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  • China’s cyber vision: How the Cyberspace Administration of China is building a new consensus on global internet governance

    Apparently this strikes some people as odd and bigoted, but more humans are noticing what China is doing: redefining world order, using its markets as a bribe, while luring in the mercantile middle class who see dollar signs when someone mentions a million Chinese buying their products. Remember “plastics” from The Graduate? China is the new plastics, and they intend to set up a world that they can control by pulling economic strings and having multi-national corporations enforce their will:

    The fast-growing index sector, on the other hand, is highly concentrated. It is dominated by just three giant American asset managers: BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street – what we call the Big Three.

    These index funds dominate because average people need someplace to invest that will withstand the ravages of property and income taxes.

  • BlumkinPie on Judaism

    I can tell you as a Jew myself, it’s antiwhite shit like this from Jews that creates hatred toward us from white people once they notice the pattern (which most of them have not). You need to stop. You are going to get us hurt.

    Jews are like the really clever kid in the back of the class who never fits in because he is clever and he is not good at what the very social kids do, like football and drinking beer (or whatever normies do to take away the pain of infinite insignificance and the meaninglessness of existence, lol normies). They are smarter than average, especially in verbal skills, therefore rise to the top of the heap in media, science, medicine, etc. They seem to lack true geniuses, but have lots of very talented people, and these are very self-promoting and focused on doing what is necessary to get famous in their fields. In addition, Judaism is a race cult that aggressively nepotistically promotes its own people (note: this is a wise, wise move that the rest of us should adopt) and as Kevin MacDonald notes, is driven by negative critique, which makes it highly responsive where everyone else comes across as apathetic and brain-dead in comparison (“goyische kopf”).

    The essence of Yiddish is irony, as I am hardly the first to point out but as, miraculously, I understood quite early on.

    “Be a mensch” meant: “Live up to your responsibilities. Accept the inevitable. Write thank-you notes. Make the best of things. Strive, seek, find, and do not yield.” It was Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity rolled into three words.

    A goyische kopf cared about the trappings of the store, rather than the thing bought, and so would pay full price at Bergdorf’s when the same dress could be purchased for half as much on the Lower East Side. A goyische kopf spent lots on liquor for a party but not enough for food. Goyische kopfs had dogs and sent their daughters for baton-twirling lessons. Goyische kopfs, it began to seem to us, had all the fun, while we were taught to be sensible.

    Since Jews are noticed for their natural talent, and are also not quite bright enough to be anything but tone deaf to the culture around them, they stand out like targets and get bashed down anytime something goes wrong. This is what Theodor Herzl noticed during the Dreyfuss Affair, and it is exactly what you would expect with a highly talented minority population. Almost everything people blame on Jews is caused by the goyische kopf of equality, democracy, The Enlightenment,&trade individualism, utilitarianism, over-socialization, and so forth; the problems people see with Jews specifically are mostly caused by diversity, which pits minorities against the majority and later each other because someone must define the standards of the civilization that pluralism will not, and each group is forced onto a race war footing because it either dominates all the others or is dominated by them and therefore can be genocided at any time. Welcome to the mathematics of survival, folks.

    Jews also get a lot of flak because of their high rate of insanity, brought on first by their racially-mixed origins (Caucasian maternal line and mixed Caucasian, Asian, and North African/Berber paternal line; as said elsewhere, a Jew is like a Southern European with a Korean grandfather and an Ethiopian great-grandfather) and then the bottlenecking of their population before the migration into Europe. Ironically, they have had a massive IQ boost from the anti-Semitism of the goyische kopf types, who first assigned them to financial professions, and then successively killed off the dumber and poorer Jews, leaving only the 115+ types with a penchant not just for mercantile pursuits but the abstraction of finance.

    On top of this, Jews have an admirable drive toward education and mastery of their fields, and tend to deal very harshly with their own who are incompetent, basically badgering them into fleeing to Africa or something. There is a lot we can learn from this resilient and talented population, who are genetically related to Whites at about the same percentage of admixture as Eastern, Southern, and Irish Europeans.

  • Swedish rape offenders — a latent class analysis

    A total of 3 039 offenders were included in the analysis. A majority of them were immigrants (n = 1 800; 59.2%) of which a majority (n = 1 451; 47.7%) were born outside of Sweden. The LCA identified two classes: Class A — low offending class (LOC), and Class B — high offending class (HOC). While offenders in the LOC had low rates of previous criminality, psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders, those included in the HOC had high rates of previous criminality, psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders.

    Apparently this “triggers” some people because it points out that diversity is a lie, and therefore equality is a lie, and therefore rule by the people for the people is a lie, The Enlightenment™ is a lie, and that we need Tradition and monarchism to return. We screwed up, let’s go back to the last working iteration of the model and restart there if we can.

  • The Real First Thanksgiving

    Virginia established the first representative government in North America and hosted the first English thanksgiving. It provided the framework for the American experience, and in contrast to Ross’s assertions of “genocide,” faced near extermination from starvation, disease, and frequent Indian attacks. In fact, the annual Thanksgiving inaugurated at Berkeley Hundred, Virginia only lasted for about a year as most of the men and women were slaughtered by the local Indians.

    As written here before, the Amerinds — who did not control the American landmass, but wandered it fighting, raping, killing, and stealing from each other — kicked off their interaction with the new arrivals by attacking them and then claiming victim status. It’s not nice to say it, but populations with average IQs in the 90s are savages, or primitive people who cannot control their urges nor create anything of note, and this includes everyone in Austin, Texas.

