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News (March 21, 2022)


The normies are out there. I can hear them chittering. Like insects or rodents they make these little mouth noises, maybe grinding of teeth. They are nervous, ravenous… empty inside.

Our modern world produces a void of the self. That is, there is a void, and it is created of the self. Being human is bad enough since we always fear that everything is nothing, and that we are only material in essence, therefore the world lacks both inherent meaning and any hopes of persistence after death.

Equality compounds this crisis. When you are equal, you are starting out at the zero point of social status. You have to affirmatively draw attention to yourself in order to become worthy of notice, which is how you get ahead. This makes people into performers, doing a cute little dance on stage to get attention.

The self-destructive nature of humanity arises from this process, and the Enlightenment made it much, much worse. We each must draw attention to ourselves, so we stop caring about what is true and good and focus instead on what is unique and different. We want to carve out something for ourselves, and we are carving from the shared things of value (“the commons”) like society, culture, and nature.

The more we centralize, the more we destroy, because once things become centralized we get a bureaucracy-meritocracy where those who are obedient to the system rise and everyone else is excluded. That attracts the worst sort of people, both thoughtless and selfish, to the power structure.

These then go out there looking for good things to exploit. If you have a nice neighborhood, they flood into it, and then start doing the same stuff people do everywhere else that made those neighborhoods bad: build McMansions, hire low-cost workers as services, ignore their neighbors, and deplete community in favor of egophrenic “me first” bourgeois independence, all while voting for whatever makes them feel the most important, usually government handing money out to the poor and foreign, so that these voters have some reason to feel superior to others.

As argued elsewhere:

We all struggle to be more than anonymous equals in this world. The old social order gave us each a place that we could not lose except through the usual gross transgressions (negligence, murder, theft, assault, inability) and therefore, we were someone even if just to our local area, family, and friends. We had a center, a position, and an immutable identity.

When we connected up the world and abolished all of the old stuff, which like most time-honored things win out by utility and not moral rectitude, we lost a sense of place, and the internet, television, and press tied us all together and made each of us competitors for “the most interesting person in the world” at least during our fifteen minutes of fame.

We are going to need new things to replace the old and the intermediate that came after it.

The hunger will not go away. Those who are equal are by definition shareholders of attention with a denominator of the total number of shareholders, which means that the bigger society gets, the smaller their slice grows.

However, they can play the lottery. They can draw attention to themselves and maybe they win big for their fifteen minutes of fame, and if they get really lucky, can parlay that into permanent gains.

Most of them seek to create a sense of well-being in others, namely the feeling that things are going well and we are living the best life possible out of all the choices that were available to us.

Consequently, they support the rationalizations which form the core of our society: equality, pluralism, and diversity, all of which are different methods of carving up the attention pie and handing it out.

Societies turn to rationalizations after all once they become permanent. At that point, your social standing — a good/evil in terms of alignment, and some kind of rank, whether decentralized social hierarchy like feudalism, or centralized like bureaucratic-meritocratic systems — determines whether you survive, not your ability to adapt to nature. You start to lose your natural abilities and gain new social ones. Society begins decaying at that point, but it will take many long centuries for the collapse to become obvious.

The rationalizers become goodthinkers or people who will, no matter what comes, defend the system and the assumptions that it is built upon. They will never agree that democracy is kleptocracy, diversity is genocide, socialism is narcissism, or that equality is mediocrity although they know these in their gut. Their goal is to get along with others and get ahead socially because they fear what society will do to them, unpredictably and with the violence of a raging mob.

On the surface, they are the smart ones; they will do anything to survive, especially avoid conflict. At a deeper level, they are raging idiots, since they will end up surviving in a wasteland that will destroy them just as surely as government would.

At a psychological level, however, they are fatalistic people who believe that life is a dead-end process that is fundamentally bad, and they have no hope for the future except through their own power and control.

They would rather be able to think themselves clever and feel in control than avoid living in a dystopian wasteland. When I write about how socialization and rationalization replace reality through individualism, this is what I mean.

For this reason, they are possessed of an impulse to destroy anything higher than them in any way. Saner, healthier, wealthier, wiser, gentler, kinder, or more appreciated by the group for doing actually useful things. They want them dead.

Goodthinkers insist on believing the lie because it makes them feel powerful, not because they believe it. To be more accurate: they neither believe nor disbelieve the lie; they simply see it as useful for them, for staying in power.

The lie allows them to think themselves virtuous as they go about destroying the beautiful, good, and true. It makes them feel as if they, and not nature/gods, are in control of their world.

For these goodthinkers, nothing exists beyond their personal mortality. When they die, the world explodes, or at least should burn, they reason. It should disappear. They are all they care about.

In their view, other people exist only to give love, not to take it. Family members serve roles for them and the self-image they have built up in the public eye and their own inner rationalizations. Activities are good only so long as they are pleasurable, profitable, or popular.

This is the type of person produced by a democratic state. In fact, any egalitarian state will produce this person, as will too much working at a job, since in that case also social pressures take the place of real-world results.

They hate people living normal lives — uncontented with excess wealth, enjoying their work, happy with their lot — because for these goodthinkers, ordinary simple lives are odious because they signal contentment.

Someone who is ruled by egophrenia (self-worship) can never be contented because their sense of self relies on the external. They do not enjoy things for the things-in-themselves, only for how it makes them look at how they can use that in their inner narrative to rationalize that their lives must be good.

The need for goodthinkers to feel that things are under control relies on the cope cult, a clique to which modern people belong if they want to succeed by making others feel safe and content.

Because they are rationalizers, they rely heavily on authorities. If Google says something is “safe,” this gives the rationalizer a chance to show off how much he is enforcing safety. Your Mask Karens fit into this category.

Cope cults therefore adore strong authorities which seem to have comprehensive answers and are popular with others. The cope cult exists to constantly offer reasons why things might be doing well after all so that its members can keep focusing on themselves and moral posturing, preening, and self-righteous indignation.

Members of the cope cult can be identified by their use of scapegoat/talisman pairs:

  • Christians: Satan is bad, wait for Jesus to destroy everything and we will have Heaven.
  • Nazis: Jews are bad, wait for the great race war and we will kill everyone but the good.
  • Libertarians: Government is bad, wait for the great default and we can all live in anarchist free markets.
  • RINOs: Society is bad, go to church and live in the country in a parallel economy and we can have freedom.

