest, but both still deny genetics and thus are inherently civic nationalist and thus over centuries fail). Hoppe alone pops out of the Libertarian mental bubble by recognizing that aristocracy of a sort of is needed, and even he fears going too far to the authoritarian right (as Leftists tend to call it); in the midst of all this human monkey insanity, no one seems to be focusing on the reality, which is binary: you have good leaders, or not; each person who oversees some part of your life is competent, or not. Greater degrees of competence mean you get a first-world society. Amazingly, America is one of the better options despite doing most things badly, which shows you just how low the “biological quality of humankind” (per Linkola) really is.

This means that Doolittle will attempt to find common ground with libertarians and bring them along to his vision. He has been doing this for years. He tends to be, as is WASP custom, very generous and gentle with those who are yet unknown quantities; once they reveal themselves to be idiot turnip-pickers, he tends to call it as he sees it. This is WASP culture, and those from other backgrounds will not understand it.

His “propertarianism” is worth studying; he recognizes that modern law essentially derives entirely from property law because we have eliminated everything else (transcendental goals, customs, history, continuity) in our quest for democracy a.k.a. political individualism and utilitarianism. In his view, we can reduce all things to properties, including the intangible, which address what all other libertarians miss, which is that culture, heritage, continuity, transcendental goals, and normalcy are “the commons” in the tragedy of the commons playing out in civilization decline. We fail to recognize these things, and so we need to protect them, which takes him into Hoppe-land with the need for hierarchy; he basically leapfrogs over Moldbug, bounces off Land, and transitions through Hoppe into tradition. Doolittle is worth reading.

Now on to something that I find humiliating to mention because it is both immature and cruel: “pissgate.” Readbeard Right includes this photo:

Doolittle has spoken before of how he sweats a lot as an individual; this is how some organisms defend themselves against buildups of toxins and, anecdotally, these people seem to avoid certain types of illnesses brought on by toxic buildup. The pattern above is familiar to anyone who has ever mowed a lawn in the Texas heat; while you are standing, all of the sweat from your sides, thighs, and belly concentrates in your groin, where you get this kind of pattern. There is no story here, in my view.

While Redbeard Right raises some decent points, I think this goes beyond what we can derive from the situation:

Of course, all of this caused major online back lash with the online white nationalist community, and indeed within the Propertarian community itself. When you take into consideration the so called pantie pissing, the complementing of black penis size and the surrendering of the megaphone to BLM, it’s no shocker that Curt is now seen as a cuck in dissident right wing circles.

I do not think that he is seen as a cuck; he reached out to some people who might be cucks in the hope that they could bridge the gap. He was kind and generous to some potential nationalist allies among another group; they may or may not have realized this. Finally, he backed down on none of his points and spoke them to a new audience.

People accused me of being a cuck years ago because I affirm libertarianism/capitalism as a necessary part of our solution set here in the West. This is true; everything but capitalist economics has failed, and these are generally not economic theories, but political theories which demand economics cooperate, and that works about as well as the Soviet Union or rising European deficits about now. We denied this obvious truth in the West, adopted entitlements starting in the 1950s, and they took over our budget in the 1960s to the point where we are $26 trillion in debt today. This shows us following the Soviets in the same doom.

What most people do not recognize here is that we are not in unknown territory in the West; we know that there are dual evils in social liberalism and economic liberalism. Social liberalism removes standards and hierarchies, resulting in a mob; economic liberalism depletes the strong to fund the weak. Both kill societies.

Those of us who awaken in this time may not realize it, but we have a lot to gain. We either go into the third world or rise above it. To do the latter, we need to finally restore the working model of Western Civilization and patch it so that it does not go down the path of individualism/utilitarianism again. This is what we write about on Amerika, and Doolittle seems to understand this and be working along similar lines, so in my view he is a good guy to pay attention to.

Redbeard Right makes an important point which is going to get overlooked by the hollow drama surrounding Doolittle from Right-wing Discords, and that is this: civic nationalism is nonsense and because it is based on the Big Lie of egalitarianism — all people are equal in reason, therefore all that matters is that we indoctrinate with the correct ideological propagandaeducation in our legal and political systems“contemporary postmodern Western culture” — it needs to be BFTO permanently. Civic nationalism is backdoor Leftism, just like neoconservatism, libertarianism, National Socialism, and Fascism.

If you want to go Furthest Right, you are going to need to go all the way and reject The Enlightenment,™ the Magna Carta, the Peasant Revolts, the French Revolution, and the insane union between utilitarianism, materialism, individualism, narcissism, solipsism, and hubris that is egalitarianism.

To be conservative, you have to refuse to follow the doctrine of equality. From this, you are going to find yourself rejecting democracy, socialism, feminism, diversity, and other variations of egalitarianism. It is a lonely path, but the only one that can save us from the abyss.

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