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News (February 20, 2021)


Brief Pipe Meditations: One might be wise to distrust commemorative holidays. When you regularly do something for a reason, its utility expresses itself clearly; when you must create a symbolic narrative to explain it to others, it seems like you are mostly trying to convince yourself. This shows us the nature of strong power versus weak power.

Strong power generally exercises itself without being seen. It is universally recognized but not acknowledged because it requires no obedience rituals, since its rulers perpetuate themselves through excellence in results instead of obedience. This shows its weak point, which is that its rule depends on success, something that becomes dubious when it acts beyond its own borders. This means that it has a defensive outlook, since foreign threats are its main Achilles Heel, but that it has a benevolent attitude toward its own citizens, somewhat paternalistic but not controlling, meaning that it points them toward positive goals and rewards those who get there. This leaves it up to the individual to find a place in the hierarchy of man within the hierarchy of nature and the divine.

Weak power on the other hand must demonstrate itself. Where strong power rules through its effects, weak power commands through method. It regulates what people can do in order to limit their thoughts to its ideological narrative — this method is called control — and by doing so, enforces conformity and obedience rather than striving for results. That shows its Achilles Heel: over time, it produces people who obey laws and commands to the letter but miss the big point, and so quality declines and then productivity declines. This type of society tends to starve. It requires almost nothing from the individual, leaving them to a fugue world of their own thoughts and desires, and consequently remains popular because there is almost no risk in it on the individual level, only of having a steadily declining civilization.

Europe stuck with strong power until it encountered the Mongols. These mobile warriors came from a different tradition of combat, and their tactics were a threat to Europeans, as was their uniformity of intent, since obedience united them. Eventually, Europe found a way to counter their blitz attack and drove them off, but too many Europeans adopted the mandarin method of rule that the Mongols used. This led to centuries of manipulation which caused civilization decline, at the same time other threats — peasant revolt, Muslim invasion, plagues, religious conflict — tore Europe apart. The Mongols retreated home and promptly collapsed, leaving behind a third world wasteland which has been of no consequence since. It turns out that obedience is dysgenic, since it eliminates the thinkers and leaves the yes-men, who say yes to everything including decline and then lack the mental faculties for figuring out how to reverse it or rebuild. Empires kill themselves with the mandarin method, including Late Stage Democracy, at which point the individualistic cries for “freedom” become selfish demands for government to eliminate all things that challenge the one possession left for people in egalitarian societies, a megalomaniac ego shaped in the model of the control system above them.

We might extend the same thinking to business. Strong power finds a niche, or an area in which it produces something that is eternally useful and therefore, needs no marketing or assertion of itself: it simply works for a common need and therefore will always be there. Within that niche, they attempt to improve quality rather than profit margin, keeping themselves small and agile instead of becoming “too big to fail.” Weak power seeks to dominate an entire market so that it does not face competition, and it does so through relentless efficiency, or paring down of production costs while increasing bureaucratic administration so that it becomes too large to displace (an illusion often rudely debunked, as in the case of Enron or MySpace). If government imposes costs, the strong power model dies, and the efficiency model takes over, at which point capitalism drives the marketplace toward such ultimate efficiency that a few monopolies own everything. Keeping government out of the equation avoids this business model. When taxes, excessive regulation, massive red tape, legal questions, affirmative action, and public image become fixtures of the business world, government has created an environment where only mega-corporations survive, and they do so by offering inferior products — think of American beer, fast food, cigarettes, soda pop, and television — which cost little but can be engineered into successes by exploiting the network effects of group conformity, spurred on by advertising and celebrity culture.

At the heart of it all, as I recognized two decades and change ago, is human herding behavior, or Crowdism, which results from the fears of the individual leading it to demand “freedom” from those who know better, including reality itself, and the formation of an inner bolus of the herd which suppresses anyone who mentions facts which run contrary to the herd narrative. Human trends amplify themselves in the echo chamber of socialization. This leads to a monopoly of weak power in the mandarin method style, with a centralized command leading a vast zombie horde of confused and empty people. Societies die from this, as do all human groups. You may have seen it in your local social group, HOA, church youth council, committee at work, rock band, or even family. Herding arises from the fear of the individual of being attacked, and leads to them using language/symbols and other people as tools through the process of control, prohibiting these attacks from occurring. This works to a point, like all weak power, and is very popular right up until the moment it crashes, at which point everyone finds that they were living in a delusional state all along and have wasted their lives on inconsequential symbolic illusion.