They all have come up with an explanation that both lets them sleep through the night and excuses their inaction at any level above the personal.

Definitely goodthinkers like “activism,” but this consists of “raising awareness” so the group can demand things which are then implemented by Leftist politicians.

The normal life people, having long ago given up on politics, will sleep through this scenario and suddenly wake up with a snort in something like full socialist, centralized tyranny.

Goodthinkers influence those around them, both the Useful Idiots who support them and the Reasonable Guys who want to keep some of the goodthinker perspective.

Consider, perhaps, that on the Right, almost everyone supports socialist programs. They are outraged when you point out that worker demands for higher wages, unions, high taxes, and regulations drove our labor offshore and collapsed our economy.

They freak out at the idea of abolishing diversity itself. Reasonable Guys may dislike Negroes and Jews, but they panic when you suggest getting rid of diversity entirely because only mono-ethnic nations thrive.

They will refuse to see what is obvious simply because it makes them look like idiots for having supported this farce for so long. This applies in the large, to those who support modernity, as well as in the small with COVID-19 and other panics.

A grim fact of human civilization is that it dies from the margins. Any society that increases marginal costs gradually eats away its ability to produce wealth, coherence, and even basic function, like the Soviets.

Let us review some margin-eaters:

  • Diversity: abolishes culture, forces permissive standards, alienates the majority, transfers wealth to the minorities, and makes every choice into a committee-like discussion over what will offend no one.
  • Socialism: like corruption, this imposes a tax on all transactions in order to spread the wealth, which prevents ordinary concentrations of wealth while creating massive monopolies.
  • Taxes: some level of taxes will be necessary, although it would be better for people to be able to line-item check off what they want (military, police, fire) government to provide as a service, but tax costs are passed down the line to suppliers, then to wholesalers, then to customers.
  • Unions: wages go up, but most of the excess goes to the union, which makes labor too expensive for companies to make money using it, so they go offshore. The workers wail, but they do it to themselves, every time.
  • Political Correctness: no discussion is about the actual issue, but instead becomes focused on how to avoiding offending others while signaling acceptance to the “marginalized” groups.

Most people are still in denial that these things are bad, including on the far-Right. It will take a long time for them to learn deprogramming.

We see this time and again: societies rise, then develop bureaucracies, and those use meritocracy to pick those who fit the needs of the bureaucracy, which then creates a competitive market for what the bureaucracy rewards.

This begins the process of inversion, where the method (bureaucracy) replaces the goal (civilization), and all methods are seen as legitimate for achieving this method-as-goal.

Inversion relies on rationalization, or justifying what we do on the basis of some ideological principle. “This is good because it fulfills one of our methods,” as an argument, works in conversation even if it is bad logic.

This forces a streamlining of method, which generates lots of exceptions. If your only tool is a hoe, there need to be special instructions for using it to change light bulbs, paint houses, or carve sculptures.

The more of these little exceptions we generate, the more rules we have around a method because a method, unlike a goal, is inflexible. It tells you how to do something, not what to do, and therefore everything clusters under that and becomes inaccurate because one big rule does not address the complexity of reality.

Ask the guy using a hoe to make a rocketship about that one.

Rationalization replaces goals, and with that, dispenses with the need for reality. You no longer need to achieve the goal, only to have successfully done the method, which seems like a goal.

For example, if you achieve a peace treaty between two countries, you have not made peace. You have used the principle of your society, individualism/equality, to induce participants to sign a sheet of paper with certain promises.

The real goal, peace, can only be had when all parties are comfortable enough in their situation, and the cost of warfare high enough, that no one needs to go to war. There can be no lasting peace, since the situation might change.

The powers that be — elected, appointed, selected by the meritocracy, approved by the bureaucracy — want us to have a “Great Reset,” while the rest of us want a Great Awakening whereby we stop using the same method-as-goal we have for centuries.

That method-as-goal, equality, conceals what tears apart civilizations, which is individualism, or people acting for themselves first and considering effects on society later.

People are naturally individualistic to a degree, but when society punishes those who fail to achieve a goal, this is held in check. With rationalization, all they must do is uphold the method in order to keep the group together, and they are rewarded.

In this society, all you must do is what the boss says. He does what his bosses say. They do what the market says. The market follows what government does and what the population seems to need. Each reacts to the other.

This creates a precedent cascade where once a method is established, like equality, all other methods are formed by rationalizing from that, and they proliferate rapidly as people seek to find niches.

Societies in the grip of this precedent cascade slowly tear themselves apart not with their weaknesses, but their strengths, because their strengths have been harnessed to methods which go against reality and the natural order.

Consequently, they fall apart. To date, every permanent human civilization has died this way. They establish a proxy for the goal, make that into a method, and then enter the precedent cascade to the point of becoming a labyrinth of rules.

Diversity makes this worse, but every egalitarian society in history has adopted diversity. If you say all people are equal, how can there be social classes, borders, or even culture? You must accept all individuals because they bleed red too and we are all one.

People think in terms of good and evil, but these are methods. Outside of religious mythology, nothing intends evil; everything acts in self-interest, to the limits of its understanding.

“Evil” usually turns out to be nothing more than stupidity, usually the type of sophomoric stupidity that arises when someone with enough intelligence to accomplish methods pretends to have goals.

If you wonder why tyrants like Xi and soft-tyrants like Biden seem to accumulate power and control with no end in sight, this is why: they have no ultimate goal. They are just advancing the method to its ends.

In fact, our entire society fits this model. Individuals accumulate wealth in order to escape the disaster. They resent this soulless life and look forward to retirement. Then, empty, they have no idea what to do with themselves.

For us who attempt to survive this time, the task falls to think outside of the rationalizations.

First, we must take a look at “good” and “evil.” I doubt there are evil people except incompetents who seize power and then must defend it to avoid being dethroned; clearly there are good — competent and moral — people however.

Understanding our society requires looking at three crucial points:

  1. The Bell Curve: abilities vary, and so most are competent at only relatively simple things.
  2. Peer Pressure: the social push to be a goodthinker, and therefore gain access to the good jobs and people, motivates most by necessity.
  3. Malleability: most people are not all that good, just mostly good, and they do whatever is easiest for them.

I know lots of good people. They are not perfect, but they keep striving to be. The bad will not do that; they want to do what is convenient for them (narcissism, solipsism, egophrenia, neurosis). Most are in the middle, kinda sorta wanting to be good, but if something is easy and meets their immediate needs they do it.