  • Bronx woman used obituaries to rob houses as people attended funerals

    More hilarious diversity crime fueled by ethnic resentment and loathing of the wealthy and successful. This is the future democracy chose.

  • Girl, 12, dies in city centre stabbing as four teens are arrested

    Four males – one aged 13, two aged 14 years and one aged 15 years, all from Toxteth have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

    More exciting diversity race war gang crime raging across the streets of the West.

  • Collapse OS — Why?

    The fast rate of progress we’ve seen since the advent of electronics happened in very specific conditions that won’t be there post-collapse, so we can’t hope to be able to bootstrap new electronic technology as fast as we did without a good “starter kit” to help us do so.

    Electronics yield enormous power, a power that will give significant advantages to communities that manage to continue mastering it. This will usher a new age of scavenger electronics: parts can’t be manufactured any more, but we have billions of parts lying around. Those who can manage to create new designs from those parts with low-tech tools will be very powerful.

    Among these scavenged parts are microcontrollers, which are especially powerful but need complex tools (often computers) to program them. Computers, after a few decades, will break down beyond repair and we won’t be able to program microcontrollers any more.

    Collapse means that you become a third world society, like Italy or Greece, or even modern post-European mixed-race marvels like Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa. The few who can do anything more than steal end up as tax cash cows for the rest, until eventually the cash cows tire and set up a corrupt political machine in order to conserve some of their wealth from the infinite appetite of the mixed-race, low-IQ horde.

  • New evidence in parade massacre shines uncomfortable light on media, bail-reforming prosecutors

    That debate over bail reform will rage well beyond Brooks’ case as a new generation of progressive prosecutors — some funded by liberal megadonor George Soros — execute on their belief that incarceration is inhumane while conservatives and weary residents of urban areas overrun by violence challenge the wisdom of such policies and demand a return to law and order.

    Just say what everyone knows is true: minorities want to defund and defang law enforcement because minorities are the ones disproportionately getting busted for crime. The Left, who are basically rationalizers who refuse to see what is wrong with our dying modern society, embrace all manner of dysfunction because it makes them feel powerful and allows them to steal control so they can parasitize whatever is left.

  • ‘Encanto’ Conjures Up $43 Million Thanksgiving Box Office Launch

    Hispanic-themed movie just does not draw the same crowds. Hollywood and big business are betting big on the third world, having missed the last social revolution in the 1960s and determined to match the next, so they are betting on these audiences, forgetting that such audiences are not interested in White Man’s product. They want their own.

    “Encanto” is set to take No. 1, adding $11 million on Friday to bring its 3-day total to $24.3 million and its estimated 5-day opening to $43 million, beating projections for a $35-40 million launch.

    That’s only slightly more than half of what “Moana” ($82 million) and “Ralph Breaks the Internet” ($84.7 million) opened to on Thanksgiving weekend; but what’s notable about “Encanto” is that it is the first major animated film this year to open exclusively in theaters in a year when so many have opened day-and-date on streaming or premium on-demand.

    Although the industry and the luvvies gushed over the film, it has limited relevance to your average White American:

    Fueled by Latinos and an A CinemaScore, Encanto should boast the top showing of the COVID-19 era for a family title. It is the first major animated studio title to receive an exclusive theatrical window since the pandemic struck in spring 2020 and opens as younger children are authorized to be vaccinated.

    With original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Encanto tells the tale of a Colombian teenager who has to save her extended family’s magic, although she has no special gifts of her own. Byron Howard, Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith directed.

    This is obviously an exercise in tokenism and it is unlikely that it will fool Hispanics either.

  • Growing share of childless adults in U.S. don’t expect to ever have children

    Some 44% of non-parents ages 18 to 49 say it is not too or not at all likely that they will have children someday, an increase of 7 percentage points from the 37% who said the same in a 2018 survey.

    People are miserable. Societies die by suicide, and ours made itself insane with egalitarianism, so now people are dying out because they do not want to sentence their children to the same life that is both tedious and onerous, full of political pitfalls, in which they are constantly surrounded by enemies. Democracy is the best way possible to destroy your civilization and leave a third world ruin in its place, but we knew this because Plato and Aristotle documented it thousands of years before America came into being.

  • Walmart pulls children’s toy that swears and sings in Polish about doing cocaine

    But Tanner, who is Polish, said when she listened to the Polish lyrics, the cactus was singing about doing cocaine, drug abuse, suicide, depression and used profanities.

    “Just get the project out the door!” fumed management.

    Rokai,” said the engineer.

  • GLO review finds city Harvey housing program ‘undermines’ competitive process

    The findings include: inconsistencies in the criteria and methodology of the city’s three funding rounds used to award the money, incorrect scoring of applicants, lack of documentation to support the qualitative and discretionary processes used to help choose winners, deficient internal controls to enforce the conflict of interest policy, and the use of subjective factors that undermine a competitive process.

    This type of fake paperwork kickback scam is common in the third world, and anywhere in the first world that is going diverse as a precursor to becoming third world. You have to be a moron to choose that future, but democracy, ah, democracy, is that kind of meta-moron.


  • The unanswered questions of the Peng Shuai case

    Chinese tennis star goes missing but international outcry brings her back from the ‘lag. This is why the Chinese want to conquer you: you, the free world, stand in the way of their total power, including disappearing anyone who becomes an icon for non-compliance. This is the future that democracy always chooses after a couple centuries.

