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  • Nigeria to suspend Twitter ‘indefinitely’

    Knowing how to handle bullies, Nigeria suspends Twitter in response to it censoring a tweet from the Nigerian president. This will force reporters and agencies in Nigeria to find alternatives, which will strengthen those while lessening the influence of Twitter.

  • Netanyahu shares article calling him an ‘icon of the global right’

    Netanyahu took Israel away from support of pluralism in response to the Holocaust and moved instead toward a positive nationalism that seeks to support that which is thriving and drive out that which is not. This alone will make a safe state for the world’s Jews, and refutes the postwar fear of nationalism.

  • Two deputies shot at man killed in Minneapolis arrest attempt

    US Marshalls attempt to arrest a man on a firearms possession warrant at which point he whips out the gun and refuses to comply, so they open fire. Small riots result, since without an election to steal, the support from China and the Left for open rioting has vastly decreased.

  • Driver called ‘English prick’ by Scottish boss wins race case

    Wake me up when they start enforcing these rules on minorities. Egalitarian rules always follow the egalitarian dream of Utopia: take from the strong, give to the weak, and eliminate conflict so that the individual feels obligated to nothing except his own whims, desires, and obsessions.

  • Anthony Fauci and the Wuhan Lab

    Now we see that Trump was right about COVID-19 coming from a lab in Wuhan, China where it was developed as a bioweapon with funds sent covertly by Italian-American swamp creatures. This pandemic was an orchestrated psyop designed to steal an election, and we sacrificed our world economy and sanity for that.

  • How the World Ran Out of Everything

    After the 1990s digital boom, “Just In Time” stocking began the next big thing, promising to use less space and make supply chains work better through big data magic. It turns out to be very fragile, since it eliminated the inefficiencies and margins that made the system redundant and powered by autonomous parts.

  • Audio cut in speech on Black people’s role in Memorial Day

    Ordinary people no longer want to hear the usual gushing praise of diversity, most of which — they now recognize this — is based on dubious historical legend enhanced and inflated by Left-leaning governments. We want to focus on ourselves now, since the Other has revealed itself to be hostile.

  • George W. Bush Center: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens ‘Essential’ to Securing Southern Border

    Appeasement never works; amnesty means telling people that our immigration laws are for decoration. GWB and other neoconservatives believe in the postwar order where the US rules the world through financial power, and to keep that going they need a constant flow of cheap labor and new taxpayers.

  • UN: Cost of food rises at fastest pace in over a decade

    Free stuff raises prices. The more you force a single order on a situation, the less accurately tuned the peripheral parts become to each other, and the resulting loss raises the cost of everything. Taxes do this in absence of pure socialism, but the same can be said for democracy, regulation, and social trends.

  • Job creation accelerated in May but is still below lofty expectations

    Here we see the Biden “recovery”: few jobs, and fewer still good jobs, while most people labor paycheck-to-paycheck and hope for another government stimulus. The USA has chosen to go out the same way as the late unmourned Soviet Union, by choosing symbolic ideology over hard realities. Democracy always does this.

  • Google fails to fire head of diversity who said Jews have an ‘insatiable appetite for war and killing’

    What do you do when some of the diversity hates other diversity? You use the color bar, as usual. Egalitarianism aims to take from the strong to give to the weak, so whatever is more brown and third world wins out. Black beats Asian, Arab beats Jew, and Cro-Magnons come last.

  • Texas abortion ban targets anyone who helps patients get the procedure

    The quest to defeat abortion is how Christian cucks defeat the rest of the Right and re-direct it from the necessary (taking control back) toward the useless (rules that will be repealed in a year). Abbott however learned from Florida: this bill enables private suits to bankrupt the aborters.



  • A parallel society is developing in parts of Muslim Britain

    “Muslim communities are distancing themselves from wider British society and adopting stricter versions of their faith.” This is what you would expect in a relative universe where someone is so stupid as to adopt diversity: each group will need to more strictly define itself to avoid being destroyed.

  • Reducing poverty can actually lower energy demand, finds research

    The same people who brought you the fake COVID-19 pandemic and the knowledge that we are “99.9% genetically identical” now want you to believe that the science demands socialism. This research finds that centralized electricity is more efficient than campfires, and ignores all other costs of first world life.

  • Money for nothing: Germany starts basic income experiment

    Another experiment tries to justify socialism, which consistently lures humans because it promises an end to conflict and therefore, greater individual safety from reality. Every time it is tried, socialism raises costs and lowers quality, making society die for the fears of individuals in collectivized groups.