Today my pipe heaps with Kendal No. 7, a tobacco made by English traditional methods in the Lakeland district. Formed of a mixture of sweet heat-cured and smoke-cured Virginias from elsewhere in the colonial empire, this blend represents strong power at its best: it is both inherently of quality and esoteric, or requires someone having learned how to breath-smoke and discern flavors in order to pick out the dense inner matrix of nuances within what otherwise seems like a straightforward smoke.


  • 54% of Voters Say Biden Is a ‘Puppet’ of the Left

    What could be wrong with the other 46%? There is something familiar about that number… it seems to overlap with Mitt Romney’s 47%:

    The 47 percent of Americans who he says “pay no income tax.” So is it true that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay income tax? Essentially, yes, according to the the Tax Policy Center, which provides data showing that in 2011, 46.4 percent of American households paid no federal income tax.

    The article gets further into the question of whether they pay sales tax, property tax, payroll tax, and other taxes, but the bigger point is this: the middle class is subsidizing a group that is likely somewhere around slightly less than half of the population. This group tends to be soy, boxwine, homosexual, transgender, or diversity and votes Leftist exclusively. For them, a puppet of the Left who will keep those free grubmint money benefits flowing is the ideal outcome.

  • Politics Is Seeping Into Our Daily Life and Ruining Everything

    This is what egalitarian systems do. The notion of equality is conjectural, or not proven by reality, which means that being egalitarian is a lifestyle choice. That makes it unstable, and so its zombies require that their social group reinforces their bad choices, which in turn means that they punish those who do not conform. This politicizes everything, and those who see that this process is happening become doubly radicalized as they attempt to save their civilization, children, culture, heritage, and future from being sucked into the black hole of human pretense and illusion.

  • A Texas family lost their dad to Covid-19 three weeks ago. Now they lost their home to a fire while trying to stay warm

    Family living in ghetto shack experiences a tragedy when their obese and unfit patriarch dies with COVID-19, and then manage to burn down their own home in some misguided attempt at staying warm. Only in an egalitarian society, where victims have all the rights, would people admit to this series of bungles.

  • Charles Venable Resigns as Head of Indianapolis Museum of Art

    Venable said in an interview on Saturday that the decision to use “white” in the employment listing had been intentional and explained that it was meant to indicate that the museum would not abandon its existing audience as it moved toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion. The museum subsequently revised the description linked in the listing, which now says that it seeks to “welcome and embrace a more diverse audience” while maintaining the museum’s “traditional core art audience.”

    The deplatforming, canceling, and firings (including forced resignations like this one) will continue until people get the message that they have to independently and affirmatively signal their obedience to diversity and civil rights in order to have jobs, friends, spouses, and careers. The Left intends to destroy anyone who does not conform and obey.

  • Margaret Mitchell: Google fires AI ethics founder

    If we assume that AI would have supreme intelligence because instead of being programmed by humans to think, it develops its own thinking patterns from wide-scale repetitive data analysis, it is likely that an AI would ditch failing programs like diversity, entitlements, forever wars, regulations, and anti-poverty efforts. Humans are not realistic; supreme intelligence is.

  • YouTube removes Ohio committee video, citing misinformation

    What is next for Big Tech, removing court proceedings that go against the established narrative? Big Tech endorses two things: bourgeois denialism and catering to the “future markets” that in its mind replace Europeans, namely the third world diversity here and the Chinese empire abroad. They behave like an occupying foreign power and need to be treated accordingly.

  • Four Taiwan ex-intelligence officers charged with spying for China

    Soviet spying was incredibly effective, since most “intellectuals” in the West considered it a matter of pride to be socialists because that seemed to go “against the grain” and make them seem iconoclastic. My guess is that China uses globalism in a similar way, but is also holding something against these people, like threatening the careers of their offspring and friends. It seems that everyone is compromised lately.

  • China considers new actions to lift flagging birth rate

    An illness has afflicted all first world nations, which is falling birth rate as women go into careers, jobs become treadmills, and people lose sight of real life, which is both organic and divine. They see themselves as atomized economic units because they are alienated social units defending against the self-interest of others. The only solution here is aristocracy to restore pleasant order.