Societies at the rationalization stage operate like cults. They build up the ego while stimulating fears, which makes people believe that they have something important that is under threat of loss.

In this way, these societies induce the mentality of tyrants into everyday people. They believe they are part of something good, which they rationalize by repeating goodthinker dogma, yet fear losing their niche for saying the wrong thing.

Societies of this nature, in the grips of the precedent cascade, operate like echo chambers that intensify the unreal beliefs and demonize the real simply to make those who are vested in the system feel better for being goodthinkers.

Only one way out exists: to go back to the precepts we used in the choice of equality as our method-as-goal, and to replace those with an actual goal, which in the conservative view is the transcendentals “the good, the beautiful, and the true” administered with an aggressive drive toward the excellent (arete).

To get there, we need to stop thinking in Utopian terms, and start thinking in realistic ones. We must accept reality for what it is, tragedies and all, and realize that not every person can thrive in an environment that rewards the good.

Our only other option is to try to save everyone and therefore, normalize the bad along with the good, then try to control that by enforcing methods-as-goals, and by that, end up on the path to tyranny.

“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” The simple life means function: doing what we do well and that we can enjoy in such a way that benefits not others but the natural order, reality, and the process of life.

This includes everyday heroes who simply do a necessary job well, like farmers and plumbers and soldiers and (occasionally) lawyers.

The simple life includes both a focus on working within the order of nature, but also a desire for a spiritual connection to the world. We must see it as good, instead of bad as we do when we try to have power over it and control it.

If you find yourself wondering about civilization, “But why is it all so dumb?” then consider that it has consistently driven itself away from reality. It has pursued novel methods which are not new, and when they failed, layered them with additional versions of the same, which have also failed.

People are miserable. They are doing what they think they should be doing, and are miserable inside. They are not reproducing, especially the intelligent. Their marriages generally break up. They end up empty shattered husks upon retirement.

The system is not working. For anyone.

Instead of seeking a system with “new” methods, we should consider that nothing is new under the sun. All of these methods have been known for millennia. The quest for novelty is merely the raging for human power and control over nature.

That is now the old goal, or as I like to call it, the intermediate goal. We had a time of sanity and everything worked, at which point we ended up safe and stable with no more mountains left to climb.

Consequently society began fragmenting, so people came up with ways to bribe, compel, and browbeat others into compliance, coming up with the Devil’s Bargain of equality: you can do whatever you want, but you must support the Crowd that gives you this ability.

At that point you are strapped in to a ride that ends in Asiatic tyranny.

We have always needed a new goal. At first our goal was to make a functional society, but now we need more, not less. We need to rise above, and this requires accepting reality including genetic inequality.

There, because that bright line marks the non plus ultra in egalitarian societies, is the challenge. Purge egalitarianism from yourself, and you lose the self-pity and directionless hunger for power that this society induces in you.

Then you can see more clearly.


  • Close neighbour to Russia, Finland is considering joining NATO

    Moscow warned this weekend of “political and military consequences” if Finland signs on to the military pact, while Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said Russian President Vladimir Putin has dropped his mask and shown the cold face of war.

    Post-Soviet Russia had one goal: prove it has changed. Now we see the face of the old beast that kept the world in nuclear terror for sixty years. Maybe the Democrats want war with Russia for the wrong reasons, but the rest of the world has now seen the true face of Eurasian tyranny — allied with the Chinese Communists, the worst of unstable dictatorships — and we want to decouple ourselves from this disaster and shore up against it. Unstable countries by definition cannot fix their internal problems, so turn to war to keep their population motivated, just like France did after the Revolution. The pattern repeats.

  • Hearing Set for Lawsuit Challenging California’s Racial, Ethnicity, LGBT Quotas for Corporate Boards

    The bill requires that boards of directors of California-based, publicly held domestic or foreign corporations satisfy racial, ethnicity, and LGBT quotas by the end of the 2021 calendar year.

    Judicial Watch argues that any expenditure of taxpayer funds or taxpayer-financed resources on AB 979 is illegal under the California Constitution. A Senate Floor Analysis produced during deliberation on the legislation concluded the bill draws distinctions based on race and ethnicity, and therefore, it is “suspect” and that “the existence of general societal discrimination will not ordinarily satisfy courts.”

    The idea of using civil rights law to challenge civil rights practice has been with us for some time, but it faces a steep uphill battle: laws written to enforce “equal protection of laws” will only ever favor the underdog, because only there do we see anything resembling “inequality.” 14A delenda est.

  • Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?

    Russian strategist Aleksandr Dugin, a friend of Putin, published a highly influential book — “Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia” — which argued that Russia’s long-term goal should be the creation, not of a Russian Empire, but of a Eurasian Empire.

    Dugin’s book, which is required reading in Russian military academies, states that to make Russia great again, Georgia should be dismembered, Finland should be annexed and Ukraine should cease to exist: “Ukraine, as an independent state with certain territorial ambitions, represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia.” Dugin, who has been described as “Putin’s Rasputin,” added:

    “The Eurasian Empire will be constructed on the fundamental principle of the common enemy: the rejection of Atlanticism, the strategic control of the USA, and the refusal to allow liberal values to dominate us.”

    In April 2005, Putin echoed this sentiment when, in his annual state of the nation address, he described the collapse of the Soviet empire as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

    Much of what Dugin writes makes sense, but the Eurasian empire misses the point: it will be even more liberal than the West because it still embraces diversity and the use of a system to produce an empire.

  • Egg freezing, IVF and surrogacy: Fertility benefits have evolved to become the ultimate workplace perk

    As of 2020, more than two-fifths (42%) of large U.S. employers offered coverage for IVF treatment, while almost one-fifth (19%) offered egg freezing.

    Welcome to meritocracy. Two hundred million idiots want the good jobs, so we reward only those who are good at school. After high school, it is down to only a hundred some-odd million idiots, so we filter them through college, dumbed down to accommodate the poor and diversity. That takes it to tens of millions, but now we need another cut, so you need a graduate degree. Now you are nearing thirty, having dated serially, and so you work on your career like a good tool for sixty hours a week. Maybe eventually you get married, and sometime in your forties, are ready to start thinking about having those 1.8 kids and a house which you cannot afford because of the high anti-racism and anti-poverty taxes — including property taxes for free public schools — that make everything pointlessly expensive.

  • Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Says She’s Used To Dealing With ‘White’ Problems

    “This past winter was pretty intense: trial by snow, trial by firefighters union,” Wu joked. “I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive and white. I’m talking about snowflakes, I mean, snowstorms, snowflakes.”

    In their humor, they tell you what they really think: White people are problems. They want to eliminate us. The third world wants to come here to take what they could not make. It does not matter whether they are “nice” groups and “model” minorities; takeover is the only play that they can make. The problem is diversity itself which imports the international “clash of civilizations” into your society as ethnic groups jockey for power, abolishing your culture by liberalizing standards, erasing your history, being offended constantly, and on top of it calling you “racist” and assuming that ends the argument. It is time to stop whining about specific groups, like the criminal and indolent Irish, and start saying that diversity itself is suicide, no matter how nice or well-intentioned the participants are. It will destroy all of us.

  • Virginia Tech’s Gyorgy says NCAA finals spot stolen by transgender swimmer Thomas

    It feels like that final spot was taken away from me because of the NCAA’s decision to let someone who is not a biological female compete.

    No kidding. Men are generally built bigger and do better in certain forms of athletics. Allowing them to pretend to be women by growing their hair out and wearing a female swimsuit just displaces women from one of the only spaces where they can compete on their own merits. This also explains why almost no one watches women’s sports (except you pervs in the back checking out the volleyball babes, shame on you, and I’m checking your couch with a blacklight).

  • ‘Pragmatic’ Le Pen re-emerges as main challenger to Macron in French election

    “I am not an ideologue, I am pragmatic,” she told an audience of industrialists last week at an event addressed by leading candidates.

    “She was capable of being flexible and open — not ideological as Zemmour was,” said Bartoli. “She is less obsessed with the identity and immigration issues, and more with economic issues and justice.”

    Over time, every conservative detoxifies its platform from any mention of genetic inequality or ethno-nationalism, although those are the two issues that decide the future of any nation.

  • Social nature of ants provides protection from climate change

    Ants are social insects that form complex and highly organized colonies which can be small or large. Their lifecycle is built on the work of sterile worker ants who support a small number of reproductive individuals.

    This is the order toward which the Left drives you. They want you to be insects and eat insects. Unlike feudalism, where every social strata had its own mini-society and could interact with benevolence, the Leftist desires equality except for the ideological egalitarians who rule, have all the money, and produce lots of offspring. This follows the Asiatic tyranny model; after all, Genghis Khan produced sixteen million descendants.

  • The Russian Economy Is Headed for Collapse

    If measured at today’s exchange rates, Russia’s economy would be the 22nd largest in the world, with a gross domestic product (GDP) not much larger than the state of Ohio’s.

    That’s a far cry from the past, when Russia was a true world power. According to data assembled by the late economic historian Angus Maddison, it was the fifth largest economy in the world in 1913, behind the United States, China, Germany and Britain. By 1957, when the U.S.S.R. outpaced the United States to launch the first satellite into space, the Soviet economy was the world’s second largest after America’s.

    If you wonder why they want the Soviet Union back… it turns out that the only way to motivate mixed-race peasants at all is to indulge in the whip hand frequently. Russians would rather live in fear of the KGB and potentially get shot at dawn in Lefortovo courtyard (pro-tip: if captive in Russia, be wary when they wake you up early and say “come with us”) than be a frozen Eurasian Ohio.

  • Bipartisan Senate efforts to pass anti-lynching bill should be applauded

    The bill is long overdue, especially since the last lynching occurred over 41 years ago in 1981. It could even be argued that the bill is merely symbolic. However, even if the bill was symbolic, the bipartisan efforts were not. Anything that can be beneficial to the country and the result of political cooperation is a positive action.

    Oh good, another Patriot Act. At first it will be used against lynchings, but that definition soon will expand to mean “any fighting back by White victims.”

  • Odysee & Freedom of the Press: A Letter From Our CEO

    We are a video platform. We want to allow competing voices in journalism, whether they’re CNN, Fox, RT, Sputnik or anyone else, and we aren’t interested in telling you what to think. And not in a “it’s an important to be a free thinker” way, but in a “no, seriously; we don’t care about your political views” way.

    A moment of sanity. Some conservatives have shot themselves in the foot by being pro-Russia and supporting a regime that invaded Ukraine to “denazify” it. However, the endless status signaling by ruining the lives of everyday Russians with cancel culture needs no praise and should be abandoned immediately.

  • Why China is unlikely to overtake the United States to become the biggest economy in the world

    The early gains were easy. From an economy largely run by the state, allowing individuals to own and operate their own businesses sent growth soaring.

    Global capital poured in, providing cheap investment and employment.

    But those easy gains no longer are available.

    They stopped doing some dumb stuff and then grew on the back of the West, which sent its labor overseas to avoid its own toxic unions, high taxes, and insanely complex Byzantine regulations. They have yet to produce a self-sustaining economy that is not dependent on making cheap stuff for other nations.


  • Yonkers man hit with hate crime in ‘appalling’ attack on Asian woman

    A Yonkers man has been charged with a hate crime in the brutal beating of a 67-year-old Asian-American woman — who was stomped and punched more than 125 times while being called an “Asian bitch,” officials said.

    What do you do when some of your diversity attacks other diversity? Asians are displacing every group they encounter, with high reproduction rates and higher IQs than Blacks or Hispanics, therefore driving them out of their neighborhoods and customary jobs. Expect resentment to boil over.

  • Link between high cholesterol and heart disease ‘inconsistent’, new study finds

    Previous research has suggested that using statins to lower LDL-C positively affects health outcomes, and this is reflected in the various iterations of expert guidelines for the prevention of CVD. Statins are now commonly prescribed by doctors, with one third of Irish adults over the age of 50 taking statins, according to previous research.

    The new findings contradict this theory, finding that this relationship was not as strong as previously thought. Instead, the research demonstrates that lowering LDL-C using statins had an inconsistent and inconclusive impact on CVD outcomes such as myocardial infarction (MI), stoke, and all-cause mortality.

    Someone developed a new drug, handed suitcases of cash to research scientists, then ran with the results and got socialized medicine to prescribe the stuff like candy. Look for more horrible results in the future as the health effects of these drugs manifest.

  • New Secret Service report details growing incel terrorism threat

    Before departing for the yoga studio, he left behind a note, reading in part: “If I can’t find one decent female to live with, I will find many indecent females to die with.”