  • World leaders ‘ignoring’ role of destruction of nature in causing pandemics

    The more forest we consume, the more we throw nature into overdrive, and therefore its scariest parasites come out of the deep forest looking for new prey. This provides not only the best of horror movie plots, but an accurate description of where we will be when we get a real pandemic, not turbo-flu COVID-19.

  • Putin signs law banning ‘extremists’ from running in elections

    Watch the West adopt a similar version of this law. Putin saw what was coming, and being a canny KGB colonel, decided to get ahead of the curve. America and Europe will ban “White Nationalist” politicians, and whatever definition they use will expand to mean anyone who is not pro-diversity and pro-socialist both.

  • Japan logs record low 840,000 newborns in 2020

    We know that the egalitarian society started by The Enlightenment™ and existing through democracy, diversity, entitlements, and egalitarianism is headed for the dumpster of history because its people are failing to breed. Not just in the US/EU, but Korea and Italy

  • NYC psychiatrist tells woke Yale University panel she fantasizes about shooting dead white people

    When the Left tells you who they are, believe them. Egalitarianism means wanting the rest to oppress the best, which despite being a formula for civilizational failure, proves eternally popular with humans, who more than anything else fear being forced to adapt and change to accommodate reality.

  • China warns of ‘nuclear showdown’ with the United States

    No one talks about using nuclear weapons unless they think they are losing a conventional conflict. Trump beat Xi. He got in enough restrictions to crash the Chinese economy despite their engineered worldwide COVID-19 panic, and now China is imploding. Once the election theft comes out, the world will destroy China.

  • Rich states haven’t done enough for the environment, Pakistan PM says

    The environmental movement reveals its core: wealth redistribution, following the human dream of equality and socialism. None of these people care about the environment. If they did, they would aim to end immigration and subsidies in order to curb our overgrown red tide of a population bloom.

  • Liberals move to shut down debate on Bill C-10, controversial Broadcasting Act changes

    Social media proved itself to be supremely powerful in the 2020 election, which means that governments either control it get overthrown. In the West, regulations will be used to force social media to hobble itself while taxes force it into utility status. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, et al., want to become public utilities.

  • France Mila affair: Thirteen on trial over online abuse

    Woman criticizes Islam, and e-jihadis freak out. We see yet again that you cannot have both civilization and diversity, since diversity makes even more things that we cannot mention, adding to the burden already of not criticizing equality or noticing caste differences. When we do we simply grow up and become honest?

  • Danish MPs back controversial plan to relocate asylum seekers outside Europe

    Recognizing that immigration is genocide, Danish lawmakers seek to keep the diversity outside its borders in order to avoid the “feet wet” problem. As modern law is written, once an immigrant is within your borders, he becomes your problem and you cannot send him back. The Danes intelligently seek to change this.



  • Carcinogen found in some popular sunscreens and after-sun products

    Can we just admit now that “regulation” has failed to protect us? Companies have no duty to the future, only to avoid repeating tragedies that have already happened, and no one pays attention to how many traces of mildly poisonous things make up one big toxic threat.

  • Joe Biden expands investment ban on blacklisted Chinese tech companies

    This will follow the Clinton-Obama pattern. Biden will make a big show of banning companies that are not a threat while quietly lifting the bans on those who might actually be able to spy on us. Like the Clintons, he maintains a coin-operated presidency, and if two interest compete, whoever has more cash, wins.

  • Three years until we’re in Orwell’s 1984 AI surveillance panopticon

    We either get control of our self-government (or ideally, abolish it and bring back the Kings) or our technology will exterminate us. Leftist government would gladly create Skynet in order to enforce equality and eliminate White Supremacists, then be surprised when it turns around and snuffs them, too.

  • Ban sale of SUVs and charge drivers per mile to meet climate goals

    This makes sense to me. We do not need giant cars, but have them because in our decaying society, we fear other drivers and their incompetence. It will be easier to simply fix our society and stop polluting through big engines and unnecessary products. Democracy cannot do this; stronger power will be required.

  • US military UFO report ‘does not confirm or rule out alien activity’

    Trump commanded a release of secrets, but under Biden, the secrets go back under cover. What does this tell us? Democracy fears competition: if we admit that aliens with superior technology walk among us, we have to stop screwing around with income/power redistribution and instead adapt to our new reality.

  • Medical Journals Blind to Racism as Health Crisis, Critics Say

    “Racism” only exists when you assume biological equality, including average IQ. In reality, populations evolved to adapt to their environments, which in the tropics means simpler, more violent people prone to reproduce quickly and randomly (r strategy). They die younger, and that is what is being measured here.