  • SpaceX sends NASA craft on collision course with asteroid to test concept of protecting Earth in case of future threat

    The 1,210-pound DART spacecraft is expected to slam into Dimorphos at a blistering 15,000 mph, disintegrating on impact as it gouges out a fresh crater and, in the process, slows the body by a minuscule fraction of an inch per second.

    Humanity has figured out that the asteroid of death is coming some day. Difficulty: it will be bigger and moving faster than this target, which means that we are going to launch a nuke at it. Worst case scenarios include the asteroid fragmenting and simply becoming a very large, ancient, and expensive cluster munition heading for eight cities instead of one.

  • Rules of the Game

    I couldn’t escape those supply/demand curves. The more something is wanted, the more valuable it becomes; the more of it there is, the less it is wanted. Therefore, if you slut around, you reduce your value, and you’re not going to get one of the few guys who have the tripartite of desire: looks, brains, and a good soul.

    Compare this to Just South of Paradise:

    Georgia had the perfect life—until her husband of nearly forty years leaves her for their inn’s much younger housekeeper.

    Starting over at fifty-eight is a terrifying prospect.

    There are two competing genres emerging in fiction now, both about divorce. One talks about the pain of a woman whose husband leaves after their children are grown; the other deals with men who find their wives cheating and mourn the destruction of their families with rage. Sexual liberation has been a total disaster for the human species.

  • America’s democracy is failing — and the world knows it

    This week, the United States was added to a list of “backsliding” democracies in an annual report on the global state of democracy, marking a serious decline in international observers’ assessments of our political stability.

    This report was a hit piece on Trump, but it is unintentionally correct: the voters have lost faith in democracy on two levels, first because the election was stolen and we are seeing proof pile up every day, and second because the voters made terrible choices like tolerating the Hart-Celler Act, New Deal, Civil Rights Acts/14A, and administrative state. We know we need something better, and that We The People chooses a Hegelian synthesis from what already exists and whatever new “problem” the Left and its media have invented for us, so society always gets worse. Where do I vote to end democracy?

  • The Pandemic Is Ending With a Whimper

    The most extensive psyop in history, driven by the most powerful propaganda organ ever created, has failed because no crisis materialized. Relatively few people died, and most of us got the disease and moved on; a few who have one of the 13 loci that correlate with having a bad case are in trouble but everyone else is trucking on ahead. This meant that there never was a crisis, just a panic, and it has escaped the notice of no one that it was both politically convenient to steal an election, helped China take over the world, and has vaulted tyrants from the Clintons to the mask Karen at your local post office into their fifteen minutes of giddy, incompetent power.

  • Clashes as protesters demand end to violence against women

    According to rights groups in Turkey, 345 women have been killed so far this year.

    Another non-issue involving a tiny amount of people. Someone is always suffering because humans normally make moronic decisions. The modern prole has figured out that if he can find something else to blame, he can hide the moronic decision and feel less like the abject moron he is, so there is a market out there for propaganda that makes people feel like they are not morons. Hint: if you need it, you’re a moron and the chipper awaits.

  • Migrant tragedy is biggest loss of life in Channel

    At least 27 people headed for the UK have drowned in the English Channel near Calais after their boat sank.

    We have eight billion people on Earth, most of them impoverished and stupid but full of self-pity and Dunning-Kruger arrogance. If humanity were thinking clearly, we would be working hand-in-hand with natural selection, but instead we are attempting to destroy our best with the rest of our population, who outnumber them and will quickly displace them. Suicide again.

  • Notre Dame ‘is being turned into a woke theme park’

    What makes clown world so consistently clownish? No one is thinking realistically because they are busy appealing to the lowest common denominator in a bid for attention. Europe grew great by appealing to those who Knew Better; it has now failed by catering to the generic human who knows little, and as a result, they turn everything into a Starbucks or McDonalds and desecrate it in the process.

  • Lawsuit filed against Michigan for over 25,000 suspected dead registered voters still on rolls

    Biden “won” the election by 44,000 votes in three states.

    But just 44,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin separated Biden and Trump from a tie in the Electoral College.

    These numbers are closer than one might think, and seeing how many inconsistencies, sloppy procedures, dubious records, and obvious alterations after the fact have happened make most of us very doubtful that this election was honest, or that any election could be honest in this shambles of a system.

  • Lisbon, ND, Man Pleads Guilty to the Violent Ax Attack on U.S. Senator John Hoeven’s Office in December 2020

    Funny how the January 6th defendants get an entirely different tour of the Murkan justice system.

  • Queen’s Brian May blasts woke culture and says Freddie Mercury would have struggled

    Ever notice that the more diverse our society becomes, the more insipid pop culture becomes as it tries to please a broader group and a lower lowest common denominator as a result? They couldn’t make the best movie ever made today, and that has impoverished all of us. Since this film made fun of just about everyone, it would offend everyone, and get voted off the island rather quickly by our egalitarian brats.

  • Jury awards $26M in damages for Unite the Right violence

    This is “lawfare”: using lawsuits to destroy far-Right organizations, going back to the SPLC bankrupting the Aryan Nations. It will probably not stand on appeal, depending on how corrupt the court is, because there is no link between the destructive activity and the leaders. They never ordered it, encouraged it, or were aware of it. The particular lie that James Fields was anything but a scared mentally fragile person fleeing the people attacking his car remains one of the great travesties of American justice.