  • European tribunal: Bulgarian courts failed to punish Holocaust denier

    No one trusts victimhood narratives that serve as ideological justifications for Leftist control anymore, whether COVID-19, human rights, the civil rights struggle, or anti-poverty. We know that ideology is a trap. We want to escape and get back to realism, or focusing on what works best and pursuing that to the exclusion of all else. As part of that, old narratives — even mostly true ones — are going to fall.

  • Russia reports first case of human infection with AH5N8 bird flu to WHO

    Your new pandemic is ready. As Michael Crichton wrote in State of Fear, government requires media to fan constant flames of panic in order to justify more government, since once we have running water, electricity, and roads, we really have no use for government and its endless parasitism.

  • European Space Agency takes diversity to space

    Another symbolic narrative designed to prove that egalitarianism is not totally failing as can be plainly seen, but in fact succeeding and therefore is the best possible option. We went from “Whitey on the Moon” to “anyone but Whitey on the Moon” but human problems still remain as intractable as ever, exacerbated by our egalitarian “solutions.”

  • UK should send vaccines to poorer nations now – WTO chief

    Here we see The Mandarin Philosophy in action: always give, because you can demand something in return. The mandarins would have the rich give their wealth away to the poor, making everyone equally poor, so that then this group would depend on government and could be ordered about much as Genghis Khan commanded his subjects. European aristocrats, on the other hand, relied on setting up systems where doing right was rewarded, independent of who was in power.

  • ‘Alarming surge’ in anti-Asian violence across US terrifies community members

    They do not want to tell you this, but this is part of the diversity parcel, which is that each group in the multiculture competes for supremacy, and so sometimes the diversity beats up other diversity. Whoever gets to define standards — aesthetics, mores, customs, cuisine, calendar — rules the nation. Consequently, we are in a constantly state of covert race war.

  • How Jewish life developed in Germany after the Holocaust

    Diversity divides nations. Jews, unlike most diverse groups, had a strong culture and kept to themselves, which is how they have maintained 1700 years of residency without too many Holocausts. In the future, however, we are going to ask how to preserve majorities as well as minorities, instead of simply taking majorities for granted as a source of sustenance for minorities.

  • Is business the ‘path to peace’ in the Middle East?

    The Trump Doctrine changed the world: instead of reliance on Libertarianism, which tends to focus on the individual, he viewed markets as having a transformative power to get us past symbolism and to look at the reality of our need for productivity, efficiency, and order. This is the coming wave that is erasing Leftism.

  • Max the Miracle Dog is first pet to receive ‘animal OBE’

    Animals, plants, air, earth, and water all live as we do, and the more we come to appreciate them, the closer we are to see life as a religious experience in which the process of continuity is sacred. As an unreconstructed Druid, it would be hard for me to live without this reverence for Creation to pull me forward.

  • 5% have had a near-death experience — and they say it made life worth living

    Perhaps the fundamental inversion occurs with human perception. We see the world within ourselves, when we are ensconced within it; we witness effect before cause; we see light where there is darkness. If our world is part of a larger world, there is more than we can discern with anything but our intuition and reverence.

    Head swims, heart cries
    Because hopelessness resides,
    When man last falls.
    Who’ll be left to fight?

  • A National Disgrace

    “The Budget Control Act cut the president out of the budget process by removing his political leverage, leaving Congress in near-total control of the budget. In the six years preceding the act, with the Vietnam War raging, annual deficits averaged $11.3 billion. In the first six years after the Budget Control Act, with the war over, they averaged $54 billion.”

    American Constitutional democracy un-did itself slowly, starting with the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and moving to a process of mob rule. Now we inherit that slow-burn but terminal crisis.

  • Biden, in Munich speech, to say democracy must prevail over autocracy

    “We have to prove that our model isn’t a relic of our history.” Apply Brett’s Rule, and you get the idea that he knows democracy is dead and is projecting. Then read further and you see that he is claiming to defend democracy so that he can command his own autocracy, since he sees that as the only model that can compete with his opposition.

