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  • Covid-19: China now stands alone as last country still chasing elimination

    After ruining science in order to advance a political agenda — mail-in voting, ruined economies, and forced compliance to the bureaucracy — our democratic leaders are slowly accepting that COVID-19 is just the new flu, and in fact killed fewer people than the regular flu season.

  • Nuns Raped Girls With Crucifixes as Female Pedophilia Was Covered Up by the Church

    The commission spent nearly three years combing through complaints and press reports and interviewing victims going back to the 1950s. Of the 3,000 abusers identified by the commission, two-thirds are priests. They found that priests and nuns alone abused around 216,000 children, but that the number climbs to 330,000 when they counted abuse at the hands of non-clergy who worked in Catholic schools and other institutions.

    Getting rid of the “immoral” ways of traditional Europe, which frowned on alternate sexuality and sexual liberation both, seems to have massively backfired.

  • ‘Eco-anxiety’: fear of environmental doom weighs on young people

    More like a massive media blitz has rendered them into terrified blobs of neurosis. When you realize that the only environmental crisis we fear is overpopulation, and that Half Earth solves this quickly, then there is no need for fear, only action.

  • America Is Choking Under an ‘Everything Shortage’

    Looks like globalism just died. As critics said from the beginning, importing necessary components for life puts you at the risk of the transport system. However, unions, taxes, affirmative action, and regulations drove costs so high that most of the necessary production went offshore. The solution here is simple, too: reverse unions, taxes, affirmative action, and regulations (the tens of thousands of pages of rules from administrative agencies can be replaced by laws or lawsuits, which is what they are designed to frustrate).

  • Genetic analysis reveals differences in mate choice between wild and hatchery coho salmon

    They found that both hatchery and wild fish tend to demonstrate negative assortment — meaning they look for mates that are different from themselves, genetically. Negative assortment is a common finding in mating because mating for difference is a way to improve resistance to disease, Banks said.

    But the researchers found that hatchery fish and wild fish demonstrate negative assortment at different genetic markers. And while the researchers have identified these differences, they still don’t know much about many of these genes associated with negative assortment.

    In civilization, people breed for safety (this person cannot hurt me) since civilization is assumed to be a constant; in the wild, people breed for effectiveness (this person works autonomously of me toward necessary ends) because having a competent tribe is more important than safety from the tribe. In other words, civilization and captivity turn populations against one another.

  • Black, Brown and Green Voices

    Black, Brown and Green Voices represent a targeted documentation strategy of the Archives of Irish America by giving voice to the diversity of the Irish diaspora by recording life histories with Black and Brown Irish Americans. The interviews unpack how intersections of race and ethnicity have framed a sense of Irishness.

    All jokes aside, this shows how historical forgery has become the norm, erasing the ethnicity of “Irish” and replacing it with the bureaucratic identity of “set a toe in Ireland once.”

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen defends Biden administration’s plan to surveil Americans’ bank accounts

    Like Tammany Hall, they want Total Control. That way, no one does anything without asking the Big Guy first.

  • Sweden and Denmark Halt Moderna Vaccinations on Those 30-and-Under Due to Potential Side Effects

    Our bureaucrat-tyrants have done this before.

  • When Facebook went down this week, traffic to news sites went up

    Social media killed regular media because social media requires even less of a commitment than reading a newspaper.

  • World food prices hit 10-year peak

    Chaos benefits the Left because they always have the same solution: steal more and redistribute. Eventually they run out of stuff to steal, and then the executions and gulags begin.

  • NHS dentistry access delays: ‘I pulled 11 of my own teeth out’

    This is the socialized medicine they want here in the US.

  • Maya Angelou, Sally Ride and other trailblazing women will be featured on U.S. coins

    More fake heroes designed to convince us that those who took advantage of what the founders built were equal to the founders. We should probably take other destroyers like Lincoln off our currency instead.







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