  • Mystery of 1999 US stealth jet shootdown returns with twist

    Secrets quietly emerge. After crazy Bill Clinton ordered bombing in Kosovo in order to enforce diversity, one F-117 went down (the weakness of these craft: heat-seaking missiles fired from directly below, not at an angle) and the Chinese stole technology. Clinton cucked and did not confront them.

  • At least 17 police officers remain out of work with injuries from the Capitol attack

    In Nü-America, government is the only industry and so if you get an excuse to retire on disability, take it. Add to that police feeling abused by the engineered Reichstag Fire of the Capitol Conquest, and you have people sitting on the sidelines and getting paychecks until they can retire and escape.

  • As China continues planting trees, 23% of the country is now covered in forest

    China enjoys the advantage of having seen the West struggle to adapt to modernity, and it seems to desire to avoid known problems like diversity and ecocide. Per Half Earth, setting aside as much land, air, and sea as possible for nature ensures the survival of natural ecosystems.

  • Video shows teen setting woman’s hair on fire on San Francisco Muni bus

    White sensitivity about George Floyd incidents caused law enforcement to relax any activities which resulted in Black defendants, allowing the diversity-on-diversity violence to proliferate and become more extreme. As diversity descends into bickering and retaliation, belief in this errant policy fades and Nationalism rises.

  • Royal assent given to bill creating national day for truth and reconciliation

    Like all egalitarian ventures and Leftism itself, truth and reconciliation committees serve only to take from the strong to give to the weak. Not surprisingly, that makes a weak country, at which point the weak find themselves weaker and looking for new reasons to murder, rape, and burgle the strong.

  • History made as Arab Israeli Ra’am party joins Bennett-Lapid coalition

    Israel reverses itself from being a safe community for Jews to a place owned by whatever diversity throws at it. When your minorities have a swing vote, as this Arab party now has, you can never act in favor of your majority, which means that it will be abolished and replaced with the third world.





  • Xi Jinping calls for more ‘loveable’ image for China in bid to make friends

    Trump won. Xi tried to take over the world and America stood firm, but at the cost of being unable to defend against the Leftist takeover; they did something similar during the Bush I years and later to get 0bama into office. Now Xi wants to seduce and swindle the moronic voters, who will fall for it because they are imbeciles.

  • Oceana Finds Hundreds of ‘Hidden’ Chinese Vessels Pillaging Waters Off Argentina

    This suggests that China finds itself in trouble with its food supply as well. Historically, the more socialist a society becomes, the less able it is to feed itself, since the dumber someone is the more sure they are that they are a genius rap star or humanitarian and therefore should not work in the fields.

  • In the office full-time? No thanks, say 86 per cent of tech professionals

    Jobs are like socialism: everyone has to be represented in every decision, so you waste your time in pointless meetings, conference calls, and interactions with people who are clueless because to them work and school are social events. Staying out of the office means doing your work in a couple hours and then exploring life.

  • Californian smoke drifted as far as Europe in 2020 and caused heavy clouding of the sun

    We have one world, but we all see a different sun, and all of our gods are the many faces of the same deity. Humanity must act together to stop this ecocide and get our act together so that we can live sanely and send our best to explore the stars instead of remaining Earthbound, bickering over welfare and celebrity.

  • Alaska: Biden to suspend Trump Arctic drilling leases

    In the long term, producing our oil domestically would have required far less energy be expended and pollution created in shipping oil around. In a few years, we will find that the “green energy” revolution was just another cash-in on government bucks, and regret trading away our energy industry.

  • B.C.’s minimum wage increases to $15.20 per hour

    Watch this brilliant sleight-of-hand that takes advantage of the unchanging ignorance of voters: they raise the minimum wage, the cost of everything goes up, more tax money comes in and so they borrow even more, and the value of the currency goes down. This wage increase is actually a decrease.

  • China’s Inconvenient Truth

    Ideology, which comes from symbols, does not hold people together; only culture, which comes from similar tendencies wired into genetics, can do that. Ideology is the root of bureaucracy which often takes the form of Communism, and in China, society is fragmenting as the population ages before wealth arrives.

  • Arizona wants to use Zyklon B to execute inmates on death row

    Leftists decided to be clever, since they are clever but not intelligent, and make unavailable the chemicals used for lethal injections. Consequently, states are turning back to earlier methods, including the gas chamber, which shows how clever but not intelligent plans always backfire in the worst way possible.

  • Thousands of Unknown Microbes Found in Subways Around the World

    Our scientists have no idea what is floating around out there, and diversity has only made this worse as people bring microbes from all over the world here and let them spread throughout the population. Even if we had a stealth pandemic, no one would know because the dead would have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and voting Democrat.