  • The Four Archetypes of the Mature Masculine: The Magician

    A Magician is a knower who pursues “secret and hidden knowledge of all kinds.” In my experience, the big secret is that the knowledge is always in plain sight, just ignored, denied, and overlooked by most since they lack the ability to understand it. Masculinity makes sense if we are to be honest about who we are, and its archetypes reflect mastery of our world in a benevolent but aggressive direction.

  • American democracy at the start of the Biden presidency

    One in three Americans now support secession. Only 36% of Americans think a Constitutional Monarchy would be worse than our current system. Increasing numbers of people recognize that democracy has run its course, that diversity is unsurvivable, and that we are now negotiating for the new direction that we will take after democracy.

  • McDonald’s to slash executive bonuses if they fail to place more minorities in senior leadership

    Business threw over its nice WASP customers to pursue the hippies of the 1960s and quickly changed public styles into the hideous plastic culture of the following two decades. Now, they see a new future: replace WASPs and near-Whites alike entirely with a new audience of Asians, Africans, and mixes, while catering to the 1.5 billion people in China. Corporate profit-seeking is driving “woke” trends.

  • OCC Puts Hold on Fair Access Rule

    The Biden administration has terminated the rule that prevents a new Operation Choke Point, the Democrat initiative to deplatform conservatives by pressuring their financial institutions to stop doing business with them. The aspiring Communist inside the average Democrat is revealing itself more every day.

  • Big Tech’s Democratic critics discuss ways to strike back with White House

    Leftists want to allow the government to control the propaganda organ that is social media by banning anything other than the officially-approved narrative. This will create an illusion of happy uniformity of thought while driving everyone else underground.

  • Chemicals in plastics damage babies’ brains and must be banned immediately, expert group says

    “Phthalates are found in hundreds of auto, home, food and personal care items: food packaging; detergents; vinyl flooring, clothing, furniture and shower curtains; automotive plastics; lubricating oils and adhesives; rain and stain-resistant products; and scores of products including shampoo, soap, hair spray and nail polish, in which they make fragrances last longer.” Another modern “miracle” dies.

  • Lord Mountbatten’s murder ‘backfired on IRA’ after lost American support

    Diversity works nowhere. The English, Scots-Irish, and Irish are three different ethnic groups tied together by proximity. After a brief respite over the past three decades, the current political climate has once again revealed the underlying instability of this relationship, making the bad old days of diversity violence become more likely to erupt again.

  • East Bay school board president steps down, apologizes for ‘babysitter’ comment

    As usual, we punish someone for speaking the accidental truth. Parents use public schooling to allow homes to have dual incomes, which are necessary because high taxes and women in the workforce have driven down take-home pay. Consequently, schools have become expensive babysitters, teaching propaganda because everyone from an IQ of 89 and above can get it, and wasting time with make-work so that children are supervised while Mom and Dad scroll through Facebook and Amazon at their boring cubicle jobs.

  • US formally rejoins Paris climate accord

    China loves the Paris accords. In this agreement, the first world agrees to limit its own industry so that wealth flows to the third world, implementing the usual egalitarian “punish the strong to reward the weak” policy that Leftists everywhere adore. In reality, we need fewer humans, cities, and use of land and sea.

  • Biden admin. seeks to rejoin 2015 Iran nuclear deal

    The Iran deal is a typical armchair suburbanite solution. It imposes limits on some activities while allowing everything else, in the name of preserving “peace,” without actually stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons technology. This mentality of control, where the US must nanny-nag foreign powers, appeals to Leftists but does not work as well as the Trump method of rewarding good behavior.



  • Australian law could make internet ‘unworkable’, says World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee

    The public internet has been unworkable for some time, which Berners-Lee has acknowledged with his launch of web-app protocol Inrupt (suspiciously similar to Urbit). Networks based on open sharing of information coexist poorly with market forces, national laws, and consumerist public aimed at the lowest common denominator.

  • Poland targets big tech with anti-censorship law

    As it turns out, the only way to rein in Big Tech is to make laws which explicitly declare the internet to be a public space, and therefore, for people to retain the natural rights that they have in the physical world public spaces on the virtual public space. To make cyberspace a reality, it cannot be controlled.

