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So many things get you canceled these days. Perhaps cancelation comes as a blessing. A common theological term aptly describes a place where anything you say, write, or do could be used against you in an unfair, biased kangaroo court of public opinion. That place may well be Hell. It may well also be the final state of Leftist Paradise. Borrowing from Star Trek lore, we could call it The Borg.

The Borg will assimilate you. It feels as if it has to. It has to because random stochastic variance of any kind (i.e. genuine diversity) kills equality. Contra the Leftist lies, DIET (Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, and Tolerance) cannot coexist as any of the four reach their philosophical limit. The Leftist claim to stand for all that is good cannot possibly work. This is because they truly champion equality.

Equality reeks of sick and detestable evil because it can only naturally occur at one place. It can only happen at the zero. All men are created equally. They are only truly equal again when the grave worms lie contentedly sated upon each person’s cadaver. At every point on the continuum between, natural variance will lead to continued inequality.

To reach equality, The Left gravitates towards forming a The Borg. The Borg is like the crowd except that it is far more rigorous in its demands of each individual unit. They all have to become increasingly alike while loudly celebrating diversity. This homogenous faux diversity manifests because no one seeking equality can let anything about other people genuinely vary.

The fact that HBD exists and that we all will vary regardless of the latest Papal Bull from Team Lefty leads to some amusing abuse of logic. Gender, sexual orientation, and race, they tell us, are mere social constructs. So what happens when some little kid announces that The People’s Emperor has no clothing? The person gauche enough to point that out must face brutal punishment. This is when cancelation happens.

Cancelation is the only thing The Borg can do to matter that will not assimilate. People who refuse to accept the goal of equality so completely that they sacrifice all that is good and precious about themselves must face expulsion from The Leftist Society. They prove all that is false about Leftism. Worse yet, they prove all that Leftists genuinely know is false about Leftism. Reality impervious to psychological denial cannot prevail through continued existence. Too bad banishing reality from existence is impossible.

Therefore, cancellation is the only weapon The Borg has left against reality that not go away like some noctilucent nightmare at dawn. They tell us it is for people who cannot handle the drugs. It can also be a blessing. Who truly wishes to participate in a world that cannot handle obvious truths? How funny will Clown World be when everyone stops laughing at the clowns?

Cancellation is a risk that we all must plan for unless we all just accept conversion into Leftist drones. You can transfer it for a while by pointing at some other White Person and deeming that individual “The Real Racist.” You can buy it down temporarily by giving money to your favorite “Social Justice” concern. The Virtue signal works better if you have serious money.

You can prevent cancellation by fighting back against Leftist hypocrisy in a vicious manner. Point out how your accuser is more vile and unequal. SJWs all lie and they will have a hypocrisy hole in their Virtue Armor. This will work until you suffer cancellation by a Leftist with literally no sense of shame. The ability to banish all self-awareness is the Bullet-Proof Hutzpah of perpetually banal Leftist Revolution.

You will ultimately have to accept the reality of cancellation. If you love yourself and want to stay you, The Borg will not only want to cancel you. It will have to cancel you. When you exist genuinely and truly, you make equality impossible. That makes you a better and more worthy human being than anyone genuinely dedicated to the true aim for Leftist Equality. Therefore, you must die of assimilation or cancellation.

Plan for what you will do once you meet cancellation. Manumission can be a blessing. It can be a blessing if you have actually decided to do something worthwhile with your liberation. Once cancellation becomes a manumission, planning for your coming freedom becomes your best defense against the Left. The Borg is powerless against someone who can survive and thrive after they have met cancellation.

Cancelation is to the Borg what nukes are to North Korea. North Korea can do nothing after you have survived their nukes. You sow the seeds of destruction for The Borg by being able to operate without the societal Borgism around you.

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