  • 3 men found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery

    Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, was shot to death while jogging in the neighborhood in February 2020. Cellphone video showed the men chasing Arbery and cornering him with their pickup trucks before a scuffle that ended with Travis McMichael shooting Arbery at close range with a shotgun.

    What a sanitized version. The full story is: after the police refused to do anything and suggested they take care of it themselves, three men stopped a fellow who was acting suspiciously by “jogging” in work boots inside of a house under construction where tools and materials had gone missing. He ran, and they cornered him, at which point he had a Trayvon Martin style freakout and attacked, causing them to shoot him with the shotgun lest he get control of it. Like the Chauvin case, this one awaits an appeal to clean it up, but those often take two decades for whatever crazy Leftist in power is obstructing them to retire or die of AIDS.

  • The World’s Broken Workplace

    According to Gallup’s World Poll, many people in the world hate their job and especially their boss. My own conclusion is that this is why global GDP per capita, or productivity, has been in general decline for decades.

    Jobs are politics; every act you take at a job is political, or designed to be a gesture or symbol to others. As a result, people spent most of their time doing entirely unnecessary things so that their bosses look good to their bosses and all the way up the line. No one is accountable to much because the usual business-killers — unions, affirmative action, taxes, lawsuits, regulations, workers who change jobs every eighteen months — have forced market concentration, which means that fewer firms command each more of the market and have bloated to the point where almost anything they do is duplicative. If you need a job, have five guys do it, and one will get it right. At this point, jobs are as make-work as school or prison. This is one powerful reason why the first world is dying out: people hate their daily existence, and do not want to subject their children to the same life of tense drudgery.

  • Sheriff announces criminal charges being filed against almost every member of the election commission in a battleground state

    Evidence continues to mount, but there is a total media blackout, including social media. Someone very powerful finds this threatening, but they do not realize how much the Streisand Effect is going to bite them in the ass:

    Barbra Streisand’s attempt to restrict online views of her residence on a public website had the paradoxical effect of leading to many more views than if she had done nothing. Subsequently, attempts at censorship that end up being counterproductive have been dubbed the “Streisand effect.”

    Let us explain this in terms of social economics: when something is censored, it becomes contraband, and possession of it confers a certain social status to the person possessing it, who is seen as being edgy, “in the know,” and successfully flaunting the law and defying the powers that be. In the simple monkey dynamics of human relationships, this makes them seem more powerful than authority figures. For this reason, censorship of the election results makes that data even more valuable. We are passing it around the same way Soviet kids copied Western rock music and dreamed of “freedom.”

  • Michael Vaughan not part of BBC coverage

    Rafiq alleged Vaughan said “too many of you lot, we need to do something about it” to him and three other players during a County Championship match for Yorkshire in 2009.

    Rafiq’s account was supported by former Pakistan bowler Rana Naved-ul-Hasan and England leg-spinner Adil Rashid, who said they heard the comment.

    The fourth player in the group – bowler Ajmal Shahzad – previously told the Daily Mail he had no recollection of the event and “the senior guys were really good to me”.

    When you make accusations alone into evidence, you give power to accusers. Did we learn nothing from the Title IX false rape accusation mess that spun down into chaos a few years ago? No, because we are addicted to equality, pathologically, and will chase it into the grave.

  • ‘Should we call it undocumented shopping then?’ Woke criminal experts tell public NOT to call California crime-wave ‘looting’ because ‘it’s racist’

    When you end penalties for thefts under a certain amount, people will take advantage of that situation, and it will almost always be your lower classes stealing from your upper classes. Wealthy people generally do not need to steal; for them, reputation is more important than a little free stuff. Anonymous poor people with no future and racial resentment against the majority that enslaved them have nothing to lose, and get an ego boost from “sticking it to The Man.” In the end, this law will be charged with race-guilt so that opposing it is seen as “racist,” so no one will do it. Stores are going to bail out from areas where thefts happen, and start using facial recognition systems to identify criminals, sharing that data between chains. Look for private “reputation” services to invent social credit scores that keep the criminals out of stores, and stores to use key cards for entry. Most people will simply shop online, which makes the tech titans who supported these laws laugh even harder at the stupid, stupid voters who went along with this sham.

  • Apple’s Pegasus lawsuit a ‘declaration of war’ against offensive software developers, says Kaspersky director

    People love pretexts. If someone does something wrong, you go to war with it, and in the process expand your own power, specifically to exclude anyone who does not go along with the plan. They will quickly use this to filter out any non-conformists and non-compliers so that they can present a walled garden Disneyland to consumers who just want to trade cat pictures, pictures of their genitals, recipes, and bragging screeds about their vacations. Social media is all about “keeping up with the Joneses” by wealth (mostly: credit) or virtue.

  • LA looters ransack Home Depot and Bottega Veneta stores on Black Friday

    Law enforcement refuses to go after minorities unless they absolutely have to. If the minority person fights back and gets injured, there will be mass media coverage, riots, lawsuits, and possibly officers going to jail for murder like Derek Chauvin. No sane person would risk their family and future for an insane system, so they make sure that they show up after the damage is done to shrug and take down reports.

  • Salvation Army wants white donors to offer a “sincere apology” for their racism

    Another charity bets on soyboys, boxwines, and diversity instead of the mostly conservative American middle class that has supported it for generations. It would be a good thing to kill off all charities that do this through lack of support. Humans only learn when there’s a heap of corpses, whether literal or figurative.