  • UK’s MI6 apologizes for past treatment of LGBT spies

    Intelligence services and militaries have traditionally distrusted homosexuals because as members of an out-group, homosexuals have more loyalty to their outgroup — international homosexuality, and special government-created rights for gays — than they have to their nation. This was proven right when it turned out that most of the Cambridge Five were alphabet people.

  • Very few of world’s rivers undamaged by humanity, study finds

    We started out last century with a mostly unspoiled wilderness, and based all of our plans on both that and our genetic health continuing. Instead, as we have urbanized, equalized, and become diverse, both have declined while the human population has soared. We either limit our numbers and get sane about failed social policies like diversity or we trudge steadily toward ecocide.

  • NATO Defense Leaders Agree to Increase Iraqi Mission, Defer Decision on Afghanistan

    Forever war has returned. Globalism means that the first world controls the world not through colonialism but market ownership and military might in the name of our egalitarian ideology, which handily justifies smashing down anyone with the might to either oppose us or make a working system which does not use our corrupting ideology.

  • Why is Facebook limiting political content in Indonesia, Brazil and Canada?

    Censorship resembles the reign of Robespierre: you start out by killing your enemies, but end up killing anyone who fails to join you in your increasingly deranged fanaticism. Like control itself, of which Leftism is the primary variant, censorship ends with nothing but cat pictures and OnlyFans links because these are both popular and inoffensive, sort of like fast food, soda pop, organized religion, self-help books, navel-gazing novels, and the egalitarian ideology.

  • Uber drivers are workers not self-employed, Supreme Court rules

    Government shifts costs to businesses, such as holidays, maternity leave, holidays, healthcare, and other benefits to workers. These drive up prices for everyone. Uber got around this with a new model and delivered far cheaper rides than taxicabs could, which made it popular because people could save money and spend it on themselves. Now an Uber will cost as much as cabs did.

  • UN experts say Jammu and Kashmir changes risk undermining minorities’ rights

    Somehow these rules never apply to protecting a majority from the aggregate of all minorities who want to move into its lands, take over its power structure, and then legislate and deplatform it out of existence.

  • Keep out of matters you don’t understand, Museveni tells EU

    The EU wants to impose its human rights agenda on Uganda so that globalist power remains higher than national sovereignty there. Under UN suzerainty, Uganda would have to obey the human rights that allow herding behavior to predominate over order, plunging it into the same dysfunction as the rest of the world.

  • Texas weather crisis deepens Chinese belief they’re ‘on right path’, says foreign ministry

    China wants to dominate the world. They know on some level that their mandarin system will not work because they have tried the same thing before, so they hope to seize control from the West and rule the globalist empire before the Chinese system collapses. When there are no other options, they can rule in perpetuity.

  • Earth was the quietest it’s been in decades in 2020 due to COVID-19

    We all know that the remnants of Western Civilization, and with it the rest of humanity that it has roped in through globalism, are failing. We have been expecting a catastrophic apocalypse for some time, since we live in a symbolic world where one event summarizes a vast and complex transition. COVID-19 fit into our narrative, so we assumed it was the Big One, but it turns out to be merely revealing how much of what we do is miserable and unnecessary. A world without noise pollution would be saner, thanks to better sleep, and more pleasant.

  • China is now Europe’s biggest trading partner for goods

    Europe is weak. Its governments promised tons of benefits during the Baby Boom, and now find themselves unable to pay for them with a smaller population, so they are continuing “growth” policies like immigration and globalism in order to keep their governments from collapsing, which is what admitting that benefits are broke would do. The bureaucrats want to stay in power. China sees this, and so has used COVID-19 as an excuse to suppress the American economy, then used a stolen election to destroy perceptions of American legitimacy, so that it could infiltrate Europe and make its industry and governments dependent on China, at which point it can totally control them. The bureaucrats are too Dunning-Kruger arrogant to see this happening around them and think that they can control it.

  • A Superpower, Like It or Not

    As usual, the “experts” write to the past, not the future. America is no longer a superpower after election 2020; it is an international dumpster fire with a stench of corruption. China has taken over. This gives America time for its favorite role, “comeback kid.” But to do that, it has to shed diversity and Leftism.

  • Curious mouse sniffs a blue viper… who promptly eats it with a flash of its fangs

    Nature provides an analogue for democracy. The pretty altruistic symbols lure in the sheep, who rush forward to embrace the good times, which turn out to be their consumption by the same bureaucracy that promised them all of those beautiful lies.