    A crazy society means crazy parents. Add to that the genetic disaster of trace admixture — blending Western, Southern/Irish, Mediterranean, and Eastern Europeans — and you get a lot of mental health problems that seek an outlet. On top of this, sexual liberation means that many women have started seeking multiple sexual conquests instead of aiming to find a long-term male, which leaves many young men without much of a future. We have made two centuries of bad decisions here in Democracy Inc and now we want to put a band-aid on the wound.

  • Sunshine Protection Act Aims to Make Daylight Savings Time Permanent

    Dr. Joanne Skaggs of OU Health said in an interview that there are positive and negative effects with the change if it becomes a law. She said shifting times disrupt the circadian rhythm and she notices her office gets busier around a time change, “In the medical world, we find that that’s actually associated with increased cardiovascular risk so there’s an increased risk of heart attack stroke you’re more likely to be admitted to the hospital and you’re more likely to visit the emergency room,” Dr. Skaggs said.

    In the contest between man and nature, man can win in the short-term, but often defeat himself in the long term. This message was passed down in The Odyssey long ago, but since we stopped being Western, we have forgotten the wisdom of the past.

  • Has Russia Been Financing Western Environmentalism?

    We have found Gazprom funding in particular environmental NGOs, which furnished certain European countries with ministers — Belgium for example — who then evidently embarked on a sort of return of favor by defending an exit from nuclear power.

    Russia wants to control Europe through dependency on cheap Russian energy.

  • John Cleese has his microphone taken away at South by Southwest festival for saying that Britain should get ‘reparations from Italy and France’ for Romans and Normans enslaving Britons

    Cleese explained: ‘[People] get competitive about this business of being oppressed. We were oppressed, the English, by the Romans from about 0 to 400.’

    Despite the event being labelled a ‘comedy panel’, his remarks sparked horrified reactions and an awkward environment for those in attendance.

    At one stage Cleese even had his microphone confiscated by American comic Dulcé Sloan, who said she did it to ‘save a comic whose career I respect’, per The Hollywood Reporter.

    We all know that he is right, and diversity is merely a wealth transfer program from the native majorities to the imported foreign diversity in order to provide Leftists with a permanent voting bloc.

  • Jeremy Clarkson fails to stop Oxfordshire council vegan switch

    It means only plant-based meals will be served at Oxfordshire County Council events and vegan options will be on school menus.

    Farmers, including Clarkson who runs a farm in the county, had protested but the move was agreed earlier.

    Green councillor Ian Middleton said it put the council “in the history books” and “on the right side of history”.

    Engaging in useless signaling instead of stopping immigration, all in the name of “climate change,” is the new goodthinker status symbol.

  • Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill to Create First Ever Elections Police Force

    The bill would create an Office of Election Crimes and Security made up of a 25-member staff – including 10 law enforcement officers – to investigate allegations of election-related crimes.

    It would also make it a felony – rather than a misdemeanor – to collect and deliver more than two mail-in ballots and raise the fine that can be given to third-party voter registration organizations that evade state election law from $1,000 to $50,000.

    Better yet, have cash rewards for anyone who can document voter fraud.

  • University ordered to pay almost $2 million after students win religious freedom lawsuit

    Both lawsuits, as Campus Reform has reported, accused the University of Iowa of discriminating against the groups for their refusal to allow openly gay students from leadership roles in the organization, per their religious beliefs. As a result, the University of Iowa deregistered the two groups, along with dozens of other groups with religious beliefs on campus.

    The backlash against civil rights and diversity is just beginning.

  • Orthodox high schoolers, led by rabbi, take Purim skit too far

    In a video that circulated on social media Tuesday, boys from Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles, or YULA, dressed up for a Purim display mocking the crosstown Orthodox school, Shalhevet, for its students’ progressive stances on racial justice and gender and sexual equality, before the rest of the student body.

    In the shpiel, which was led by a rabbi on the school’s faculty and took place in the school’s gym, the group held up signs that said “Don’t Misgender Me,” “#BlackLivesMatter,” “#StopAsianHate” and “Free the gays.” Students roared with laughter and jeered as the rabbi, Elchanan Shoff welcomed them to a “town hall” meeting — a fixture of Shalhevet’s student democracy, with “complimentary oat milk.”

    Youth have little time for illusions and sacred cows. They want to get out there and live, but ideology is a substitute for nature and therefore, anti-life.

  • BLM activist named ‘Bostonian of the year’ whose nonprofit raised $1M is charged with squandering much of it

    A BLM activist and her husband are accused of collecting approximately $33,426 in unemployment payments and using an unspecified amount of donation money to treat themselves to meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., vacations and trips to the nail salon.

    The third world is living off the first because of egalitarian guilt over colonialism, from China to American diversity. This harms both groups, destroying the first world, and preventing the third world from developing its own sustainable existence.

  • Where Did $6 Trillion in Covid Funding Go?

    In recent court filings, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described a “massive fraud scheme” in which nonprofit organizations in Minnesota illegally diverted aid money intended to feed needy kids and used the proceeds “to purchase real estate, cars and other items.” All told, the groups received some $65 million from federal food programs during the pandemic.

    While shocking, the incident is by no means anomalous. As Congress has doled out almost $6 trillion in relief funds, crooks and con men have lined up to get their share. They’ve created fake companies, stolen identities, invented employees, misstated their earnings, and otherwise conspired to siphon off taxpayer money. The Secret Service, which has opened more than 900 Covid-related criminal cases, estimates that $100 billion may have been misappropriated.

    Even that may be understating the problem. As little as 23% of the $800 billion doled out by the Paycheck Protection Program actually found its way into workers’ pockets. A Department of Labor study estimated that more than $87 billion in emergency unemployment benefits were improperly paid. The Small Business Administration has (among other blunders) disbursed more than $6.2 billion to loan applicants it now suspects of identity theft. Somehow, the Internal Revenue Service managed to issue 2.2 million stimulus checks — worth about $3.5 billion — to dead people.

    This is typical of any government program. It enriches the criminal at the expense of the goodthinker dutiful normies who keep running on the hamster wheel of careers.



  • A 93-Year-Old Woman Couldn’t Pay Her $2,300 Tax Bill. The Government Sold Her Home and Kept the Money.

