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Not being one who seeks contention, like many others your author finds himself donning a mask to go out in public as is required by law. No one likes wearing these things, especially in the heat, but most of us want to show our fellow citizens that we are doing our best to avoid infecting them.

This was, of course, despite knowing that COVID-19 is a hoax because it is based on bad data:

The data collected so far on how many people are infected and how the epidemic is evolving are utterly unreliable. Given the limited testing to date, some deaths and probably the vast majority of infections due to SARS-CoV-2 are being missed. We don’t know if we are failing to capture infections by a factor of three or 300. Three months after the outbreak emerged, most countries, including the U.S., lack the ability to test a large number of people and no countries have reliable data on the prevalence of the virus in a representative random sample of the general population.

This evidence fiasco creates tremendous uncertainty about the risk of dying from Covid-19. Reported case fatality rates, like the official 3.4% rate from the World Health Organization, cause horror — and are meaningless. Patients who have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 are disproportionately those with severe symptoms and bad outcomes. As most health systems have limited testing capacity, selection bias may even worsen in the near future.

As far as we can tell around here, the only people dying of COVID-19 are those who are hefty and of ill-health, generally from elderly and/or minority backgrounds. Yet the headlines scream on like wartime klaxons, telling us to fear the doom that surely is now upon us.

Having had H1N1, your author has no desire to experience another one of these exciting pandemics. The humans delved too deep into the forests and awakened an ancient evil there.

However, one must take all things in balance! If COVID-19 is not as likely to kill us as the 1918 flu, there is no point shutting down our world for it. In fact, we need to put on our big boy pants and accept that life might kill us any number of ways, and normal life must go on.

It turns out that living bravely and accepting fate means that you can still have a normal life instead of living in constant fear:

So what could explain the “quick and sudden” drop in Sweden’s COVID-19 case and death rates? This is very speculative, but Swedish public health authorities may have accidentally blundered into herd immunity through a combination of previously unsuspected extensive pre-existing T-cell immunity to the coronavirus and differential risks of infection due to social interaction variations among its people.

We need to remember that COVID-19 is a coronavirus like colds and flus. If you have had one of those and developed immunity, your body is more ready for COVID-19, and vice-versa. This means that herd immunity comes about with far lower numbers than the 60-70% infected predicted by our “experts.”

It also means that the Swedish strategy is the correct one. This disease cannot be corraled, not even on an isolated island like New Zealand. It is going to run through us like the flu does and, as happens with the flu, the most vulnerable will die off. Sad, but normal.

And yet the panic continues. The experts cannot seem to get their story straight, but they want to tell it nonetheless; the media trumpets rising numbers, reported by a CDC that counts automotive accidents as COVID-19 deaths and hospitals that consider anyone with a cough to be infected.

This is not just a data crisis, but a mass panic. The question has been, of course, why.

Going out today I noticed a few things immediately. First we went to Walmart because there is nothing more American than that, and we needed batteries to run all the remotes that keep us in Netflix while the world is busy dying off.

Small children ran around without masks. About half of the adults wearing masks had the noses uncovered. The hilarious stickers on the floor telling people where to stand for “social distancing” — who invented that Communist-sounding term? — were mostly misunderstood or ignored.

The whole thing was a farce. In the blasting heat, one could barely breathe with the mask on, and it raised the temperature of the face significantly, which is no small deal in the Texas heat. One can endure that, however, if the whole thing is worth it.

We next went to the post office. Here I encountered a Mexican Karen who had been lying in wait for someone to be standing just a few feet off of the marker. “Um, excuse me?” she said in a shrill voice. “Can you back up to the marker?”

I saw right away that she had been longing for this experience. Obese, unattractive, and not belonging here in the USA, she had been looking for a chance to be powerful. To be right, and to seize authority as much as the French Revolutionaries overthrew the Bastille. To put others in their place.

“No,” I said, and then commented about how the nü-Americans were getting uppity. She got the message: back the heck off and content yourself with the four feet of space between us, because I have like many others seen through the farce that is this planned panic.

Luckily the postal employees — African-Americans, all women — came to the rescue and got the line moving. They kept removing their masks to speak to customers just a few feet away because otherwise, no one could understand each other. From tragedy to comedy and back again.

I like this post office and I like the women who work there. I think they know that I am not just a racist but a classist, ableist, sexist, and general realist/misanthrope. This means that they know exactly where they stand with me: we will be polite, friendly even, by not pretending.

I like them, but I am not going to pretend that we are “equal” or that I could ever represent their interests. We can be better friends as people who are content with their own groups than as hypocritical Leftists who pretend to be everyone’s buddy but then flee to 99.2% white gated communities.

From the looks in their eyes, they were pretty sick of the pretense too. You try working seven and a quarter hours with a mask on in a job where you have to not only talk to people who speak in a variety of accents, but explain US postal regulations.

They seemed pretty sick of Mexican Karen, as well. Among other things, African-Americans (Blacks, if you wish) around here have been noticing things just like White people have, namely how much of their neighborhoods are now Mexican or Asian. They are getting replaced too.

During the 1980s, it seems to me that the Left was paying attention. They saw that all of those Central and South American countries easily turned over to Communism, and these got aid from China, which meant that Leftists could rule them basically forever.

