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The last and most obtuse bastions of elite reactionary opinion still believe in Dr. Anthony Fauci. MSNBC and CNN still offer him favorable coverage and respect his authority. It’s still just two weeks to flatten the curve with these guys. The real world now no longer buys the hysteria. The Street-Level Reality remains bifurcated in three groups. Two of these groups want COVID-LARP over and done with. A 3rd still appreciates its possibilities.

The people in favor of ending COVID-LARP see it as no longer needed or never legitimate in the first place. They will each take their spike-protein vaccine shot on the rocks, no chaser. Then they get back to normal life. For some, it served the useful purpose of deposing The Trump Presidency. For others, it was a tyrannical usurpation that needed to end a year ago. Either way, they are both of unified opinion that things need to reopen and the machinery needs to fire back up. The LARP is no longer fun and is now counterproductive. “Let’s go back to reality.” They now advise.

But a dissident group opines otherwise. “Reality” was a trap and a jail. COVID-19 was a parole. They aren’t voluntarily showing back up for incarceration. When the modern money-changers at the temple of Cuck Christianity don’t herd enough cattle through the turnstiles Sunday Morning, they get truly worried.

After in-person services were canceled last year during “two weeks to flatten the curve,” pastors turned to “online church.” Motivated by love, they recreated Sunday gatherings as best they could, even sometimes encouraging Christians to attempt “communion” with whatever crackers and juice they had in their kitchens.
For weeks under lockdown in Washington State, I tuned in. I sang the worship songs along with my children. I paid attention to the sermon. But no matter what well-meaning pastors called it, it wasn’t church.

I’m thinking a bastion of proper “Conservative” opinion like The Federalist has been activated here to get things back to normal. Two things are missing when the Megacrowds remain absent from the Megachurches. There is a lack of revenue, but that is only obvious and on the surface. The second, and more important thing gone is a level of messaging and control. Conservative Inc. and Cuck-Churchianity were every bit as much a leash as they were a racket. So now the masses must be told that they are unworthy of prior generations, long ago; who made it to church during The Black Death.

The obvious unaddressed question is whether or not the church offers anything good in person that I couldn’t get from an online liturgy or a small-group Bible Study. If not, it’s just Churchianity. Given the convenient social-distancing excuse to skip hypocrisy, honest Christians politely avoid the whole empty corporate ritual of a morally dead church. They quietly, yet purposively, practice their faith without the dead, sclerotic weight of a morally dead, bureaucratic morass of a corporate church.

Fake churches are not the only losers as people leverage The COVID Exit to escape failed institutions for their own good. Phony, useless work is being COVID-shunned as well.

A few hours ago, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, a longtime member on the FOMC (though he doesn’t have a vote this year), told the FT that the American labor market is tighter than it appears, and that he was “starting to advocate” for the Fed to look at “other measures of job market tightness”. As the market braces for the next monthly jobs number (the first since April’s historic miss on expectations), Bloomberg News has just published another post reminding investors that what motivates workers isn’t always straightforward, or the same for everyone, and that a surprising number of white collar workers are quitting their jobs instead of returning to the office. The takeaway from the post is that many workers who were hired with the promise that they remain 100% remote are bucking when they’re suddenly being pressured to return to the office.

The additional “labor market tightness” is the result of convenient exit by those who have F-U money. Nobody wants to go to the typical office. They frequently function as incarceration centers and feel reminiscent of bad High Schools. The tasks are pointless at best and humiliating at worst. The social interactions are rarely better than antipathetic. They can be cannibalistic reptile-pits at their worst.

Rational people have at least some unacknowledged desire to never set foot in one if it can avoided. COVID-LARP made this possible. People so empowered are not eager to let COVID-LARP go before they have to.

But why just stop at quitting The Church of Laodicea or vacating your Office Space as fast as possible? Why settle for a two-run single when you can hit The Grand Slam? Hollow churches and pointless jobs are mere symptoms. Ditch just one or the other, and you only palliate the outer manifestations of a greater malady. Quit the entire bowel-movement that is Post-Enlightenment reality.

This post-pandemic summer is evidently expected to be one long orgiastic reunion, after which, once that’s out of our system, it’s back to work, back to school, to what we used to call “normal.” And if the pandemic had ended, say, last June, after a couple months of lockdown, we probably would’ve returned to our lives with relief and jubilation. But after a year in isolation, I, at least, have gotten acclimated to a different existence—quieter, calmer, and almost entirely devoid of bullshit. If you’d told me in March 2020 that quarantine would last more than a year, I would have been appalled; I can’t imagine how I would’ve reacted if you’d told me, once it ended, I would miss it.

Has nobody yet hectored this Tim Kreider fellow about his patriotic and God-Breathed moral duties? He must be a sinner or a reprobate for not wanting to reenter society. Or maybe he’s just way too intelligent to have a long and productive career writing for a publication like The Atlantic. What he speaks of here is the value of the negative liberty associated with a right to Freedom of Association.

Mr. Kreider chooses dissociation. I feel and think no less of him for this decision. He should be allowed not to enter the society. What does it say of a society that refuses him that choice? Are Amerikans now such cowards that this poor Tim Kreider guy has to be dragged back to a pulpit and then a veal-fattening pen like a wayward bitch-cur?

That so many hector the absentee Christians, lie about the absentee workers, and furthermore inspire people like Tim Kreider to opt out completely is no negative judgement of Online Christians, early-retirees, or of Mr. Kreider. It is a further indictment of a failed and timorous Crowdist Oligopoly. I levy no requirement against any of the people I’ve mentioned above. If you really love somebody, set them free.

If Amerika can’t set these people free and drive on in their absence, what does it say of Amerika? It more than subtly implies that Amerikans are not loved by Amerika in any way, shape, or form. When people ask you to return to normal, ask yourself if they do it in legitimate faith. Why do they want you back? If it isn’t for any purpose condign or noble, than maybe this whole social-distancing thing has its uses. Tell them you’ll come back when they’ve properly flattened that Demotism Curve.

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