    The 93-year-old left her Minneapolis condominium in 2010 after a nearby shooting and a disturbing encounter left her uneasy. But she was unable to finance both her new apartment and the property tax on her erstwhile condo, accruing $2,300 in debt.

    Over the course of the next five years, the government raised that debt by over 550 percent, tacking on almost $13,000 in additional penalties, fines, and interest. And when Tyler couldn’t pay that, it seized her property, sold it for $40,000—and kept the profit.

    They take more and more, and we see almost nothing from it. The high price of living in the first world no longer seems worth it except that everyone else is screwing up worse.

  • How White Victimhood Fuels Republican Politics

    On Nov. 4, 2008, Barack Obama, then a senator from Illinois, was elected the first Black president of the United States. His election was seen as a hopeful moment in America and ushered in lots of think pieces and reporting that his presidency was the start of a new “post-racial” society. At long last — in the eyes of many, at least — there was hope that the racial wounds that have long divided Black and white Americans would heal.

    That, of course, never happened.

    Of course it did not happen because it cannot happen. Diversity never heals wounds, only keeps them open. The only solution is to end diversity. “White Victimhood” means White people noticing that after a spate of well-intentioned but predictably logic-free voting, we have ended up living in a diverse third world wasteland where the old America is barely visible. What… uh… what did you guys think would happen?

    Trump’s election killed any illusions anyone might have had about a “post-racial” America. Indeed, Trump was successful in finding a predominately white audience who lapped up his overt racism toward people of color and who were eager to embrace a rising sense of white victimhood.

    Trump may be out of power, but those feelings aren’t. They may even be growing.

    Oh I see. We are in the parallel world of goodthink here where the underdog is never blamed for his own failings, and we cannot mention average IQ ranges that vary between social classes, races, and ethnic groups. The fact is that diversity keeps failing, the Left keeps blaming Whites, and therefore Whites are starting to figure out the formula diversity = White genocide and no longer have faith in it. Now the Left wants to browbeat us for not supporting their permanent voting block simply because diversity has failed magnificently.

  • Parents revolt after American School lessons on ‘64 genders’

    Ofsted found that ASL — which has been described as Britain’s “wokest” school — placed more weight on teaching “social justice” to its students than “subject-specific knowledge and skills”.

    Let us finally be honest: all Leftist theory despite a surface patina of complexity is at its core simple, since it states that the individual replaces the Kings, Gods, and natural order and therefore, whenever any individual feels unequal the whole process must stop and all of us have a struggle session to make that person feel good again. This mirrors the self-pity, insecurity, and lack of direction of Leftists, as well as of their tyrant leaders. All of Leftism is a farce; this is not a political system, but a cult based on feeling good by applying pacifism to social relations. It fears hierarchy because hierarchy is common-sense, logical, and most of all, realistic.

  • Department of Public Health updates COVID-19 death definition

    Currently, the COVID death definition includes anyone who has COVID listed as a cause of death on their death certificate, and any individual who has had a COVID-19 diagnosis within 60 days but does not have COVID listed as a cause of death on their death certificate. The updated definition reduces this timeframe from 60 days to 30 days for individuals without a COVID diagnosis on their death certificate.

    We are still counting “people who died with COVID-19″ as “people who died of COVID-19″ but they have reduced the timeframe. They will revise it again, most likely, when the furor has died down, revealing that in fact very few people died of COVID-19 but lots of people had coronavirus antibodies of some type at the time when they died.

  • Of Course We’re Living in a Simulation

    The only explanation for life, the universe, and everything that makes any sense, in light of quantum mechanics, in light of observation, in light of light and something faster than light, is that we’re living inside a supercomputer.

    Close. All of nature works like a computer because it seeks to find answers that consciousness cannot but testing configurations can reveal. It operates by a statistical probability algorithm, described as “parallelism” by me, which chooses the optimal path based on the likelihood of matching an opportunity provided by the context in which the path is being chosen. It arose from a state of pure information, which as it turns out, may be the fifth state of matter:

    He said: “The information in an electron is 22 million times smaller than the mass of it, but we can measure the information content by erasing it.

    “We know that when you collide a particle of matter with a particle of antimatter, they annihilate each other. And the information from the particle has to go somewhere when it’s annihilated.”

    i = mc3? Perhaps. More likely, information does not exist in the physical format, but there is a larger causal space that is, like the early universe, purely informational, and our big supercomputer of life reports back to it. What does this tell us? We call it gods, God, or nature, but there is something out there far bigger than us which has a purpose to this universe, and it probably has little to do with equality.

  • Why the World Must Resist Calls to Undermine the Internet

    These proposals miss something fundamental about the Internet: it was never designed to respect country borders. The idea of unplugging a country is as wrong when people want to do it to another country as it is when governments want to do it to their own.

    The internet, for all its complexity, resembles our phone system. You can connect to things with it. That means that physical objects, like our world supercomputer reports back to its origin state, report to each other but can be controlled. Economics, law, government, and politics shape these. The old internet died with Google and Facebook; the new internet has arisen with a normie layer in the big FARTNAGS (Facebook, Apple, Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Spotify) but lots of other stuff out there for us post-normies to explore. It is well and nice to think that you can stop governments from screwing with the internet, but now that it is in the human world, it will be controlled until some of us citizens set up our own covert and hidden wiring to run an alternate network. The basics of the internet — TCP/IP and related protocols — need no help. The stuff we run over them sure does, especially since Silicon Valley soybeards and H-1Bs have flooded it with inefficient code written in needlessly complex abstractions that still blow up all the time.

  • Walgreens replaced some fridge doors with screens. And some shoppers absolutely hate it

    Walgreens and other retailers have swapped out the clear fridge and freezer doors at thousands of stores, instead adding opaque doors with iPad-like screens showing what’s inside. Some customers really, really aren’t into it.
    The screens, which were developed by the startup Cooler Screens, use a system of motion sensors and cameras to display what’s inside the doors — as well as product information, prices, deals and, most appealing to brands, paid advertisements. The tech provides stores with an additional revenue stream and a way to modernize the shopping experience.

    Speaking of simulations, has anyone noticed that we are constantly surrounded by sponsored messages? Televisions in grocery stores, little computers spewing propaganda at gas pumps, and now, freezer simulations. All of these wanky technologies seek to further cover the world in advertising, lest we notice nature, ambiguity, opportunity, or alternatives to this dystopia wearing rose-tinted 3D virtual reality goggles.