These Leftists saw how Mexico ran its camouflaged dictatorship with a perpetual uni-party, and they thought, why not do that in the USA? They had wanted to follow the Soviet model, but now they had the Cuban model, and with Maoist China as an ally and source of funds.

They want to transform America into Mexico or Venezuela. Sure, the upper caste will be white-ish, the same way Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan, and Andrew Cuomo are white-ish, meaning that they are white with mixed-in Asiatic and possibly North African. They will remain in control.

However, instead of us troublesome white guys who think living under a System is bad for the soul, they can have lots of compliant Mexicans like this Karen. She was probably sixty percent White and the rest Asian, and she will always vote for the Left because she wants to give it good and hard to the Whites.

People like that are driven by resentment. They make natural bullies — yelling at people about where to stand — because they know that in real life, meaning in nature, they have no power. They are small, squat, and dumb and they will always be mowing lawns and selling cellular phones. They are nobodies.

Even in Mexico, mexi-Karen is a nobody. She is not an Aztec warrior or a Mayan noble; she is not even a conquistador. Nope, she is a lower Asian with some white mixed in and an IQ in the mid-90s, which means that she is clever enough to talk a good game but has no analytical judgment skills.

People like her hate people like me. I look like the people who actually built this nation, coming across the ocean in small boats, battered by storms and disease, only to fight for their lives in a new world that required subduing, and often fought back hard.

She knows that my ancestors lived through the Wild West, fought many wars, built great cities, wrote great books and symphonies, and made this nation something more than the wilderness of cannibalism, theft, sodomy, and assault that the Amerinds made it into (after killing off most of the large game).

She knows that she will always be lesser than me, and that even if we were of the same racial stock, she would still be lesser than me because she is a nobody. However, nobodies love a chance to be in power for just a few minutes. They make natural bullies.

COVID-19 gave power to the bullies. For a few moments, they get to tell people like me what to do. They can pretend to be kings even though they are peasants. They can pretend that history was otherwise, and their ancestors won while ours lost.

I see these people as profoundly evil because they exist at the intersection of power-hunger and incompetence. They will kill the kings and seize control, but then run society into the ground becuase they are incompetent (and in her case, stupid and obese).

The same thing happens in every human society. A few smart people make it good, and then in come all of the others, and they want to participate, too, and for social reasons, they get let into the group and subsidized.

This is why products start to get more expensive and worse over time. A company makes something great, and then everyone wants to go work there. The cost goes up to pay those new salaries. The new smiling faces have a bright idea: cut quality and raise costs!

No one knows how to face down this situation, and it is in my view the fundamental flaw in humanity that we are trying to overcome this decamillennium. We have to get over our social fear because they lets the bullies in, if they are smart enough to be passive-aggressive like Mexi-Karen.

Instead of looking out at the smiling faces at the board meeting and saying, “Nope: our product sells because it’s good quality at a good price,” humans inevitably cuck and cover and just pass on the costs. No one wants to break that social taboo line and tell others that they are lesser.

But this Mexi-Karen is lesser to me. She will always work in the fields sorting beans while someone like me makes the hard decisions because she lacks the brains, guts, gumption, and moral clarity to lead. She is a Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, or Bernie Sanders, a pretender to the throne.

I have no illusions about people like her. They can do only one thing, which is to destroy. If you let them into your company, soon your product will cost more and be less good. She cares more about taking home her paycheck than doing what is right. She is of lesser blood.

We have placed people like her in power with this COVID-19 plandemic. The point of this whole panic is to crash the world economy so that China can get ahead and the Left can take over America. They know that this is drama and not real. They relish that.

First, this panic quickly separates the obedient from the surly, which makes it easy to know who to gulag. The obedient will don the masks, wait in line six feet apart, and put up with the complete ugliness of life.

Second, it will oust Trump and any other populists by bringing on a new Great Depression. Small businesses are failing by the thousands because no one wants to go out in this mess. We stay home instead of spending money. This will cause a domino effect of bankruptcies.

All the Leftists are in on it, too. Our affirmative action mayor made sure to change the law so that you had to wear a mask, which means that if you do not, you get thrown out of shops and possibly arrested. No one is checking to see if your nose is uncovered; no one cares. This is purely a loyalty test.

I have no illusions about these people. They are evil incompetents just like the criminals who ran the Soviet Union. They delight in killing the good, intelligent, kind, wise, and sane. They want to make the world like themselves, namely angry little Mexi-Karens possessed only of an impulse to destroy.

They wrecked the leading civilization of Europe with the French Revolution. They shattered Russia and left behind a gangland dystopia of drunken, miserable, and fatalistic peasants. They will do the same to the USA if given a chance.

We have only one hope of defeating these people and it lies in standing up to them now and telling them that they are liars and bullies and we know their game. We won’t wear the masks. We won’t repeat the lies like “diversity is our strength.”

No, we will do as our ancestors did: stand up and call out the lesser for what it is. We’re ready for that gunfight at the OK corral. The forces of evil-stupid China and evil-stupid American Leftists want to turn us into Mexico? It’s time to fight, and when we win, send these people to the fate they deserve.

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