  • 186 Legislators From 39 States Sign Letter Calling For 50-State Audit, Decertification Where Appropriate

    Momentum gathers as people realize that until we fix our elections, this country will be run by Chinese criminals and their Irish lackeys.

  • Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern

    Just when everyone just about realized that COVID-19 is not a threat to 99.7% of us, big government and big industry — the two are joined because over-regulation has made industry dependent on government and vice-versa — started pushing for vaccinating children. As people pulled back, suddenly a new variant that is allegedly specifically dangerous to children has been discovered, and this time, they are blaming Africa.

  • Minority professor denied grants because he hires on merit: ‘People are afraid to think’

    “We will hire the most qualified people based upon their skills and mutual interests,” Kambhampati wrote on the application.

    “I’ve had two people say that was the kiss of death,” said Kambhampati. “I thought I was trying to be nice saying that if you were interested and able I’d hire you and that’s all that mattered. I don’t care about the colour of your skin. I’m interested in hiring someone who wants to work on the project and is good at it.”

    We have been ruled for generations by a Leftist orthodoxy that has extended the ideas of The Enlightenment™ to force equality upon us all, especially to the point of being ludicrous, because that breaks people and forces them to comply and give up on whatever agency they might have once had. It delights in the insane and absurd because the more abusive it is, the more you accept being bullied.

  • New homes in England to have electric car chargers by law

    Like the Soviets, we live in a government-created economy. It writes regulations, and then must upgrade the power plants, and then the wiring, all while hiring more diversity and women to make it happen (slowly). Then only those who bow, accept the absurd, and “do the right thing” get jobs, friends, spouses, and homes. They want to starve the non-compliers into oblivion.


  • Catholic University Celebrates Painting of George Floyd as Jesus Christ, Releases Report on Racism

    Organized religion will not save you. It’s a business, too, and business relies on the bourgeois standard of accepting everyone and being edgy but never attacking a specific group (they might have money). Therefore, to show obedience to the egalitarian standard, everyone status signals their compliance, and you get even more ridiculous hilarity. George Floyd was a useless criminal just like Joe Biden, but we celebrate him as if he were the new Christ because he “suffered.” Not on that amount of fentanyl, he didn’t.

  • Thomas Jefferson statue is removed from New York’s City Hall after 187 years because black staff – led by De Blasio’s wife – complained

    We warned you. Diversity means that you cannot have culture, aesthetics, history, or values. You get the lowest common denominator between all of the diverse groups, which is basically a non-culture of permissiveness and pretense.

  • Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

    “COVID-19 is gone, when did you last hear of anyone who has died of COVID-19?” Ndou said. “The mask is to protect my pocket,” he said. “The police demand bribes so I lose money if I don’t move around with a mask.”

    Africa still uses those old officially discredited treatments like Ivermectin and is less urbanized than the areas where people seem to be getting sick. It is also possible that exposure to neurotic media makes people panicked and creates a “reverse placebo effect” where they become very sick and die simply because they are in a high state of stress.

    There are some reasons to suspect that panic-susceptible people have higher risk:

    The risk of death from COVID-19 went up by 50% for those with a history of mental illness compared to those with no such history, says Li, who is now the Chief Medical Officer at the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD in Texas.

    If an individual had a history of a mental disorder, they were more likely to get infected,” says study author Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “And if they got infected, then they were more likely to have negative outcomes, such as hospitalization and death.”

  • Darrell Brooks faces 5 counts of intentional homicide after driving into parade

    Darrell Brooks was apparently fleeing a domestic incident in his maroon SUV when he intentionally drove through police barricades at the Wisconsin parade and smashed into a crowd of people celebrating the holiday season.

    They love to repeat the lie. He was not fleeing anything; he drove intentionally into the parade and then sped up when he saw his victims, veering into them to hit them. This is at least murder in the first degree, but if anyone were honest, would include hate crime charges as well because his motivation was obviously retaliation for the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.

    In fact, if a White man had similar social media postings, this would be charged as a hate crime because of the strong political orientation of the suspect:

    We were also first to report that his social media was littered with anti-white and anti-Jewish posts that encouraged the killing of White people and posts that celebrated Hitler for being “right about the real Jews”.

    This publication was early to note and report Darrell’s ties to Black Lives Matter, and the fact that he used a vehicle to murder people in an act of vehicular jihad. Laura Loomer posted that the suspect was likely a black Muslim, and now we can exclusively confirm that Darrell Brooks is a supporter of The Five Percent Nation, otherwise known as the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE or NOGE), a sub-sect of Nation of Islam (NOI).

    The Five Percent Nation is a black nationalist movement influenced by Islam. Members of the group call themselves “Allah’s Five Percenters”. The Fiver Percent Nation preaches black supremacy and teaches that black people are the original inhabitants of planet earth, and that the white man is an evil devil.

    It all depends on how Left-converged the courts in the area are, but most likely, they are going to try to get him to take a plea deal for life without parole so they can avoid the whole issue. We live in a society of cowards who are cowering because if they get deplatformed, they live in poverty without family or friends.

    The media are currently attempting to cover up the deliberate attack that started the Waukesha Wipeout:

    “You could see the fragments of brains,” he said. “There were quite a few people with broken limbs, like a lot of broken legs, a lot of people shouting with broken legs. It was horrifying.”

    Another witness told the Times that the driver was “going from side to side, targeting people” during the rampage.