  • ‘It’s cultural genocide’: inside the fight to stop a pipeline on tribal lands

    If we are doing the trope of people protecting their cultural lands, can we remove diversity from WASP lands? We have no sympathy for the Amerinds, since they are ethnically Mongols, and we remember the cruelty and insanity of the Mongols from their invasions of Europe. Repatriating them to Mongolia would be the best option.

  • Treasury yields rise amid concerns about higher inflation

    Oh look, the Carter economy is back! Leftists operate their economic systems by demand-based theories, which means that they base the value of an economy on people willing to buy things like debt. Conservatives prefer supply-based theories, which hold that if we increase productivity, our value increases. In a Leftist economy, there is lots of wealth but everything is expensive, so your only real asset is your real estate. In a conservative economy, the good get rewarded and are able to escape the treadmill early, and you do not have radical growth, only steady gains. The Carter economy will go up, up, up and then stop suddenly in a permanent slow recession, just like the Obama economy and second term Clinton economy.

  • Commodity prices have been trending higher — but how long the rally lasts depends on China

    Think of what they are telling you here: the world economy now depends on a country with a well-deserved reputation for fudging, forging, and editing the official figures to get what it wants. Like the Mongols, the Chinese mandarin economy will rise until it depletes itself, plunging the world into war and economic depression.

  • Two YouTubers that mocked Xi Jinping have disappeared

    Welcome to 7.62mm cancel culture. We are only a step away from this in the US and Europe, where careers and lives are destroyed for saying the wrong thing in public. Eventually the system will become more unstable, at which point all such people will be deemed domestic terrorists and jailed or shot. It always goes this way; history consists of cycles because humans keep repeating the same delusional behaviors.

  • Mass grave of 80 British soldiers who died fighting French revolutionaries 220 years ago is uncovered in a Dutch castle moat

    These men rest easy in their graves; they fought the decay that was swallowing up Europe and has taken its final form in the USA. They may not have won, but they kept their pride. Have we?

  • A guide to degrowth: The movement prioritizing wellbeing in a bid to avoid climate cataclysm

    “Climate change” is a proxy for the coming ecocide, which happens when humanity uses too much of Earth for natural ecosystems to survive, and so we get a planet of rats, squirrels, sparrows, and raccoons living in mangy city parks. We achieve this growth mania through demand-based economies and the circular Ponzi scheme of tax, spend, and borrow to pay for those Leftist benefits systems. Remove those, and everything calms down, since money will no longer be backed by debt but by productivity.

  • The Benefits of Diverse Monocultures

    Academics advance yet another form of the argument that diversity is good by saying that if you plant different varieties of the same crop in adjoining fields, you get better yields. More likely, what they are seeing is that by backing off of the corporate farming model, we get healthier plants and better yields, but it takes longer and so this will be ignored. Real diversity means coexisting with nature, not human “diversity” which ultimately results in a mixed-race, low-standards monoculture.

  • Dolphins have similar personality traits to humans, study finds

    One important thing for humans to remember: any intelligent species will adopt some of the same behaviors that we do, and will face the same challenges, arising from the illusions that intelligence allows us to believe are real. Give dolphins democracy and they will wreck themselves too.

  • The number of people in need is frightening – we need a global response

    Leftists love the idea of a global response or other “hard power” line like government regulations. These in fact do nothing to address the causes of the problems they decry, but by changing the appearance — “this guy was poor, but now I gave him $50, so he has some money” — of the problems, they both lull us into complacency and perpetuate those problems.

  • University lowers traditional language standards for Black Lives Matter contest

    Here we see the essence of liberalization, or the relaxing of standards and order so that individualism can reign, as this university finds itself “lowering its grammatical standards for the contest” so that non-winners can win. Perhaps a better approach would involve Black countries for Black people so they can have their standards instead of having to adapt to or abolish ours.

  • Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘If you’re protesting against racism, you’re going to upset some racists’

    “Racism,” a made-up Leftist term for noticing the biological/genetic differences between groups and preferring your own, serves an evolutionary role: without it, your group gets absorbed into the ambient lowest common genetic denominator and ceases to exist. The only way to be anti-racist is to be anti-White.


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