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What is a Middleman Minority?

At this site, we promote the idea that instead of blaming certain ethnic groups for the dysfunction of our society, we look at diversity itself and see that it inevitably produces conflict, culture erasure, and genocide.

The middleman minority theory backs up our view:

In many countries around the world, particular ethnic minorities have played the role of tradesmen and small businessmen. These groups include the Jews in Europe, the Chinese in Southeast Asia, the Indians in Africa, and the Parsis in India (Eitzen 1971; Palmer 1957; Porter 1981). These middlemen occupy a unique position of. intermediate status as they operate between the elite and the masses, between the producers and the consumers (Bonacich 1973). The similarities in the social, political, and economic situations of these various groups are reflected in what has been referred to as “the Jews of” metaphor (Zenner 1991, pp.52-54). For example, the Chinese have been described as “the Jews of Siam” and “the Jews of the East,” and Indians as “the Jews of East Africa.” Indeed, this metaphor has been applied to many different ethnic groups by both Western and non-Western observers.

Middleman minorities are often hated by both sides of the host society’s distinct status gap. Middleman minorities are perceived as being clannish, disloyal, and unscrupulous outsiders.

If a group of higher-IQ — let us say on average above 95 — minority people comes into a foreign land, they will immediately seek out a niche, generally consisting of the economic activity that for cultural reasons (even if aesthetic) the host population avoids.

This puts them into a horrible position. They have a niche, sure, but at the same time, a detested niche, and any time things go wrong, they are suspected of using this niche to manipulate others.

This came to the front in the L.A. Riots where the impoverished Black residents of South Central saw their Korean shopkeepers as exploiting them, despite being businesspeople risking an investment that no one else would take.

Diversity makes enemies of us all.

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