  • 200 Migrants Released by Feds to NGO Shelter in Texas near Border

    A bus operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection pulled up in front of the Mission Border Hope shelter on late this week to drop off a group of migrants. After a brief confrontation with shelter managers, Breitbart Texas filmed approximately 50 migrants being released by the federal agency into the border community.

    A security guard informed Breitbart they would be bringing three more busloads within the next hour. Each bus can hold up to 52 migrants, the guard stated.

    The released group of migrants consisted of single adult males. These migrants are being released into the community instead of being expelled to Mexico under the Title 42 coronavirus protection protocol put in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Since 1965, the Democrats have pursued one and only one policy: get more minority voters into America so that these equal citizens vote against the interests of the majority. The Kennedys did it with relaxed immigration for the Irish (a problem that continues to this day), the Hart-Celler Act opened the doors to lots of new LBJ voters, Reagan traded an insane amnesty for Leftist help winning the Cold War, Obama flooded the suburbs with minorities, and now Biden wants to take in as many voters as he can.

  • This Japanese man shows up and ‘does nothing.’ He’s made a living out of it.

    “I felt like I was with someone but at the same time felt like I wasn’t, since he existed in a way where I didn’t have to be attentive of his needs or think about him,” said Shirai, 27. “I felt no awkwardness or pressure to speak. It may have been the first time I’ve eaten in complete silence.”

    For years, there’s been a cottage industry in Japan and South Korea of renting strangers to impersonate friends, family members or other acquaintances, as a way to save face at social functions where plus-ones are expected.

    But over the past four years, Shoji Morimoto, 38, has built a cult following by offering himself as a warm body who can simply be there, liberating his clients from the social expectations of the spoken and unspoken norms of Japanese society.

    Everywhere first-worlding goes, people live in isolation. When you make individualism (collectivized into egalitarianism) your pseudo-goal, then you make yourself isolated because now, you are another zero person with nothing going for you but your job. Might as well cut out the middleman and hire fake friends and family so nothing gets in the way of your self-adulation.

  • Vikernes Varg

    Ukraine lists Varg Vikernes as a thought-criminal for some of his recent unorthodox views:

    The Ukrainian National Revolution is not a normal National Revolution, but more importantly the anti-Russian revolution. More propaganda about those that Russia is filthy, they will call Russia in the Holodomor, at that hour, as all intelligent people know, that the Russians did not create the Radian Union. The Jews killed them. Why is Russia called in what? The Russians suffered in the Radian system no less than the Russian people. Millions of Russians were beaten – most importantly through the primus praccia. The Ukrainian army and police will be right only if they start fighting against the regime in Kiev. Ale, zamіst tsgogo, the stench is more important to drive in peaceful Russian residents. Breivik, having killed the children of young politicians, among others. Not ordinary people.

    We prefer classic Varg for his more spiritual view of the method of reversing Western decline.

  • Vast Majority Of Americans Say Ban Russian Oil, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 8 In 10 Support U.S. Military Response If Putin Attacks A NATO Country

    Americans were asked what they would do if they were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country? A majority (55 percent) say they would stay and fight, while 38 percent say they would leave the country. Republicans say 68 – 25 percent and independents say 57 – 36 percent they would stay and fight, while Democrats say 52 – 40 percent they would leave the country.

    Nothing unexpected here. Democrats view America as an embarrassment for being strong and not equal. Personally I would rather be strong and fair than equal, since this way the vast majority of citizens live well and those who are self-destructing are allowed to become prey animals as nature intended. Stray pitbulls have to eat too.

  • Senator to propose elimination of affirmative action program

    Bell, a Riceville Republican, didn’t cite any problems with the state’s affirmative action program but said he wants to follow a national trend.

    “There’s eight states that have done it. It’s just literally bringing the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment, original meaning of it, and when you look back on the history of the U.S. Supreme Court cases, I think that’s the way we’re moving,” said Bell, who is not seeking re-election this fall.

    Bell points out California removed affirmative action with a ballot measure in 1996 and last year voters there decided against reversing it.

    Diversity is over. People no longer have faith in it or want to support it. This means that it will die from a lack of faith. It is just taking the long tail of goodthinkers a long time to catch up.


  • Dudula: How South African anger has focused on foreigners

    Poverty is the main driver of the tension as South African residents believe – whether rightly or wrongly – that foreigners are the cause of many of their difficulties.

    Dudula is a word in the Zulu language which loosely means to “push back” or “drive back” – this gives a clue about what they want.

    Though the two groups are separate, they have been inspired by the same cause – they both hope to drive out undocumented African migrants from their communities.

    Diversity works nowhere. Populations flow from cold (poor) to hot (productive) and then produce lukewarm (third world mediocrity) and this angers those who would rather get warmer than pass the little they have on to those who come to take not to make.

  • Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino says ‘Hollywood bias’ has blighted her career and claims she is discriminated against by ‘PC casting chiefs who block her from playing Latina roles’

    ‘Early in my career I couldn’t play a girl who wasn’t either Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Puerto Rican – like I couldn’t play a Joe Schmo girl from Middle America,’ the 54-year-old actress told the WTF podcast. ‘I only used to get characters with vowels at the end of their name.’

    The actress, who was born in New York to a part-British mother and Paul Sorvino, a star of the film Goodfellas and of Italian descent, added: ‘It’s because of my exotic name, Mira Sorvino, because I didn’t change it.’

    If you are an Italian, you are going to get cast as an Italian, or similar populations. Why are we in denial of being what we are? We like to think that as individuals, we are just such shooting stars of uniqueness that we can be anything, but in reality, we are what we were born to be.

  • Beto O’Rourke reverses stance on critical race theory

    The Democrat said CRT, which holds that systemic racism exists in society and its institutions, “should not be taught” in Texas schools, upending his previously stated belief that students should know the “full story of Texas.”

    The problem with Beto is that like Clinton he watches the way the wind blows and does what is least controversial but makes for the most “heartwarming” (eat pray love) headlines. He is feeling the pressure as society shifts from “diversity is our strength” to “diversity is another failed government program.”

  • Chronic lactate exposure leads to cellular disruptions implicated in cancer and possibly T2 diabetes

    Acute amounts of lactate like those generated during exercise are probably required for healthy cells, but chronic exposure causes cellular disruption which can lead to cancer, heart failure and type 2 diabetes, according to a new study by scientists at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

    “We believe that a primary mitochondrial impairment or dysfunction could lead to excessive lactate accumulation leading to disease,” he said. “And right now, the only medication we have to fix mitochondrial function is exercise.”