    “The car bombed through. He was flying through there going intentionally from left to right,” Tyler Kotlarek told the paper.

    We should say clearly what happened here: if what Dylann Roof did was terrorism and a hate crime, what Darrell Brooks did was also race war terrorism and a hate crime. Either that, or maybe we can discard the biased term “hate crime” entirely and call this the racial revenge attack that it was, and then admit that diversity is not working, never has worked, and in fact is wholly dysfunctional to the point that it has rendered our civilization non-working as well.

  • Children’s Health’s Transgender Treatment Clinic Is No More

    Conservatives are befuddled by their own egalitarianism. Leftists are the ones neutering and spaying their children with the transgender process; that means fewer Leftists in the next generation. If conservatives were thinking clearly, they would have free abortions and transgender clinics on every street corner. Cull the weak.

  • How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation

    Clickbait works and there are many credulous people out there. This is a flaw in democracy and equality, not the algorithms, which merely find out what IQ band a person is from and their general outlook on life, then pitch them things which other people of that archetype have found relevant.

  • COVID-19 case severity: How genetic differences leave immune cells at a disadvantage

    The science community has identified many genetic differences, called polymorphisms, they call “severe COVID-19-risk variants.” These genetic variants are associated with gene expression and appear to influence case severity. Yet scientists didn’t know which immune cells are most affected by these risk variants.

    Mother Nature wins again. If we had any brains (we don’t, we’re democratic) we would test those who are afraid and reverse quarantine, i.e. isolate, those who are genetically at risk.

  • Gangsters’ paradise: SA besieged by organised crime, says report

    Your future with diversity. With warring ethnic groups come lots of gaps in law enforcement, public honesty, social trust, and people paying attention.

  • I’m a therapist to the super-rich: they are as miserable as Succession makes out

    What could possibly be challenging about being a billionaire, you might ask. Well, what would it be like if you couldn’t trust those close to you? Or if you looked at any new person in your life with deep suspicion? I hear this from my clients all the time: “What do they want from me?”; or “How are they going to manipulate me?”; or “They are probably only friends with me because of my money.”

    The West seems to have found itself in the same situation. It turns out that separating wealth from virtue has extreme consequences.

  • Twitter comment linking Waukesha tragedy and Kyle Rittenhouse verdict costs DuPage County Democratic Party social media director Mary Lemanski her post

    I just believe in Karma and this came around quick on the citizens of Wisconsin.

    She said the quiet part out loud and removed the mask. Submit or be destroyed.

  • Prehistoric mums may have cared for kids better than we thought

    “It has long been assumed that if there are a lot of deceased babies in a burial sample, then infant mortality must have been high,” lead author Dr Clare McFadden, from the ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology, said.

    “Many have assumed that infant mortality was very high in the past in the absence of modern healthcare.

    “When we look at these burial samples, it actually tells us more about the number of babies that were born and tells us very little about the number of babies that were dying, which is counterintuitive to past perceptions.”

    As usual, modern arrogance led us to belittle the past and to deny common sense, which says that every mother loves her babies.

  • Ontario teachers’ union changes rules so that non-white votes count more than white votes

    Most people want to believe that they are in control, not nature, so they reject the laws of nature. Since humans see the world as effects, and causes are hard to discern, these people want to operate only on the level of effects which they can manipulate through social pressure, uniting their egos with those of the group. This allows them to rationalize their way from dealing with real problems to ignoring real problems in order to perpetuate the myth of not only being in control, but being successful, despite facing actual problems that may destroy them. Denial is a strong and powerful force, but also a popular one, so the group unites together on insanity because it makes everyone “feel better” and therefore, able to continue to illusion of success as they run screaming into the abyss of failure.

    The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation for district 20 announced on Monday a change in their rules so that non-white union members would have their vote weighted more than white members.

    According to the union, 68 percent of their members voted in favour of this change. Yet, reports from the meeting suggest it was actually contentious.

    Some attendees pointed out that this was a case of reverse racism. In order to prevent this from happening again, the local union president suggested that the phrase is harmful and a form of harassment.

    This forms the core of human projection: we want to be in control, so when faced with signs that we are not, we rationalize this in such a way that it can be construed as positive, which causes us to embrace the destructive. Peer pressure then makes this mandatory and all who fail to comply are destroyed. This is how civilizations commit suicide.


  • Police Aerial Surveillance Endangers Our Ability to Protest

    Not to mention, high-tech political spying makes people vulnerable to retribution and reprisals by the government. Despite their constitutional rights, many people would be chilled and deterred from attending a demonstration protesting against police violence if they knew the police were going to film their face, and potentially identify them and keep a record of their First Amendment activity.

    All true, but these were not protests, they were race riots disguised as protests.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse says he supports BLM, case was about self-defense

    He was 17 when he brought a semi-automatic rifle and a medical kit to Kenosha in what he said was an effort to protect businesses as riots broke out over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man who was left paralyzed from the waist down, on Aug. 23.

    His attorneys argued that the teenager acted in self-defense when he opened fire.

    Rittenhouse insisted under cross-examination that he had no other choice than to defend himself and claimed the protesters were a threat to his life.

    When you crucify a Derek Chauvin, cops stop protecting the streets. At that point, the rioters run wild. If you defend against them, the Leftist Establishment of the Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG) decides to destroy your life. In this case, he walked because of careful lawyering, an overzealous prosecution, and the obvious need for people to defend their cities as we see in the ruins of once-prosperous places turned into ghost towns by these riots.