  • NJ student’s report on Hitler’s ‘pretty great’ accomplishments prompts outrage

    Students in public schools undertake make-work activities like this because when you must support the lowest common denominator, which now means people with IQs in the low 90s, you have to make everything comic book simple and pointless. The outrage here should be at this expensive and useless “education.”

  • OPEC, Russia seen gaining from climate activist wins

    The rest of the world loves it when the West self-destructs with diversity, civil rights, climate change, and other obviously deleterious policies. The judges in the Netherlands had to signal hard that they were part of the Denialist group that believes in equality, crippling their society in the process.

  • Mob boss: Turkey diverted aid for Turkmen to ‘Nusra’ linked extremists

    Almost all aid to the third world gets stolen by local warlords, and a not insignificant amount of it gets turned around and spent on weapons and terrorism. Sending money to the third world subsidizes its failures, much as welfare in the West subsidizes ours.





  • EU rejects UN blame for migrant sea deaths

    Like democracy and lawsuits, the UN operates by finding whoever has the money and taking that from them to give to the rest, which keeps the UN in power but gradually destroys all hope of future wealth. If the EU took in zero immigrants, they would stop coming, and there would be no migrant sea deaths.

  • Man, 28, is arrested for ‘planning terror attack mass shooting at Texas Walmart’

    Somehow this one dropped out of the media after it was revealed that this man also had jihadi propaganda and materials in his home, in addition to White Nationalist material and probably a whole lot of other books and movies which explained or justified his hatred for this dying, pointless society.

  • UberEats gives 67 euros for lost work to courier forced to quarantine while wife battles Covid

    Welcome to your new job. Government has taken over the benefits like health insurance and retirement, but doing so has raised the cost of having employees, so now everyone is a contractor and works for pennies at three different jobs. Worry not, they are all mostly easy, so you can keep posting on Facebook and Twitter.

  • New studies find Covid-19 immunity could last years or a lifetime

    Now that the election is in the rearview mirror, actual informationa bout COVID-19 slowly trickles out, showing us that not only was this disease not as terrible as reported, but it mostly kills the sickly and obese, with the rest of us experiencing a nasty flu and then moving on. This was just drama to steal an election.

  • Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID

    History may show us that COVID-19 was the last gambit of the failing Xi regime. Trump blocked their economic takeover, sending them into a tailspin, while alerting the world to their activity, sapping goodwill and driving away business. Communism imploded, so they tried a “Hail Mary” by stealing an election with a pandemic.

  • US Jewry is shifting profoundly and Chabad is on rise

    After decades of steady pressure toward secularism, American Jews are returning to their religion, culture, and race — in Judaism, as in all ancient traditional societies, these three are one and the same — in an effort to have an identity before diversity swallows them up. Too little, too late.

  • Arrest warrant issued in Manitoba for Ontario anti-mask rally organizer Chris Sky

    The fake pandemic revealed just how tyrannical democracy can be, since it began censoring, jailing, fining, and confiscating the businesses of those who refused to obey its edicts which have since been seen to be arbitrary and based on bad science for purely political ends. Democracy is not long for this world.

  • Serial killer case shows weakness of Mexico investigations

    People tell you about the vibrant culture of the third world, which tells you that Brett’s Rule is correct. These people are merely projecting, since the third world is defined by an absence of culture, order, integrity, hygiene, and sanity. If we import this, we too will become like them.

  • Former ADL Head Says He’s Canceling NYT Subscription Over Front Page “Blood Libel”

    Leftists hate any group which rises above the rest, which means that they love Jews when they can use Jews to unseat Anglos, but hate Jews when they can use third world minorities to unseat higher-IQ groups. Consequently, The New York Times reads a lot like Der Stürmer these days.

  • G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals

    Major corporations like this idea because it will hamstring their competition, since smaller firms have less of a hope of both staying in business and paying these taxes. That cements their positions and gives these existing giant firms a permanent monopoly, plus dumps money on the proles to spend on garbage products.

  • Judge overturns California assault weapons ban

    As legal integrity collapses in the USA, people want to be able to defend themselves, and so guns have become more popular including with those who would not traditionally own them. Consequently, pushback against gun control has gained momentum.

  • Man dies after being punched at fender bender scene in Northeast Philly, police say

    Diversity forces different ethnic, religious, racial, and cultural groups to compete for power, much like different industries and special interests vie with each other through lobbying. This breaks out in violent crime and leads to massive losses, paralleling international politics but within our borders.


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