    We used to have something better than exercise: walking around, doing things outside, and being active around our homes. Diversity killed the first two, and technology addiction obliterated the third.

  • What the Nordics can teach us about having fun

    Since the 1940s, kids in the region have been getting muddy and wet and taking risks in well-designed play areas, and these once-pioneering ideas have spread. The idea of actually creating a playground with specifically designed equipment was conceived in 1850s Germany, with the first being built in Manchester, UK and then in Boston, USA.

    But the Scandi philosophy of play, around free – rather than structured – play, and plenty of it outdoors, led to more inspiring settings. It all began when Danish architect Carl Theodor Sørensen came up with the notion of skrammellegepladser or “junk playgrounds”. His aim was to give urban kids the same chance to play as those in the countryside. He’d noticed that kids would rather play anywhere than in the playgrounds that he first designed, and in the 1930s was inspired by seeing resourceful kids turning construction sites into play areas.

    Kids (and adults) need to be able to move and take risks. When you have a diverse society defined by internal conflict, none of that happens.

  • The CIA and the New Dialect of Power

    The rebrand involved a new minimalist logo, reminiscent of the type of design typically used to promote electronic music (as some online were quick to point out). The models used on its website were conventionally attractive and ethnically ambig­uous twenty-somethings, the faces you might see on a college brochure.

    The agency’s twin adoption of liberal talking points and Bay-Area-inspired professional-class aesthetics suggested that the two might be linked, and—as we shall see—they are.

    Government says that minorities must be the focus of our future, ignoring the obvious path to failure that this is. The CIA adopts what government says. The Deep State, realizing that more minorities means permanent Leftism and therefore lots of government dosh and 10% for Corn Pop at every level, supported this, so the careerists in the CIA and every other government organization are now pursuing this path. We are still living through the fallout of the Obama and Clinton administrations, which were so destructive that Trump could only fix small parts of the damage.

  • Telling LGBTQA+ they can be helped, fixed or saved can cause significant harm

    “In Australia, conversion practices are most often unstructured and informal,” they wrote.

    “This may include LGBTQA+ people being repeatedly told by friends, family or faith leaders and communities that they are in some way damaged but can be helped, fixed or saved. It may also involve informal discussions or pastoral care meetings set up to teach, encourage or support LGBTQA+ people to change or suppress their sexuality or gender identity or to conceal their gender.”

    Trying to convert homosexuals to heterosexual is the type of moronic insanity unleashed by dualistic religions. Nature made them different; this means they have a different path. The conservative view embraces eccentricity but also privacy, meaning that some things are kept private and not made into public spectacles.

  • Why Has the Biden Administration Hired 28 People With Ties to Saudi Arabia and the UAE?

    The two Gulf monarchies, with direct U.S. participation, are deeply involved in a war against Yemen that has drawn criticism for its tremendous humanitarian costs and death toll of 377,000. Biden, however, has not taken moves to constrain the war effort against Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, and is appealing to the Gulf monarchies to increase oil production, to offset rising prices amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    According to the Prospect’s analysis, at least 28 top Biden officials—some of whom wield considerable influence—came to the administration by way of groups that have been funded by, work directly with, or have financial relationships to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or both.

    Democrats want a weak USA so that they can make people dependent on government and therefore remain in power forever. It is their Tammany-Pendergast strategy designed to keep the Left in power forever. They have no care for the consequences; they only want to get into power, stay there, and amass wealth. These are empty, narcissistic people and not real humans.

  • The formation of avian montane diversity across barriers and along elevational gradients

    Our analyses of population divergence across two montane systems show that: (i) Genetic differentiation is generally greater across the ocean barrier than the lowland barrier. (ii) Differentiation is greater between populations of montane species than between populations of lowland species in New Guinea but not in the Moluccas. (iii) There were marked fluctuations in population sizes during the Pleistocene. (iv) There is negligible differentiation along elevational gradients, hence little evidence for sympatric speciation. (v) Individuals of montane populations continuously disperse to other mountains. (vi) The direction of colonization is predominantly from a larger mountain range to a smaller mountain range.

    In other words, populations isolate by breaking away from others, and then send some individuals back, flowing from the most difficult environments where life requires the greatest acumen to the less difficult environments where just about anyone can survive.

  • The Identity Cult

    Antonio García Martínez, sharpest wit on Twitter, wrote last fall: “One of the great mysteries is how every elite institution, from universities to corporations to media to even Sesame Street, all spontaneously coalesced on the same narrow set of values all of a sudden.”

    The set of values in question belongs to the cult of identity—a ramshackle creed that maintains, for example, that the term “Latinx” signifies an actual human group. Once the province of pretentious professors and their captive students, the cult has leaked out of the cannabis-scented halls of academia to infect an astonishing number of people in power. García Martínez is right. In the scope and rapidity of institutional embrace, nothing like it has transpired since the conversion of Constantine.

    Egalitarianism, as it gains power, clamors for more equality and in doing so, eventually takes us into a world of pure symbol not only unconnected to reality but hostile to it, therefore it rewards the unique, different, ironic, contrarian, individualistic and insane while punishing the realistic, good, healthy, logical, wise, and sane.

  • After the Australian floods, the distressing but necessary case for managed retreat

    The flood damaged about 500 buildings in Grand Forks, with lowest-income neighborhoods in low-lying areas the worst-affected.

    In the aftermath the local council received C$53 million from the federal and provincial governments for flood mitigation. This included work to reinforce river banks and build dikes. About a quarter of the money was allocated to acquire about 80 homes in the most flood-prone areas.

    The decision to demolish these homes—about 5% of the town’s housing—and return the area to flood plain has been contentious.

    Humanity now covers too much of the land. Water has nowhere to go. Silly humans, that will cause flooding. Finally someone has started thinking: perhaps we should limit where we live. This will cause us to finally address the exploding population of humans.

  • Trudeau faces “unprecedented” inquiry into using emergency powers against civil liberties protesters

    The “unprecedented” inquiry will look into allegations that the Trudeau government violated protesters’ Charter rights when they arrested and detained them without charge, as well as the extreme actions of freezing bank accounts of protesters.

    Perhaps we have reached the high-water mark of Leftists using government powers “for a good cause” in a way that erodes basic rights.


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