  • Hunter Biden’s private equity firm helped Chinese conglomerate buy American-owned cobalt mine in $3.8 billion deal

    All roads lead back to China with the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens. They are betting on the greater numbers of Chinese to be the future market that dominates the world and, therefore, should take over and have our nation sold to them because we are cultureless and worthless. Tammany Hall treated its voters similarly.

  • Do Progressives Pay the Price for Progressive Legislation?

    The average score of incumbent Democrats who lost elections over the entire 1994-2020 time period is always well below the average ADA score of the super liberals. In addition, with the exception of 2000, the average loser’s score is below the average ADA score for all Democrats in the House. These results indicates that moderate incumbent Democrats are ultimately the ones punished by voters in elections.

    In general, the “heroes and near-heroes” are electorally safe.

    This is the Leftist “doubling down”: because their ideology is conjectural and messianic, that is based on future promises of Utopia through progress to Equality, they face the choice of accepting doubt or simplifying the message. When they face adversity or success, they tend to differentiate themselves by getting more radical in order to stand out from others with similar views. In this way, the infection metastasizes and becomes viral, spreading through the fear of insignificance which it creates by reducing life to a means-to-an-end of ideology, replacing life, nature, faith, family, culture, heritage, and values with rigid dogma that always seeks a new lower lowest common denominator.

  • COVID-19: stigmatising the unvaccinated is not justified

    In Massachusetts, USA, a total of 469 new COVID-19 cases were detected during various events in July, 2021, and 346 (74%) of these cases were in people who were fully or partly vaccinated, 274 (79%) of whom were symptomatic. Cycle threshold values were similarly low between people who were fully vaccinated (median 22·8) and people who were unvaccinated, not fully vaccinated, or whose vaccination status was unknown (median 21·5), indicating a high viral load even among people who were fully vaccinated.

    Defection begins. The vaccines do not work but also seem to harm quite a few people including all the athletes randomly dropping dead ten days after vaccination. Our leaders laugh, knowing that they are going to force us to become part of their socialized healthcare system in order to keep the boosters coming and deal with whatever horrible stuff their weird concoction has done to our insides, figuring that once they get us on the needle, they can use us as tax batteries to fund their dreams of world domination from that day forward.

  • Investigation into spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland

    At least 21 babies under four weeks old died in September, a rate of 4.9 per 1,000 births.

    The average mortality rate among newborns is just over two per 1,000 births.

    PHS said there was “currently no indication of links between these deaths and Covid-19 infection” although the data will be examined further.

    They said “infection” not “vaccination.”

  • Latest job recruiting trend in tight market: ‘No vaccine required’

    The competent are dodging this vaccine while the credulous are taking it. If it somehow kills off the credulous, this will be a eugenic boost for humanity. In that case, we will all be better off through this method that is morally questionable as a method. It would be hard to argue that an Earth of 500 million 120+ IQ people is morally questionable however, as an end.

  • mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test

    We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

    At least now we know why people are dying. Creating the same spike protein that they tell us will kill us by programming cells to churn it out might not be a great way to design a vaccine.

  • Researchers study the link between vitamin D and inflammation

    “In normal infections, Th1 cells, a subset of T cells, go through a pro-inflammatory phase,” Kazemian said. “The pro-inflammatory phase clears the infection, and then the system shuts down and goes to anti-inflammatory phase. Vitamin D helps to speed up this transition from pro-inflammatory to the anti-inflammatory phase of the T cells. We don’t know definitively, but theorize the vitamin could potentially help patients with severe inflammation caused by Th1 cells.”

    We know who else liked Vitamin D:

    Rickets (riquets in French, Rachitis in German) was identified and named in the middle of the seventeenth century by two Englishmen, Daniel Whistler and Francis Glisson. Two centuries later, the disease was considered to be a children’s disease, caused by poor nutrition and poor air.[16] The colloquial name “English disease” originally derived from the fact that it had been first identified by an Englishmen. In the late nineteenth century, the name took on a political resonance, was increasingly linked to the problems of industrial capitalist society. Dire living and working conditions, reduced exposure to sunlight, and polluted and stuffy air were believed to cause the disease.[17] Industrial capitalism deformed children, especially the sons and daughters of impoverished working people. Rickets thus became the object of social critique and a theme of Lebensreform (“life-style [health] reform”).[18] The treatment and prevention of rickets increasingly seemed to be one of the many responsibilities of the welfare state.

    Around the end of the nineteenth century, the standard treatment for rickets consisted of sunlight and cod liver oil. These were later supplemented by ultraviolet radiation and irradiated milk. In 1927, two of the largest pharmaceutical companies, Merck and IG Farben, developed a vitamin D treatment in the form of Vigantol, a commercial product that came to dominate the German market for many decades.[19] Vigantol was promoted in pamphlets and advertisements published in medical journals (fig. 10) as well as popular media. Meanwhile, Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies produced a number of promotional films featuring the product, such as Vigantol (1933) and the aforementioned Stored Sun Energy (1934).[20] In the Nazi period, Vigantol was presented as not only a medicine but also a natural remedy.

    Hilariously modern science agrees with the Nazis:

    The prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency is 40-45% in the general German population. An additional 15-30% are vitamin D deficient…Adherence to present sun safety policy (avoidance of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm) and dietary recommendations (5-10 microg daily for adults) would, however, definitively lead to vitamin D deficiency.

  • South African medical association says Omicron variant causes ‘mild disease’

    We know that over time viruses evolve to be less deadly and more transmissible. This is an economic model: the virus that thrives is the one that spreads rapidly and uses each host for as long as possible, sort of like “moderate” Democrats.

  • Forget your last birthday, your ‘inflammation age’ could matter more when it comes to gauging the state of your health

    Inflammation is the new topic in medicine since it seems to be a precursor to most of the stuff that kills us. It turns out that air pollution contributes to our modern sickness:

    Urban air pollution is associated with inflammation, oxidative stress, blood coagulation and autonomic dysfunction simultaneously in healthy young humans, with sulfate and O(3) as two major traffic-related pollutants contributing to such effects.

    Modernity is killing us. We need time in fresh air, sun, forests, and fields.

  • Amazon’s never-ending fake reviews problem, explained

    On the internet, anonymous symbols translate to wealth, so everything is fake. Someone will get in there and con you into doing something that harms you so that they can profit. In order to feel good about this, they will have to hate you or at least consider you a disposable moron. Our leaders feel the same way about the voters, who are easily misled into Utopian solutions and Satanic panics.


  • District Attorney files charges against teens in racially motivated SEPTA attack

    In a video, which was later posted on social media, a group of Black girls is seen yelling at a teenager, whom the Philadelphia School District said was a Central High School student.

    Diversity turns against itself, as always. The smarter races tend to avoid direct confrontation until it becomes absolutely necessary, and then they go medieval.

  • New Trump book does $1M in sales in first 24 hours

    It seems that unlike the people going with the flow of a dying system, the man trying to save America from itself has enduring popularity.

  • There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man

    They fear us because they know that they are harming us every day and that pushback is overdue and will be gruesome.

    It’s part of the psychological tax you pay for being a Black man in America — learning to accept that you are seen by many as Public Enemy No. 1.

    Weasel words. Good news for him: most of us now see all of diversity and Leftism as a threat which must be avoided and eventually relocated or destroyed.

  • A defeat for the Loudoun County school board

    In Loudoun County, the matter of public school wokeism has also been litigated in the case of Tanner Cross. He’s the teacher suspended for stating, at a school board meeting, that his Christian faith precluded him from deferring to a student’s preferred pronouns because doing so would constitute a lie about the reality of the child’s identity.

    Cross sued. A judge ruled that the school board violated Cross’ First Amendment rights, and temporarily blocked the suspension through an injunction. The Virginia Supreme Court affirmed that ruling.

    As the overreach continues, the pushback intensifies.

  • Myocarditis-induced Sudden Death after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination in Korea

    The primary cause of death was determined to be myocarditis, causally-associated with the BNT162b2 vaccine.

    Great vaccine guys.

  • Virginia police lieutenant fired for donating to Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser seeking due process

    The Virginia police lieutenant who was fired from the department in April after anonymously donating to a fundraiser to benefit Kyle Rittenhouse said his ousting came in only a matter of days, despite that the process typically takes months.

    The Left punishes non-compliance, whether actual dissent or simply failing to follow the Crowd.

  • The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons

    The agency is interested in systems that can read and write to 16 independent locations in a chunk of brain the size of a pea with a lag of no more than 50 milliseconds within four years, said Robinson, who is under no illusion about the scale of the challenge.

    If you interface to a computer, you are not only controlling it… it may be controlling you. Now imagine this mess hooked up to Windows and Facebook and you can imagine a neurotic nightmare from which there is no escape.

  • Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

    In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.

    We can see why people think the vaccines spread the virus. That, at least, would be a product model that could make a lot of people very wealthy.

  • ‘Smallpox’ Vials Found at Merck Lab in Suburban Philadelphia Facility

    People forget that government action creates financial incentives. When you adopt Obamacare, pharmaceutical companies have an incentive to create as much disease as possible so that government can pay for it. That way, instead of just toughing it out, everyone goes in for the treatment they pay for monthly, which is then billed to the taxpayers at twenty times markup. Socialized medicine, like socialism itself, is a deathtrap.

  • Warning over antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    The researchers studied 115 swabs of wild bird faeces taken from around the River Cam over a two-year period. The faecal swabs were collected from locations within half-a-mile of the riverbank along a 10-mile stretch of the river in and around Cambridge.

    Of the 115 samples, 24 contained the presence of Pseudomonas bacteria. Pseudomonas are a large group of bacteria which can be naturally present in the environment, and some of which are associated with animal and human disease.

    The antibiotic resistance genes have escaped the hospitals and are now thriving in the wild.

  • China has surpassed the US as the world’s biggest box office.

    China won the war of numbers, and industry listens. However, they will soon find that a relatively smaller group of consumers in a high trust society provide steadier income than the fickle third world audience, which will quickly turn to its own domestic production and shun foreign films.

  • Amazon’s Dark Secret: It Has Failed to Protect Your Data

    Across Amazon, some low-level employees were using their data privileges to snoop on the purchases of celebrities, while others were taking bribes to help shady sellers sabotage competitors’ businesses, doctor Amazon’s review system, and sell knock-off products to unsuspecting customers. Millions of credit card numbers had sat in the wrong place on Amazon’s internal network for years, with the security team unable to establish definitively whether they’d been unduly accessed. And a program that allowed sellers to extract their own metrics had become a backdoor for third-party developers to amass Amazon customer data.

    Centralization has its disadvantages.


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